ask cosplay dave

TG: oh shit its johns hot mom again
TG: i mean
TG: um
TG: fuck

TG: sorry no can do
TG: dave cant explain anything because he’s not here
TG: no dave only a turtle

TT: Definitely not a show containing that little pony.
TT: Why would I like something like that.
TT: I like pretty much all sorts of anime though
TT: It’s hard to pick a favorite.

TG: definitely trigun
TG: even though vash uses a gun a not a sword hes still hella cool
TG: also inuyasha
TG: that shits the bomb

Bro: I’m gonna take it old school, back to the shit that got me started on anime in the first place, Speed Racer and Robotech: The Macrosse Saga. Coolest ever.


Ask Dick and Joke 4. Featuring Dave. 

Dirk, Jake, Dave, Camera