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After seeing those new clips of Seb doing yoga all I can think of is Dayton doing baby yoga with your little girl. One day you'll walk out to the pool area to hear them both laughed, Dayton is on his back with your girl resting on his raised shins as she beams down at him! You take a snap posting it on social media for the world to meal down over

@writemarvelousthings read my mind and god I love it so much. You also know Dayton is going to do pregnancy yoga with you. 

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Everything Day™

The Tucker-White Twins: Part 6

Fandom: The Sebastian Stan Fandom???

Pairing: Lance Tucker x Reader, Dayton White x Reader

Summary: After a domestic dispute, Aileen Tucker and Richard White decided to separate taking one twin with them. Lance went with Aileen and Dayton went with Richard. Both raised how their parent wanted them to be: a successful gymnast and a famous NASCAR driver.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

A/N: Slowly getting there. The whole polyamorous relationship will form soon. As well as the smut. Nice, sinful smut. :3

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The next day both you and Lance came into work with smiles on your faces. He came up to you at the front counter grinning from ear to ear, “Hey, beautiful.”

You giggled, “Hey, handsome.”

Lance leaned over and kissed your cheek, “Hope you have a good day today.”

“Same to you.”

“I am now.” He gave you a wink and walked into the gym to begin working with his trainees. 

Some hours passed by and, despite doing the usual paperwork, you were enjoying yourself. You were too deep in your happy place that you didn’t realize that Dayton was standing there at the corner until you looked up.

“Ah!” You jumped back clutching your chest.

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I Don’t Dance (Song Fic)

I Don’t Dance (Song Fic)
Song: I Don’t Dance- Lee Brice
Pairing: Dayton White x Reader (Sequel to That Don’t Sound Like You)


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I’ll never settle down,

That’s what I always thought

Yeah, I was that kind of man,

Just ask anyone

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Teaching your and Dayton's kid how to drive and coming home from one practice drive rather shaken up. "Babe what happened?" Dayton asks. "We went on the freeway for the first time. They certainly have acquired your need for speed while driving." You say collapsing on the couch with a glass of wine.

“You go next time”

“You banned me after last time” Dayton reminds you

Daddy Wednesday™

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Out of Lance and Dayton, Lance was the one to hog you. Today, you had a horrible day at work, coffee spilled on all your paperwork really set off the day. You were clung to Lances front, hugging him tightly as he rubbed your back. "How is she?" Dayton asked, coming in with your favorite fruit cup. "She's not doin' so good. When Dayton would try and grab you, Lance would smack his hand away, holding you a moment longer with a kiss before of course giving you to Dayton with a kiss on the forehead.

I love everything about this

Threesome Thursday™

An emotional President Obama declared on Thursday that “all Americans should be troubled” by fatal police shootings this week of black men in Louisiana and Minnesota, saying that they were ”symptomatic of a broader set of racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system.”

Speaking in Warsaw, and citing statistics that showed that blacks were far more likely to be arrested and shot by police, Mr. Obama asked Americans to try to understand that many people in the country think they are being treated unfairly.

“When incidents like this occur, there’s a big chunk of our fellow citizenry that feels as if, because of the color of their skin, they are not being treated the same,” he said. “And that hurts. That should trouble all of us.”

“To be concerned about these issues is not political correctness. It’s just being an American,” Mr. Obama said. “And to recognize the reality that we got some tough history and we haven’t gotten through that history yet.”

The president spoke day after the fatal shooting of a black man by a police officer during a traffic stop in Minnesota, the grisly aftermath of which was viewed by millions of people who watched the bloody, dying man in a video recorded by his girlfriend and streamed live.

The shooting fit a longstanding pattern of disparate, unfair and even violent treatment of black people, Minnesota’s governor said Thursday.

“Would this have happened if the driver were white, if the passengers were white?” Gov. Mark Dayton asked at a news conference. “I don’t think it would have.”