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Cyberpunk Crystal Twirl
(Yes, I know she doesn’t have the dangly hair bits :p oh well)
She, having weak magic, would barely survive The Procedure and would hardly be able to power her cybernetic parts, hence the weak glow (well, it was supposed to be weak…).



Oh it ain’t just the ‘Bolts. The Procedure affects everypony. Unicorns, pegasi, earth ponies. The elderly, the adults, and soon, not even our foals will be safe.

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Blogs with the misfortune of being depicted, forgive me for what I’ve done to your characters…

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part 1/3 of <FILE: ESCAPE THE FACTORY> >>

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RUNRUNRUN. E S C A   P     E        .
the factory breathes.

and above ALL—
WATCH FOR THE <<eyes>>

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Spitfire: I won’t! …Gonna have to, aren’t I?

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Original piece looked way cooler. First time inking a sketch with nice pen!)))


No no no no no no

(((You don’t mind if I change Rainbow’s wing-type for good? I’d rather forsake continuity for the added pain of going back and fixing her wings. Also if anyone else wants to do a one-sided crossover, wherein anything on this blog won’t affect your askblog, let me know. )))


Spitfire: Rainbow Dash! Pull yourself together!
Spitfire: As your commanding—
RD: What!?
RD: You still want me?

They’ll call me a fake…

(((Outlines drawn a month back, so they’re crap. Well! What can you do.)))



Griffon: “No, I’m afraid I must attend to her alone. We’ll take the train to Baltimare. But I won’t be departing there. The next time we meet shall be within the domain of the griffons. Goodbye.”
Rainbow: “But—!”
Fluttershy: “Finally.”

(((No no no I accidentally forgot Rainbow’s cyber-wings! Let’s just say that she’s hallucinating/you’re hallucinating/it was all a dream/Fluttershy’s drugging little animals!! Wait. Spoilers.)))


Anesthetic? Hah, as if. The Princess has other plans for Equestria’s limited stock of anesthetics; what they are I can’t imagine.

Either way, it’s the drink for us: Twilight Sparkle’s recent foray into something called cry-o-gen-ics, whatever that is. Supposedly, it numbs your body and messes with nerve endings so you feel less pain. …Right.

At least it’s only for replacing fractured or malfunctioning wing parts, so if you’re a pegasus, you’re screwed.

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Apparently, if I attempt a normal drawing, it comes out as shipping, and if I try shipping, it turns into… this. Well.)))



Can you imagine? The deaths of perhaps millions miraculously averted due to a simple act by the right one at the right time! Such a daring rescue is, however, too narrow for my tastes. I have a nation to protect. Our way of life cannot die. It can, however, adapt


(((No I did not secretly sneak in any stray hints into that wall of formulas, not at all.)))



At this point, you might be curious about the fate of Rainbow’s old friends. You remember them, right?

Rarity, the dressmaker, has moved on to Canterlot. Applejack, the farmer, relocated her apple farm close to the Everfree. Fluttershy, the animal caretaker, moved into the Everfree, right next door to Zecora.


So the honest one and the shy one have fled to the safety of the Everfree to escape the Procedure. Ingenious, perhaps, but they don’t seem to be faring much better.

(((Letter #10 4/7

Scootaloo. Note that while the Rainbow Factory and some related askblogs are canon in the Cybiverse, anything in this universe does not affect any other blog/universe.)))



Anyway, I know how much you worry about me, and I guess you were right all along. I am too naïve for my own good. I got sucked into Twilight’s trap and wound up jeopardizing both of our lives, me and Rainbow. Not that I believe Twilight would intentionally wish us harm. But I don’t know how reliable those precautions she takes are, if any.

Needless to say I left Rainbow alone. Not by choice. I was swimming in the drink, in the very same chamber Twilight says you were in, wallowing in my dreams and thoughts. Sorry, I mean Rainbow’s dreams and thoughts. But I’ll tackle that topic later.


So, apparently I’m composed of 39.6281% flesh. The norm for an absent, an unfused pony, is approximately 52.8%. Informative.

(((Letter #10 3/7

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