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5 headcanons about Lin and Zuko's relationship, please?

1. Toph had no idea what to do with a baby, and there was no way she was going to go to Katara about it.  (There was also no way she was going to go to her parents about it, but that went without saying.  Going to Katara was unthinkable, but not quite unimaginable, not like going to her parents.)  So she showed up six months pregnant on Iroh’s doorstep.  Iroh quietly passed her onto Zuko.

2. So Zuko was a part of Lin’s life since before she was born, but for most of her childhood, she was in Republic City with her mom, while he was ruling the Fire Nation.  She mostly saw him when he visited Republic City for whatever reason, or when her mother sent her to the Fire Nation during school breaks to get her out of her hair.  He always had a present for her, and he took her and Izumi swimming and sailing, and she thought he was just wonderful.

3. The first time she called him Uncle, he almost broke down crying.

4. There were a lot of times, especially as she got older, that she didn’t want to say something to her mother, or ask her a certain question, so she would ask Zuko.  When she was little, she used to save them up for when she saw him, but as she got a little older, she started writing him letters instead.  Zuko would give her advice and answer her questions, and talk with her about the world and what he had seen, and he was always honest with her, and never seemed annoyed that she would ask something.  She learned a lot about honor from him, which might not have been the best, but oh well.

5. Zuko took all of the kids up on Druk at least once.  Lin tried to pretend she wasn’t impressed.  She was.

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Toph, for the four types of headcanons meme.

What I think realistically:

I think Toph is both a deeply cool and also in some ways deeply tragic figure.  She is really really good at fighting, at earthbending, at helping to win a war, but she never learned so many of the emotional and social skills she needed to exist outside that role.  And who can blame her, after a childhood spent in isolation, and then on the front lines of the war.  I think she spent so much time trying to prove herself, she never got the chance to figure out who she was trying to prove it to.

What I think is hilarious:

Toph has never forgiven Sokka and Suki for having sex close enough for her seismic sense to pick up.

What is soul-crushing but fun to inflict on friends:

Toph was utterly utterly clueless about what to do with her daughters.  She gave them what she had always wanted as a child, total freedom, but this left Lin longing for structure while Suyin ran wild.  Poppy Bei Fong, who was still alive, wrote her letters asking if she needed help, but Toph always declined, her own bitter memories of her childhood, stifled and “protected” leaving her unwilling to risk her parents inflicting that on her children.  It’s only when Suyin becomes unmanageable that Toph becomes desperate enough to ask for her mother’s help.  A small part of her is bitterly jealous, both as a mother and a daughter, over Suyin and Poppy’s relationship.

What doesn’t work but canon sucks so:

This is not so much a matter of canon sucking, as it is something I find too funny to let go of.  Kanto doesn’t exit.  He’s the code name Zuko, Toph, and Mai use for the threesome they will never speak of again.  Izumi is also the result of this threesome, and whenever Toph wants to make Mai and Zuko blanch, she just says publicly that Lin and Izumi are so close, almost like twins.”

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Lin for the 4 headcanons meme

What I think realistically:

Toph gave her children immense freedom but very little structure. Lin craved structure desperately, and felt anxious and afraid without it. One place in her life that had structure was her Aunt Katara and Uncle Aang’s place. Their Son Tenzin was in many ways similar to her, a person who craved control and order, and this is part of the basis of their appeal to each other as young lovers. They are both a little tightly wound.

What I think is hilarious:

In a black comedy way, I can’t see her first meeting with Lao and Poppy being anything but an epic disaster. As far as they’re concerned, she’s just like her mother, and that’s terrible. Lin is mortally offended. Su is obviously much more like their mom and they like her.

What is soul-crushing:

While Lin used to harbor some resentment that their mother bailed Suyin out of trouble, her long tenure on the police force has given her a lot of first hand knowledge of just how badly Suyin’s life could have gone, if she had gone to prison, if she had gotten in deep with the triads. She now resents the way Suyin doesn’t seem to realize just how completely she was saved and how lucky she was. It makes her furious every time she sees a dead person in an alley who got in with the triads and couldn’t get out, because Suyin doesn’t seem to get that could have been her.

What doesn’t work but I don’t care:

Lin was very close with Iroh before he left for the Spirit World. She reminded him of his nephew when he was younger. Because of this, Lin has an encyclopedic knowledge of tea.

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I was wondering if you knew any cool fanfics that don't have any real sort of shipping (or shipping mainly being hinted or background?)

You came to the right place.  Even though I deeply love certain ships, I am primarily a gen writer, and I seek out and cherish the little bit of genfic I find.  It’s few and far between in this fandom, unfortunately, and most of them are short, which is reflected in this rec list.

Another Brother by AvocadoLove: It was a mission of revenge. There weren’t supposed to be any survivors, but Chief Hakoda couldn’t bring himself to kill the Fire Nation boy. Against his better judgment, he brought him home. A Zuko joins the Water Tribe story. 224,540 words, WIP []

This is one of the best fics in the fandom, bar none.  It’s long, plotty, and character driven, full of family politics and family bonds.  Just an amazing fic.

Aftermath by @somariel: Iroh receives word of the Gaang’s victories and gives someone a well-earned tongue-lashing.  2661 words [AO3]

Iroh visits Ozai in prison and gives him a piece of his mind.

The Airbending Master by Lizbee: Teaching airbenders is not the same as restoring the Air Nomads. 354 words [AO3]

Short and sweet pre-comics fic about Aang teaching airbending Ty Lee.

Gilded Green by Caelum Blue: At the end of Iroh’s Siege, the Dai Li decide to test their brainwashing abilities on a Fire Nation soldier. They don’t know that their guinea pig-rat happens to be a supposedly-dead prince. First in a series. AU, DaiLi!LuTen.  96,189 words, WIP [AO3]

A long, plotty take on one of my favorite nightmare AU scenarios. Full of well developed and interesting OCs, overtly creepy and unsettlingly domestic by turns. Great fic.

Tea with Destiny by AvocadoLove: After the shock of Lu Ten’s death, Iroh makes a fateful journey into the Spirit World. The tea there is exquisite, but the company may give Iroh a run for his money. 2,659 words []

Beautiful fic, just read.

Lessons in Thin Air by Lisse: What Zuko learns at the Western Air Temple, whether he wants to or not. 1,293  words []

This short character study about Zuko and the gaang packs a real punch.

Five Generations of Facepalms by Lazy8: It’s a curse every generation wishes on the next one at some point in their lives. The Fire Nation royal family is no exception. 2859 words [AO3]

Fire Nation Royal Family comedy about the ways the children manage to appall their parents.  Al kinds of fun.

The Dragon Incident by Wrongfun: Everytime Aang, Katara and Toph had some business to do, they dumped their kids in Zuko’s court. Cue, chaos. 4638 words [AO3]

Very very funny look at Zuko attempting to babysit the gaang’s offspring.  Suyin wants a dragon.  Druk, Zuko, and the architecture of the palace suffer.

Five Ways Toph Created Her Own Family (Whether She Liked It or Not) by lady ganesh: [Dreamwidth]

Wonderful Toph character study about building a family of choice and becoming an adult.

Eight Principals of Yong by psocoptera: The pen is mightier than the sword, or how Zuko saves the day via the power of good penmanship. 3686 words  [AO3]

Amazing post Last Agni Kai Zuko character study about Zuko and Katara figuring out what to o next with the Fire Nation.

Red is the Color of the End of the World by @sholiofic: Post-series, Katara is adjusting to the new shape of the world. They all are. 4241 words [AO3]

Immediately post-canon Katara character study, lush, beautiful, and a touching exploration of friendship.

The Ember Island Portraits: Katara offers Zuko friendship by repeatedly doing something that annoys him. 1666 words [AO3]

I am such an enormous sucker for Katara and Zuko friendship fics, and this is one of the very best.

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au + 5 hc- Toph and Zuko marry for political reasons, and now their children have to deal with the political consenquences

1. The avatar did not awaken.  Instead, the Earth Kingdom army and the Northern Water Tribe invaded on the Day of Black Sun and overthrew Ozai.  Zuko’s ship was captured soon after, and Iroh put in prison.  Zuko was put on the throne as a puppet monarch.  Zuko has not had his redemption/recovery arc, so he is still a hostile snarly, anxious unhappy twerp, only now Ozai is dead, and Zuko is free to lionize him without having to face the reality of who Ozai really was.  Also Iroh is in prison in the Earth Kingdom awaiting execution, and Azula is running around making everything about a hundred times more difficult.

2. Azula makes a bid for the throne, persuading a group of Dai Li and disgruntled Fire nobles to back her.  At the same time, Iroh escapes and makes his way home.  Somehow this ends with Zuko still on the throne, Iroh safe, and the Dai Li at least out of Zuko’s court.  But the other upshot is that Zuko needs to marry an Earth Kingdom noble in order to prevent another invasion.  The Bei Fongs manage to luck out as the family to garner the most backers in he Earth Kingdom, so their thirteen-year-old daughter is escorted to the Fire Nation by her mother and several regiments of the Earth Kingdom army.

3. Zuko takes one look at her and marries her just to get her away from the people who are willing to marry her off at thirteen.  Consummation of this marriage is not going to happen for a looooong time.  But Toph might be a frightened child, but she would never let that show.  She keeps running away.  Not back to her parents as might be expected, just away, to the wilds of the Fire Nation, to the inner city, anywhere she can get to.  She bends the glass out of her windows, she tears up Zuko’s mother’s garden, the only person who can really get her to do anything is Iroh, and now he has two intractable, bad tempered teens to look after, and Zuko is now even less willing to listen to him now that he’s got a crown.

4. Eventually, the two of them settle into a siblingish relationship, and Toph eventually grows up to realize no body here really has a choice, so she’s going to have to just deal.  She still absolutely despises everything involved with being Firelady.  Also Zuko resurrected the prewar custom of official concubinage when Mai accidentally got pregnant, and Toph is careful only to take firebenders as lovers.

5. Doesn’t matter.  Both her children are earthbenders, even Lin, who is actually Zuko’s.  Izumi, his acknowledged bastard, has to take the throne.  The mess that is the royal inheritance at this time very nearly touches off a civil war, and a couple of islands do break away and declare Lin their queen.  Lin has to go down there to knock some sense into them.