ask cyberpunk spitfire

<< part 2/3 of <FILE: ESCAPE THE FACTORY> >>

RUNRUNRUN. E S C A   P     E        .
the factory breathes.

and above ALL—
WATCH FOR THE <<eyes>>

(((Oh my gosh what even Cybi got 80 new followers in the last week?? That’s really weird. So on the 20th or whatever Cybi’ll be a year old with like 2725 followers. Hm okay I should draw something special for that.)))



(((Yes, a (2-day-late) happy birthday to who requested some cuddling Rainbow Dust in the cybiverse because I don’t know why. Whatever. You got me to actually update this blog, so congratulations?

Also, nobody cares how much you dis/like your art, it’s an inspiration to someone out there. Not every piece of art you post has to be something to be proud of. If that were the case, this blog wouldn’t even exist. Uh scratch that.

If anyone actually reblogs this, please edit out these triple parentheticals because gods what a shipwreck of a mess it is. It’s midnight, okay? Strange things happen at the witching hour. (Also I just recieved a heartfelt letter from a friend that’s made me all emotional; stop judging me.))))


Spitfire: I won’t! …Gonna have to, aren’t I?

(((In response to this!

Original piece looked way cooler. First time inking a sketch with nice pen!)))


Spitfire: Rainbow Dash! Pull yourself together!
Spitfire: As your commanding—
RD: What!?
RD: You still want me?

They’ll call me a fake…

(((Outlines drawn a month back, so they’re crap. Well! What can you do.)))