ask cecil and kevin

I was bored and felt like doing something in pencil, so I ended up doing monster versions of Cecil and Kevin. Cecil ended up as a sort of segmented Naga thing, and Kevin ended up as a very cheerful Drider.

I’ve actually drawn the top half of Monster!Cecil before as a class doodle, as I picture him looking like that whenever he goes into that creepy raspy voice in The Woman from Italy.

strexosaurus asked:

hello i completely adore your eye!cecil and eye!kevin <3 er, i'm going to be cosplaying kevin to a show in the future, and i'd like to make some strex-y badges to wear, and i wonder if it's okay to make an eye!kevin one? that would be so cool. thank u for your consideration

Oh wow of course you can, sounds awesome! ( ´∀`)