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Oooohh yall are open! May i ask for Bel, Byakuran and Takeshi for the so forgetting about them scenario please?


You opened your eyes, squinting at the bright light. It caused your current headache to double in pain. Mercifully the lights were switched off. You turned to your side ready to thank whoever switched the lights off for you, and came face to face with an attractive looking guy with white hair and lavender eyes. You noticed some red stains on his clothes as he smiled at you relieved that you were alright.

“[Name]-chan you’re awake.” He held onto your hand, “I thought that you-”

“I’m sorry.” You interrupted him, “Who are you?”

He looked confused, “What do you mean? I’m your fiancé.”

You still looked confused.


“Not ringing any bells.” You told him.

Byakuran glared at nothing, you felt a chill when you saw his barely restrained anger. He let go of your hand and went on the phone walking away from you with his back turned to you. You stared at his back, mind going really fast. Could you trust this guy? He looked ready to kill just a second ago? He turned back to you, eyes softening when he looked at you.

“Bring them to me.” He said before ending the call.


“Don’t worry [Name]-chan.” He approached you and kissed you on the forehead, “You’ll remember me very soon.”

You stared at him, not knowing how to feel about that.


You sat at the table of your shared apartment and ate the sushi the man- no Takeshi- made for you to help jog your memory. It was delicious, and you hummed your delight causing him to smile brighter than before.

“Do you remember anything?” He asked optimistic.

You looked apologetically at him, “No, sorry. It’s really good though.”

He deflated a bit and you couldn’t help but feel bad even though there was nothing you could do. He grabbed onto your hand when he sensed your disappointment and gave you a reassuring smile.

“It’s okay [Name]-chan.” He told you, “You’ll remember soon enough.”

You smiled at him, “If it means eating like this all the time it can’t be all bad.”

He laughed at your quip, causing you to blush at him. You really wanted to remember your relationship with Takeshi. He was so attentive and loving you could imagine yourself with him. You stared at his hands feeling the calluses. You felt a bit lightheaded, something was coming to you.

“[Name]-chan?” He questioned you when you zoned out.

You focused on him, excited, “You’re a swordsman!” You exclaimed.

He nodded at you feeling some of your excitement, “Yes, yes I am [Name]-chan.”

You ate more of the sushi, maybe it was causing you to remember some things. You didn’t notice the resigned smile on his face as he watched you eat.


Your head was killing you as you felt yourself being moved somewhere. You were rested down on the ground somewhere and was shook violently. You heard a voice desperately call to you.

“[Name]? [Name]! You need to get up right now.”

You opened your eyes staring at the guy with bangs that was too long and a crown on his head. You blinked at him, knowing that this was bizarre at least. The prince held you when you blinked at him, not catching your utter confusion. Who was this guy? Why is there gunfire around here? Where were you anyway? And why is that guy pointing a gun at you. You tapped the prince to get his attention.

“Prince there’s a gun pointed at us!”

Before you could register it the prince threw a knife at the would be assailant, who dropped to the ground dead. You sighed in relief that you survived. The prince stared at you.

“Principessa you called me prince?”

You turned your attention to him, “That’s what you are right?” You asked.

“Yes I am a prince.” He grinned, “But you never call me that.”

“I don’t? What do I call you? Do I know you?” You asked.

He stared at you for a second, before a malicious smile crept on his face. You felt uncomfortable watching it happen. You had a bad feeling this would not end well, but you didn’t know for who.

“You don’t remember me Principessa?” He asked, the smile never leaving his face.

“Uh no?” You began looking for an escape route, “Should I?”


“Okay time to go.” You thought, but he grabbed your hand and hoisted you up before you could flee. A knife appearing in his free hand stilled you before you even began struggling.

“The prince will take care of this familigia first, then we’ll fix you Principessa.” He told you as he dragged you along.

You blanched as he cut down the first person and silently swore to yourself.    

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Ok, but you brought in Byakuran and his squad. And now, I'm just kinda giggling over how he'd deal with fibro!Tsuna and Enma. Like, he can't even get a rise outta them, they're just So Done. Byakuran is OUT OF HIS DEPTH, Shouichi help me, Tsuna isn't doing the THING! Spanner would totally be all for fibro!Tsuna though. "Lollypop?" "Will it release me from all this pain and anguish?" "Eh.... maybe. But it'll be yummy and you won't have to really do anything with it." "I'm in."

i had a text post where tsuna asks byakuran to change the date of A Big Fight to something a little more weather-appropriate and i bet my jollies byakuran tries to to contact shouichi like ‘how do say no to this without being a downright jackass’.

tsuna: wow… he’s pretty AND considerate, what a catch.
tsuna: *eyebrow waggles* lucky you, irie-san
shouichi: *leaves and buries himself in his work so he doesn’t have to think about that.*


spanner: lollipop?
tsuna: is it poisoned
spanner: …um.
tsuna: specifically, is it poison that will kill me slowly or quickly? painfully? painlessly? will it make me go into unfeeling paralytic shock? is it going to burn my tongue off?
spanner: there is literally no way to prove it’s safe to eat without eating part of it myself and giving you the rest, which is highly inappropriate given our situation and everything about it. also the fact that it’s a very small lollipop.
tsuna: this is true
tsuna: *eats it anyway*
tsuna: if i die, i’m thanking you

spanner: okay this is a very important question
spanner: if i help you perfect your x-burner are you going to use it on yourself?
tsuna: what, and burn myself alive? hell no, that would be so painful. 
spanner: alright lets do it then
tsuna: …i mean, after the nerves are gone there’s supposedly no feeling, but, like- 
spanner: never mind
tsuna: what? why?

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"Live fast eat ass die young."

          Spoken without any specific intonation and punctuation, words appeared to the Cloud nothing less than gibberish, what he didn’t attempt to make sense from, as taking into consideration the person who delivered the speech, merely five percent of what escaped his mouth daily was worth the slightest part of his concern. Thus when expression of apparent boredom slipped through the cracks of his composure, the raven-haired uttered in a tranquil tone. “Knowing your life motto isn’t listed amongst required from you information.”

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If you're still doing 'send me a character' thing, would you mind doing Kikyo? :)

I assume Kikyo from KHR; sorry if you meant from Inuyasha…Feeling pretty safe with the KHR assumption though, ha.

I dunno which one you want so from now on if we’re gonna do this please specify ‘hogwarts’ or ‘non-hogwarts’

As it is I’mma do all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So whichever you were interested in, just read that


  • First impression - the fuck is wrong with his makeup
  • Impression now - the fuck in general
  • Favorite moment - It seems really minor, but that bit after Choice where he asks Byakuran to explain why he wants Uni so badly and Byakuran is all “?? I haven’t told you??” And Kikyo’s so patient it’s just awwww
  • Idea for a story - …Uh…He’s not a main or anything but if I did, probably how he would deal with the memories of the Future?
  • Unpopular opinion - I don’t really like the idea of him working in a make-up shop (DOES THAT COUNT???)
  • Favorite relationship - Him and Zakuro have a bromance but I dunno how canon that is? So him and Byakuran
  • Favorite headcanon - …He becomes Xanxus’s Cloud? Is that a headcanon?

Actually I think I deleted this one? I dunno if i did but to cover my bases (I hate disappointing)

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff
best quality: That hair
worst quality: You chose the wrong side bud
ship them with: Probably Zakuro ayyyyyyyye
brotp them with: Byakuran but probably more Zakuro ayyyyyyyyyye
needs to stay away from: …Xanxus probably coz he kinda shot Kikyo’s head so for his own safety…run, Kikyo
misc. thoughts:

Just in general






And yeah I reckon KHR judging from your blog XD

But yeah thanks for asking~

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ohwaaa this shy s.o. bath scenario was greaaaat!! thank you so much for making my day with your request <3 could i get a scenario with kyoya and byakuran and mukuro and alaude where their s,o. tells them that they are pregnant and how would the boys react? 0////0 (awww sorry are there too many characters? sorry if so q..q)

Oh, thank you so much.  I’m glad you liked it.  I’m still not sure how Mukuro’s ended up like that…  And your request is perfectly fine - I don’t really have a limit on characters.  I mean if you ask for 20 or something I might take a while to do it.  I also won’t do characters just in the manga at this point, since I haven’t read it yet.
And I’d like to apologize for the behemoth that Hibari’s and Mukuro’s became…

Hibari:  You stared into the cup of tea that was sitting on the low table in front of you, wondering how you would ever be able to tell your carnivore about your condition.  You and him had never talked about having children.  Sure you might have told him a few times how you would one day love to be a parent, but he had only ever responded with his “Hn” and that was that.  Now you had to tell him that you were two and a half months pregnant with not only one child but two.  And on top of that, you were going to tell him on the day that he returned from a month and a half mission for Tsuna.  Taking a deep breath, you went over another time aloud what you were going to tell your husband when he got back to your home, “Hibari, I’m pregnant.”  Unfortunately for you, you had been so focused on your own thoughts that you hadn’t realized the door behind you had slid open until you heard, “Hn.  What was that, omnivore?“  Eyes wide, you turned quickly around, spilling your hot tea all over your hands. Letting out a yelp, you met your husband’s cool, grey eyes focused intently on your face.  The mixture of the pain, the shock, and your own fear caused tears to start welling  up in your eyes before you focused them on the ground, only seeing Hibari’s feet as he walked to in front of you before crouching down.  Gently he lifted your chin, ”Why are you crying, omnivore?”  His gentle tone, a tone you had never actually heard from him before - including on the day you had been married - only caused you to sob harder.  “It’s nothing,” you tried to reassure him, pulling away from his grasp to swipe at your eyes, “it’s just the hormones.”  You didn’t even bother trying to cover up what you had just said - it’s not like Hibari would fall for any half-hearted excuse you could come up with.  “Hn.  You should be happy.”  Hibari commented.  Hope filling you, you lifted your face to him, “You’re not upset?”  “Why would I be upset, carnivore?”  Hibari asked, as he pulled two  handkerchiefs from his pocket to dip in the pitcher of ice-water on the table before wrapping your burnt hands in them.  “Carnivore?”  You questioned through your drying tears.  Letting his hand drift to your stomach, “If you’re carrying a carnivore, that makes you one as well.”  “Carnivores,” you corrected.  “What?”  Hibari frowned.  “Carnivores.  As in, twins,” you told him.  “Hn.“  Making eye-contact with Hibari, you saw his gaze focused on your abdomen, as if trying to glare through your skin and see that there really were two babies growing inside of you.

Byakuran:  You stared at Byakuran, wondering if you had broken him.  For the past three minutes, he had done nothing but stare at you, blinking rapidly.  Sure, maybe you were partially to blame, you could have asked him to sit down.  In your defense, you didn’t think your partner would react quite like this when you told him that you were four months pregnant.  “Byakuran?”  You asked, getting a little worried.  What if he was upset by the news and this was why he wasn’t replying?  Maybe he didn’t want a baby and he was trying to find a way to tell you that?  Even as that horrifying thought crossed your mind, Byakuran let out a loud laugh before reaching over and picking you up, spinning you around in the air.  “Y/n-chan,” he shouted, “that is the best news in the world.“  Laughing he put you down before squatting down so that he was level with your stomach.  As he put his hands onto your not yet showing abdomen, he started talking to the child growing inside your womb - telling it to treat y/n-chan nicely and that when it comes, he would feed it lots of sweets and about the fun they would have together.  Smiling down at your partner and his childish antics, you wondered why you had ever doubted that Byakuran would be happy by this development.

Mukuro:  The little shit probably knew before you did.  You had debated for awhile on how to tell Mukuro you were pregnant.  You couldn’t figure it out though.  How to surprise an mafia illusionist in a way that wouldn’t get you killed due to his own shock.  You had briefly contemplated getting Fran or Chrome in on the surprise to help you do your own illusionary trick, but there were two issues with that.  1) Chrome would be a blushing, stuttering mess if she had to do something like that.  And 2) you absolutely refused to let an emotionless kid get involved in what should be the happiest day of your life, damn it.  Finally you decided on the most straight-forward way.  After all, as a manipulative illusionist he would not see the straightforward way coming - ha, take that you control obsessed jerk!  Okay, you’d be the first to admit that maybe you were being a little on the vindictive side - but it was all due to the hormones, which you could then blame on Mukuro.  So really, it was all Mukuro’s fault.  Marching into Mukuro’s office, you flung the door open dramatically, causing your partner to look up at you in an amused state.  “Kufufufu,” he laughed.  “Someone seems to be fired up.”  His comments only riled you even more.  You swept haughtily into the room, coming to stand on the other side of his desk.  Once there, you dropped the box in your hands on the desk in front of him.  “A present?  For me?  You really shouldn’t ha-“  Mukuro’s voice trailed off as he opened the box to see the positive pregnancy test sitting in it.  Swallowing, he looked intently up at you.  “This is true?  You’re not pulling a prank?”  The intensity in his voice startled you, causing you to start doubting yourself.  “No,” you squeaked out.  His eyes narrowed at you.  “I mean, no I’m not pulling a prank.  I really am pregnant.”  You stared in fear at his face - surely Mukuro wouldn’t be so against the idea that you or your baby would be in danger.  Unconsciously, your arms wrapped in front of your abdomen.  In a second, Mukuro was in front of you and had you turned around, sitting on the desk.  Sweeping the papers that had to be signed off and on to the floor, he kissed you passionately.  “I think this calls for a celebration,” he grinned, even as his hands started to free your heaving chest from the confines of its shirt.

Alaude:  You had decided that casually mentioning your…delicate…condition to Alaude would be the best way to go.  However as soon as dinner had started, you started thinking about ways to ply the skylark with alcohol and tell him after he was flat-out drunk.  Alaude, meanwhile, was trying to figure out why you were smiling nervously at him across the table.  He could think of no good reason why you should be nervous - unless it was upset with him.  He knew it couldn’t be that, however, your birthday had just passed, the next closest anniversary was four months out and Valentine’s Day hadn’t come yet.  On the other side of the table, you jumped guiltily as Alaude stared intensely at you, as if trying to read your mind.  You let out a nervous huff of amusement, he probably could read your mind if he tried hard enough.  As he opened his mouth, probably to accuse you of not telling him, you blurted out.  "I’m pregnant, Alaude."  Fork frozen in mid-air, he blinked at you.  Once.  Twice.  Three times.  Clearing his throat, he placed his fork down before standing up and walking over to you.  He stood at the side of your chair, reaching his hand out to help you stand.  You waited for him to say something, anything - even though it would probably be something along the lines of "leave,” knowing his views on family.  Blinking back your tears, you looked up at him, meeting his eyes.  One of his hands reached towards your eyes, brushing away the water droplets that had yet to fall.  “That is…very good news, y/n,” he said, before leaning down and kissing you sweetly.

Yep, Mukuro’s still a pervert…I swear, he can’t ever just be a nice, decent guy not that’d I’d want him anyway else

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Headcanons for what it would be like if mukuro, Yamamoto, and Byakuran had a s/o that worked in a flower shop?

//  I always dreamed of working in a flower shop. It must be so nice! //

~Admin Reborn~


  • Mukuro will be a little against you working in a place where anyone can come and go. After all, potential enemies can disguise themselves as customers and hurt you.
  • That being said, he’ll support you. And by support you, I mean he will constantly be checking in on you.
  • When he checks in on you, he’ll just waltz in like he owns the place. There’s a long line of customers? Who cares, you’re his s/o. He gets first serving and premium customer service.
  • I can imagine you telling him that you have customers to attend while he just keeps going on and on about whatever.
  • If anyone remotely suspicious talks to you or even looks at you (both in the wrong way or not), then be you can bet your private security guard will be “escorting them out”.
  • Mukuro will try to make you learn how to defend yourself, and probably even give you a weapon of some sort just in case things go south.
  • All in all, Mukuro will be supportive of your decision to work in a flower shop, but believe me, he will not be giving you any employee of the month award what will all his interruptions.


  • Byakuran will definitely not want you being (let alone working) at any place that’s far from him. So chances are, this flower shop will be a nearby place where he can keep close tabs on you.
  • I bet he will have someone go undercover to work with you. That way, he won’t have to go there in person constantly.
  • That being said, he will sometimes go visit you. He might just have some respect in waiting until there aren’t too many customers when he talks to you. Or maybe not.
  • Byakuran will let you have a say in whatever he wants to talk to you about. And should someone even dare to come close to you two while talking…. Well, a small glare on his side will be enough to ward people away.
  • Don’t worry, you won’t have to worry about knowing how to defend yourself. That undercover agent of his will jump to your defense should anything go wrong.
  • Still, if you ask nicely, Byakuran just might help you learn how to defend yourself.
  • This guy will let you work in basically whatever place you want to, but you know there’s a catch. And what that catch is really depends how Byakuran is feeling.


  • Don’t worry, Yamamoto will actually have some decency in how to go about this situation.
  • He will not mind you working in such a place. He will just want to check it out first and see if it’s a suitable place for you.
  • When you’re working, he will not suddenly burst in on the scene and disturb you, so you don’t have to worry about any of that. Instead, he’ll probably wait until you’re on lunch break to drop by and say hello.
  • Rest assure that he will definitely show you a thing or two on how to protect yourself. Unfortunately, he may not always be there to help you out should something happen, so he wants to make sure you’re prepared.
  • Still, he will ask some trusted people to keep an eye on you every now and then, and may even bribe some regular customers into doing it too.
  • Yamamoto will always be there waiting for you when your day ends to walk you home. No way will he be leaving you alone at such a time.
  • Yamamoto will be the most supportive person on this list, really. He trusts that you know what you’re doing (or want to do).

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For any fandom- Someone(s) is a dragon. I don't know who, I don't know where- but dragons! Dragons!

Dragon!AUs are my weakness. Have dragon!Tsuna.

Byakuran opens his Box Weapon, and all Tsuna can think when he sees the white dragon is, is that the best you’ve got?

It’s a stupid, stupid thing to think, but there’s fire everywhere, and Tsuna can feel the hoardmarks singing around his arm. His blood, sluggish and bonfire-hot, is stirring and his jacket feels too warm.

A dragon for a box weapon. How arrogant is Byakuran? When the scale-blood is still so hot that its descendants are born with slit pupils and sharp teeth, what right does he have to turn flame into the form of that heritage? And so small, did Byakuran really not know? Tsuna can’t believe he doesn’t know this, when his spies have told him so much. But if Byakuran understood what rests in Tsuna’s blood, what draws color around his forearm without needle or ink, he wouldn’t have brought out that box.

Tsuna lets out a slow breath, feels its heat as it passes his lips, and shoves up his sleeve, pressing one gloved hand to his hoardmarks, which are white-warm through the leather.

citrine, hematite, topaz, garnet, aquamarine, peridot, sunstone, iolite, tanzanite, lapis lazuli, ruby

Eleven rings of color, bright against his skin, named after the gemstones his ancestors loved, standing for people the scale-blooded defend.

The barrier is holding, his blood is burning, his hoard is endangered. His mother always told him, when he needed to know how, he would be able to.

Tsuna wraps his fingers around his hoardmarks, and lets the snarl echo out of his chest, lets the scales wrap his fragile body in the unconquerable form of his heritage. He spreads golden wings, and blinks orange eyes at Byakuran, suddenly so much smaller and more fragile looking.

Enough, he thinks, and lets free his Flame.

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OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH!! Can I have yandere triangle between Tsuna/x/Byakuran and Hibari/x/Yamamoto?

‌• Byakuran will get to you first. He’s met you in some of his other timelines, but you had never been together, always a necessary casualty in the war. He was happy to find you did not remember him; he had worried you’d keep the memories from the bad timeline, but you hadn’t been important enough, apparently. He had been easily able to find you, and quickly integrated himself into your everyday life.
‌• One thing that wasn’t the same was the fact that in this timeline, your family had ties to the mafia. So suddenly one day you took a job as a secretary for Tsuna himself. Your family had pushed you to do so; they were apparently very loyal to the Vongola and you not taking any active part in the Famiglia would give them a bad name. And you really weren’t opposed to it, you had been expecting this for quite a while.
‌• Tsuna had immediately taken a liking to you, and had decided that he was going to make you his own. He was very overly friendly, finding as many silly excuses as he could to keep you in his office. He was always finding something else that he needed you to help him with. Any day now, he’d think to himself, he was going to pounce. Almost, not quite yet.
‌• But Byakuran was definitely not going to let that happen. He’d had his people following you for a few days now, and he knew he had to step in. So when you got home you found he was already there. Before you could even ask how the heck he got in he was telling you that you were coming with him. He loved you dearly and you were going to be with him. He would keep you safe and you’d have everything you’d ever need, and you weren’t going to be going back to the Vongola. If you hesitate for even a second he will tell you, his smile never leaving his face, that he will take you by force if he needs to.
‌• So he takes you back to his own home, and if you embrace it he will be very pleased and give you more or less your freedom in his house, though he does keep hidden cameras around just to make sure you don’t try to leave or double cross him. If you try to resist, he will keep you locked in his room at all times. You’ll have everything you could ever want, except for your freedom.
‌• Unbeknownst to you, Tsuna has asked Byakuran to release you. Well, perhaps not ask. He’s ordered Byakuran to release you. Telling him that this doesn’t have to turn ugly, and that it would just be easiest for everyone if he complied. Byakuran will refuse, and claim you’re here of your own accord. If you have accepted him, he will even make you tell Tsuna yourself over the video chat they’re using (making sure to be holding you incredibly tight around your waist, just to show off the fact that you’re his.) If you have tried to escape, though, he will not do that and just tell Tsuna that he’ll have to take his word on it because you were busy.
‌• Whatever happens, Tsuna is already planning to break in and get you back. His guardians help, of course, and it practically becomes a war in Byakuran’s mansion. Byakuran keeps you close to him and pretty much just trusts in the Wreaths to be able to fight them off. But Tsuna’s sneaky and was able to get past everyone in the commotion and make it to the two of you.
‌• Tsuna will repeat what he’d said before, pretty much. Something along the lines of ‘let’s not make this any harder than it has to be, hand them over.’
‌• To which Byakuran just goes ‘No.’
‌• And then it comes down to you. If you decide you want to leave with Tsuna you surprise Byakuran by smashing a vase over his head. You don’t really hurt him, but it does surprise him enough for you to run to safety behind Tsuna. Tsuna will laugh and tell you to stand back while he kicks this guy’s ass.
‌• If you choose Byakuran you surprise both of them by finding the gun he thought he kept well hidden in the room and while they’re fighting laying down covering fire for him. You knew you’d never actually land a hit, not with Tsuna’s speed or his hyper-intuition, but it stalls the fight out long enough that back up comes, and being outnumbered and knowing his Guardians have failed, forces Tsuna to retreat.
‌• Whoever keeps you, there’s tension between the two Famiglias pretty much until you die, honestly. The other had never truly given up and they end up coming to blows pretty often. The only way it all stops is exactly that, either you die or one of them does. It ends up being you; you get caught in the middle of one of their fights, hit by a stray bullet piercing you right in the heart.

‌• Yamamoto will be very touchy and obvious about his feelings for you. If you seem uncomfortable or try to push him away he will pretend he does not notice, and he certainly won’t stop. He’ll be all smiles around you all the time, taking note of your hobbies and the food you like and using it to his advantage. He’ll make sure to talk to you often about the things you’re doing and will often offer to cook you your favorite foods. If you say to him, right to his face, you aren’t interested in him and he should tone it back, that smile you’ve practically never seen him without will disappear. He’ll get this steely look in his eyes and his voice will drop, making it clear that you’re in danger, and he’ll say “You’re not thinking clearly, ________-chan. I’ve always been very nice to you, haven’t I?”
‌• Hibari will be aware of Yamamoto’s feelings for you way before Yamamoto realizes Hibari’s own. So he knows that he has to play this carefully, and that he has the upper hand. You might not realize his feelings right away either, because Hibari will not act much differently towards you. You don’t notice at first, but Hibari will find as many ways to accidentally run into you as possible, and even if you guys are doing nothing but sitting in silence together, he is spending that time with you. He’ll also start planning ahead. Every time he knows that Yamamoto doesn’t have any work he will make sure to find you and steal you away before he can. He will do everything to make sure you see Yamamoto as little as possible.
‌• Yamamoto will start to catch on, though. He’ll start setting traps for Hibari whenever he can. Stuff like when you’re with him, doing something to mess with Namimori so he’ll have to leave you to deal with it. Cause Yamamoto knows Hibari will drop whatever he’s doing and go right to work. That’s when he’ll swoop in and take you away.
‌• If you choose Yamamoto, Hibari will seemingly back off. He really wants to just go and bite him to death, but they’re both Tsuna’s guardians, and they really can’t be seen fighting, it’d look bad for the Vongola. So Hibari will make sure that everything that can go wrong, does. Yamamoto will suddenly be found doing a lot more work which keeps him away for longer and longer periods of time. And Hibari will then trick Yamamoto into thinking you’re cheating on him, that you can’t stand being alone for so long. He’ll do really weird but little things so you don’t notice but he knows Yamamoto will, like arranging it so you’re out with friends or working on the days he knows Yamamoto’s coming home, or leaving around a bottle of over the counter medicine that you never really use but might’ve been in the house when he left but he can’t remember. Maybe a pair of your underwear left in a sort of hidden spot, like between the dresser and the wall, like they’d been thrown off in a hurry and forgotten about.
‌• And when Yamamoto starts accusing you of things he can swoop in before he gets violent with you and make you remember that he’s better for you and you should love him instead.
‌• If you pick Hibari, Yamamoto will do sort of the same thing, but not. Being with Hibari would already mean you’re by yourself quite a bit, since he is more of a quiet person and pretty busy with work normally. So he’d just take that up a notch. You’d find yourself alone more and more until you feel like you’re barely seeing him at all. He comes to bed after you’re already asleep and is gone before you wake. And Yamamoto is there giving you the affection you’ve been needing. And constantly talking shit about Hibari, that it’s not fitting for a guy to neglect his girlfriend so much. And that that would never happen with him.
‌• Whether you remain loyal or end up switching sides, eventually the one you didn’t pick would take it out on you. Because they really aren’t allowed to take it out on each other. And they see each other too much. And that tension would just rise way too high. Hibari would avoid you nearly completely, and when he did see you he’d treat you like nothing but a trophy wife, not smart enough or strong enough for him to even give you the time of day. And Yamamoto would border into the sexual harassment area, taking any opportunity to touch you. Like placing his hands on your shoulder, caressing your cheek, hugging you often and for very long, and “accidentally” brushing against your ass or breasts in passing. And sometimes when Hibari wasn’t around he’d lean in and whisper to you about all the things he’d do to you if he could, and how much you’d  have loved it.

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Happy Halloween! XD how about some dark!wife headcanons for Mukuro and Byakuran? Like, how would their wife's life be like?

// Happy Halloween! Hope you had a safe, happy, and fun one! Also, I hate how in all mafia movies/tv shows, the wife is always portrayed as the damsel in distress. Or she was forced to be in the mafia life. Just for one I want to see someone who’s just as power-hungry and ambitious as her husband/boyfriend :/ is that too much to ask?  //

~Admin Reborn~


  • Byakuran’s wife would lead a pretty classy life. I have a feeling he would want to spoil her rotten. Lavish gifts such as jewelry and clothes, all made from the best material in the world, will be constant. Exotic trips will be regular too.
  • Byakuran will not mind having his wife around when he is planning attacks or the like. In fact, he thinks her opinions can help him a great deal.
  • If she proves to be a good strategist, then Byakuran might even allow her to be in charge of a few of his men. 
  • At home, she will have absolutely nothing to worry about. Subordinates left and right will attend to her every need.
  • She will do her best to get involved in whatever interests Byakuran. Sadly, it seems the mafia is what really keeps them together.
  • I can totally see these two taking down their enemies together. They may even be keeping score.
  • Overall, Byakuran’s wife will act as her husband’s second in command. And you better believe she will be hella strong.


  • Mukuro’s wife will be interesting
  • His wife won’t seek out any expensive gifts. Just seeing her and Mukuro’s enemies fall will be enough for her.
  • She will honestly only be involved in what Mukuro wants her to do. She doesn’t seem like the type of person to be intruding in everything.
  • She will be tough, no doubt, not cowering in the face of danger. Mukuro will surely take pride in her.
  • Again, she will take part in only what Mukuro wants her to, so if he needs help with something involving the Vongola, then you can be sure his wife will there with aid.
  • I think she will be corrupted by Mukuro’s past and ways. As in, she may start out nice, but eventually her dark side will surface.
  • She will be just as ruthless and secretive as her husband, Mukuro, and again, just as tough. Be sure to get and stay on her good side unless you want double the illusions!
'When You're not Here' HC

Assuming you’re already in a relationship.

I’m back with a new series! Did you miss me?


  • He’s an extremely busy man so most of the time he’s the one making plans according to his schedule.
  • Since he doesn’t have much free time he won’t tolerate ‘no’ as an answer.
  • You’re not complaining; it’s difficult enough to spend time together so you’re not going to make it even tougher.
  • As a consequence, if you happen to be busy while Tsuna has planned something, you have better had a great reason.
  • He won’t deem “Girls’ night” as a good reason.
  • That is until Chrome, Bianchi, Kyoko and Haru barge in his office to complain supported by Reborn who just wanted to teach him a lesson.
  • Reborn: “Women are scary. Especially ours.”
  • Tsuna ends up sucking it up and you can feel his frustration growing so you make sure to come home earlier.
  • Tsuna is pleased with it and show it to you in bed.
  • Sometimes he’ll leave you off the hook and train with Reborn or relax with his Guardians in a bar.
  • No matter how beautiful or gorgeous the waitress and other women are, a simple text notifying him your return will be enough to have him driving back home exceeding by far the limited speed.
  • You spot two very ill-looking Yamamoto and Gokudera as you wait for him at the entrance of the manor.
  • However this is a rare scenario. Most of the time Tsuna will fall asleep on his desk after finishing his work and by the time he wakes up you’ve came back and made yourself comfortable on the couch.
  • Tsuna always complains. “Why didn’t you wake me up?”
  • He knows why though. And it’s precisely when you smile that he knows he has found the right one by his side.


  • To put it simply, he turns into a lost puppy without you around.
  • Enma is probably the most possessive man in the entire KHR universe. His lack of confidence got better with time much like Tsuna but losing his family once makes him fear it could happen again hence why he’s all about having you by his side.
  • Aka abandonment issues.
  • He probably won’t let it show but most people already know you’re his weakness; he needn’t make it more obvious.
  • Despite that Enma understands you need to see other people from time to time. He tried his best to cope with it but ends up following you or waiting for you to finish. At the door. For hours. In the dark. In the cold. Whatever.
  • Adelheid once tried giving him “the talk”.
  • Spoilers; it didn’t work and you ended up leaving way earlier than planned.
  • However, there are times when he cannot do anything.
  • If he’s in a bad mood it will show while he carries out missions. He’ll basically lash it out on his opponents. During time like these Enma is really terrifying since most people aren’t used to this dark side of him.
  • Even if he’s a good mood, he’s still going to be brutal. Think cruel child play.
  • The dying man in front of him thought he was saved when Enma went from vivid to overjoyed after hearing of your return. He almost looked innocent and not about to shoot him.
  • Indeed, Enma did leave the battlefield out of the blue. His men are used to his antics and take care of the rest.
  • As soon as you step in the mansion he tackles you in a big embrace and the two of you fall on the floor.
  • He constantly repeats how much he loves you and sweet talks you while making love.
  • He’s the neediest of them all. Expect him to act spoiled once you’re back but don’t worry; he’ll also spoil you rotten!


  • Surprisingly enough he takes it well.
  • At first.
  • Byakuran likes to believe you depend on him.
  • He won’t be bothered right away. He’ll probably think he ‘finally’ has some time for himself but he’ll quickly realise he’s bored once he finishes messing with his Guardians.
  • Byakuran absently throwing marshmallows at people so they can ‘entertain’ him.
  • For some reasons Zakuro is his favourite target.
  • Needless to say, no matter what they do, no one is able to ‘entertain’ him.
  • Shouichi spamming you with calls because he can’t stand Byakuran messing around in his office while he’s working.
  • Soon enough everyone is calling you, begging you to come back as soon as possible.
  • •        You know it’s getting serious when Yuni calls you in tears.
  • Kikyo has tried taking him out in a bar to unwind.
  • Byakuran was so bored he gave a literal banana to some prostitute to suck on so she would stop bothering him.
  • •        This would later be known as the banana incident.
  • Byakuran will never call you. Everyone may but not him. He’s too proud to admit he’s missing you.
  • However when you end up calling him, he’s overjoyed and smugly pretending everything is fine.
  • If you’re out with some girlfriends he’ll pout but still wait more or less obediently for you to come home.
  • The same cannot be said with guys.
  • Byakuran is not leaving you alone with some guys unless they’re from the family.
  • Even when they are, Byakuran asks for a full check on them.
  • The guys you’re with are constantly reminded by text that Byakuran is watching and they had better not try anything funny if they value their lives.
  • Be it with girls or guys, Byakuran always picks you up.
  • When you ask him why everyone had been calling you he silences you with a kiss.
  • It cute and all until you reach the bedroom where he ‘punishes’ you for ‘leaving him alone’.
  • The next day your phone is buzzing this time begging you to be quieter.