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After 6 months of procrastination and the post being unable to be fulfilled, this bastard just decided to work on it a week ago. So after three days of actual (not really) work, i managed to finish the break trio magic!au as promised! 

I will be working on this for all summer and as the other characters are still in the making and these lacking more information, i encourage you dudes to ask anything about my magic!au and suggest what type of magic the other characters might have as they will help me very much! Thank you!///

A fruit frenzy

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Septimus or Jenna?

Septimus is my boy but I love Jenna so much

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You have pARTNERS I'm so curious how many how does it work omg (sorry you don't have to answer I just never met anyone that had more than one partner and I just have to know how it feels like sorry omg)

Oh no worries. I’m pretty open about it. Ok, so I’m aromantic asexual, so our relationship is queerplatonic. That means that we’re not romantically attracted to each other (since we’re all ace, we’re not sexually attracted either, but that’s not true for all qp’s), but we still have a incredibly deep bond that goes past the boundaries of society’s ideas of normal friendship.

Basically, we’re not in love, but we love each other nonetheless, and we wan tot spend the rest of our lives together. 

And as for having multiple partners works, it just means there’s more love. More than one person to laugh with, to cry on, to watch shows with, to cuddle. It’s pretty great


Bundy’s first motion for the Caryn Campbell trial was to have his handcuffs removed. Sergeant Ron Davies explained to the judge that his deputies had failed to screen the spectators.

No!Bundy screamed when they denied his motion. Bundy began slamming his hands on a table. Davis and a pair of deputies wrestled him to a basement cell. Hysterical, Bundy slipped his shackles around a door jam and snapped the chain.

That’s when I saw another Ted Bundy,” Davis said later. “He’s strong-willed, good at keeping his emotion in, but when he met something unexpected, he became a little closer to the real Ted Bundy. He tried to bludgeon his way through.

That afternoon, Bundy returned to the courtroom to face Carol DaRonch.

I’ve had to listen to this woman four times and keep my mouth shut,” Bundy told Kevin O’Reilly, one of the lawyers appointed to assist him. “I’ve been waiting years for this. I want DaRonch.

If you hassle her for two hours, it could adversely affect an appeal in Utah,” O’Reilly warned. “You don’t have any cross-examination experience. It’s just personal with you.

You’re damn right it’s personal,” Bundy said. “This may be the last time I see Carol DaRonch.” Bundy strode up to DaRonch like Clarence Darrow.

Is it possible that the lineup pictures you were shown before had some effect?” Bundy asked.

No,” DaRonch answered.

Are you positive that I was your abductor?” he asked. “You’re not really sure I’m the man, are you?

Yes,” DaRonch said. “I’m sure. You can’t change your face.

Bundy fell back to the defense table.

You had to ask that one last question, didn’t you?” O’Reilly asked Bundy. - Rolling Stone, December 14, 1978

Auston Matthews #17

Requested by  siriuslynore:  Hi! I was wondering if you could do Auston Matthews imagine about being in a relationship with him and it’s based on the song Miles Away by Memphis May Fire? Thank you !:)

*Hiiii!! Thank you so much and I hope you like this one. My sister was once obsessed with Kellin and OMG is Copeland a cutie or not? Anyway, I hope you enjoy this one! :)*

Word count: 787

Originally posted by willynylanders

Sitting on his now-too small childhood bed, you watched Auston zip the last of his bags. Moving your eyes, you counted the hockey gear luggage and other packed suitcases scattered on the floor – all ready for his big move to Toronto. He won’t be leaving until the end of the week but you can already feel the sadness slowly starting to envelop you.

As he dropped the duffel bag, he sat beside you on the bed and sighed, “that’s it.”

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a quick drabble for the day

Hanzo has never cared for Valentine’s Day. 

In Japan it was different, of course–the old tradition was women giving men the honmei-choco, although in this day and age that was gradually becoming less common, and the only real rule was that a male person got a gift. Genji liked to take great advantage of it and the following White Day when they were young. Hanzo had mostly found all of it pointless, and would have had his gifts thrown out by his father, anyway. 

Nowadays, the day means nothing at all. He had been alone until a few months ago, and all it carried was a few old, bitter memories from years past. He has ignored it for 10 years and intends to continue doing just the same.

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Summary: Draco has one person in mind for the yule ball.  One person who makes his insides flip upside down, his palms sweaty and his knees weak.  The one person he can’t talk to.  Guess what?  Y/N does too.

Word Count: just over 2400

Draco’s Journal – December 7, 1994

There’s going to be a stupid ball on Christmas Day.  Father will probably make me go with some daft bimbo.  I’ll have to get dressed up.  I’ll have to dance.  I’ll have to look at all the ridiculous couples act all lovey dovey on the dance floor.

It’ll be awful.

Draco’s Journal – December 9, 1994

Father said I could pick someone to go with.  He gave me a few suggestions but Mother made sure I knew that I could ask anyone.

Maybe I’ll ask her.

No.  That’s ridiculous.

I barely know her. She would never go to a ball with me.

I’ll have to look at the suggestions.  I’ll take whoever is the prettiest.  Yeah.  That’s the plan.

I need to forget about her.

Draco’s Journal – December 12, 1994

I did not forget about her.

I saw her in the Great Hall and nearly asked her right then and there.  She just looked so perfect talking and laughing with her friends.

No.  I need to get it together.

I’m asking Pansy Parkinson.


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Can you please draw Bucky and Steve under Christmas mistletoe? I don't care that's it's still summer I just wanna see Steve and Bucky being cute in ugly Christmas sweaters.

sorry for such a late answer!! 

EDIT: i totally forgot about bucky’s arm!!!!! thank you @danteros for reminding me!! <3

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hi again!! i always seem to be losing fics lately.. i was wondering if you know the yoonmin fic where yg and jm were dating but they broke up and it was real angsty wow,, and im pretty sure jm thought it was his fault or something along those lines, but turns out yg was told by management(?) to end the relationship but jimin found out quite later on.. thank you!! ps bless you all for all your hard work :^D

im 100% ive read it and also 100% sure i cant find it, im so sorry

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