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okay but LOOK so basically voldemort asked to burrow kreacher because he needed help and regulus was like “(◕‿◕✿) sure sir!” thinking that regulus would be fine bc voldemort wouldn’t mistreat him, right? obviously or else regulus wouldn’t have been loyal to him

then a while later kreacher shows up and he tells regulus that voldemort left him to die in a cave and regulus literally is like “(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻”

then he instantly decides to turn his back on voldemort because he mistreated a HOUSE ELF so he goes and does some research and finally comes to the realisation that following voldemort isn’t the right choice and that voldemort is a fucking asshole

so he goes to the cave and instead of asking kreacher to drink it since he was able to survive before and was able to apparate back home, he drinks it all by himself and gives the horocrux to kreacher and asks him to destroy it and

regulus died because he didn’t want to harm kreacher

regulus turned his back against voldemort because he harmed kreacher

regulus discovered the horocruxes decades before dumbledore did and replaced one with a fake one and a dramatic letter and he just is so fucking amazing
but everyone fucking stans a greasy piece of shit and i’m DONE.

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Can we get a blurb on where you and harry have been dating for several months and you've always admired his cross necklace and he gives it to you for safe keeping while he is touring? can it be cute/smutty? please? :D x

The Necklace

“Why are you so fascinated with it?” he asks, gazing at your fingers caressing his cross necklace.

You glance at where your fingers are holding the necklace as you’re nestled against him in bed. The last hour was magnificent as he brought you to the brink again and again until you both finally tumbled over the end into oblivion. Now you’re simply enjoying the company of each other as Harry grazes his fingers over your shoulder.

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i can't get over how amazing wentworth miller's acting was last night. the way michael was still taking those sharp breaths even after he stood up like you do after you've been crying hard and it takes a while to calm down was something that i feel like i don't see a lot on tv and it was just such an amazing detail in his acting like holy shit.

I cannot agree with you more. I need to rewatch episode 5x05 again to appreciate the details better ‘though. I think Dominic Purcell’s acting owned episode 5.01 and Wentworth Miller’s acting during this episode (5x05) is brutal and amazing. Wait until Michael and Sara reunite, because Sarah Wayne Callies is gonna rock it. I am telling you. 

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how about possession AU where instead of being evil spirits its just ghosts of long lost lovers who want to finally be united (and maybe bone down) and choose g and sid for *handwaves* reasons. and instead of being all ominous it just results in the team finding the two in compromising positions, talking like some sort of bodice ripper romance characters. also g would totally be possessed by the lady ghost. because imagine him swooning into sid's arms.

om g LOOOOL okay tbh when i first read long lost ghost lovers I immediately thought of a ghost who latches onto sid because Sid looks like his lover, and he thinks that his lover has finally come back to him (his lover died - either killed by angry townsfolk or at sea, i haven’t decided yet), and the ghosts sees geno as someone he must get rid of


It does sound adorable, but I have a few ideas of my own for Brothers Saved! This wouldn’t fit into my plans. Sam’s fight with John is already planned out, and it’s not going to all go down the same way this time because the circumstances are changed. Sam’s not fighting for his independence this time, he’s fighting for Dean’s. The older brother he looks up to, the person who taught him about hunting long before John considered it.

Domestic AUs are not my cup of tea. I encourage if anyone wants to write this out to go for it, but I’m here for action, adventure, horror, suspense. Feels and stress and angst. @neonthebright could tell you how antsy I get when the fluff scenes start to go on for chapters, because I’m itching to get back to the action. So this kind of thing will be in short supply over here.

We even have ideas thought up for Brothers Saved in multiple AUs, so it may get split into different AUs in the future.

As it is, I have given a lot of thought to Sam, Dean and John’s relationship, for better or worse, and as this probably won’t be finished for posting for some time, I’ll give you a peek:

Sam glared at John, breathing hard. He’d come home this afternoon from the store to find John back without warning from a case, talking fast and explaining exactly what he needed from Sam, where they needed to go, and how important it was that they get ready and stop dragging your damn heels.

All this was well and fine, about what the eighteen-year-old expected. Never mind that Sam was a few weeks from graduation, and they needed to study for an exam. Dean would want in on a hunt anytime he got the chance.

And then the real fight began.

John shot back that Dean needed to stay behind. He would just hold them back at his size. He went so far as to say he’d already explained such to Dean, they had no use for his ‘attempts to act normal’ getting in the way of a hunt.

“I can’t believe you said that to him!”

“Of course I said it to him! Someone has to tell him these things!”

“Dean knows what he’s doing,” Sam growled out. “You would know that if you ever bothered with him!” His voice rose higher with each word until he was shouting.

John was right in his face, spitting back. By all rights, they should have come to blows. “He needs to respect his limitations, Sam! All it takes is one second with your guard down, and he’ll be dead!

Your Chariot Awaits (II)

Part I.

Clarke kicked her heels off and looked up at the water tower while Bellamy wheeled his bike into the bushes.  “You’re sure?” he asked, joining her and peering up.

“You chickening out on me, Blake?” she teased.

He swallowed and shook his head.  “Just waiting for you to start.”

Clarke busied herself twisting the skirt of her dress into a knot above her knee so it wouldn’t trip her up as she climbed.  “So you can climb up behind me and look up my dress?”

“I was thinking so I could keep you from falling and dying, but sure, I can go first if you want,” he said with a tiny wink.

“Oh, on second thought, yeah, I’m going first,” she said, and grabbed the rung to haul herself up.

Clarke had second thoughts once she was ten feet up, but Bellamy was on the ladder already and she didn’t want to bail, so she told herself not to look down and kept on going.  She reached the narrow ledge and slipped through the bars on the railing.  The wind tugged at her hair and she braced her hands on the railing.  A feeling of exuberance set in; Clarke wasn’t naturally a risk taker but this– this felt right.

Bellamy joined her and shrugged out of his jacket.  He draped it over her shoulders and looked out across the valley.  It was warm and heavy, and made her stomach curl pleasantly. “It’s pretty up here,” he said.    

“Why me?” she asked, burrowing a little deeper into his jacket, and stole a glance at him out of the corner of her eye.

“What?”  The wind ruffled his curls and he kept his eyes on the blanket of lights spread before them.

“We’ve never talked before.  Why me, and why tonight?”

“You complaining?” he asked, and she liked how his voice sounded when he was teasing her.  It was like there was years of friendship between the two of them, not just one night of reckless decisions.

“Just trying to figure you out,” she said lightly.

Bellamy shrugged and his gaze flickered towards her.  “You know who you are.  I like that.  So why’d you pick this place?”

Now it was her turn to shrug.  “I always wanted to climb this thing,” she said, and her pinky brushed against his.  Bellamy looked at their hands and didn’t move, so she turned to face him fully.  “Thanks for the jacket.  And the ride.  And— this,” she said, waving out at the open air.

“Anytime, princess,” he said, and straightened.  His eyes were dark, but the look in them was unmistakeable.  Clarke reached up and ran her fingers through his hair, and just like on the dance floor, his eyes fluttered closed like he enjoyed her touch.  

So there, on top of the world, Clarke rolled up onto her toes and pressed her lips to his.

Bellamy inhaled sharply and then his hand came to curve around her jaw, his mouth opening under hers.  His other arm eased under his jacket and wrapped around her waist, pressing them together.  Wind whipped around them and Clarke tipped her head to the side to deepen the kiss.  His tongue brushed hers and Clarke made a soft noise at the back of her throat.

Bellamy looked a little dazed as he pulled back, and then dropped another kiss to the tip of her nose before he cleared his throat.  “When’s your curfew tonight, princess?” he asked, and Clarke hoped he never said her real name again, because when he said princess like that— rough and fond and just a little bit lost— something inside of her melted.

“I don’t have one,” she said with a grin.

Bellamy’s face split into a smile, broad and real.  “Then where to next?”

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Hi! My birthday is April 3rd and I was wondering if I could get a best friends/ peeta is jealous Drabble please? Thank you so much lovelies.

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Wishing you a wonderful birthday! The incredible @alliswell21 has written this perfect little bit of Everlark, just for you. Enjoy!


A/N: Happy Birthday! Here is a fluffy Everlark growing-back-together story with just a touch of spice. Enjoy!!!

Canon compliant
Rated T
Fluff and Comfort


It’s a rare evening, peaceful and quiet, Peeta and I sit on the porch watching the sun dip to sleep in the horizon, displaying the most beautiful array of colors either of us has seen in months.

“Look!” I whisper, “It’s your favorite color,” I point at the glorious arrange of oranges, yellows and pinks just in front of us.

Peeta smiles at the sky contentedly, softly. At peace. “I remember it clearly now,” he says with a pleased sigh. Then his sweet, blue eyes, turn to find mine, reaching my hand with his. “Thank you,”

“What for?” I ask confused.

“You gave me back part of my identity just by knowing something as simple as my favorite color, or how I tie my shoelaces.” He scoots closer to me on the stoop while intertwining our fingers more firmly. “You help me rediscover the real me every day. Thank you for not forgetting who I was, even when I did.” He kisses my knuckles.

“Well, you’ve help me stay sane, so I guess…” I fish in my head for the right words, but he smirks and answers,

“We’re even?”

I scowl causing him to chuckle.

“No,” I counter. “We make a good team. We are good for each other.”

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you keep on hitting, but i keep on swinging

Summary: Dan’s an asshole and Phil tries to convince himself Dan isn’t one.

Genre: Angst, fluff, smut

Warnings: lil mention of homophobia if u squint, some sexy times too

Word count: 8k

A/N: i started this fic back in june and i can’t believe i finally got around to finishing it dsjfd this is the longest i’ve written and it’s nothing great but pls appreciate it all the same sobs ;; i also tried going for a laidback style of writing but i realized it wasn’t me so i had to start all over again lmao. ok bye enjoy i guess? <3

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mick & len or michael & lincoln?

oh god oh boy ok

Mick or Len (just because i didn’t really care too much about mick till s2 where he was given more of a story since there was no len and tbh he deserves a little bit of love)

Michael or Lincoln (his way of thinking is so fascinating + how much he cares about his family makes me cry everytime, and also now i feel fair that i’ve picked one WM character and one DP character lol)

also i just realised that the initials are repeated for both (M&L in lot and M&L in pb)

make me choose between…!

If you see this, post an excerpt from your WIP

“Do you want to talk about it?” Niall asks softly.

Harry burrows in closer to Niall’s side. “No. Really not at all.”

“Do you think you need to?”

Jesus, why is Harry surrounded by all of these emotionally healthy people? It’s annoying.

“Yeah, probably.” He rolls onto his back with an annoyed sigh. “How about, I just get in my car and drive to Canada. There’s whale work in Canada, right?”

Niall shrugs. “Dunno, mate. Belugas, maybe? It gets really fucking cold in Canada, but everyone’s super nice. So, might be worth it. Except, it isn’t where you really want to be, is it.”

“Why is everyone forcing me to face uncomfortable truths about myself?” Harry sulks. “Maybe I really do want to go to Canada! I’ve heard it’s nice!”

“You don’t want to go to Canada, you want to go live in happily ever after bliss with Louis in Providence, and study whales and have babies,” Niall says wisely.

Harry stares at him. “How the fuck do you know that?”

“Oh Harry,” Niall’s smile is sweet and sympathetic. “You’ve been trying so hard to convince yourself that you guys are just friends, but it’s so clear, mate. Everyone else can see it.”

Harry groans, and flops down on to the bed, flinging his arm over his eyes. “I think I’ve had all the insight I can handle for today, to be honest.” He thinks of the letter in his bag, and swiftly shoves the thought away. It’s too much, all just too much. “What the hell day is it even, anyway?”

“Tuesday, mate, late day tomorrow.” Niall leans over Harry and rummages under the bed, pulling out a crumpled brown paper bag. He tosses Harry a knowing grin. “Wanna get high?”

Harry ignores that fact that he hasn’t had one text from Louis all day. They’d been a bit awkward around each other that morning, and finally Harry had gathered his things. When he’d left, Louis had pulled him into a hug and pressed a sweet, soft kiss onto his lips. “Be well, Harry,” was all he’d said, and Harry had pretended that it hadn’t sounded like goodbye.

“I’m in.”


Harribo: WHere are you? You’re not here, Lou.

Harribo: I’m sad, Lou. Louissssssssss.

LalaLou: Are you high?


LalaLou: I’ll talk to you later, Harry. Have fun with Niall.

Harry stares at his phone, squints at it as the text blurs, and then drops it onto the bed. “How’d he know it was you I got high with, Nialler?” The room is spinning a bit, and he feels all light and floaty.

“Well,” says Niall reasonably, taking another bong hit, “Who else would it be, really?”

Harry snickers at that. Then he turns to Niall and frowns. “Luke thinks I’m a bat,” he says solemnly.

Niall’s mouth drops and his eyes widen. “No way! Can you, what’s it called, I had mono during that part of zoology,” he snaps his fingers several times and then sits bolt upright and shouts excitedly, “Echolocation, Harry! Can you echolocate?”

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So you're saying that Jeremy is a burrowing owl, right? Or just some kind of tiny owl and it's a coincidence you used a pic of a burrowing owl?

Dammit Jim, I’m a doctor, not an owl expert

It was a submission, so I didn’t find the pics myself …but that’s adorable if that’s the case. It just looks like Jeremy. Something in the expression. Very fitting.


He could remember the first Christmas he spent with the Weasleys–with her. It was as close to a real Christmas as he was going to get. The memory stuck with him, because it was the only Memory he had which helped him conjure a patronus. 

You’re Safe

Originally posted by spn-imagines-ig

Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - Reader has an attempted break-in at her house and Dean is there to help make things okay.

Word Count - 1,085

Warnings - Language. Feelings of vulnerability, defencelessness, and fear associated with an (attempted) break-in.

A/N - So recently I had an attempted break-in while I was home alone. It’s a awful experience that makes you question your true safety, and I just had some feels that I needed to write out.

You sat on your couch, clutching onto your second hot mug of tea as you vaguely listened to the officer ask questions here and there. Full name, birthdate, so on and so forth. Every nerve felt numb to everything except the probably too-hot mug you held in your hands. Everything just felt numb- dull and far away, as if you were underwater.

You knew you were barely hanging on. You’d called Dean right after your neighbors had called the police, managing to sound coherent albeit detached. All you needed to say to convince him was ‘I need you’, and he was already on his way.

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hey look I wrote a story about Jack and Lisa

“His Pastures to Change”

Missing scene from 8x18, “Written in the Stone.” At Amy and Ty’s wedding reception, Lisa finds out that an old friend of Jack’s might not have much time left.

Many thanks to Soile for looking this over for me! Also posted on AO3 and

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“Don’t Be an Asshole. Asshole” (Zion.T)

Requested by anon

Originally posted by min-yoongi

    “Get… Up!” Haesol grunted, and you felt his arms wrap around your torso, hauling you toward the side of the bed.

    “It’s my day off!” you protested.

    “Your day off work, not your day off life,” he said.

    You turned toward him, wrapping your arms around his waist and pulling him down until he was laying next to you. “So what if I want to spend a little piece of my life sleeping in?”

    “That’s okay,” he said and you relaxed, resting your head on his chest. “Except that you have that list of 100 things you want to do together and we’re going to be old before we start if we don’t get going soon.”

    “We’ll start tomorrow,” you said and he chuckled.

    “Is that a promise?”

    “Yep,” you said. “So now can I sleep in?”

    “Nope, your dog has to go out.”

    “Can you let him out?” you asked.

    “I don’t know where his leash is.”

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