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ouraliceandthecatthings  asked:

Hi Spain! Got any funny/cute stories of Romano when he was little?

Hola!! With Romano? Hrm… I have so many!! Oh RIGHT!!
He’s so funny! Once when Lovino was young we were baking with Belgium! When Lovi was little he was veryyy curious. So he saw Belgium pour a bag of flour into the bowl and when she had her backed turned? Romano took it and spilled the entire bag onto himself! It was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing! He looked so angry with puffy cheeks & a red face! It was the cutest thing! Belgium & I still tease him til this day about it! 


What CAN I say about Lovino? I talk about him so much! He’s my life, my everything! Spending centuries with someone really does something to you. Like how Francis & I have been together for soooo long. 
There isn’t one thing I dislike about Romano. Everything he does, from his speech, mannerisms, to the way he walks! Makes him…well him! He’s perfect in my eyes! I love him very much!