ask dawnstar

oc clan leaders :Dc

Dawnstar: Leader of Windclan, 7 lives. Dawnstar is real intelligent and level-headed, keeping her cool in rough situations. She is witty, quick and calm, and insightful, almost always seeing a way out of something bad. Dawn is judgemental and tough, only finding value in strength and claims she has no time for weakness. She wants her clan to be powerful, and is a little too power-hungry for her own good v.v;;

Whitestar: Leader of Shadowclan. 3 lives. Whitestar is one of the older leaders who been through a lot and seen a lot, but remains optimistic and jolly. He is real caring for his clan and is welcoming to others. He never sees the bad side of things, or others. He is wise and an experienced leader and is helpful to others, and would to anything for his clan. Whitestar doesn’t like battles much and tries to stay outta them when he can. When the situation calls for it, Whitestar is serious, strict and determined ayy

Lionstar: Leader of Thunderclan. 6 lives. A real fucking brute. Lionstar is a brave, headstrong and respect-demanding leader and she is really protective over her clan. Though much too serious and humourless, she does love her clan a great deal and would do anything for them. She isn’t really welcoming to others, refusing kittypets and loners most of the time and rejecting to help other clans who might’ve hurt thunderclan in the past. Lionstar is hella strong and powerful, a big macho lady :3c  She picks battles wisely and only fights when she knows her clan got a good chance of winning

Rockstar: (I couldn’t pass up this name x3) Riverclan leader. 9 lives.  A new and inexperienced leader. Rockstar is young, immature and full of energy, but always lazes around. He is chill, easy-going and usually forgets to give out clan orders :// Rock is casual, lazy, sarcastic and carefree. The other leaders underestimate him and think he’s a useless leader but he’s pretty fucking brutal and fierce in battle, usually taking things too far e.o;; Rockstar’s sarcasm is kinda rude too .-. He is playful and laid-back but when he finds necessary, he will do anything for his clan and his own safety, and he’s pretty tactical and smart .3. he jumps into battles like no big deal and is always startin shit w/ other clans (but nothing too serious)

please ask about them if you got any questions or anything ^^!!