ask curious! inventor extraordinaire


P1: Um S-sure. Y-you can do that. -Vee

P2: In Vee’s mind: Don’t faintDon’t faintDon'tfaintDon'tfaint-

P3: huh? - Curious and Vee

P4: Ah! -Vee

P5: Bullseye, this much more fun then throwing the pies -Harro

P6: What this feeling of fear? - Elder

( Alright! Finally got this done, had abit of an artblock because of my babysitting job, but luckly I got two days off this week going, so got to finish this and as you can see, Vee trys her best to not faint even now, and just saying this, she does not like rude behavior, plus for her first time not fainting it was sorta ruined, plus she can get competitive. But thank so much for your questions!! Hope to get more soon! -Mod)


Some random pics and you can see where I dreaw my Conduct/Crisis pic, also a pic of Pills-z from Foamy The squirall ( I think I spelt that wrong), alo a pic of Vee and SKip hanging out together Vee is really happy to be spending time with a friend. Plus you can see I drew Curious in his outfit in his last update, (this one right here, It’s not my fault I have a weakness for guys with ponytails and glasses!! They look so cute~!

and in the second random sketchs we have Skipbeat~ <3 she is so cute I made her a pretty kitty, yesterday was a great day cause~ I got to Skype with Skipbeat!!!~ Yay!!! It made my whole day >///w////< I made her fluster so bad!!! I also got a Skype kiss from her!! Eeee!! Pretty kitty Skip~ <3

Alight since I got tumblr back, I might as well upload this here fan work I couldn’t get out of my head, I’m sorry~ 

This guys are from left to right

Conduct, from AskSkipbeat

Oilspill, from Gargoyal Ponies

Curious from Curious Pon Pon

and finally Elder from Ask Hollow Discord Hallow and Elder

My mind is odd pervy place, mostly when it comes to yaoi~ but I hope you guys like this -Mod