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Just discovered this blog and I love it <3 Sorry for the stupid ask and my bad english, but I was wondering : is there a sort of rivalry between the bosses when they own the same species of Pokémon (as for example Cyrus, Maxie and Archie all have a Crobat, Cyrus and Lysandre both have a Gyarados and a Honchkrow, etc) ? I mean, do they argue and/or do a Pokémon battle to find out which one is the best or are they indifferent to this fact ?


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Yo, I think Kex (the shiny crobat) somehow has fallen in love with Excalibur (@daily-team-skull-grunt)


I assume this was a shipping meme since its between all my ship meme asks ;v;

But here’s the spicy child Viper! Ignore Excalibur’s face, he just bitter still about the whole Nebby thing.


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Do you have any headcanon for how the Zubat line would be? Especially Crobat?

The Zubat line are commonly caught but rarely used, as many are discouraged by their unusual evolution methods, not to mention Zubat’s natural aloofness. This is lessened as a Golbat, but they still tend to be a bit standoffish, as they are very sensitive creatures.

However, unlike the first two, Crobat is an openly affectionate and loving Pokémon. No one knows why Crobat evolved in the first place- possibly Golbat’s long history living near or in human habitation. When you’ve evolved a Crobat, you’ve made one of your best friends. Crobat are fiercely loyal to their Trainers, and are easily provoked into attacking anything they think would threaten their favorite. Many Crobat have to have this tendency trained out of them, lest their Trainer risk getting sued because their Pokémon mistook someone’s hat for a rival Pokémon bent on harm.

Until then, Alola.

Title: Until then, Alola.

A/N: I can’t believe this, my first Imagine. It was supposed to be a short one. A sentence to get you thinking. Needless to say, it got out of hand FAST.

Pairing: Gladion x Reader or Gladion x Sun/Moon if you prefer.

Y/N is Your Name.

You are chatting with Rotom when you hear the familiar chirp of footsteps up the stairs leading to your Champion Room. It’s the middle of the day and the sun is shining brightly against the minerals embedded in the walls, ricocheting over the glass and creating a rainbow effect. It’s just the kind of time you expect Hau to come in and challenge you again or for Acerola to come and chat about when you’d go visit Kanto to see Lillie. You’d tell her to say hi to Lillie for you of course, because you’re the Champion now and she’s an Elite Four member and you can’t take a leave of absence at the same time.

What shocks you out of your now tangential train of thought is the fact that it’s not Hau standing in front of your Champion’s seat.

Instead of your sunny and energetic friend, it’s the sullen, determined, oddly endearing Team Skull member, Lillie’s brother, and not friend but not enemy, Gladion.

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mmmm i want to make another pokemon ask blog but my last one didnt work out too well

More eggs! I hope you all enjoy them!

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This Pokemon is used very reliably by both Maxie and Archie in their battles =)

The prize is a KB Shiny Flawless Crobat! There are 35 that will be given out!

What you have to do:

* Catch an Espurr and name it “Kitty”

* Post this Espurr up on GTS with the message, “Washy”

* Ask for a Crobat “Level 51-60”

* Reblog and like this post!

After about a good deal of time (so that many people can see this), I will be sending out the Crobat to 35 random people who have done everything I’ve asked. 

If you get one, don’t hesitate to shoot an Inbox =) (This is just for my knowledge)

If you don’t win this time, please don’t worry! Many more giveaways are coming up now that OR/AS are nearing!

Hopefully this works out. This way, I can giveaway larger amounts of Pokemon at a time and not have to do “guess the number” giveaways.

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I refuse to believe Zubat or Bidoof are anyone's favorites. Maybe at one point in time they could have been, but after you hit that fifth or sixth area that is positively infested with 'em, you kind of reach a breaking point and are just like, "you? AGAIN!? Where's my damn repel?"

Whoa! A wild Poke-hate appeared!

The Pokemon that infest areas are annoying but that’s not the point here. The point is that Pokemon like Zubat or Bidoof are someone’s favorite Pokemon. It doesn’t matter dat-doodly-squat if you or a majority of people hate these Pokemon. There are people out there who love them. And the problem is that when everyone voices their hate for them, it makes those people feel like shit.

For example, a lot of people love Charizard right? Imagine if the tables were turned and Charizard was the butt of the joke for everything and everyone hated it and they never shut up about the hate. “Nobody cares about Charizard. It’s a fucking piece of shit Pokemon. No one’s dumb enough to love that ugly shit stain.” A lot of people just got upset.

It’s all fine and dandy to hate Zubat and Bidoof. Everyone’s got their own preferences. But don’t voice your opinions that “everyone hates/no one likes” crap because that alienates a lot of people. If you hate ‘em, don’t catch 'em and leave it at that.

So here’s an adorable picture of Zubat and Bidoof sharing some berries and being cute Pokemon for all the people who love these two and have endured years of being told they shouldn’t.

Also, I love Zubat. I wish I could catch every one I meet but I feel bad letting them stay in the PC box forever. Besides, maybe that 30th Zubat just really wanted to be your friend and evolve into your loyal Crobat?