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chrysalis-the-beauty-queen  asked:

( ̄▽ ̄)ノ, I found this place today (I'm still figuring out how tumblr works ╥﹏╥) so about your cuite little "Plant Sans" is possible for me to have an UF and SF Sans plant? (of course i would liketo include the gift and respective dolls set too) (^v^)Question: Does the Sanses can like, get out of the pots and move freely around the place? Thank you for your time. (つ◕౪◕)つ━☆゚.*・。゚

Awww welcome~~ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ Tumblr is a good place XD!!
And~~yeah, they can leave!! 

Here are your sans and dolls~~ ♥


Careful with the hugs if Midnight is hungry, remember she is half changeling
But I guess you were lucky, Chrysalis didn’t zap you with a death ray

Thank you @equisp for the ask

Midnight hasn’t actually learned how to absorb love yet (I guess this is the future) she normally receives it from other changelings like if she was a larva

Please send an ask for Midnight, Smooth, Chrysalis or any other character from the comic (the link will redirect you to my art blog, I have my art blog has my main blog, so I can only receive asks throw there)

Tarot and Pendulum readings are Open

As I have mentioned previously, my daughter and I have come onto hard times since leaving her father, although entirely for the betterment of our beings, financially life has been beyond difficult.
I’ve never gone deep into detail as to why I am a stay at home mom, but pretty much I got into a bit of trouble a few years back (before ever even having a kid) and unfortunately am having to wait another year and a half for all to be back on an even keel and I can actually start looking for a mundane “real” job😥 Until then my only form of income is Nature Bums Elements, along with starting my readings for the public again.

So! Inexpensive tarot readings with my favorite Chrysalis deck, along with pendulum readings for a dollar each🌿 1 card/1 question is $1 each!
Paypal or Snapcash is accepted

Please feel free to send over a message or an ask if you are interested✨
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MLPCCG Spoiler: Queen Chrysalis, Vicious Vengeance

Finally the moment has arrived!

So I get to spoil a card. Check it out. Queen Chrysalis, Vicious Vengeance.

I must say when I got this card to spoil I was stoked. Queen Chrysalis is probably my favorite villain in the show. I was even more stoked to find this card was a rare Epic with a solid effect. Here is a short break down of the card.

Being a R epic this card does increase the accessibility of epics overall which is always awesome.

To my knowledge this is the cheapest means for mass push back in the game right now.

That face.

While its ability is a bit indicative to farm decks, it is over all still a option which is great. It can still be played and farmed early on and blue farm can recover from her push back ability.

The 2 score is a little rough, but completely fair.

Pushing all cards away from it after it is flipped is great and in some cases more useful then the villain key word. If the opponent has a strong main or fearless friend that would defeat it this card still creates a kind of ‘reset’ situation.

Being a 7 it shares the highest flip number in the game as it stands. Something useful in some emergency situations if you can place cards on top of the deck along with making it difficult to take out.

It does have a small use against farm by playing it at a opponents farming location. For after they farm it’s unlikely they will flip another villain before chrysalis gets to flip, which pushes things back. Potentially buying you a turn particularly against orange farm which often has little means to recover.

Monstrous Manual allows more anti-mainsentric attack options with this card.

Well that is the spoiler my hints? hints where hinting at. Queen Chrysalis, Vicious Vengeance. Not sure if I will do an audio review. But anyways, thank you Enterplay for allowing me to spoil a card, particularly this awesome one.

chrysalis-the-beauty-queen  asked:

Hello again, ready for the questions? If i plant my Pap's dolls do they stay as dolls or they can turn into plants too? (my egde boys are doing well, sure they don't like eachother very much, but soon or later they will) (-‿◦) Can we make fanfic of our smol sans plants? And last one are you ever planning in adding more?


1. Yes, they can!!  Look here XD
(awwwww hope they get along soon QWQ) 

2. Of course !!!! That’d be awesome QWQQQQ  And I really want to see it QWQ

3.You mean more plants ???? Or more stories ???
   I don’t know what plant can I add now QWQ I don’t know much AU QWQ
  And I have a short story in mind, but not sure when can I draw it ><

mokuba-mlp  asked:

Chrysalis, since yesterday was Mother's Day, there was a question I wanted to ask. By technicality, wouldn't you be the mother of all the Changelings?

“That depends on your definition. Normally the answer would be no, I used to only have a hatchling per generation. But I am the first changeling, so technically all changelings are mine. And after Thorax’s little tantrum, I had to have a few more than usual myself.”

“My mother’s day presents included another dozen eggs.”