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But then the Queen Regent had turned her body, and she’d bowed her head, and she’d left a kiss against his temple that smelled of rosewater—and Eren had figured it out. The feeling sawed its way through his chest, had dumped itself onto his bedsheets in an ugly and asymmetrical mass, had made his eyes sting with its stench.

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27 49 Riren

27. “I’m pregnant.”

49. “Well, this is awkward.”

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“I’m pregnant,” Eren declared boldly, “and the baby is Levi’s.”

Eren adored Levi. His babysitter was super cool, with an undercut and tons of piercings, and he was really good at video games - the perfect formula! Eren always talked about how much he liked Levi, making all the other kids jealous.

At one point, a boy named Jean sneered, “Why don’t you just marry him, then?”

A great idea, Eren thought, but how to go about it? When he asked his friend Armin, confessing his insecurity that Levi would reject his proposal, his friend came up with a solution.

“Well, we’re only six, so I dunno if it’ll work, but my parents got together because my mom was pregnant with me. Maybe if you get pregnant Levi will marry you?”

“Great idea!” Eren had exclaimed, eyes shining. “How do I get pregnant?”

Armin had glanced around wearily before leaning forward and whispering, “You have to do … the sex.”

It had taken a few days, but finally, Eren was successful! The little boy had done the sex, just like Armin told him, and now he was pregnant with Levi’s baby! Now Levi had to marry him!

“Well … this is awkward,” Levi chuckled nervously.

“Do … you want to run that by us again, Eren?” Carla Jaeger asked her son tentatively.

“I’m pregnant with Levi’s baby,” Eren repeated proudly, beaming. The teenager sitting in the living room’s plush armchair stared at the boy incredulously.

“Boys don’t get pregnant, Eren,” Grisha told his son gently. “I know you like Levi, but - ”

“It’s true!” The kindergartener puffed up his cheeks indignantly. “Boys can get pregnant! I’m pregnant!”

“And how do you reckon that happened?”

“Levi and I did the sex!”

Silence. All eyes turned on the leather clad teen, who looked horrified. Swallowing nervously, he said slowly, “No, we most definitely did not do ‘the sex,’ Mr. and Mrs. Jaeger.”

“We did!” Eren insisted, and the parents looked back at Levi for elaboration. Panicking, Levi turned to the boy.

“Eren, do you even know what sex is?”

The brunet child nodded vigorously. “Mhm! Armin told me.”

“What did he tell you it was?” Carla asked gently.

“Holding hands with someone you really like, duh,” Eren told her.

The rest of the room’s occupants sighed in relief.

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Hello! How are you? :) I thought a bit about your Ackerman (bodyguard) theory and the first thing that came to my mind was that mikasa is literally erens bodyguard. I know he saved her from those criminals back then and everything but, for me, she isn't like "he saved me so I have to keep him save(safe?)" it's more like "fight me. I devoted my life to him. You have to kill me before you touch him." Idk maybe my theory is illogical or smth... buuut I agree with you!

I certainly didn’t mean to ignore you, Anon! I hope you’re still following along! I don’t think your theory is illogical. There’s definitely something very deep seated about Mikasa’s protection of Eren, its a major part of her character. Outside of my Bloodline Conspiracy theory, let’s also remember what the last two requests Carla ever made to Mikasa were:

Additionally there’s this:

We kind of get the impression from these frames that Carla may have a history of leaning on Mikasa for helping chorale Eren when he gets out of hand. So the possibility exists, in addition to Mikasa’s own feelings for Eren as an important person in her life, that Mikasa has also made it part of her life’s mission to honor Carla’s sacrifice by continuing to take care of her son as Carla asked her to do so many times.

Remember, Mikasa’s own mother died very suddenly. Mikasa couldn’t do anything about, didn’t understand what was happening, and was completely helpless. We could potentially extrapolate that honoring Carla’s memory by protecting Eren is, in a way, also making up for the fact that there was nothing she could do to honor her biological mother. “I couldn’t help my real mother, but THIS mother I can.” Now, there is no real evidence in the text for this, its just a rogue thought I had which makes sense in my mind.

Happy Mother’s Day to the SnK fandom. ;)

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San Japan Photo Set 6 of 9

Cleaning Crew Hanji: sparksparkboom

Collared Levi: moshwithmesenpai

ArminDefenseSquad Levi: ask-bluntlevi

ArminDefenseSquad Armin: askswagarmin

ArminDefenseSquad Eren: ask-eren-yaygirl

Carla Jaeger: silkdragonwings

Dead Marco: letmeespainyouathing

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