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Well, I sometimes think about releasing them, since at times I feel like a failure. I know they would have a happy life if they were free, but some of them have been with me for a long time, heck, Zoro was born with me, so he has been with me since day one.
I’m unsure if they would do well in the free, and actually survive, and if they got caught by some other trainer. If they got caught by an abusive trainer I would have failed my mons by not protecting them enough.
Me and my Pokémon are training, and I’m taking care of them and have at least three sessions of grooming them each day, but they can get lazy at times, thus not earning as much experience.
They protect me, and I protect them. Not to mention how much most of them love me. Zoro is grumpy, but I think that he loves me deep down.
I didn’t fail my Pokémon though, all I did was join team skull, and although it’s not the most glamorous group of people to be around, we are still like a family, who chose another path than the most common one. We aren’t failures, we just go about living life in another way.
Though I rarely visit my dad anymore, which I probably should, I miss the old guy.