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“You may not be my mommy @teenprincesscadance but you know how to feel better just like mommy does…”


Responding to this lovely art right here –> - … assume this takes place after the whole ice cream thing… she loves her mommy so much even a younger version that’s not her mommy exactly!


“Just had a kid lol. I love Flurry to pieces, but even with that magical dampener she’s still a hoofful! Twilight managed to bring back a souvenir from the ‘hooman’ land that helps, though. This ‘empythree’ player is incredible! There are so many uses… Stuck in boring briefings detailing the Guards’ choice of helmet shiner? I Will Survive! Flurry just won’t go to sleep? The Fresh Prince will take care of that! Ponies doubting that I’m not ready to absolutely decimate the competition? Please - you know the Empire Strikes First!”

“the shot seen ‘round the world”

(this is non Canon)


Kinda fan art for @ask-wiggles ‘s @ask-king-sombra blog! I do hope you enjoy this! 

Seems there’s still a lot of confusion on the topic of alicorn origins. I have written about this before, and I assumed a lot of it was common knowledge, but I suppose I shall need to clarify further.

One reader asks:
“So was Cadance a born alicorn, or was she a pegasus pony who earned a horn (and earth pony qualities) and not wings? I’m not sure whether the objection is factual or semantic. Also there’s this story about her defeating a witch.”

She was born a pegasus. I would have considered this a factual matter, but I suppose there may be differing views on what it is to gain something, which might make this a semantic matter. However, the original context was about doing something worthy to earn wings, and if it’s a semantic issue then is it also in question whether being born can count as doing something worthy? I would argue being born is not even something you do, but something that happens to you. Regardless, it is a fact that she was born with wings, as pegasi are.

And yes, there is a story involving a witch who Cadence defeats, and subsequently reforms, using love. That story is true and did lead to her earning her place as an alicorn. Obviously she didn’t gain wings by doing so, as she already had them since birth.

Another reader states:
“Celestia claimed Flurry Heart was the only pony to ever be born an Alicorn in Equestria.”

Indeed she did, and this is also accurate. Apart from myself, Cadence (who we’ve already covered above) and Flurry Heart (born alicorn, as mentioned), there are only two remaining alicorns: Celestia and Luna. Neither of them were born in Equestria. Perhaps there is some additional confusion regarding this since they were born in Canterlot, but they were born before Equestria was founded, thus not in Equestria. They were, however, born alicorns.

In conclusion, I am the only alicorn who has gained or earned wings, hence the previous questions were based on faulty assumptions or misinformation. (Again, this is assuming that being born with wings doesn’t count as gaining them. I would not interpret it as a gain when it’s something you start with.)

Hopefully this will clear up any confusion on this matter.

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