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Request: “can you hit ‘em with that she’s the man ‘wait you’re a chick?’ moment. keep it short and sweet please”

*posting a few really short imagines till I get through some of the longer requests*

requested Carl Gallagher imagine (it’s only 1700 words… that’s short and sweet, right?)

“Hey can I ask you a question?” Carl asked as he and Ian were lounging on the couch watching Wicked Tuna. “Yeah what’s up,” Ian replied, thankful that someone had broken the silence. “How did you know that you liked dudes?” Carl asked; he had asked Ian the question before when he was younger, but this time he seemed to truly want to know.

“I don’t know, I guess I always knew. Why?”

Carl crossed his arms as he turned his gaze from the tv to his brother, thankful that Nick was out doing his own thing and not present for the conversation. “I have this friend, and like, he likes his friend who is a guy but he doesn’t know what to do because he can’t tell if that makes him gay or not.” Carl’s words were hesitant and Ian saw right through them. “You’re not gay Carl. You’ve been thinking about fucking girls at least 50 times a day since you turned 10.” “Yeah but like, I like him, like a lot.” “Like who?” “JT!” Ian pinched the bridge of his nose tightly at his brother’s stupidity, “How does liking JT make you gay?” “Because he’s a dude and guys who like guys are gay, right?” Ian opened and shut his mouth trying to figure out what to say, partly hoping that Carl was just fucking with him. “I think he’s gay too, he’s been like flirting with me and touching me a lot and I don’t know what to do because I like it.” Ian started to laugh and finally stood up, too in shock by Carl’s obliviousness, and started to walk up the stairs yelling, “Just tell him at school tomorrow,” putting emphasis on the word ‘him’ and laughing to himself.


Carl walked to school, Nick trailing behind him, and completely ignored Dominique when she tried to speak to him. He thought he had a slight crush on her, but clearly that was a figment of his imagination because he was gay now that he liked JT. When he saw the familiar camo jacket and Timbs, Carl lifted his arm and waved his hand slightly, making Nick nod as he continued ahead without him. Carl then adjusted his back pack as he stepped in front of the curly haired boy, watching how he casually dapped up a blonde girl, and then slipped his hand into his pocket to stash away the money she had slipped him in the process. He waited until the girl was gone before he stepped into JT’s line of vision. “Hey white boy, what’s up?” JT asked, dapping up Carl and smiling brightly in a way that made Carl’s stomach flutter a little bit. “Are you gay?” he blurted out in response, cussing out loud when he realized how stupid that was. JT’s eyebrows furrowed at the question, “No. I mean, I think girls are hot and shit but I wouldn’t fuck one.” A confused expression slipped onto Carl’s face at his friends answer.

“So you are gay?”

“No I don’t like girls…”


JT was exasperated now, “I like dick, Carl. I’m fucking straight”

Carl really looked at his friend and suddenly her words clicked. “Wait, you’re a chick?” he asked loudly, exclaiming the obvious. “Are you blind Gallagher? I know my tits are small but shit, they’re not non-existent. And what, are you deaf? You didn’t hear my fucking voice?”

“I just thought you’re balls hadn’t dropped yet!” Carl yelled back, “Wait, are you fucking with me?”

JT rolled her eyes, and ran her hand through her short curls; when she had gone through with the big chop, she hadn’t thought she’d be mistaken for a guy so much. But she realized that she might have fueled the fire when she discovered her love of baggy comfortable clothes. So for the sake of not further confusing her dumbass friend, that she had started to have some pretty serious feelings for, JT shrugged off her backpack and tucked her thumbs under her sweatshirt, lifting it up until it was bunched up at the base of her neck. Carl’s jaw almost dropped as he stared down at her chest, particularly at her left nipple where a silver bar was resting. But God clearly was not on his side as Dominique approached him once again, pulling his attention away from the titties. She had started to flirt but he didn’t even hear her words as he waived his hand in a ‘get lost’ motion, a quick “can you fuck off?” escaping his lips before he turned back around to see JT’s chest covered up by her sweater, a light blush on her cheeks. “So I’m not gay for wanting to fuck you,” Carl stated in realization, a weight lifting off his shoulders. “You wanna fuck me?” JT asked with a sly smile. “Bad.” He admitted. JT bit her lip as she bent down to grab her backpack, “How ‘bout you take me out tonight Gallagher. You’re sister works at Patsy’s Pies, right? We can like, I don’t know, get dinner and shit. Like a date.” Carl still looked a bit confused but he nodded, watching as she walked into the building.


Carl sat nervously in the booth at Patsy’s as he waited for JT. Fiona couldn’t help but giggle as she watched him from behind the counter. She filled a glass with soda and snuck over to his booth and slipped into the opposite side, sliding the glass over to him. He nodded at her as a thankyou but didn’t take his eyes away from the door. “You nervous about your date?” Fiona asked with a huge smile. “Nah. Bitches don’t make me nervous,” her brother replied coolly, making her roll her eyes and wish she was closer so that she could grab him by one of his braids. “Yeah but JT’s not a bitch. She’s a sweet girl, who I thought was a lesbian by the way.” Carl laughed, “Yeah well I thought she had a dick, so I win.” Fiona laughed, but stopped when she saw her brother freeze and slowly stand. She peaked behind their booth and grinned before slipping out and back to the kitchen where she could spy on the teens.

Carl didn’t even know how to feel when the front door opened and in strolled the curly haired brunette, her body that was usually clad in baggy men’s clothes was instead donning a black mini skirt and a cropped sweater. Her usually tight curls were looser and she had a little bit of makeup on her face. All in all, she looked fucking gorgeous, as usual. “Hey,” Carl called out, shutting his eyes so that he could internally scold himself for not saying something cooler, and when he opened his eyes she was right in front of him repeating his greeting. They stood in front of each other awkwardly before Carl got a hold of himself and motioned to their booth, where she sat down in Fiona’s previous seat. “So to start things off, maybe I should introduce myself,” she laughed, as she reached out to steal his soda and take a sip, “My name is Jessabelle. Jessabelle Torres. You should know that since we’ve been kickin’ it since you got out of juvie, but I figured that if you had, you wouldn’t have thought I had a dick.” Carl laughed as he settled down across from her, “Well when G-Dog’s boys introduced us they just called you JT and I don’t know I just never bothered to ask.” “We’re dealers Carl, not masked superheroes. You’re allowed to know my identity.”

Carl rolled his eyes but before he could respond, Fiona was standing in front of them with a big smile and two menus. “Hi JT! You look pretty today,” She greeted his friend, pulling her out of the booth so that she could do a turn and show off her entire look. He tried not to focus too hard on her ass, that he couldn’t believe she was hiding under those baggy jeans, and gave Fiona an annoyed look. “She looks pretty every day,” he muttered as he picked up his menu and skimmed through it, JT sitting down and doing the same. They both ordered their food and sat in an awkward silence until JT started to laugh to herself. “What?” he asked, a small smile of his own present on his face. “Why is this so weird?” she asked him and he sighed. “I don’t know. This morning you were my main ni-“ “Say it and I’ll slap the shit out of you, white boy.” Carl rolled his eyes and continued, “You were my guy best friend. And now you’re a fine ass hunny. I don’t know how to feel.” “How about relieved?” “Trust me, I am. I was doing some nasty shit with your Instagram pics that don’t seem so bad anymore.” “You’re fucking gross Carl.” And just like that, things were back to normal. They sat in the booth and ate while they laughed and talked thug shit as usual until they left the diner.

Carl walked her home and up to her front door where he looked down at JT, looking as though he had something to say. “What’s up?” she asked and he placed his hands on her shoulders to keep her from going anywhere. “You know how this morning I told you I wanted to fuck you?” JT nodded with a smirk but let him continue. “I… you… I can’t think of a way to say it without sounding like a pussy so I’m just gonna say it. You look hot as fuck right now in this little skirt. Like, 10 outta 10: would smash. But I like you a lot, and I’d still smash even if you never wore it again and you went back to dressing like a guy tomorrow. I don’t know what I’m saying. I just really fucking like you and what you wear isn’t gonna change that because I’d fuck you in whatever you wore as long as you’re you.” JT smiled and she lightly pushed his hands off of her shoulders before stepping onto her toes and pulling his face down to hers by his chin, lightly kissing his lips and pulling away to see his eyes still closed for a few seconds. “You promise?” she whispered, not wanting to fuck up the serenity of the moment. Carl nodded and kissed her one more time before jogging down her steps and walking back home, excited for tomorrow.



✖Feelings For A Baddie✖️


Never have I’ve been this drunk before, never have I felt this hungover before. I woke up to a headache and a heart attack when I saw the naked body of my best friend laying next to me. The first word I could form was “shit”.

I shake Nate’s bare chest urging him to wake up, “get up” I hated that I sounded pissed but trust and believe I am. I was supposed to go back to my place not his, how the fuck did we both make it home safe?

He doesn’t budge at all, leaving me to get out from under the comers and throw on my red dress from last night, I couldn’t find my undergarments so I just left with out them. I called for an über and waited outside Nate’s house.

Once I got home I washed off the dirtiness from last night with a hot shower. I felt refreshed coming out the shower, my phone was ringing off the hook with swazz calling me on FaceTime. I decided not to answer because I have a feeling that Nate must’ve told him about our scandalous night.


Nate POV

“Bro was you pull out game weak or some shit because she’s totally ignoring your ass.” Sammy says laughing like all this shit is a joke, ever since that crazy night Y/N has purposely been blowing me off. I would text this girl and she would read it but not respond.

“Pull out game always on point” I flipped him off and went back to my phone, “does she not like me?” I never felt so insecure until now. I really like Y/N…I’ve always liked her and now I’m starting to think I’m not good enough for her.

“She probably just feels weird or awkward about the whole thing, you guys are friends.” Sammy is right about that one, we are “friends” but I wanna be more than “friends” with this girl. I’m honestly trying to wife her up.

“I’m just trying to let her know what’s up.” I say and Swazz walks in with a big ass grin on his face. “What’s up with you?” Sammy asks him and daps him up.

“Your girl Y/n is bout to come to Vegas with us for the weekend” I nearly jumped out my seat. “She know I’m gonna be there right?”

“Of course, she seems pretty cool about going.” I don’t think I’m emotional or mentally ready for this weekend.

Chapter 1


“ Fuck yea girl ” I grunted grinding my hips . My breath was stuck in my throat while my chest heaved up and down . With my teeth in between my bottom lip , I was holding back on another grunt .

Flexing my jaw , this girl was working her jaws just right around my dick . Tilting my head to the right , my fingers got caught up inside of her hair . Guiding her head further down , I was trying to hit the back of her throat .

“ take this dick bitch ” I mumbled shoving her head all the way down . Letting out a loud grunt , she gagged .

“ that’s right gag on my shit bitch ” thrusting my hips in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace, she started gagging even more . Watching as her eyes watered only enticed me to speed up .

Soon enough her gags turned into to a full blown choke . Feeling my nut building up I didn’t try to ease up on her . ” almost there baby ” I chuckled as she squeezed her eyes shut .

“ ooh fuck ” I groaned busting down her throat . Struggling to swallow , I pulled up my boxers followed by my jeans .

“ you better learn how to take dick lesly .” I chuckled spitting in her face . Licking over my lips , I sat down on top of my desk and started going through these files .

“ Rico ” I mumbled lowly . Reading over his file . He was next on the hit list . Big brother of 3 you get sisters , mother is single & father died two years ago . Oh that’s right I killed him .

Chuckling lowly , my eyes averted over to leaky who was sitting in the same spot I left her in . Clenching my jaw , she knew the drill . Suck my dick and get the fuck out .

“ Get out lesly ” I grumbled pointing towards the door . Scurrying to her feet , she rushed out of the room closing he door behind her self . ’ bitches ’ I muttered under my breath plopping down into my chair .

” August ” janay said walking in my office , speaking of bitches .

“ What?” I spat looking up at her.

“ Your needed” she mumbled not wanting to make any eye contact .

“ By who?” I asked

“ Boss man ” she said before walking out with her head down . Clenching my jaw at her scary-ness I shook my head . sighing This nigga say he been needing to talk all week I wonder what the fuck it’s about.

My vibrating iphone 5 , caused me to yet again tear my gaze away from the file I was reading . ” speak ” I ordered .

“ Watch who you talking to nigga ” Rick , my boss deep voice blared . Rolling my eyes , I chuckled at the authority he though he had over me .

“ What do you want fat ass ? ” I asked , I didn’t have time for his childish games today .

“ I’m pretty sure the message was already delivered . get to the warehouse Alsina , we have business ” he gritted hanging up . Laughing loudly , I knew my previous choice of words ticked him off , considering the fact he hates being called fat .

Closing the files that laid out across my desk , I placed them back into my single filed cabinets . Licking them with my key , I slipped it into my pocket .

Jogging down the stairs Chris was sitting on the couch with some hoe in between his legs while he rolled one up . Smirking , I shook my head at his ass .

“ what’s good son ?” I asked dapping him up . Licking the blunt , he concentrated on rolling it perfectly . Staring at the hoe who had her head hurried in between his legs , she had no shame .

Scoffing , she had no respect for her self . Chris looked up at me with the ’ I know what you’re thinking look ’ causing me to chuckle loudly .

“ Nothing much , rolling up getting my dick sucked ” he shrugged in a nonchalant manner .

“ you ain’t doing shit today ?” I asked checking a txt message from rick big ass , basically telling me to hurry my ass up .

“ The game tonight ! That’s about it ” he shrugged , letting out a low groan . Mugging his side profile , I shook my head as he nutted all in the girl face .

Snatching my key chain from the key holder , I walked out the house to my Bugatti . Getting in , I put my seat belt on before pulling out the driveway .

Raising the volume up on my radio , I sped off down the highway . I hope what ever this meeting about was worth it , cause I could be doing bigger and better things .


Pulling up in front the warehouse , I parked next to Mitchell’s car that sat directly in front the gate . Killing the ignition , I stepped out making sure I didn’t step in mud and get my shoes fucked up .

Slamming my car door , I jogged up the mini steps before stopping in front the black bobbed wired fence . Plugging in my code , I waited for it to verify so it could open .

After what felt like hours , the gate doors flew open . Walking through , my face hardened at the niggas standing by the door laughing it up .

“ what the fuck y’all suppose to be doing ? ” I scolded . Questing down , they all looked up at me with fear in their eyes except for one . Ricky , ricks son glared at me clutching to his waist hand .

I swear his bitch ass had a problem with me ever since i started working for his pops . Chuckling before hardening my face , ” you got a problem with me young blood ? I see you gotcha hand on your gun ” I asked sizing him up .

” you don’t want it with me August , you must have forgot who my daddy is ” he gritted pushing me back . Pulling out my gun , I aimed it to his face .

“ ion give a fuck about who you are . Boss kid or not , I’ll kill your ass on the spot ” I threatened .

Slowly placing my gun back into my waistband , I kept my eyes on him ” that’s what the fuck I thought ” I spat bumping past him .

“ do what the fuck y’all get paid to do ” I snickered . Pushing past the two big niggas , I scoped out the living room area . Bitches and money covered the floors and sofas . That’s exactly what I like to see .

” hey daddy , you need me to take care of you ” Miranda purred inside my ear . Pushing her body off of mine , I mugged her as she smirked .

Ignoring her thirst , I walked to the back where ricks office was located . Busting through the doors , he had all his main men sitting around the table with and empty seat next to him waiting for me.

Taking a seat all eyes were on me , and I started to get suspicious on why I was here . Usually when I’ll walk through the door , I’ll be greeted but this time , everything was a little different .

Clearing my throat , ” what I’m here or man ? ” I asked as Mitchell took a seat next to me. Eying him , he had a huge grin plastered on his face . Mitchell was my right hand man , and I could count on him for anything .

” Sit down Rick ” said staring at Mitchell . Along his seat , I bounced my leg up and down out of annoyance and irritation . I was ready to get this shit over with .

” I called you two in here because I have something to tell y’all , I guess you can call it Ricks surprise ” he chuckled causing everyone else to chuckle but me . Mitchell and I looked at each other confused then back at him.

“What?” I asked

“So y’all know I been planning on giving this shit up right?” He smirked rubbing his
Over growing goatee . Shit was fucking ugly .

” Yea ” Mitchell said smiling . This nigga was too happy for a damn pass down .

“ Well I chose one of you too pass my business down too ” Rick said leaving cowards on the table . Licking his two
Index fingers , they were covered in cheese from Cheetos . Fat ass nigga.

“Who?” We both asked at the same time. Looking over at Mitchell , he held his hand out for dap which Mitchell did Almost instantly .

“ My nigga Mitchell , I just want you to know that you my nigga forreal . You been rolling with me for 3 years and I appreciate you for never being untrue ” he said holding on to his hand . Looking down at my finger nails I waited for them to chop it up . I had a game to get ready for .

“ Yea boss man I understand ” Mitchell smiled a toothy grin . I was getting sick of this nigga smiling like a lil bitch .

“ well then you’ll understand why I’m passing it down to August ” he chuckled turning towards me . Instantly looking up , a smirk played on my face as Mitchell smile turned into a complete frown .

“ Me ? What ? ” i Pretended to be
Surprised .

“ August ? Out of all niggas August ? ” Mitchell shouted . I knew his ass was hating from the gate .

“ yea bitch nigga you heard him , ME ” I snickered . Averting my attention back to rick , he sat there with an amused expression .

“ continue boss ” I said waving my hand . Chuckling , he blew out smoke from his cigar .

“ like I was saying , I’m passing the thrown down to you . Your man is getting old and I got two more kids on the way . It’s about that time I give it up ” he said ashing his gar .

“ I appreciate that man , you know ima hold it down no matter what . ” I assured shaking his hand .

“ listen the fuck up , this is your new boss so I except for y’all to treat him how y’all treated me . If I get one phone call saying y’all ain’t acting right I’m killing you ” he yelled at everyone . I on the other hand have nothing to say because I don’t have any problems with these guys .

Most of them respected me more than they respected Rick and he knew that but I continued to let him rant . From the side of my eye , I could see Mitchell grilling me . Deep down in my gut I knew at some point Mitchell is going to feel the need to retaliate against me because of ricks pick .

Once rick finished stating what he had to say . I happily walked my ass out of the there not with out laying down some rules. Some shit rick let go on I won’t . That’s how niggas get caught slipping , people don’t do their jobs .

Pressing the peddle to the floor , I was in a rush to get home so I wouldn’t have to hear Chris mouth . Looking through my rear view mirror , I squinted my eyes at who was behind me .

Swerving on side of me , the person behind the dark tinted windows rolled their window down . Chuckling at this nigga Chris , he stuck his tongue out at me . Childish ass .

“ race you home ? ” he smirked . Dropping my shades below my eyes , I rolled my passenger window back and sped off .


Stepping out of my scrub , I placed my top and bottom inside the hamper that sat neatly on the side of my dresser . Twirling , I fell flat on my back and stared up at the ceiling .

Blowing air through out my mouth I was highly annoyed . Work today was a drag and all I wanted to do was come home , eat , shower then sleep but of course things don’t go as planned .

Jay being the convincing little bitch she is , convinced me to go to this LA Lakers game tonight at the arena . The only reason why I agreed is because I didn’t want her to spend yet another day in this house crying her eyes out over some nigga that could give two fucks about her .

Jaylins love life wasn’t the best to say the least but she had her good days too . Obviously the bad days out weighed the good days which is sad in my book .

Many times I’ve caught my self trying not to think about heart breaks because it would only result into me lighting up for the night and buying three to four daiquiris . Sad , I know but when you’re in love that shit really can hurt once it’s all said and done .

“ Jaylin get up ” I spat playfully as she sat on the floor on a big pile of clothes .

“ I can’t find shit to wear ” she whined .

“ girl , all them clothes you have in this big ass closet you mean to tell me you can’t find shit to wear ? Get over yourself ” I waved her off .

“ go take your bitch ass to your room and find your own outfit before I stab you ” she threatened pointing her manicured finger nail towards me .

“ oh no , she’s gonna stab me . I’m shaking in my draws ” I pretend shook , causing her to fall into a fit of giggles . Laughing along with her , I shook my head as she began to put her clothes back neatly .

“ Seriously Lexi , maybe I do need to stab your ass just once do you can stop taking me as a joke ” she giggled .

Licking Over my plump lips , I took a seat on her bed . Watching her fold up the little clothes she had left on the floor , I was contemplating on getting into this conversation with her .

“ Soooo , are you gonna try to get a number tonight ? ” I winked crossing my leg over the other . She suddenly stopped , and looked at me with an irritated expression .

“ Alexis , I’m not trying to engage in a relationship with anyone ” she said rolling her eyes slightly .

“ Jaylin no one said you had to be in a relationship . I just asked were you gonna try and get in an relationship ” I defended holding my arms up .

Throwing her hair into a sloppy bun she sighed heavily and stared at me with an evil glare ” These guys aren’t worth my time ” she said softly .

Frowning , my poor baby was so messed up . I didn’t know what to tell her any more . Mark really fucked her up and got her with her guard held high .

sighing lowly , I didn’t wanna kill the vibe or make her sad” sooo , you need to get ready . Time is ticking baby ” I smiled faintly

“ yo shit , you’re right ” she yelled pushing me off of her bed . Rolling around the floor , I hit my head on her vanity leg . Cackling loudly, she haunched over holding on to her stomach .

“ come on Lexi , get out go get ready ” she whined pushing my body out of her door . Holding me weight down , I guess she got fed up and slammed the door on my head . Groaning loudly , I rubbed the back of my head up and down to sooth the pain .

Slowly standing to my feet , I sashayed myself into my bedroom . Rubbing the back of my neck , I grabbed a fresh pair of undergarments and walked inside my bathroom . Taking a look in the mirror , I smiled at myself . Using the scrunchy that rested on my right arm , I put my hair in a tight ponytail .

Twisting the hot water , I adjusted the temperature to a soothing feeling . Stepping inside my over large shower , I also most slipped causing me to let out a high ugly laugh.

Throwing my head back in the pleasurable feeling the water was sending my way , I let out a low moan . Licking over my lips , my fingers found it’s way down to my love box . Touching on my clit , my leg twitched at it’s sensitive touch .

“ Fuck ” I moaned lowly increasing my speed . My mind started to flood with dirty thoughts increasing the urge to cum . Sticking two fingers inside myself , I moaned loudly as my fingers became soaked . Moving my fingers in a circular motion , I felt my cum rushing through out my body .

Grabbing a hold of the towel holder , my body shook viciously as the powerful orgasm ripped through out my body . ” Shiit ” I screamed as I squirted all over . Relaxing my head against the cold tile walls , I grabbed the towel and squirted some tropical body wash on top and started to wash my body .


’ I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mine , I just wanna say you’re mine you’re mine . Fuck what you heard you’re mine you’re mine all I’m really asking for is you ’ I sang as I danced my way back into the bathroom .

Plugging up my curling irons , I turned to my closet that was connected with the bathroom . Searching for the perfect outfit , I was stuck . Any other time I would let Jay do it since she was the ” fashion police ” but tonight she wasn’t trying to help .

“ this is my jam ” I said snapping my fingers as Inside part 2 blared through my speakers .

Dropping my towel , I grabbed my velvet sugar body lotion from bath and body works and began to spread the lotion all over my body . Making sure all of the substance covered my body , I checked in the mirror .

Slipping on my Vicki secret bra with the matching Underwear . I began to curly this long hair of mine . Blowing on the curling iron out of habit , I held it for 10 seconds max .

“ I wish you get ready ” Jay said walking in my bathroom and grabbing a towel . Bumping my

“ I know you ain’t talking about me , you ain’t even dressed yet ” I mumbled with the comb half way in my mouth .

“ I’m taking my time because I know you gonna still be getting ready by the time I’m finished . ” she said as she walked out .

Turning up my beats by dre speaker pill , I continued to finish my hair . Smiling at my reflection in the mirror , I bounced around just to see my curls bounce .

Using my fingers I combed through out my curls to make them a tad bit loose . Applying light makeup to my face , I walked out into my bedroom . Staring down at my outfit , I sighed heavily before slipping into it .

Scurrying around my room , I could find the heels that I had wanted to wear tonight and I was getting ready to scream . Muttering words of obscenity under my breath , I rolled under my bed and felt around for my heel .

“ gotcha ” I smiled slipping it on to my foot . Standing to my feet , I adjusted my clothes .

“ jay you ready ? ” I yelled from my room .

“ I been done , it’s you I been waiting on ” she said stepping into my bathroom .

“ uh uh , where you think you’re going with my perfume ? ” I asked as she snatched up my nicki minaj fragrance .

“ Umm to the game” she said in a duh tone .

Jay was my baby sister , only by one year . Bitch was aggy at times , but over all she was cool.We barely fought , and if we did it was over stupid shit . Like ” who ate my candy ?” Type of fights . Nothing to serious .

“ what’s makes you think I want you smelling like me ? ” I asked with a raised eyebrow .

“ Girl bye , nobody Trynna smell like you . Last time I checked you didn’t even open this up yet ” she spat playfully walking into my bed room .

Narrowing my eyes at her ” I would cut you “

“ oh yea ? I would love to see that ” she laughed .

Snatching my perfume out her hand , I sprayed my body a few times before sitting it on my dresser next to the rest of my smell goods .

“ we have to go , it’s our 2nd week in Cali and we still don’t know our way around this place ” she huffed as she jogged down the stairs .

My two sisters Jay , Mariah & I decided to start a new life here in California to get away from boring ass Baton Rouge .

It was always hot as fuck there and the people all around were phony and fake . It was hard for Jaylin to make friends because who ever she made friends with would fuxk her over in the end .

With that’s being said if we weren’t talking to each other , then we spoke to no one well Jay spoke to no one . I on the other hand had three best friends .

“ Where Mariah ?” I asked looking around the spacious living room .

“ She’s gone , talking bout she got a date ”

“ a date with who ? And since when did she even have a boo ? ”

“ right that’s what I said , but she had the nerve to tell me stay in a child’s place . Baby I would kill her ” Jay rolled her eyes walking out the front door .

Chuckling , I checked myself through the full body mirror we had in the foyer . Making sure my makeup was in tack and lip gloss wasn’t dripping I pulled my coat off the rack .

It was pretty chilly outside . Well to me cause I’m not use to all this cold weather . Baton Rouge was either hot , humid or both at one time .

“ bout damn time bitch ” Jay said pulling off soon as I got in the car , not even giving me time to close the door .

“ the hell you in a rush for ? ” I asked .

“ Well if we didn’t leave just now we would be super late to the game and you know how I feel about being late ” she stressed .

“ baby pipe down , the game ain’t going no where ”

“ yea yea , put the address in the gps and shut up ” she mumbled trying not to laugh .

“ you don’t te-” I was cut off by her loading up the radio to the maximum volume . I swear at times this girl make me want pull my damn hair out .

Putting in the address , I sat back and enjoyed the ride while listening to whatever played on the radio .

” You know , when are you gonna get back into dating ? ” I asked as she continued to drive .

“ Alexis what did I say ? I’m-”

“ I’m not ready for a relationship just yet , yea I know ” I said mocking her .

“ well stop asking ” she spat .

Rolling my eyes , I just kept quiet for the rest of the ride . Jay always gets like this when I ask her about dating again .

I wish she just let that nigga mark go . He messed over her and lost out on something good not her. Yet she’s so oblivious to that . He’s the reason why her ass is so mean . I can’t deal . I just want my little sister to be happy .


Walking into the arena , my eyes lit up In amazement at all the flashy lights . With a big smile plastered across my face , I walked over to the glass box that held the most valuable trophies .

Taking a look behind me , Alexis was still outside of the arena waiting for the valet man to come park her car . Chuckling ,I don’t know why she spends her money on that shit when she can just park her car her damn self .

“ My bad ma ” This guy said as he bumped into me on accident . Looking up at him , I sent a faint smile his way . “ it’s okay ” I assured him . Smiling , he walked off .

“ It’s a shame that them guys took for we and a day to get my keys ” Alexis huffed.

“ bout damn time shit ” I mumbled heading over to the ticket booth . The feeling of my underwear being stuck in my butt caused me to twist my face up in irritation . Alexis turned towards me and mouthed ’ what’s wrong ’ but I didn’t answer . Instead I told her to get our tickets while I try to remove this wedgie .

” here you two ladies go ” the guy at the ticket booth said eyeing both my sister and I while licking over his lips.

“ keep your damn eyes to yourself ” I spat taking the tickets out his hand . It’s annoying when. No matter where you go , a nigga trying to play game .

“ I’m so sorry ” Alexis said to the man as she pushed me forward .

“ what was that for Jaylin ?” She asked . Oh lord now we on a first name bases . She never calls me jaylin , especially in public .

“ Quit with the government Alexis ” I sighed . She knew I hated people finding out my name , weird I know but if you don’t know me then you don’t need to know my name . Period no coma .

“ I don’t care right now , why you always gotta be so mean ” Alexis griped rolling her eyes .

I was trying to have a good night , not a night full of attitudes . It’s my first real outing since we’ve been here in Cali and I want to enjoy it .

“ because , I’m not alright ” I simply said as we walked up to the snack line .

“ you need to stop being like that okay , everyone is not gonna fuck over you like mark did ” she rolled her eyes while walking away .

Stuffing popcorn in my mouth , ” why she had to even bring him up ” I mumbled .

Mark was an ex of mine , that I’ll never ever go back too . But I’ll save that story for a lil later . I’m just trying to focus on me , and get my life back on track .

“ thanks for leaving me jack ass ” I laughed as I finally found the correct court .

“ You was being an ass , so I let people like you find their own way around ” she shrugged her shoulders . Bitch .

“ look I would kill you ” I said causing both of us to laugh .

My favorite thing to say was ” I would kill you ” .. It was something I would say when I didn’t have a come back or some shit . Taking a seat , I adjusted my cardigan that hung mid low .

“ give it up for the LA lakers ” The man on the intercom said into the mic . Dimming the lights , the spotlight I was sitting by the doors that lead from the locker room to the court .

“ Kobe Bryant ” Was all I needed to hear to stand to my feet and go crazy .

Thank god I wore my J’s cause hopping in heels just wouldn’t get it . But I probably still would have jumped up cause that right there was my favorite basketball player .

“ Kobe , I love you Kobe ” I yelled at him . Turning his head , his eyes landed directly on me causing my heart to flutter ,Watching him blow me a kiss , melted my insides . The great lord above took his time creating this one .

“ you’re so embarrassing jay ” Alexis chuckled .

Shrugging my shoulders ” hey , I’ll do anything for Kobe alright ? ”

“ let’s go Kobe ” some guy yelled from above us , causing me to laugh loudly .

“ see Lexi , I’m not the only one who think he’s the shit ” I laughed chugging down my coke . I’ve been a fan of Kobe since he first got signed to the LA lakers .

Every game that he would play close to him , I’ll attend . Including book signing , charity events & food drives . I did it all just to support him . I dreamed of marrying him some day but I know it’ll never happen .

Sticking my headphones into my ear , I raised the volume using my hand set . One thing I never did was listen to all the commotion going on around . It annoyed me at some point .

A lot of voices , going at one time . Refs blowing whistles , the guys in the booths hanging over the court breaking the game down for the idiots who didn’t understand , the whole thing was just crazy.

I even block my own ass out from yelling and screaming . I know for sure my shit is annoyingly loud . Taking a swig out of my coke , I popped open my sour punch straws .

“ Can I have one ? ” Lexi asked with a sweet smile . Rolling my eyes , I handed the pack over .

“ Fucking fat ass ” I muttered . I hates when she did shit like this , we has the opportunity to get whatever we wanted and she chose nachos and now she wants to eat up my snacks.

Sighing It was now the halftime and I had to pee really bad And I was tired of holding it. I swear my bladder was ridiculous , I just peed less than 2 hours ago . Maybe it’s because I drunk so much coke .

“ Lexii I’m going piss ” I said to her causing her to scrunch her face up .

Shaking her head ” ew I didn’t need to know what you were going do .. Get out my face ” Laughing I sat my sour punch straws in my seat before fixing my shorts and making sure my cardigan was straight .

“ excuse me , can you direct me to the bathroom ? ” I asked the lady who was standing outside the double doors .

“ sure , keep straight and on the first opening take a left . And the bathrooms right there ” she smiled .

Smiling I sent a quick thank you her way before making my way down the long path . Finally getting to the opening I made my way into the ladies restroom .

Squatting low enough so I could piss , I tried to hurry due to the game being almost over . Cleaning my vaginal area I pulled up my underwear and shorts and made my way over to the sink .

Rubbing the pink suds all over my hands and around my wrist , I stuck my hands under the water .Drying my hands underneath the automatic dryer , I checked my appearance out in the mirror before stepping out the bathroom .

Picking at the piece of linen on my shorts I ran into a firm body . Looking up , I was face to face with the most handsomest boy I’ve ever seen .

Taking in his appearance he had blonde curly hair , pretty brown eyes , straight white teeth except for one that crooked just a little bit but it fit him , and boy was his shoe game on fire .

Looking over his clothes he had the whole laid back look going on . I can tell he wasn’t trying to dress up just for some old basketball game , total turn on .

” I’m sorry ” I stuttered , still taking back by his looks . Baby boy was really gorgeous . Wait , did I just stutter ? Jaylin never stutters .

“ it’s all good lit mama but next time walk with your fucking head up” he spat in a thick Virginia accent .

Oh god his accent was just everything .. But why was he so mean ? Keep it cool Jay keep it cool , I coached myself .

“ well I’ll be on my way ” I smiled awkwardly stepping aside of him . Walking past his fine ass with out looking back I could still feel his eyes on me .

Building up the courage to look back , i was right . He was still standing there staring at me as I walked away . My cheeks flushed with a bright color red , before returning into the gym . My only question was why was was something so perfect , so mean ?

“ Why the hell you smiling ? ” Alexis asked as I skipped over to my seat . For some strange reason I felt like a little girl who just got a brand new toy .

“ Ok I bumped into this boy leaving out the bathroom and god Lexi he is so fine but he’s mean too” I gushed . I started rambling on and on about his looks and I could tell Alexis was trying to keep up but good gawd .

“ Jay Jay . Ima need for you to breathe ” she laughed stopping me from my on going blah blahness

“ Jay got a crush ” Alexis danced in her seat while pointing at me .

“ I do not ,” I huffed crossing my arms over my chest . How can I have a crush , when I don’t even know the guy ? For all I know that’ll be the last time I ever see dude a day in my life .

“ oh yea you do ” she laughed .

“ I really don’t Lexi & he was mean ” I whined lowly . Narrowing her eyes at me , I didn’t know what she was thinking .

“ what do you mean by mean ?” She asked. Here she go asking dumb ass questions .

“ bitch mean , just mean ” I scolded. . Knowing her she was glaring at me because I probably didn’t get his number . Why should I ?

“ you’re do stupid Jaylin .. ” she muttered turning her attention back to the game . Rolling my eyes , I heard obnoxious laughter . Turning my head , I looked dead at the boy I ran into .

Licking over my lips , ” That’s him ” I tapped Lexi arm repeatedly as the guy looked me straight in the eye with a mug .


Rubbing my goatee gently , I thought about shorty that was exiting out of the girls bathroom . Baby girl kept it sexy but classy . not too much but just right . Her legs had a nigga going crazy lowkey , I wonder if she plays soccer or some shit considering they was toned .

Too bad I ain’t Trynna engage in shit with her . These bitches don’t deserve no time or day from a nigga like me . Not that they would enjoy it any how . I’m not your average guy , believe me .

“ is you gonna walk in the bathroom or not ? ” This old man complained hitting me with his cane .

Taking his canr out of his hand I broke it In half ,” I don’t know what the fuck you think this is but I ain’t the one bitch ” I gritted dropping his now two canes .

Quickly taking my well needed piss I washed my hands and made my way back out to the court not before checking around for the girl I just bumped into . I don’t know what the fuck I’m searching for her for anyways .

Shaking my head , there was no signs of her so I just gave up the search . Looking one more time to be on the safe side , I walked back inside of the gym and headed for my seat . ” took you long enough ” August said as he threw me my sour punch kids .

“ nigga stop complaining , they had a hold up ” I mumbled stuffing 3 candies in my mouth .

“ was she bad ? ” he asked already knowing what I meant by a ’ hold up ’

“ nigga she was more than bad , baby girl was flawless ” I gushed hoping his ass didn’t catch that .

“ you got her number ? ” he asked looking over at me for a brief second.

“ Naw , it was like a lil bump oh I’m sorry type of thing ” I chuckled replaying that scene in my head . On some shit now I’m wishing I would have .

“ still should have got her number , could have been your future wife and now you would never know ” he laughed .

Maybe he was right , she could have been my wife and I wouldn’t even know . Usually I’ll grab a bitch number right then and there but something about the situation told me she was different and I don’t even know her . It’s like I can just feel that she’s not like these other girls I’m use to fucking with .

“ fuck these bitches son ” I laughed loudly dapping August up . Looking straight ahead my eyes landed directly on shorty from the bathroom . Maybe I would know if she would be my wife .

“ Aug ” I said tapping his shoulder never breaking eye contact with her . I’m surprised she even held a stare down with me considering I could feel my face in the position of a mug . I didn’t try intentionally , it’s natural .

“ yo nigga ? ” he rolled his eyes like a lil bitch grilling me . Chuckling in his face , he could be so In his feelings at times .

“ that’s the bitch right there , and I think she got a Friend ” I pointed across the court .

“ Bsby girl is bad and her friend even badder ” he smiled with a wave towards the girl .

“ yea them bitches bad ” I pitched in focusing back on the game .

“ Ain’t no body gonna want your ass no way the way you talks about them . How you call somebody you don’t even know a bitch ?you is the meanest nigga I know .” He chuckled mushing my head .

Pushing August arm off me ,I’m trying to focus and see if this nigga gonna lead us to victory or not . We win this game , we go to the championship. You know what that means , Miami bringing they ass on down .

Taking another look ,These girls were beautiful beyond measures . Corona California aint no big place. And I’ve never seen them before but they are by far the prettiest girls I’ve seen yet .

The one who was beside my lil fling , had a pretty mocha complexion that probably glistens in the sun , with pretty straight teeth and long beautiful legs .

I sat there in my seat amazed at her beauty while she laughed with her friend at something , probably about us I bet .

“ima try & get her number after the game.” I mumbled sipping on my sprite .

“ you ? Chris ? Gonna try and get a number with your mean ass ? Unbelievable ” He laughed .

“ just cause I’m mean don’t mean I can’t bag a hoe . ” I mugged

“ Ok you do that ima try & get at her friend” I said waving slightly . She looked at me and smiled faintly with a small wave .

“ you do that ” he smirked . Rubbing over my waves , I slipped my SnapBack on before taking one more look at her .

Looking over at August ,he was staring at shawty mighty hard as if he was trying to read her or some shit . For my sake , I need to watch my actions cause I dont know who im messing with .


The game was finally over and our mission to get these girls number was in full force . But when we looked the girls were gone .

“ So that’s it ? You just gonna give up . For all we know they could still be here ” I said to August who just shrugged his shoulders .

Shaking my head , I just decided not to worry bout it. We’ll meet again sometime if it’s meant for me to have her number . If not , no big deal . On our way to the car I spotted the girls standing by the doors waiting for the valet parker to bring their car around .

“ look son there they go ” I smirked pointing without making myself obvious . Walking off , August headed in the direction of them before stopping .

“ I can’t do it ” he said turning a round .

“ why not nigga , just go head . You never been this scared before ” I spat . Out of no where he decides to be a pussy ?

“ Nigga she different . I can tell she ain’t just some hoe . ” he spat back . Chuckling , what the fuck he knew about being different ? Every bitch he done fucked with was the same . Let me find out my nigga was going soft for someone he don’t even know .

“ look I’ll be in the car , go get your number ” he mumbled walking in the direction of my range . Shaking my head I pulled him back sending a hard smack to his face .

“ Stop being a pussy and get shorty number ” I spat lowly . Looking over to where lil mama and her friend was standing , they were watching us .

“ You right , come with me son “‘he said waking ahead of me . I’ll go with him but I ain’t Trynna get no bitch number .

” Excuse me ladies “ he smiled interrupting their small convo .

” Uh yea ? “ the one I had my eye on said .

” I seen your friend from the other side of the court and I couldn’t leave with out her number “ he smiled showing my grills that laid at the bottom of my teeth .

Stuffing my hands inside my pockets I rolled my eyes as this nigga tried to be sweet and cute .

” go head and give it to him lex" I heard her friend mumble nudging her side . Pulling my snap back farther down , I was able to look at her with her noticing .

“ I’m Alexis by the way ” she smiled pulling out her phone .

“ August ” he smiled back giving her his . Coughing , the girl on side of Alexis looked up at me before putting her head back down .

“ I’ll make sure to txt you Alexis ” he assured kissing her hand . Gay ass nigga.

“ cool , goodnight ” she smiled getting into her BMW . Shit was nice . It kinda reminded me of my mine I has back at home . Staring at them once more , I didn’t bother to say goodnight before walking off .

Jogging over to the car , August had done already started it . Slipping on my seat belt , I waited for August to ask me what ever he was fixing his mouth for .

“ got her number ? ” he asked . I should have known .

“ Nah , I should have though ” I smiled faintly .

“ my nigga they so bad thigh ” he dapped me up . My Dumb ass should have got the friend number , we could have did that dumb ass double date shit but if the girl knew what’s best off her , she wouldn’t try to engage in a relationship with me .

I would body the poor girl in a hot second . And just because I’m evil , I would ship her body parts to her mothers house because that’s just him . Half of the time ion see how I get them hoes I do have .

I’m dangerous and would do anything to anyone without hesitation or emotion . But who am I to tell someone what’s best for them . Alexis ain’t safe with me August but that’s not business . No not at all . What goes on in the dark comes to the light .

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I'm literally just like you , I'm so excited for this book it seems super cool and I don't think it's for money at all? That's so absurd to say about Dan and Phil ? I'm literally so far up Dan and Phils asses I would buy their weekly shopping list no word of a lie

its strange bc people are treating it like dan and phil are sitting on a throne of money manically laughing as we scramble to buy their things but they’re literally just providing an opportunity to get something they think their fans will like whilst making a profit because they’re running a business??

11. Change Me

Maybe you could change me
Maybe you could be the light that opens up my eyes
Make all my wrongs right
Change me, change me

-Justin Bieber


The clatter of Tristen banging his bowl on the table brought a small smile to my face. “Ok, ok birthday boy. I’m coming.”  I said, bringing some mixed fruit over to him. He immediately shoved a strawberry in his mouth, the juice getting on his hands and face. 

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Friendships, Promises, & Break-Ups


Week Later.

“You where the fuck is my appointment schedule at? I never got it emailed to me,” I called out from my office.

“It should be on your desk bro,” Trey answered I sucked my teeth clearing my throat and went to look on my desk only to find nothing there. I shook my head and trekked towards the front desk.

“It’s not there,” I informed Trey he sighed focusing on the computer. “I told Laith to put all the copies on everyone’s desk,” he said I shook my head.

“He get in yet?” I asked he shook his head no. “He doesn’t come in until 11:30,” he assured me I nodded. “He got any appointments?” I questioned he shook his head no handing me my schedule. I let out a frustrated sigh reading over all the appointments I had scheduled today. By the looks of things I won’t be able to get out of here today and I got things to do.

“These were made up before we hired all our new artist, I ain’t get a chance to break em’ down yet,” he said running his hand over his face I nodded.

“So just give em the afternoon shift for our full schedules then,” I instructed he nodded. “Just send my first appointment in when they come,” he nodded as I walked back to my office.

“Yo,” I looked up from my computer too see Dom standing in the doorway. “What up bro?” I asked dapping him he shrugged sitting down.

“Man I don’t even know what’s going on with me. It’s like I want Nicki but I can’t let Angela go,” he stressed I shook my head clearly disappointed in him.

“You falling for her?” I asked raising my eyebrow he shook his head no. “It’s not even like that,” he breathed out.

“Oh she carrying your seed so you can’t just kick her to the curb that’s what it is?” he nodded. “That’s exactly what it is. What should I do?” he asked me I sucked my teeth.

“Why are you asking me what to do when you know what the hell to do. You can’t just stay in a relationship with someone just because y'all are having a kid together. Allegedly that is,” I paused glancing at him.

“You have to explain to Ang what it is and then see what you can work out with Rae. Even if shit don’t work out with Rae you still need to let Ang go, that’s not you and you know it. Why stay in an unhappy situation?” he nodded.

“Thanks man. What about you though?”

“What about me?” I asked as I began to draw up some possible art for a tattoo. “You and Ci? How it go yesterday?” I sighed adjusting my hat on my head.


Looking at the time I began to grow impatient. I mean I know me and her ain’t on good terms right now but showing up thirty minutes late? I got places to be. Just as I was about to leave I heard her small voice and heels clicking towards me.

“Jermaine,” she said sternly. I stood to give her a hug but she quickly sat down before I could get my arms around her. “That’s cold Joy, I can’t get a hug now?” I questioned she sucked her teeth.

“You do not get the right to call me Joy Jermaine,” she said sternly. “Alright Ciara,” I emphasized she sighed shaking her head.

“Why did you call me here? I could be at work you know,” I chuckled. “As well as I. You had me waiting here thirty minutes,” I retorted back.

“This is a waist of my time obviously,” she stated standing to her feet I grabbed her wrist lightly. “Can you just sit down please?” she let out a frustrated sigh and sat down.

“I wanted to apologize about the party Ci,” she waved me off. “It was your birthday Jay I can’t be mad at that. Besides I’m moving on,” she assured me I rolled my eyes at her.

“Are you really?” I asked her she nodded. “I mean I’m just asking because if you really moved on seeing me in the bathroom would not have gotten you upset like that,” I paused.

“You can really tell me you’ve moved on from me completely?” I questioned she looked down then back up at me.

“I’m trying” she mumbled I breathed out shaking my head.

“Why can’t we just try to work on us instead?” she chuckled shaking her head.

“You don’t know what you want Jay and I’m not a second option. You say you want me, you’ll do whatever it takes to get me but Taylour is still here, you’re entertaining girls all day around the way. That’s not showing me shit and I don’t deserve that,” she cleared her voice as her eyes started to water.

“I’ll be waiting forever Jay, let me go. I know what I deserve and this,” she pointed between me and her. “This is not it. So if you hired Laith as an opportunity to get closer to me go ahead and fire him now. Don’t bring him in this because it’s not right,” she said.

“I hired him because he’s talented,” I shrugged she chuckled standing to her feet.

“Look Ci I understand that these things take time so I’ll give you your space. Take this break and see where it leads us you know. I’m not stopping until you’re in my arms again,” I informed her she smiled shaking her head.

“We’ll see Jay,” was the last thing said before we both went our separate ways.


“Damn so that’s it?” he questioned I nodded. “For now, believe me when I say I’m going to get her back,” I said he nodded sitting back in the seat.

“So what are you going to do if you catch feelings for somebody along the way?” he questioned I chuckled shaking my head.

“The way my head is set up that’s not about to happen,” he nodded standing to his feet.

“I hear you,” he smiled dapping me. “You need to go get Rae Dom. Do not let her fall for that nigga,” I said to him he nodded and left my office.

“Yo ya client here,” Ty said into the phone. “Send em’ in,” I said hanging up the phone.

I laughed a bit once realizing who walked in.

“You stalking me?” I asked her she waved me off. “Not even, one of my girls recommended this place,” she informed me I nodded.

“Yea blame your friends. I know what’s up,” I said she sucked her teeth with a smile on her face.

“I’m just joking, what you getting today? I asked her. "Um a quote below my boob but on my side though,” she said lifting her shirt a little I nodded.

“What’s the quote” I asked her.

“We accept the love we think we deserve,” she said.

“Do I have to take my shirt off?” I nodded she placed her arm over her boobs and slipped her shirt off.

“What’s the meaning behind it if you don’t mind me asking,”

“I just got out of a relationship after four years. Like any normal couple we went through our good times but the bad out weighs those times,” she sighed

“Word? You fucked up didn’t you?” I joked.

“You would think that but no. He did on more then one occasion and I was fed up with it. And that’s why I’m getting this quote, that’s not type of love I want for myself,” she paused

“If I allowed our relationship to continue that would show that I’m allowing him to do those things to me and I’m okay with it because he quote on quote loves me,” she stated I nodded.

“What type of love do you need then?” I asked as I grabbed my tattoo gun. She laughed a bit.

“It’s no so much about the type more so what I want for myself. I really just want a guy to love me for me and appreciate me for me and to just never do me wrong. That’s all I ask for,” she sighed

Where have I heard that before.

She laughed shaking her head. “What’s so funny?” I asked her. “How we met and what happened after. I really hope you ain’t judge me off that Jermaine. I’m not even like that, it must have been the alcohol. You’re really the first guy I’ve done anything with since my break up,” she smiled.

“To be honest Cat, I didn’t really think we’d see each other after that,” I shrugged she hissed a bit and closed her eyes tight once the needle hit her skin.

“Me either but after sharing some of my personal life with you I kind of thought that was on your brain or something,” she shrugged.

“Far from it and to be honest I judge no one so you good with me,” I smiled at her she chuckled as I wiped over her tattoo with a napkin.

“Go take a look at it,” I said moving my chair back. She smiled satisfied in the mirror. “I love it, thank you,” she said I nodded cleaning up my area.

“Bathroom?” she asked I pointed to the door behind her.

“You done, got somebody else out here waiting to you,” Cole informed me. “Tell em’ I be with them in a minute,” he nodded and walked away.

“I pay you or go to the front?” she questioned. “You pay me,” I smiled big she waved me off grabbing her bag.

“Nah I’m joking just go out to the front,” I said to her she turned around to face me. “This is kind of weird for me and I don’t know how you’re going to take this,” she said I was confused.

“What?” I asked her she handed me a card. “It was nice talking to you Jermaine honestly. You’re real easy to talk to, and no I’m not looking for a boyfriend, sponsor none of that shit cause’ I got my own,” she said as we shared a laugh.

“But just call me anytime. We can agree to be friends right?” she asked with a big smile on her face. “We sure can, let me walk you to the front,” I said.

“I’ll call you later,” I smiled pulling her into a hug she nodded and left the shop.

“Damn Jay the fuck we just talk about back there?” Dom asked I waved him off. “We just friends man, nothing more nothing less,”

“Yea okay,” he smirked.

“Man whatever, you ready bro?” I asked my next client he nodded.

Just friends that’s all.


“Hey Marlon,” I smiled as I walked in he and Laith’s apartment. “Wussup Ci,” he returned the smile and focused his attention back on Ravyn.

I still have no idea what’s going on with them and to be quite honest I don’t want to know anymore.

“Hey,” I smiled kissing Laith. “How was your day?” he asked me as I walked over to the sink to wash my hands.

“Good and you, how was work?” I questioned. I still find it very annoying that Jermaine and Dom hired him, and then with the way Jay and I ended things I really hope he doesn’t mistreat Laith or something because of it.

“It was good and I wish you would stop worrying babe, I get treated the same, and if I didn’t you think I would allow it?” he questioned I smiled shaking my head.

“Okay what are we making?” I asked him. “Chicken and shrimp Alfredo” he said. “My favorite,” I winked rubbing my belly.

“What are you trying to get out of this?” he asked me by this time we were out in the backyard sitting by the pool, while Rae & Marlon were inside doing whatever.

“I don’t know honestly,” I shrugged. “Okay well answer me this then Ci,” he sighed.

“What?” I questioned. “Do you want to be with him?” I shook my head no.

“If I did I wouldn’t be here, I’d be with him. With you in the picture I’m getting over him,” I sighed he chucked throwing his arm around my shoulder pulling me into him.

“But that doesn’t mean I want to be with him,” I quickly said he shook his head. “I’ll still be here Ci, Ima make you fall in love with me,” he winked I blushed shaking my head.

“Just promise me one thing,” I said looking up at him.

“What?” he questioned catching my gaze. “Don’t hurt me,” he kissed me forehead then looking deep in my eyes.

“I will never hurt you Ciara,” he spoke softly I smiled kissing him.

Moving on, no looking back.

“Hey ma,” I smiled as she pulled me into a hug. For as long as I’ve known Rae her aunt has been my mom. She took me in after my biological mom wanted nothing to do with me anymore.

“How are you baby?” she asked me. “I’m fine and you?” I asked her.

“I can’t complain,” she smiled I chuckled moving on to Mama J. She’s a mama to everyone. She treats all of us as her kids anyway.

“You being good out here right?” she questioned me I chuckled. “I sure am Mama J, the angel you and ma taught me to be,” I chuckled.

“Yea em hm,” she smiled shaking her head.

“Aunty Zoe,” Yana called out once we walked in the shop.

“Yana with all that yelling it’s uncalled for,” she snapped I bust out laughing watching them go back and forth.

“So miss Ciara how has everything been since I last visited?” Mama J asked me I shrugged. “The same I guess except me and your son are no longer,” I said she chuckled shaking her head.

“He told me you’re done with him, that you gave up,” I huffed shaking my head.

“It’s not even about giving up Mama J, I’m just tired,” I sighed running my fingers through my hair.

“I understand Ciara you don’t have to explain anything to me. It’s his lost, as long as you’re happy I’m happy,” she paused looking at me.

“Just because you’re not with my son does not mean you’re not apart of me. You’re still my daughter Ciara,” I smiled kissing her cheek and hugged her.

“Thanks mama,” I said she pulled me into a hug.

“You do not have too thank me. Now come help me find something to wear, Friday is my last day here and I’m having a dinner, I want you to come and you can bring this boy that Jay is so jealous of so I can meet him,” she chuckled. “You ain’t right ma,” I laughed as we walked out the office.

I love this lady man.


Two Days Later.

“What are we doing Dom?” she asked looking over at me while trying to catch her breathe.

“Whatever you want Nicki,” she sucked her teeth and got out the bed. “You’re treating me like a fucking side bitch,” she spat wrapping the blanket around her.

“No I’m not,” I gritted. “Oh but you are, you see cause you got your main bitch home, and you over here fucking at the side bitch house right?” she questioned standing to her feet.

“That’s what you think this is?” I asked her. “No that’s what I know it is. You tell me it’s any different,” she said walking in the bathroom I sighed and followed right behind her.

“It’s any different Nicki,” she waved me off. “You think everything is a fucking joke,” she rolled her eyes walking away from me. I grabbed her arm and placed her on the bathroom counter.

“Relax,” I coached. “No I’m tired of playing these games Dominic,” she stressed. .

“I’m starting to think I made a mistake though, you’re still playing house while I’m over here becoming the side chick whose chasing a nigga who don’t want her,” she chuckled shaking her head.

“You ain’t no damn side chick okay? I wish your ass would stop saying that,” I said shaking my head.

“Well that’s how it feels and until you break the news to your main bitch,” she said using air quotes causing us to laugh. “That’s how I feel,” she stated wrapping her arms around my torso.

“You know I love you right?” she nodded making eye contact with.

“I know it, but you don’t act like it. Yes we may be joking around and shit right now Dom but truth of the matter is I am a side chick. You may say other wise but I know better, and I’m allowing this because I love you as stupid as it may seem,” she said in a serious tone.

“You may not love her but she loves you, and I was once her. There were days you didn’t come home and had me up all night,” she said placing a smile on her face.

“Why ya ass smiling for Nicki?” she chuckled. “She ain’t as gangster as me babe where you find her at?” she asked me I raised my eyebrow in confusion.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her. “Remember the first time you stayed out all night on me and I found out you was at that girl house down the block from Mama J house. The one she had just moved y'all into?” she asked me I bust out laughing nodding.

“Yea I remember your crazy ass,” I said thinking back to that night. There is when I learned that Nicki wasn’t playing when she used to tell me she’d beat my ass if she ever found me cheating. She beat both our ass that night.

“You laughing but after that I went home and cried the whole fucking night. I don’t want to go through that anymore Dom,” she said I nodded.

“I promise you, you won’t”

“Well then when the hell are you going to tell her?” she asked pushing me off her and jumped off the counter walking back into her room.

“I don’t know yet, it’s hard Nicki,” I sighed.

“If you love and want to be with me like you say you do Dom we wouldn’t be going through this right now,” she said.

“What do you want me to do Ravyn Nicole Maraj?” I asked while backing her into the wall. “I want you to get off me and tell her what’s real. Until then don’t come back in my house, and this,” she paused opening the blanket revealing her naked body.

“Is off limits,” she smiled walking away from me.

Hours Later.

“You need to leave I have plans,” she announced walking in the living room. “Plans with who?” I asked her placing my Jordans on.

“Marlon, Laith, and the girls,” she winked. “You think you funny don’t you?” I questioned following her in the kitchen.

“Relax babe. Marlon and I are just friends, I laid the law down way before you and I and these sexcapes we been having,” she said rolling her eyes.

“Better,” she laughed waving me off. “You need to go babe, I’m sure she been blowing you up all day,” she cackled walking me to the door.

“What I don’t get a kiss?” I asked walking her to the door she sighed shaking her head.

“What’s wrong now?” I asked her.

“Nothing, just living the life of a side chick,” she mumbled kissing me I lifted her chin looking deep into her eyes.

“You are not a side chick man. I love you,” I said kissing her again. “I love you too unfortunately,” she smiled flipping me off before closing the door.

Truth is the same night of Jay’s party we ended up sleeping together and been doing it like every other day for the past week and a half.

After my talk with Jay in the shop I honestly have no idea why I haven’t kicked Angela’s ass to the curb yet. I want to be with Nicki, but it’s like every time I have the opportunity to express the way I feel to Angela the baby pops up in my head. That’s the only reason why she’s still here, because of this damn baby.

“Where you been?” Ang asked as soon as I stepped in the house I sucked my teeth waving her off.

“I just walked in the fucking house man chill with all that damn noise,” I spat walking towards my room, she was hot on my tail.

“It’s eight in the night, the next day at that. Explain why your ass ain’t come home last night” she yelled I sighed laying down on the bed.

“I’m tired so shut the fuck up with all that yelling damn man. I was at work and don’t question nothing else about it shit, I’m going the fuck to sleep,” I yelled back closing my eyes.

“I fucking hate you Dominic,” she spat. “I ain’t to fond of you either so we have something in common,” I shrugged she gasped and threw a pillow at me.

“You changed Dom, ever since that bitch showed up at the club you just changed. You don’t tell me you love me you don’t show affection any more and you’re never home,” she spat.

“Stop fucking calling her out her name Angela I told your ass about that,” I yelled now sitting up in the bed. That was the only thing I really care about out of everything she said. I’ve never said a I love you to Angela so I don’t now why she tripping off that. She knew what it was when I got with her, she think cause’ it’s been six months my feelings for her would change. Nah I belong to one person, and one person only. And her name ain’t Angela.

“So that’s the only thing you hear after all I just said. Sometimes I think about leaving you for him,” she yelled I chuckled.

“Then go Angela I ain’t fucking stopping you shit you just made it easier for me too tell you,” I smiled she wore a shocked expression on her face. “Tell me what?” she asked.

“It’s over, been fucking over since you seen Ravyn walk out the shop that day. The only reason why you ass was still around was because of this baby, but I guess it ain’t mine because there is another nigga in the picture right?” I asked grabbing my car keys.

“Where you going Dom I’m not understanding,” she said as her voice cracked.

“It’s over Angela, when I get back your ass better be gone,” I said leaving my house.

After driving around for about an hour I pulled out my phone and text Nicki.

Me: Where you at?

Wifey: About to leave the movies, you?

Me: Driving around.

Wifey: Come over when he drops me off, I’ll be home in like 10 minutes.

Me: I’ll be outside.

I got my girl back.

11. (Part Two)

Soul Food


I was all the way confused, since when did Taylour get an invitation? “This my boy Marlon, don’t know if y'all ever got the chance to meet,” Laith said while dapping me I shook my head no. “I’m Jermaine,” I stated dapping him & stepped to the side and let everyone in.

“Jermaine,” Taylour spoke I breathed out shaking my head while grilling her.

“I’m letting you know right now Taylour don’t start no shit, know whose house your in. My aunt will fuck your ass up, shit my mother too,” I warned her she waved me off.

“Whatever, I never came here for you Jermaine, Angela invited me,” she shrugged walking off I sucked my teeth and met Ciara’s eyes.

“You can say hi you know,” I said walking up to her. “Hello Maurice, where’s your friend?” she asked me I chuckled.

“You would want to know right-” I started to say but there was a knock on the door.

“Hold on,” I said walking over to the door. “Yo,” Trey said as he, Lauren & Tae walked in.

“Why these niggas call me talking about there’s gonna be a fight?” he asked as I closed the door I laughed shaking my head.

“When you walk in there you’ll see,” I said slapping his back as we walked in the living room.

“Damn, who we betting on?” Trey asked after dapping Uncle Nas.

“What you mean, my money on Rae & Ciara who else should it be on?” Ty asked.

“What about Cat though?” Trey asked.

“Who she gon fight?” I asked looking over at him. “Ciara, Taylour you pick,” he said I waved him off.

“I wouldn’t even let the fight between her and Ciara go down. Now her and Taylour is a different story,” I said as we all laughed.

“Hey Trey,” Cat greeted him. “Wussup ma,” he said giving her a hug.

“Y'all want anything to drink?” Ravyn asked stomping her way over to us.

“Rae what the hell is your problem?” Cole asked her.

“You would ask a stupid as question like that right?” she huffed rolling her eyes.

“Damn they starting already?” I asked with a slight smile on my face, she nodded.

“Oh I can’t wait to eat,” Ty said Rae shook her head and stomped off. We in for a treat tonight, and as long as I’m not it for any reason I’ll be enjoying everything that goes down tonight.


“Hi Aunty,” I smiled kissing her cheek and walked over to Mama J. “You okay?” Mama J asked me I nodded.

“I’m fine ma, I’m just real hungry that’s all,” I smirked wiggling my eyebrows she chuckled grabbing a biscuit shoving it my way. Damn I remember when this used to happen to me when I was little. I turned my head and motioned for Laith to come over, he hasn’t exactly met Uncle Nas yet and it’s important to me that they do. He’s basically my father, so he has to meet Laith.

“Why do I feel like I haven’t seen you in forever Cici? You and Rae hardly come over anymore,” he said after our hug I smiled shrugging. “We just been busy,” I stated letting my eyes wander, I haven’t seen Rae since coming in the house and I did want to talk to her.

“Yea whatever, you can never be to busy for family. Now where is this guy that is keeping you away from me?” he questioned. I turned around just in time because Laith just made it behind me.

“Laith this is Uncle Nas, Unc this is my boyfriend Laith,” I smiled watching them. “Laith,” he paused. “Walk with me, talk with me. You drink Hennesy?” he asked him Laith nodded then looked back at me before disappearing into his office.

“Oh you trust for them two to be alone?” Aunt Nia asked me I nodded. “He’ll be fine,” I assured her and just like clockwork Rae walked up.

“You still mad at me?” I pouted she chuckled shaking her head. “I was never mad at your annoying behind Ci, you meet her yet?” she asked me I shook my head no.

I don’t even know why I went off the way I did when Rae told me about her meeting Cat. I guess it caught me off guard that Jermaine even brought her to meet Rae. I just felt like that didn’t need to happen, but it did and I can’t change it. If Rae is anything like she explained I see no reason why we can’t be cordial with each other. If Jermaine is happy with this new girl in his life I’m happy for him, for them.

“She’s in the living room,” she said I nodded. “But yo, why your best friend and her battery pack here?” I laughed at the mug Rae placed on her face.

“You ain’t one ounce of shit Ci, wasn’t y'all just all buddy the other day at the boutique. Y'all got real acquainted that day right?” she said as we bust out laughing I can’t take this girl man.

“But seriously though, when me, Marlon, and Laith, walked up the stairs I turned around and they was right behind us. I’m like who invited them, Taylour tried sending me the death glare,” I laughed shaking my head.

“Mama invited Angela, you know the whole baby situation so I guess she invited Taylour,” Rae said as we walked towards the living room.

“Oh they tryna start some shit,” I said she nodded. “In whose house though? These bitches don’t know so let them show out,” Rae chuckled as we walked up to Yana & them.

“So y'all really trying to mess up Uncle Nas & Aunty Nia house tonight right?” Tae asked shaking her head.

“We was just talking about that man, they funny real funny. Angela already started with the stares and shit when she was talking to my aunt and Mama J, she know she lucky,” Rae gritted I shook my head.

This is what I have no time for, girls like Taylour and Angela are very basic and are obvious to read at that. Hence being basic, they came here with one motive and one motive only. And that was too start some shit, they must think we’re stupid or something but we’re two steps ahead of them. Even with whatever plan circulating in their basic ass heads they better know whose house they’re in and whose kids they’re about to start quote on quote disrespecting. Both Mama J and Aunty Nia will lay a quick hand on them after asking the lord to forgive them and then follow with kicking them out.

I’m ready for this and will enjoy this night, even though I know they’ll try their hardest to shake me.

“Can you not Tremaine,” I laughed looking at Trey. “Damn Ci why you gotta throw the government out like that? Can I start calling you Joy?” he questioned I grilled him.

“No you cannot, now shut up,” I said he put his hands up and walked away from me. I smiled shaking my head and noticed Cat sitting by herself. I haven’t exactly introduced myself or been introduced for that matter and with Jay no where in sight might as well take my chance.

Scratching my head a little I trekked my way up to her and realized how pretty she is, she’s real attractive in fact. She wore a pair of white gold chain giuseppe zanottis on her feet with a pair of black skinny jeans topped off with a yellow midriff halter top and her hair in a slick bun. I commend Jay on becoming friends with someone who has their own, because Taylour. I mean I don’t exactly have to get into that.

“Cat,” I called out standing in front of her, she looked up with a smile on her face. “Yea,” she answered.

“I’m Ciara,” I smiled slightly holding my hand out she grabbed it and nodded. “Kind of figured that, it’s nice to meet you,” she said.

“Nice to meet you as well,” I said letting her hand go it was an awkward silence between us before she spoke up.

“I’ve heard a lot about you,” she stated I chuckled. “All good things I hope,” she nodded quickly before continuing.

“I’m not trying to get in your business or anything but Jay does love you, a lot. When we’re together you’re all he talks about,” I smiled shaking my head.

“I’m sure, things didn’t exactly end well between us I just wish he’d move on,” I said shaking my head.

“I completely understand,” she said I raised my eyebrow looking over at her which caused a chuckle to fall from her lips.

“What I mean is we have the same story Ciara, I’m going through the same as you. Trying to move on, while the ex keeps coming back,” she said.

“Really?,” she nodded. “Yea, and my way of moving forward is just focusing on my work. I own a salon downtown Los Angeles and that’s my relationship,” she shrugged.

“I understand that, so you and Jay aren’t working on getting together?” I asked her she laughed shaking her head no.

“No way, he’s attractive I mean we both know that but he’s lock down even though he’s not with you Ciara. I would never do that to myself anyway, besides I can never see myself with him, more like a best friend maybe,” she said as we shared a laugh.

I’m real disappointed in myself, I judged the girl before actually getting to know her. Rae was right for real, she really is a cool girl, I can see us becoming friends some where in the near future.

“I must admit, I thought for some reason I wasn’t going to like you,” I said she smiled shaking her head.

“I came here with my guard up believe it or not, not trying to sound cocky but I kind of knew and I’ve been there. It’s hard seeing your ex with somebody else even after moving on from them, don’t even trip. It’s no hard feelings on my end,” she shrugged I nodded.

“I like you Cat,” I chuckled shaking my head.

“Okay, time to eat,” Mama J announced. “Damn,” I mumbled watching as everybody ran to the table and smiled watching Laith and Uncle Nas walk out his office with smiles on their face.

“Your Uncle is a funny guy,” Laith said as we sat down. My mouth watered at the sight of every dish layed out on the table, Mama and Aunty out did their selves today.

The tension in this room was thick as hell, so I could just tell this night was not about to end with a few laughs and sending everyone home with to go bags. Somebody will get knocked out before dinner is even finished I know it.

The silence was so awkward you wouldn’t know exactly where to start your conversation at. This is ridiculous and nerve racking.

“The yams are banging ma,” Jermaine spoke she smiled his way and turned her attention to Angela. If it’s one thing I noticed is that Aunt Mia does not like her off rip, while Mama J she’s trying to give this girl a chance.

“Angela I know we spoke a little, but how did you meet Dominic?” Mama J asked. I smiled looking down at my plate, mama is so shady in the sneakiest ways ever. I shook my head looking over at Ty and Cole watching the smiles spread wide on their face looking between Mama and Angela. It’s going to be a long night.


Pulling up to Ravyn’s aunt house I sent a text to Dom letting him know I arrived and turned my attention to Taylour.

“I can’t believe your ass got me out here Ang,” she chuckled grabbing her bag. I shrugged pulling my key out and dropped it in my bag.

“Ain’t no going back Tay, besides I need you,” I smiled at her and got out my car. “What do you have planned Ang? Why you coming to these people house to start some shit?” she asked with a smirk on her face.

“Are you going to stop me?” I asked her. “You know I’m not. Oh look whose on the stairs,” she pointed.

“Who is that?” I asked her. “Laith, Marlon, and Ciara,” she scoffed at the sound of her name which caused me to laugh.

“You really hate her,” I said. “As much as you hate Ravyn,” she said as we walked toward the house. Once we made it up the stairs we got looks from all three of them, including a confused yet smirked face Ciara. I looked at Taylour to see her grilling Ciara and just coached her to chill we have all night to do this.

The door opened and while I wished Dom was standing there it was Jermaine. I chuckled at his facial expression when he noticed Taylour, everyone is real pressed that we’re here right now. But do I care? Hell no.

Looking around the room I noticed Dom sitting on the couch laughing and talking with everyone around him. I’m sure they’ll be just as happy to see us.

“C'mon Tay,” I sighed grabbing her hand. “He tried himself warning me Angela,” she gritted I waved her off and tapped Dom’s shoulder.

“I know I told you I was downstairs,” I said once he turned around he sucked his teeth shaking his head.

“And I see you found your way, so what the fuck you texting me for?” he questioned as a bunch of snickers scattered throughout the room.

“Is something funny?” Taylour asked. “Oh girl please, I mean damn y'all walked up on my brother like this was y'all house or something. Where are your manners I know ya mama taught you hoes when you were younger,” Tae spoke I chuckled waving her off.

“Yo just come the fuck on,” he gritted as both Taylour and I followed behind him. I smiled when I saw Ravyn in the kitchen, she chuckled when she saw me and went back to what she was doing.

“Ma, aunty this is Angela, and Taylour,” he said in a dull tone.

“Ugh, who’s bothering you Dom?” he breathed out shaking his head and walked over to Ravyn. I rolled my eyes watching him kiss her hoe ass.

“Um hello, not over my food. Dom get out of here please,” his mom said he chuckled. “My fault ma,” he smiled walking past me I found myself grilling Ravyn and scoffed as she winked my way with a smile on her face and went back to whatever she was doing.

She likes being a hoe I guess.

“Is something in your throat baby?” his mom asked I shook my head no. “Oh girl you can call me Mama J, and this is Aunty Nia,” Mama J said I nodded with a smile on my face.

“Tell me how far along you are sweetheart,” Aunt Nia said

“I just hit two months,” I smiled in Ravyn’s direction rubbing my stomach. “Oh the early stages, enjoy them while you can baby,” she said as we shared a laugh.

“Well congrats on your bundle of joy, I’m sure you’ll be a great mom,” Mama J added. “Thank you Mama J, but not as good of a father Dominic will be. When we found out he was so excited, spent nights talking to our baby, he’s so attached it’s the cutest thing ever,” I smiled looking over at Ravyn.

“You kno-” Ravyn paused mid-sentence when her Aunt and Mama J looked at her. “I’m just going to go see if they want anything to drink,” she gritted walking out the kitchen.

“What is wrong with her Nia?” Mama J asked. “I could think of a couple things but we don’t need to discuss that right now,” Aunt Nia said side eyeing me I thought nothing of it though.

“Oh I know,” Mama J did the same and sent a sly smirk my way.

“How would you ladies like to help set the table?” Mama J asked. “Sure, can I wash my hands?” Taylour asked she nodded sending us both to the sink.

My mouth watered looking over every dish and the very satisfying scent each dish let off. I haven’t had a home cooked meal like this in a while, so I’m enjoying every moment of this night, and the food while I can.

“Okay, time to eat,” Mama J announced my eyes almost popped out of my head watching everyone rush to the table. I made sure Taylour and I were across from both Ravyn and Ciara when we took our seats.

It was awfully quiet while everyone was eating and the tension in the room was thick as hell. You could tell that some people wanted to talk but just didn’t know where to start.

“The yams are banging ma,” Jermaine said she smiled his way and turned her attention to me.

“Angela I know we spoke a little, but how did you meet Dominic?” she asked me a few forks dropped causing me to turn my head in the direction of the noise and saw two big smiles on Cole and Ty’s face. They were obviously in for a show, so a show is what I’ll give them.



I shook my head after Mama asked that question. What exactly is the reason of knowing that bit of information, it’s not like Angela and I are together. We’re just having a baby together, potential baby.

“Well I’ve known Dom for about two years, we were very good friends,” she smiled looking my way.

Jermaine and Tae both gave me confused looks which I ignored, I already know dessert from Rae is out the window. So I don’t need to hear shit from them.

“Wow and now y'all having a baby together. How does that happen?” Ty asked her. I love this nigga like he was my blood brother but he can be a fucking ass hole.

“Michael that is none of your business,” Mama scolded Angela laughed a bit letting Mama know it was okay.

“It’s fine I can answer. Like I said we were very good friends, and we started growing feelings for each other. And after finally breaking things off with Rae we finally became a couple,” she smiled.

“What?” Ravyn, & Lauren questioned. “Yea, you do remember right Dom? I mean that is until she came back into our lives. I can’t believe he left me for her,” Ang said.

“Excuse me?” Aunty Nia and Ravyn now questioned. “No offense to you or your niece-” Ang started but Ravyn stopped her.

“Angela I dare your ass to let one name that will disrespect me to fall out your mouth. I dare you to, your face ain’t pregnant so try me. Please try me,” Ravyn spoke calmly.

“Aw shit,” Trey and Cole both said. “Ravyn calm down, ain’t gon be no fighting here. I would love to see if she’s bold enough,” Aunt Nia said I shook my head just watching this all go down.

“I am bold enough, your niece is a hoe. She fucked other dudes when she was with Dominic and then she knew I was with him but she still slept with him,” Ang blurted out.

“Just like Ciara,” Taylour added she just needed to add fuel to the fire.

“You would try your life again right Taylour? We all know I’m capable of killing you with my bare hands, try your luck with anything you see on this table,” Ciara smirked at her, I looked over at her in shock and just as I turned my head back to Ravyn her glass hit Angela right in the face making her fall to the floor.

“Ahhhh,” Ang screamed while on the floor. “I warned this bitch I know I did,” Ravyn yelled getting up out her seat walking over to Ang. Both me and Uncle Nas jumped out running after her.

“Stupid ass bitch, you think I won’t beat your face in,” Rae yelled grabbing Ang up by her hair. “Beat her ass Ravyn, beat her ass,” Ty and Cole yelled. I sucked my teeth grabbing Rae’s waist just as she swung at Angela.

“Damnn!” Ty & them yelled when Angela hit the floor I shook my head trying to drag Rae out the house but heard Taylour yelling coming our way.

“Dominic Lamar Alsina if this bitch hits me, you gon get it worst then what you was already getting when we get home,” Rae yelled I sucked my teeth and turned around too see Ciara pulling Taylour down on the ground.

“Open the door,” Jermaine yelled grabbing Ci.

“Get the fuck off me Dominic,” Ravyn yelled I sucked my teeth slamming her against the car. “Calm the fuck down Ravyn,” I yelled.

“What the fuck is wrong with you she’s fucking pregnant,” I yelled in her face. “I don’t give a fuck Dom, I hit her in her face she’ll be up soon. You can go cater to her though, since she’s all you’re concerned about,” she yelled.

“Are you fucking serious that could be my baby Ravyn shit. You damn fucking right I’m concerned,” I yelled.

“Then go wake her up and take her ass home. You been with the bitch for the past two years right?” she said pulling away from me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked her. “Do not play dumb with me, your fork dropped when Mama asked her that question and from there you been shitting bricks since Angela opened her mouth,” she paused breathing out.

“You did good with hiding her Dom I give you that, you don’t have to hide anymore though,” she said

“What are you talking about?” she walked away from me and towards Ciara.

“Can y'all take me home please?” she asked her Ci nodded.

“Nah Ravyn what are you talking about?” I yelled this time.

“You don’t have to hide anymore Dom, go be a family with her. That is your baby right, y'all been together for two years right?,” she paused pulling the ring off her finger.

“It’s my payback for sleeping with you those nights, I can’t be mad at nobody but myself though,” she said placing the ring I gave back to her this morning in my hand.

“Ci,” she said getting inside the car with Laith and Marlon.

“You was really with that bitch behind Rae’s back bro?” Cole asked as he, Ty, Jermaine, & Trey walked up to me.

“You played yourself yo, I’m starting to think you wasn’t even really that mad about what Rae did. Your dumbass probably wanted out,” Trey said.

“And that’s why you was so hesitant to break things off with Angela. It’s cause you love her Dom, and I asked you too,” Jermaine chuckled shaking his head.

“You foul bro, Rae don’t deserve none of this shit,” Ty added as they all walked away from me.

“You better come get this girl out my house Dominic, I’m not about to stop Nia either,” Uncle Nas called out I sighed walking towards the house.

What is there for me to say right now. Everything said tonight is the truth.