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[[ *Whispers* I just imagined Whis having to interact with a drunk Shina(cause it’s gonna happen eventually all muses have to put up with drunk Shina at least ONCE) and it’s just … Basically just her trying to touch his hair cause it’s shaped funny tbh. Except she’s a shorty shrimpy pants and can’t quite reach his hair and just kinda, accidentally ends up awkwardly patting his face instead. Whis is probably wondering if he’s somehow being punished for some reason just cause that’s most people’s mindset when dealing with drunk Shina. XD; ]]


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Aaaa thanks for following! My blog is kinda messy (being fandom/personal/study blog at once lmao) but I hope you enjoy your stay!! x Btw I love your little compliment tags in your reblogs, you seem like a v nice and caring person :D

awwwwww no problem! Honestly messy is alright, it just means it has everything I need in one place ahaha. ty! Glas my tags can make someone happy!

The Perks of Boring Friends [Suho]

Kim Joonmyeon was boring. You bet that when he was younger he always colored in the lines and waited for his turn at the water fountain. He probably never skipped school, sassed back adults, or snuck out after curfew. He was a straight arrow set on the path of justice and righteousness in this horrible dark world. He was also one of your closest friends.

How that had happened you’d never truly understand, but you fell into line with him easily after the two of you had been assigned to a joint project in your introductory microeconomics class. Now the two of you were adults. You had an entry level job in data analysis at a large pharmaceutical company, and Joonmyeon was achieving great things as a rookie investment banker.

Even though you were an adult, some things just didn’t change. Your fondness for a good night out was one example, and last night had been good. This morning, however, wasn’t going so well. You pushed your sunglasses up your nose as you opened the door for Joonmyeon. He was still wearing a suit, ugh, even though it was Friday, which counted as the weekend in your mind. It was definitely time for him to let loose a bit.

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Dear AnthonyDeadman,

If gossip is what you seek, ask the clucking hen.

I met one of those men in the clink.  He said, “If a man’s actions do not speak for him there is no sense speaking about him.”  I feel his rule applies here.  They will glorify or shame themselves, just as I have.

-Simon Blackquill

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Daniyal! I have finished my observation of Daniel and I believe it has been a huge success! He has taught me all about sadness and anger and how to "pretend" to be happy! I feel extremely enlightened! ❤Flirtbot3000❤

I… Well, I mean, that’s good? Sadness and anger are important to know about. But pretending to be happy isn’t really something you should do. You have to be honest with your feelings.


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That is one hell of a mess. - ereri or eren+jean. Pick whichever you think will work best, pleeease you are an amazing writer

“Oh no, please no? Please. Please stop. Ahh help? Someone?”

Levi pressed his fingers over his earbuds in an attempt to drown out the noise.

“Hi, excuse me?”

A shadow appeared over Levi where he was busy reclining. Wednesdays were laundry day for Levi at the coin laundromat around the corner from his place. They were a time for quiet meditation and angry birds on his phone. Levi lived for laundry day. And he did not especially like it being interrupted by strangers. His eyes flew open and narrowed.

“Can you help me?” the stranger asked, holding their hands together pleadingly.

Levi snorted and removed one ear bud.

“I think I did something wrong—the machine isn’t—well see for yourself.”

Levi saw.

“Wow,” he said, surveying the mountain of bubbles that the spin cycle was busy pumping out. “That is one hell of a mess.”

“I know, I don’t know what I did, do you think I put in too much soap?”

Levi leaned over and grabbed the Dawn dish soap that was sitting next to the man’s laundry. He looked pointedly from the bottle to the suds and then back to the young man scratching his flushing neck.

“Did I use the wrong soap?” he asked sheepishly.

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Magical night. Hugged michelle and when Violet and fame came out I went up to both and chatted a little bit. I told Violet I was her for Halloween and she said “stop you look better than me!” And I asked for a pic holding her leg and she laughed and said “yeah sure.” I asked fame to cluck in my ear and it was super amazing. She gave me a hug. I also showed her my drawing and asked her to make a video for my friend and then I got a pic. So glad I went tonight!