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RIP Kuroko

Jurassic no Basket 

i’ve seen some tags asking for this one … but i don’t think kuroko would survive, at all. 

List of KnB Tumblr Artists

Alphabetical list of KnB tumblr artists - this list is incomplete, so if you know any other artists or are one, please tell me so I can add them! It amazed me how many awesome artists there are on tumblr. 

I’ve also added some comments behind their name; if I haven’t commented, it’s because they draw multiple ships and/or characters. Note that some artists also draw for other fandoms; if they have specific knb tags, I’ve linked that, otherwise it’s noted as multifandom, though some are more multifandom than others. Please note that this is subject to change though; if you want you can message me and I’ll change it.

Fairly Really WHOA THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU long list, so click to read more. 

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Thanks for 300 Followers!

So these are the drawings that I did for the 3 people that I chose to draw for, who well.. commented on this! So I decided to draw the 3 drawings. >v<

  1. The first one was Dark Chibi!Kuroko requested by refractive.
  2. The second drawing was requested by akashikuroko.
  3. The last drawing wasn’t a request, it was more of a gift for ask-daiki

Enjoy and have a nice day!