ask cloud and cloudy


good morning I’m spundful opps i means wonderful 🙉🙉🌬🌬
i know I know i have been seriously lacking on replying back to all your wonderful messages but were gonna do a thing,send me one message asking me any question you want and i promise i will answer ❗❗
im doing this for all you amazing followers,and again im so sorry,beeb dealing with alot of personal issues but you guyw better get asking,i will answer every single persons question for the next 3 hours

Allah ♡

when everything seems to be uncertain, ask for His Guidance

When everything seems blurry, ask His to move your step forward and provide you the strength

When things ahead are cloudy, ask Allah to move away the cloud and shine up the day..
Even if you have zillion of reason to proceed and do something, it will end up crash down and be useless if you don’t have Allah as your ultimate Healer & Provider :)