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My dude I have gotten punched in the heart with some Caesar Feels and legitimately feel like crying, would it be too much to ask for some Caesar reacting to finding his s/o in tears

Friendo I can completely relate

I’ve got some lighter imagines over 『here』 but I went ahead and wrote more anyway, so forgive me if they end up being vague or repetitive

  • First course of action: a hug. He’d place his s/o in his lap and just hold them until they stopped crying, no matter how long it takes. They don’t need to worry about getting his shirt wet, don’t need to worry about what he’ll think of them- he absolutely adores his s/o, and would be more heartbroken than anything to see them like this.
  • When they’re ready to talk about whatever’s going on, he’s going to be very gentle. He definitely wants to know what’s going on, and he can’t help unless they explain the situation, but he also doesn’t want to make them cry again.
  • He’ll prepare them a warm drink, grab their favorite blanket, and light the fireplace for them. He may even let them wear one of his coats or shirts, if it helps them relax and calm down. He’ll also hum or sing lullabies or tell stories in Italian, if his s/o finds his voice soothing at all.
  • Crying can be exhausting, and explaining the reasons behind it can be even more tiring. So once his s/o has said everything they needed to, Caesar would insist on their going to bed. He’d offer his own bed, if his s/o doesn’t want to sleep alone quite yet- he’ll lull them to sleep by playing with their hair, sending Hamon flowing through it until they’re relaxed.
  • When they wake up, he’d want to offer advice on the situation, if he feels like he can help at all. He’d also insist that his s/o take the day easy, especially if they’re clearly still upset.


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//It’s late, but Sanji was out cold XD Sorry for the long post and thank you so much for all the Valentine gifts and all the support for this blog!!!! We really really appreciate it!!! And I am sorry this post is very long maybe you probably got tired scrolling through the entire thing wwww :”) (Also the comic might looks so rushed and idk what iamevendoingeven-)

But I hope you enjoyed this Valentine special nonetheless! AND THANK YOU to EVERYONE who participated in #BLOODFORSANJI event I made!!! He is now up and things are going back to normal~

I didn’t expect this much of positivity from everyone so let me say that again… THANK YOU. For being there. For everything ^^

You know how Caesar keeps fuckin soap in his gloves for his attacks. Does this mean his hands constantly have that soapy “didn’t rinse my hands well enough” texture. Like he’s learned to live with that disgusting slimy hell feeling on his hands. How often does he get soap in his mouth. Do you think he’s gotten used to the taste so it doesn’t even affect him anymore?

Is holding his hand unpleasant and sticky? Like if you kiss him its actually not great because it tastes like soap but if you mention it he gets all flustered and angry about it.

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Hmm hmm how about some of the cast of part 2 or 3.. as children on a playground?

(i cheated for the background but i hope you still like it)

someone needs to give these kids a lesson on playground safety

(original image)


“So, there’s a girl?” Caesar asked Finnick with an eyebrow raised. A large grin pulled itself onto Finnick’s face. “There is,” he answered. Many of the women in the audience cheered with joy, some hoped dearly it was them the boy with champagne blonde hair was talking about.

“Mind telling us more?” Caesar challenged playfully. “I’m not so sure she wants her name broadcasted on television for millions to see, but I can however tell you about her,” Finnick spoke.

“Go on,” Caesar urged him. “She’s beautiful, she has these beautiful eyes that sparkle like diamonds in the sun. She’s so incredibly intelligent and smart, and so easy to talk to. She’s just really perfect,” Finnick said.

“Well I hope that we can hear more of her sometime,” Caesar nodded, hopeful that Finnick bring his significant other into the spotlight. Finnick shrugged with a smile, “Maybe.”