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How would the boys react to Candy in her prom dress? (Being that they finally can date out in the open, amber isn't mean as much etc. All the drama is over)

Mmmm one thing i love about prom is how lit everyone looks just woW. Prom headcanons are too short so i’ll add some things they would do at prom. i wanna also add some songs that the boys and Candy would dance to bc i’m extra like that. I also added some dresses bc, again, i’m extra like that and so y’all don’t ask



Reaction to her dress: Honestly, Nathaniel would be in awe. He would probably stop in his tracks, for a moment, then smile. Thinking as if Candy just can’t stop being beautiful, she always is. Tad cliche, but those are his thoughts. Being the prince charming we all know he is, he’d give Candy a complement; “It’s as if I can’t believe how beautiful you can be,” Nath would kiss her, before he takes her by her hand and leads her to prom.

Song: Janet Jackson - Doesn’t Really Matter.

  • Honestly, has one of the best suits in prom.
  • Back of his mind he’s sweating bullets he doesn’t wanna touch the dance floor
  • On the look out for the other guys, he honestly should just chill for a second.
  • Lets Candy have her space if she wants, but is usually behind her
  • Drinks some punch,, about one or two drinks
  • If Candy’s off with her friends, Nath would chill around his own - preferably Armin or Kentin.
  • Melody tries to make a move on him but he’s just “Melody…Could you please just not?
  • Though he’s not annoyed, he looks annoyed - with his infamous “natural look of displeasure”.
  • That one guy that will go to a party and want to leave an hour later.
  • Won’t dance - he might if Candy wants to, though.
  • A slow dancer, definitely - he’s not some boogie kind of guy.
  • Avoids the buffet and every single sweet on the table, doesn’t know who or who didn’t touch all over it.
  • Raised his own money to buy his suit and tie.
  • The closest thing he’s went to eating something sweet, was a dark chocolate covered strawberry.
  • Such a romantic on the dance floor, he’s the; charming dancer.
  • Gets very tired, he’s not a party kind of guy.
  • Thought the prom would be more formal.
  • Complements the other students outfits, likes seeing different styles.
  • Dances with everyone - he’s not getting on the dance floor alone.
  • Seriously, this song has no rhythm - how do they expect everyone to dance to it?
  • Obviously, the two end up being the prom king and queen.


Reaction to her dress: Oh yes Castiel would be looking up down and all around. Maybe not all around - but you get my drift. He’d put his hand on his hip and give Candy such a big smirk “And I thought I looked good tonight.” he’s only half-joking.

He knows he looks good too - just not as good as Candy. Wraps his arms around her waist and gives her a very deep kiss, before opening the door for her to prom.

Song: Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like.

  • Came for Candy, there’s no way he came by himself.
  • Has his ponytail up, it’s a rare sight to see with other students - except Lysander, that’s normal.
  • Would have his arm around Candy the whole time.
  • Candy’s gonna have to lead bc inside, he’s lost on what to do here.
  • Would show off Candy if she’d let him.
  • Kinda eats from the buffet but doesn’t really care for it.
  • Obviously if Candy to talk with her friends, there’s no doubt he’s talking to Lysander.
  • Drops a complement or two to his friends about their outfits, thinks they’re cool.
  • No one can tell him he can’t have punch, cause he’s having enough to be satisfied and enough not to get drunk.
  • Doesn’t know how to dance ?? Like what is dancing anyway-
  • Isn’t dancing Candy might have to drag him.
  • Proud of his choice with his suit, might wear it to special occasions more than this one.
  • Always has that red drinking cup in his hand.
  • Amber could try to flaunt her outfit around he and Candy, but he’d honestly ignore her.
  • Doesn’t waste his breath on anyone he doesn’t like, it’s supposed to be a good night.
  • Sits down when it’s time to dance like - he’s not gonna move, he’ll drink and watch.
  • If Candy somehow managed to get him on the floor ??
  • Honestly, if you didn’t come here, then I wouldn’t be here.
  • Likes the DJ’s music, probably recognizes some of the songs.
  • This boy can tango, his mom probably danced that way and he caught onto it.
  • Acts a tad kinky when they dance together just to get a reaction.


Reaction to her dress: Lysander be in awe for a few seconds, but give the most prettiest smile to her. Such a pure warm smile, it needs to be put into a frame. Lys would kiss her before saying anything about her dress.

You’re just getting more and more beautiful everyday, Candy.” probably kisses her another time, but a little more gentle. Obviously, he’d open the door for her and lead her in.

Song: Kucka - Honey (Medasin Remix).

  • Nathaniel can wear all of the suits he wants, but Lysander is always gonna be the best dressed.
  • Looks like his hair is a bit more fluffy and curlier tonight.
  • Had to fight the urge not to wear a top hat that night, thinks he would look out of place if he did.
  • The best dressed out of everyone, he slays everyone in the room.
  • Looks very content about everything, doesn’t seem uneasy around all the people.
  • Doesn’t like the flashy lights, probably rolled his eyes because of the “extra-ness”.
  • Hangs around Candy, she’d be in charge - he’d want for her to be happy first.
  • Misses cuddles,,
  • Glances at Candy every now and then, was teased by Rosalya.
  • Wouldn’t mind dancing, but would prefer to do it when everyone else was on the floor.
  • Is actually SHY to complement her as he usually does. Gdi Candy Lysbaby can’t with this,,
  • Engages in conversations with other students, takes it as a “joyous occasion to talk to peers”.
  • Formal and kind to most of the students, probably serves some students their punch.
  • Honestly has been teased by Castiel as well for blushing around Candy lmao
  • Would ask Candy if she’d like to dance, she wouldn’t need to drag him making her job easiER
  • Loves seeing different styles on the students, thinks it’s interesting to see what they can come up with.
  • A lot more observant of the prom room rather than he is verbal with anyone else tbh.
  • Tried some pastry tarts from the buffet ?? And he fell in love with them.
  • Is the; charming dancer, we all saw this coming.


Reaction to her dress: Let’s be real, Armin would be very forward about Candy’s looks. Had a surprised expression on his face, that turns into that sexy smile of his.

Wow…! You’re looking super hot tonight,” adding onto his sentence, “Not like you aren’t everyday, anyway.” He’d give her a deep kiss, that lasts a bit longer than usual. He’d open the door and let her in and let the party begin!

Song: Daft Punk - One More Time.

  • Considers the prom more as a “party” than it is a “prom”.
  • Candy would have to explain the slight difference in it, bc he’ll ask about it.
  • …Basically the boring version of a party and everyone dances?
  • Alexy had to pick out his outfit, there’s no way that Armin was gonna pick out a suit on his own.
  • Doesn’t drink, he doesn’t like how people get drunk or have hangovers - sounds like it sucks. Nor does he want one tbh
  • That one guy that starts a dance fight just for shits and giggles.
  • Dances like a dork just to embarrass Candy, but he can boogie
  • So, Sweetness, what did you think of my cool moves back there?” knows he was dancing like an idiot.
  • Doesn’t really look at the other students outfits, they’re just outfits.
  • Pretty impressed with the decor of the area, glances here and there - thinks it’s pretty fancy for some highschoolers.
  • Such a picky eater when it comes to the buffet - takes years to make a decision on what he wants.
  • Actually likes his outfit, thinks he looks good - looked at himself once or twice in a mirror.
  • Didn’t leave his PSP behind, he played with it in the car - it’s resting in his tux pocket.
  • Still wearing his beanie some suit that Alexy picked out won’t stop him.
  • Won’t hesitate to give her a quick kiss on the cheek if she’s leaving or if he’s leaving.
  • Is the “boogie down” dancer, likes spinning Candy around when they dance.
  • Always ends the dance, spinning Candy around, and catching her from behind with a smile. He loves that move and he loves doing it.


Reaction to her dress: Pfft - Kentin is easily flustered, that’s for sure. Would almost tumble, but maintain himself. He’d try not to be super awkward checking Candy out, managing to say “You….You look absolutely stunning,” gives her a sweet kiss. He’d hold her hand, entering prom the same time she does.

Song: The Isley Brothers - For The Love Of You.

  • Wasn’t ready for so many people to be in the same room, he’s not very extroverted.
  • Follows Candy around, not very sure what to do.
  • Ok but he’s glanced at Candy LOADS of times and still isn’t over her beauty tbh.
  • Got teased by Alexy and then double teased with Armin, tag team teasers.
  • Drinks the punch somewhat, two or three cups of it, he just likes the fruit.
  • Lives at the buffet, helps around and takes some pastries - gives some to Candy.
  • Tried to give Candy a piece of his cake and got it on her face,, he felt bad but - Candy ate it anyways.
  • Surprisingly, the best dancer on the floor…only if he wasn’t so awkward to the idea of being in front of everyone else,,
  • Feels like he looks good tonight, glad he does too.
  • Super blushy when he dances with Candy like now he has a closeup ?? Candy would have to tell him it’s “alright” and it’s “okay”, he knows it is but - he’s just timid about it all.
  • Likes spinning Candy around and catching her, probably kissed her.
  • The type of dance he’d do is “swing” basically the retro version of the waltz, with spinning.
  • Thinks his suit is basic but figures it’d be classy to wear.
  • Always straightens out his tux, he doesn’t want it to be wrinkly
  • I remember when we had a prom in middle school, it was nothing like this.”
  • Likes slow dancing, has his head resting in Candy’s neck and holds her close by her waist.
  • If Candy was his dance at their middle school prom, he’d bring it up like “It’s funny how we grew up, doing this again”.
  • If not, then he’s timid to it but alright - now that they’re together.

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Hola! Bueno vi el edit de tu Su y me gustó mucho 💙. Pero tengo una duda gigante ¿Cómo la editas? (soy una patata y no sé como se hace) 😅

¡Hola! ^^ Antes que nada, muchas gracias💛 Disculpa la demora, miré la pregunta anoche pero decidí responder hoy porque quería dar una respuesta detallada.

Bueno, yo uso Photoshop CS6 para la mayor parte de la edición. Para el cabello utilicé dos pelucas: la peluca de navidad “pendiente de oro” y una de halloween que no sé cómo se llama en el servidor español, porque solamente la tengo en mcl, y allí se llama “Cheerleader Pigtails”.
Lo primero que hice fue cambiar el color a castaño claro, utilizando una herramienta llamada “herramienta sustitución de color”.

Está muy padre porque es muy sencilla de utilizar, en el recuadro que está cerca de la esquina superior derecha puedes elegir el color con el que quieres pintar.
Por ejemplo, si lo quiero de color rosa:

Y si el tono no queda de mi gusto (porque se ve más morado que rosa) otra manera que uso para cambiar el color son los estilos de capa. Das doble clic sobre la capa y te aparece un recuadro como este:

Te vas a donde dice superposición de colores y eliges el que quieres. También puedes elegir el modo de fusión y la opacidad que más te guste para cambiar la tonalidad. 
Yo he elegido el tono “color” con una opacidad del 81% ¡este tono de rosa me gusta más! ^^

Después hice lo mismo con la segunda peluca, recorté la parte del fleco, que es la que me interesaba, y la pegué encima de la primera que edité.

Utilicé la herramienta “borrador” para quitar las partes que no necesito:

Las mechas de diferente color también las hago con la herramienta de sustitución de color. 
Al igual que las pelucas, la ropa que edité fue guardada directamente del juego, y le cambié el color. Para la blusa, además, busqué una imagen en google, esta fue la que me gustó:

Recorté el corazón y después de pegarlo sobre la blusa, le cambié el tamaño:

Con la varita mágica y el borrador quité las partes que no necesitaba.

Al final sólo le quité un poco de opacidad a la capa. De esta forma puedes agregar muchas cosas, incluso estampados.

A la falda le cambié un poco el color, porque no me gustaba el tono negro que tenía, y la recorté porque me parecía demasiado larga.

Ya como detallitos la coloreé un poquito para que no se note el recorte.
Las medias y los zapatos simplemente los tomé del juego y les cambié un poco el color. Con estos mismos métodos puedes editar fácilmente otros accesorios:

El maquillaje sí lo hice en Paint Tool Sai porque se me hace más fácil para dibujar, y lo tuve que hacer yo ^^

El resto está en repetir ciertos procesos, y al final agregas todo sobre la base del cuerpo de tu Sucrette :3 incluso lo puedes hacer en Sai.

¡Y listooooo! 💕 ^^ (Dibujé un poquito encima del cabello porque el brillo en el fleco no había quedado igual que el resto del cabello y eso me molestaba xD).
Espero haberme explicado bien y que te sirva. También te recomiendo este tutorial de @loonylein, está muy bien detallado y te enseña de una manera muy sencilla, todo en Paint Tool Sai.

De todas maneras si tienes una idea de cómo quieres editar a tu Su puedes pedírmelo y yo con mucho gusto haré lo que esté dentro de mis posibilidades💗

@zurysalvatore, she looks like ♡ Zury x3



Cassy: Y luego lo que surja~

Mod: Siento el retraso, se me habia olvidado la contraseña, y los examenes me quitan tiempo :(


Ask: What time do you go out to buy the bread?

1st image: The rough guys like me do not buy bread

2nd image:  We give you  the address of our house  directly

Cassy: And after that, anything can happen

Candy’s tag (get to know mine)~

Rules: This is for your candy. Fill with what your candy could answer.

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Full name: Billy Evans Castro

Gender: Femaaaale

Zodiac sign: Taurus, my b-day is the 16 of May if you wanna know (~w~)/

Crush (and why): oh, I have a REALLY BIIIIIIIIIIG CRUSH on Lysander 🙀 oh boi, where do I start… At first I thought he was a ghost… yeah, that’s very common when you first meet someone xD I was very curious about him, and some day he offered to help me with a class. Woah, you should see him talk about poetry, hes very passionate. Evenually I fell in love, I don’t know how, he’s very sweet and caring, and talented, and funny, and intelligent and patient and …

Favorite Color: Blue!

Favorite band/singer: I love jazz, and I love Bill Evans 

Favorite Food: Ramen!  ミ ゚Д゚彡

Last movie watched: Hidden Figures

Describes yourself in five words: funny, extroverted, hard-working, talkative, friendly

First Kiss: Once I met this guy in the beach… what was his name… Dake! I was soooooo bored and he showed up and offered me an ice-cream (lololol saying it like that it seems like I would go with any guy who offered me sweets xDD). He told me if I would like to go surfing and it seemed fun. By that time I had just moved to the city so I was kinda alone. He kissed me and it was okay, but I didn’t see him again so I forgot about that (the ice-cream was really good though)

Make a Wish just for yourself: I want to travel to space someday ~

Today’s clothes:

No importa si no tienes pareja con quien celebrar San Valentín, puedes pasarlo con tus amigos, tendrás un incrible rato en compañia de ellos, A MENOS que tengas un amigo como Kentin; TAN CELOSO que no querrá que ningún chico se te acerque, y ALGO TÍMIDO como para aceptar que está enamorado de ti y diga que solamente te ve como una “amiga” :v ….


Idea original: Chinomiko.
Hecho por: Gabriella Castro.
Kentin/Armin/Alexy: Amour Sucré.
Imagen original: Justo aqui.

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how can u consistently leave me with depressed candy like this i need a Conclusion please ((angst keeps me alive and as a castiel girl deborah angst gives me my life)) (((ur writing is muy bien)))

Honestly, I have so many Deborah fics that I need to start titling them…I’m assuming this one is about the “gray mush” series. That’s the official title so please refer to it in the inbox lmao and…s o r r y  but this isn’t a conclusion!!!!!

Also, slight spoilers for episode 33 - for anyone blessed enough to avoid spoilers on this hell-site.


“It’s his thing, he loves that! It’s like this whole thing with Deborah again!”

She didn’t get it. They were together. They were happy.

But Candy couldn’t forget what he had said to her at Iris’s party. Sure, she had gotten angry and scolded him, and he had made it pretty clear he was interested in only her but-

When he looked at her, did he see Candy or did he see Deborah? 

What did it matter? They were so alike, right? You date one, you’re dating the other.

Except…Deborah was prettier and more outgoing. From what she had told Candy, Castiel had been more playful and gentler with her. Softer. More open. He had been in love with her.

“I bet he had never called her ironing board,” she muttered, looking her reflection over. The lights were off, the moonlight streaming in and illuminating her room. It was better that she didn’t see all her flaws that way. 

Candy frowned as she cupped her breasts, as if feeling them for herself would change their appearance. She had felt so nice in that dress, and Castiel had said she looked nice…but they were dating. He was supposed to say things like that, right? 

Her frown deepened as she dropped her hands and looked at her apparel. She always laughed it off when Rosalya complained about her clothes, but really…did she dress that badly? She liked to dress comfortably, that was all! But it wasn’t exactly stylish or cute. 

Another difference between her and Deborah, at least. 

But they weren’t good differences. She wondered if Castiel knew that too. Probably, right? He wasn’t someone who would date a person just because they reminded him of his ex, but still…

Was he still in love with Deborah? Was it Deborah he wanted to kiss and compliment?

“No, Candy, she’s awful,” she told herself. “Castiel wouldn’t still love someone who used him so badly…”

Then again, some people just couldn’t help who they loved. No matter how awful.

Candy slowly sunk down to the floor, eyes never wavering from the mirror. God, how badly she wanted to smash it. Then she wouldn’t have to look at herself. 

Or was it Deborah she was looking at? Kind eyes, soft smile…the “girl next door” type. The Plain Jane.

That was who Deborah had been too, before she changed. Maybe Candy needed to change too. 

Then maybe she could stop finally living in Deborah’s shadow.

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Can you do one about candy and the guys at prom? Thanks!

I’m sorry!!! I have had very neglected the blog with the studies, thanks for participating!!


-the king and the queen of the dance.


-I didn’t know that you knew how to dance…

-My mother has taught me a little


-The first “I love you”…


-so romantic.


-This guy makes me forget everything.





Armin: Prefiero guardarme la respuesta a tu primera pregunta por ahora


Ask!: Armin! Have you had a girlfriend before? Are not you supposed to be a geek without friends? ;-; I say that because it seems like you had experience with Candy

Armin: “I´m a human being after all. Passionate in love, natural instinct I guess”
“And Nath is my friend”

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When do you think did the boys fall in love with us? Because I'm going throught all episode pictures right now and I'm wondering.

I don’t think there’s a particular point in time during which the boys fell in love. That’s because there’s ever rarely a moment like that in real life. Love is an ongoing, gradual thing that happens when people spend time with each other and build chemistry. 

If I had to do a quick analysis though: 

He began to be very attracted to Candy around the beach episode. However, we can see through Castiel’s dialogue that he isn’t quite ready emotionally to tackle a relationship. And that’s because of Deborah. Once Deborah’s arc rolled in, we could see Castiel struggling between his growing feelings for Candy as well as his old feelings (and heartbreak pain) for Deborah. Once the Deborah arc is over, we can finally see that Castiel is ready. He’s ready to move on and he allows himself to fall for Candy. He makes his attraction clear. He comments more and more on her chest, he makes sexual innuendoes, etc. I think Castiel is fully in love around episodes 22-25.

Similar to Castiel, Nathaniel had to fix himself before being able to fully fall in love. He was clearly attracted to Candy during the beach episode, but there was always something on his mind. He always had to think about his father and the consequences of having a pass time other than being a perfect son in his father’s eyes. But as his arc rolled in, he got the chance to open up to Candy, to trust her with more than just his feelings, but with his safety. I think Nathaniel needed this trust before falling deep. Around episode 25, you can tell he cares deeply about her. He tells Candy on certain dialogue choices that she can trust him and that he’s there for her. He wants to take things to another level because he feels connected to her. 

Lysander is harder to pinpoint. I feel that Lysander is the type of guy that falls very very slowly due to him being so private about his thoughts and feelings. It takes constant effort from Candy. She constantly needed to show respect to his boundaries and push past his reserved demure. I think this is what Lysander was attracted to, and that began around episode 13-14 (aka the concert episode.) From then on, it was a smooth ride. Candy became special to Lysander: finally someone who understood him! He couldn’t help but fall fast. He becomes very romantic and caring in his dialogues around episode 17-18 where he listens to Candy and her concerns about Deborah. I think this is where he took the final dive into love territory. 

Like Lysander, he’s hard to pinpoint. However, if I had to guess, I’d say he fell in love around episode 25. Armin appeared later than the other boys, so the process of falling for Candy was pretty fast. I didn’t really play Armin’s route before episode 24 but from what I’ve seen, his dialogue choices and his reactions clearly show that he cares deeply for Candy starting episode 25. He’s willing to have a date in the park (despite him HATING to go outside), he goes CRAZY when Candy puts herself in stupid danger during the science lab explosion, and he’s willing to go on a double date with Rosa and Leigh despite his social awkwardness…all this for Candy. I’d say it’s definitely around episode 25.

Ahhh now this one is particular. Ken was clearly obsessively crushing on Candy during his first appearances on the game. HOWEVER, I don’t think it was love. I think he was just a boy with a crush. We get further proof of this when he comes back: he kisses Amber (someone in love would NOT do this in front of the person they love) and doesn’t seem too interested in Candy anymore. Sure, he’s still attracted by her, and making his heart skipped a beat as he remembered his feelings for her. But love? I don’t think so. 

BUT Kentin fell in love fast after he came back. He can see in episode 17 that he thinks of “wearing a suit at their wedding”. AND HE TRIES TO KISS HER IN EPISODE 18. I MEAN COME ON. That being said, I think he’s truly at the height of his love for Candy around episode 21, where he tells Candy that he hopes he doesn’t have to fight her during the Red Riding Hood play…because he doesn’t want to hurt her even when it’s just pretend. Kentin is just a hot, emotional mess when it comes to Candy lol.

With Nath, Kentin and Castiel it’s Candy who asks them if they want to go to her room but with Armin it’s HIM who wants to go to Candy’s room. He is like “I know I’ve been to your room once but I don’t remember how it looks like so can we go to your room again can I see your underwears again let’s go to your room yes.”