ask cosplay spain

(here’s a story)

(Even though I live in Canada, I’ve never been to the eastern side or the maritimes. But I will go next year, because it’s actually a school field trip.)

(also, I have a smol announcment.)

(I’m going to Otafest!)

(I’ma be thereall 3 days and I’m also cosplaying Spain for the first 2 days (day 1 is pirate spain, and day 2 is regular, casual? spain.) and China for the last day.

(If u are going, that’s’ fricking amazing, I hope to see you there. If you aren’t I will be vloging. Or at least try to vlog.)

(and I guess ya’ll gotta know what i look like, so here’s a picture of me in my somewhat complete cosplay:)

(god, I looks so weird.)

Shout Out

I’m trying to give a list of great blogs I follow and know, that are not just awesome but also some that deserve more love and attention! And I’m trying to tag those blogs that are active! These are in no order and if I forgot anyone I’m sorry! I didn’t mean too, I just lost oversight. The lists consists of both cosplay and art ask blogs! These are only Hetalia related obviously.

I haven’t listed my own blogs, because that’s not the point of this post. But in case you’re interested, here’s the list of my blogs.

FACE Family 

APH France 

APH America 

APH Canada

APH England 

British isles (without England)

APH Scotland 

APH Wales

APH Northern Ireland 


APH Germany

APH Nyo!Germany

APH Prussia 

APH Switzerland 

APH Liechtenstein 

APH German States 

APH Netherlands (I just put him in here)

Roman countries 

APH Italy

APH Romano

APH Spain


APH Denmark


APH Russia 

APH Poland 


APH Nyo!Germania

APH Rome 

APH Britannia 

Various ask blogs

Other (mostly art blogs)