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Daveed Diggs x Okieriete Onaodowan x Reader

This is a part of the Small Thing to Two Giants series

Note: Okay guys I am still on break from writing, but I found this in my docs like half finished and figured I’d quickly finish it off and let y’all have it. This was my first time writing a threesome and also it’s the first smut piece for STTTG I hope you enjoy! Also shout out to @daveeddiggsit for proofreading this for me!

Warning: smut, oral sex, probably swearing (I don’t even know I was half asleep when I finished this off)

Word Count: 1,454

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You sigh as you crash into bed at 9:30 after pulling one of Daveed’s shirts over your head. You can’t remember the last time you went to bed so early but here you are tired of everything and ready to curl up under the covers. Without your boys either side of you the bed feels too big. It feels too big for one tiny little person. Herc jumps up on the end of the bed and curls up at your feet, his presence bringing a small smile to your face.

Herc is the only one who’s been around to bring a smile to your face lately. You know Daveed and Oak don’t mean to be away all the time, and of course you’re happy for them. As hamilton’s popularity grows your boys are needed more and more for press events and photo shoots.

The thing about it that’s been getting on your nerves is that while they have spent so much time away from you, they’ve been together. All day, every day they’ve been able to spend their time together while the only times you get to see them is in the morning before you go to work and at night when they get home.

As the thoughts swim around in your head you don’t notice the sound of the front door being opened a while later until you hear Daveed’s voice.

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miki-the-artist  asked:

Read the entire silver eyes, replacing "Dave miller" With "Insufferable prick". Made the book better.

I was a daydreaming in the car whilst I was being taken home and I was thinking how great and funny it would be to livestream a dramatic reading of the silver eyes but doing the dave miller meme 

I then realised I was just looking for an excuse to buy a microphone and do stupid out of character squeaky voices for INSUFFERABLE PRICK whilst we laugh at the book

ignitedeternity  asked:

/sorry if this was asked before!!/ do you have voice headcanons for any HS characters? OuO

this hasn’t been asked before, no worries. and uh, yes?? kinda. i mean, i have very distinct voices for them in my head, and if i were to read a line from them out loud i would attempt to do those voices to the best of my very poor ability. 

i don’t have a like, a specific actual voice tho. the people who do lets read homestuck are pretty close to my headcanons on a couple. 

doctorwhooian  asked:

What's your favorite kind of music? Have any favorite bands or singers?

:33 - music is not a big thing in our culture but i do like some songs!
:33 - the stuff dave makes is pretty cool

:33 - i like jpop and kpop i think it is called?
:33 - they have a really nice sound to them!
:33 < and some of the “teen angst” songs, as dave and rose put it
:33 < but not the ones where they scream into the mic and you cannot hear what they are saying ://
:33 < i think those songs are kind of dumb
:33 < why have lyrics if you cannot hear them?

Run Away...Part 3

(Part 1  Part 2  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Epilogue)

You were thankful for the long weekend ahead.  It meant that you could finally go apartment hunting and find yourself a decent place to live.

That is, of course, if a case didn’t drop into the team’s lap.

And sure enough, just as you were waking up that morning, you heard a light knock on the guest bedroom door.

“Y/N?” Rossi asks.

It was then that you finally heard your phone vibrating.

“Gimme 20 minutes,” you grunt out as you hear the retreating footsteps of the man that had been gracious enough to allow you to borrow his guestroom for the evening.

So much for apartment hunting.

The team gave the two of you slightly odd looks when you both walked in together carrying identical coffee mugs, but you were too tired to field their questions….and 30 minutes later, the team was in the air and heading for Montana.

Slowly flipping through the file folder in your lap as you sip on your newly-refreshed cup of coffee, David scoots into the seat in front of you and sits down, sliding a piece of paper towards you as you flicker your gaze up to see what it was.

“What’s this?” you ask lightly as your gaze whips to the older gentleman seated in front of you.

“It’s a rental agreement,” he says matter-of-factly.

Furrowing your brow as you set your mug down, you pick up the piece of paper as your eyes flicker over it.

“No,” you state, setting it back down and sliding it towards Rossi.

“Why not?” he asks, sliding the paper back towards you.

The team, while still looking at their file folders, were now fully engrossed into your conversation.

Spencer included.

“You can’t continue to stay in that motel, Y/N…” David trails off.

It was the second time that day he had used your first name.

When did the two of you hit a first-name basis?

“And I told you I would find a place,” you say.

“Motel?” Hotch pipes up.

“Jesus…” you whisper to yourself as you close your eyes.

“Have you not found a place to live yet, Y/L/N?” Spencer asks.

“It’s not a big deal,” you say, shaking your head as your hand wraps around your coffee mug again.

“It is if you’re staying in a seedy motel,” J.J. pipes up.

“Since when did my well-being suddenly become a priority?” you bite, getting frustrated with the conversation.

“Since you became a part of this team,” Derek pipes up.

“You could’ve come and stayed with me…” Spencer trails off.

“Not with your special proclivities, I couldn’t,” you mumble under your breath, causing Rossi’s eyes to widen slightly as Spencer’s face flushes furiously.

“What did she say?” J.J. murmurs towards Hotch.

“Nothing,” you pipe up, trying to steer the conversation away, “…just…let’s focus on the case, alright?”

And with that last sentiment, you shove the piece of paper back towards David, his face sinking lightly as you drop your gaze back to the file folder in your lap.


You found yourself incredibly distracted during this case.  Spencer was constantly dancing around you, eyeing you curiously…almost like he was ashamed…and it made your heart sink.

No one should ever feel ashamed for what they choose to do sexually.

And just as you went to go initiate a conversation with him, you found him standing at your side.

“You hungry?” he asks lightly.

“Yeah.  I could do with some food,” you say, grabbing your coat and throwing it over your shoulders.

Rossi caught the transaction from across the room, eyeing the two of you carefully as you stride out of the police station alongside Reid.

“Any luck?” Hotch asks.

“With what?” Rossi murmurs.

“Getting her to move in with you,” Hotch clarifies.

“I slid the rental agreement under her hotel door…” he trails off.

“Dave?” Hotch asks, his voice a bit softer as Rossi turns his gaze towards Aaron.

“Yeah?” he breathes.

“Be careful,” Hotch warns.

“It’s not like I’m gonna sleep with her, Hotch,” David snickers as he shakes his head.

“I’m not talking about sleeping with her…” Aaron trails off.

“Then what are you talking about?” David bites.

“I’m talking about falling in love with her,” he lulls lowly.

“Well, an ol’ man like me can dream once in a while,” David snickers, trying to keep up his strong exterior.

But Aaron wasn’t the leader of this team for no reason, and see saw that familiar glint in his eye as Hotch watched David watch you walk out of the station with Spencer.

It’s the same glint that he used to have when watching Haley walk off with someone else back in high school.

And he was wondering what his friend was getting himself into.


[Striders] Meet the Neighbors 

Neighbour: seventh-tense

Bro/Dave: terrachained

Martha/Editing: alexissam

Art: ask-bro


6x04 reaction; Aftermath of the bear cub invasion.
notes: this one won’t go up on ao3 until late - I apologize for any inconvenience! here it is!

While Blaine calls animal control, Kurt gives Rachel a knowing glance. She returns it with a terrified-slash-bemused expression, which reminds him that she’s completely unaware of Sue’s crazed mission to get him and Blaine back together. To her, the bear cub in the room is a complete mystery, and he should probably clear it up at some point. For now, though…

“I can’t believe there’s a bear!”

“Will you please calm down?” Kurt says as evenly as he can, turning to face Dave. At least he’s no longer holding the chair. “It’s not going to come crashing through a closed door.”

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pinkstarpirater  asked:

Hey you know what pairing is in Young Folks? DaveJade. You know what Dave should wear for Jade for V-day? Panties. Ironically, of course, and not because his adorable girlfriend asked, or because Dave kind of likes it. XD Bonus if he does this via video chat and does a sexy dance for her that is more hilarious than sexy.

“Aint I just a pretty princess?” you mutter to yourself as you yank the gauzy piece of fabric up and over your ass.

Shit. Your cock hangs out and you’ve no idea what’s going on with your balls, even. When you try to shove your porksword back in your left testicle pops out over the edge. The seam chafes like a son of a bitch. Seems like big Dick and the twins can’t be contained. Nope.

“You should take off your socks, dummy.”

You jump about a mile. Your lap rocket seizes the opportunity to make another bid for freedom. Goes flop over the edge. Dangles a little.


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