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Prompt: a Bus Kids fic where Jemma's freaking out after a nightmare about killing the Fitzbot and real Fitz trying to comfort her is just making it worse, so Daisy uses her powers to show Jemma that they're all real and Bus Kids fluff ensues

I have a lot of feels :’) Bus Kids hurt/comfort/fluff/nostalgia! Hope you like it. It’s here (x).


York has his tie. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, except North only has one tie to go with his one suit (and he’s not even certain why he’d ever brought the suit with him; it’s not like they ever had any formal occasions) and now York has it. On his face. It’s tied around his head, covering up his bad eye and the scars trailing in tiny webs across his skin.

He’s grinning at North like a madman. So, like normal, really.

“Well,” Wash raises the bottle, swaying only slightly on the spot, “there was this one time that, we’d been – it was a terrible mission – and afterward, North decided that—“

North’s hand clamps over Wash’s mouth, fast, and he ignores the muffled yell of protest that reverberates against it automatically as Wash attempts to continue talking. “Shut. Up.

“Aw, come on, North,” York whines lowly as he grabs the bottle out of Wash’s hand and takes a generous swig. One thing North had learned early on was that beer did not go to waste in York’s rulebook.

“If you let it go, y’know, to waste,” York had hiccupped one evening, “it makes you lowerer than the lowest scum on the Earth; also centipedes man, because who the fuck designs something with a million legs like that?’

That aside, he’s determined no one will know about that incident because, Jesus, it was a year ago, and it was embarrassing enough then. York’s never really forgiven him, and even then Wash just grins at him goofily sometimes, and North just knows that that’s what he’s thinking about.

Then there’s a wet tongue sliding against the dips in his fingers when Wash register’s North’s hand because drunken Wash apparently is a juvenile teenager.

“Stop that,” he hisses under his breath, “and I’ll steal York’s cookies if you promise never to bring it up again.”

Wash’s eyes go wide and he nods, one long wipe up North’s palm as a final fuck you before stopping. North’s not a big believer in any sort of cosmic entity, not after what he’s seen, but he still sends a quick mental thank you to whomever had the bright idea of bribery.

North tilts his head, slants his eyes so he’s staring at York who now has a finger curled into a merciless hook.

Maybe they shouldn’t have been drinking before doing this, he realises belatedly.


Maybe they shouldn’t have done this, period.

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we pretty much share the same ships.. these are the ones we could think of off the top of our heads.

we separated the Reds and Blues from the Freelancers just to try and organize things more.. Wash, Tex, Carolina, and Flowers/Florida show up in both groups.. and “Church” covers Alpha and Epsilon Church… jsyk..

the left column in each group is the top (D) and the right is the bottom (s).. not that it really matters… just a personal preference.. and yes there is selfcest!! because.. WHY NOT?!  :)

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i know it’s been a while since the last post, but fear not! just because the season is over, it doesn’t mean that the ask blog is closed. life just got a bit busy.

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