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Attending MCM London Comic Con

We shall both be attending at the end of this month for the full three days,and posting our cosplans within the next couple of days (as things are still being confirmed)

But we will definitely be wearing a version of Eren and Levi on the Saturday all day so please look out for those! 

If you’d like to meet up we will be posting to our Instagram stories our adventures, times and locations but will also upload temporary posts on here too in case there are any problems. 
*our personal instagrams* : Eren / Levi
You can also PM either of us there too!


Who this hipster scotsman 

// Appreciation post! 

a big shoutout to @broken-umbrella-cosplay for making this amazing beard for my Scotland, its so pretty and neatly done he deserve so much appreciation for it, not only that but all of the cool wigs and cosplays he makes too!