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Can you post some gifs or photos that prove Camila is a top??

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Need I say more! Lets just say the proof is in the gifs and also because Lauren is the biggest bottom in the world for Karla Camila Cabello! 🌚

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(Lauren is so thirsty here she legit wants to jump on her there and then) 🌚🌚

since some of you have a problem on remembering what your faves stands for i’ll gladly remind you so keep reading this post.

wait there’s more…

listen to what dinah has to say.

shouldn’t their positivity and feminism reflect on their fandom? YES, it should. all these girls promote are nothing but good things we should learn and take notes from. instead of spending time on internet harassing every little thing they do look at yourself or STAY MUTE.

i’m constantly seeing you make drama about absolutely nothing, i see some of you bringing up things from the past to put someone down to lift your fave. camila does not control what her fans say, same goes to LAND. a good example is the #ApologizeCamila hashtag, some N girls want her to control what fans do when they (N girls) are constantly harassing the girl. does that not tell you something?

i don’t care if you have a favorite or if you dislike someone, that’s okay but don’t cross the line harassing that person all day when you claim they’re not relevant to you. 

stop trying to ask for respect camilizers and harmonizers when some of you bully each other and the girls all the time, spend more time fixing your mistakes instead of asking others to change. the same bullying them are the same who talks about feminism on internet. all talk i see.

spend less days on internet searching for drama and more days fixing yourself. don’t open your mouth if all you’re going to say is rude bullshit.

i’m not generalizing before you start spamming my ask.

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Sorry for the question but I want an answer to this question, do you think camren not in good terms? Pleeease answer my questioooon 😢 because 'till today I can't accept the "was never real.... Ever" 😭😭😭😭😭

For starters the “was never real…Ever”  we all know it was at one point and there’s a lot of other things to it. But anyways camren is in good terms, maybe not exactly together (who knows) but they are in excellent conditions.

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Just go with me for a sec, if Camila's straight (just hypothetically), I wonder what she thought when she learned Lauren was bisexual privately. Perhaps 2015? Was it like "oh wow it all makes sense now"? Or was it like a "oh sh*t, Roger call Shawn's people asap, I need boy relationship rumors asap"? Was she happy for Lauren or nervous for herself or both?

Reality is, we will never know, unless they speak out one day.

But I’ll humor you… So hypothetically, if Camila was straight, and basing it from how she reacted on interviews before (with the assumption that she knew Lauren is bisexual), I would conclude that Camila was happy and proud that Lauren has come to terms with her sexuality. And the fact that Camila was the vocal one in correcting interviewers whenever they assume it’s a boy, and remind them that they should be gender-neutral or equal.

Assuming that she’s straight, and she knew Lauren is bi, and considering how open she was before, I think Camila was a supportive friend to Lauren. And she was also very considerate, because she speaks out for Lauren even at the risk of making people assume that she’s gay af.

But as Lauren says, please don’t make assumptions. Lol.

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I've just saw the photos that Lauren reblogged today, specifically the one about the secret confessions and one of them was "I'm in love with a stripper". I may be delusional but I think that Lauren knows about a certain fanfiction, that every Camren shipper has read, in which she is in love with a stripper so she reblogged it. So she's saying she's in love with Camz. And yeah I know I'm delusional af


Camila Cabello talking about performing with Taylor on Most Requested Live Ask Anything chat

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Serious question guys. Why do u think Dinah reacted the way she did during the WFH BTS, when Camila said there's so many hot guys today

I’ve been trying to rationalize that too when I first saw that because I don’t wanna be delusional.. But I’ve only come up with two reasons.

1. (Straight angle) Maybe she thought Camila was usually shy and reserved when it comes to boy talk so she was surprised when she heard her speak so openly about them. “There’s so many hot boys today!” Probably was a sentence she wouldn’t expect from a shy girl.

2. (Gay angle) She knew Camila was either gay af OR gay for Lauren at that time, so she looked at her like bish whatchu talkin bout? Which was then affirmed by Lauren because of her sus reaction lmao. Her face screamed sarcasm.

So yeah, idk.

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Camren isn't real. You continuing to post things about your fantasy about them fucking is only hurting C & L. Lauren has expressed how much she hates Camren and having her friendship be hyper-sexualized. If you had any respect for her you'd cut that out.

Are you fucking retarded? When and where did I say they’re fucking and making their friendship being hyper sexualized? Idiots like you who come to these blogs as Anon’s (at least have the balls to say it off Anon btw) putting words into our mouths saying we’re sexualizing them lmao you make me laugh. Did my post say Camren is real? Damn you must be a Laucy shipper. If you really payed attention to my post and was smart enough to comprehend what my point was YOU’D GET IT. But anons like you only see “they’re fucking” “sexualizing their friendship” when my post or any other blogger posts about Lauren and Camila didn’t even mention them fucking. Did you see sexual pictures of them? Did you see anyone saying they wanted them fucking? NO, then GTFO. AND what fantasies are you talking about? LOOK carefully at those gifs, do you think we made those up? God you’re hilarious. You must be the delusional one cause I don’t know where you got “them fucking” or “sexualizing their friendship” cause my post doesn’t say any of that.😂😂 👋