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#9 - I missed you so much - Pearlnet

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Diplomacy was an art better left to Gems explicitly grown with it in mind; there was no contesting that. Sapphire had leagues of experience that Pearl would never hope to have, and Ruby couldn’t hold a candle to either of them at her best.

Garnet took after her fiery component that way.

For all that she had grown into an excellent leader in her own right, Garnet wasn’t half the diplomat Sapphire was, and neither did she compare to Steven. Rigid and unmoving, Garnet was a mountain who refused to debate or give in; if she went to Homeworld with something to say, she said it, and she left.

Which meant that Pearl, for all her flaws, took up the mantle of helping Steven with problem solving among the elite back in the Home Galaxy. Steven’s healing powers and sweet nature had earned him a place among the Diamonds despite his mother’s transgressions, and Pearl in turn had regained the right to return to her old home on business. Under the guise of advising Steven, much the way she had with Rose Quartz, Pearl came up with ideas that made the upper crust scream with frustration, because if implemented, they invited change. Growth for the lower classes. Rights among Gems that had always been considered less.

Bismuth was proud; she waited with Garnet for the pair to return, and they spoke of how good it was to make progress on Earth and back home, even if Homeworld was a place neither wanted to return to.

Brilliant blue light heralded their return to the beach house; Pearl still clad in the ankle-length gown she had started wearing for such missions, and with Steven dressed much the way he had even as a child. He was grown now, taller by half a head than Pearl, and despite having been awake far too many hours for a human, he excitedly hopped off of the warp pad to greet Garnet and Bismuth with a hug each.

“Trust it was a success?” Bismuth asked hopefully, ruffling the young man’s hair fondly, and she was rewarded with a brilliant grin.

“Pearl was so good!” Steven laughed, spinning Garnet after he broke away from Bismuth. “They’re going to work on it—on repurposing some of the Pink Sector for retired pearls, and they’re going to revoke some of the old laws about the upper ring so the doors work for anyone!”

“Including Gems without serials,” Pearl chimed in, pressing an affectionate kiss to Bismuth’s cheek by way of greeting. “So if we wanted to, we could go—any of us.”

Bismuth grinned, mussing Pearl’s perfectly styled hair with one massive hand. “Good—I’m stayin’ here.”

“Me too,” Garnet said, extracting herself from her surrogate son’s hold to draw Pearl into a tight embrace, only to be met with a searing kiss. Garnet dipped her perfectly, as she had countless times, and Bismuth offered a wolfish whistle.

Despite years to get used to it, Steven looked away with a flush staining his cheeks. “Hey, Bismuth, where’s Amethyst?”

“Barn,” Bismuth said, nudging him back toward the warp pad. “Let’s get out of here, kiddo. They’re not going to let up.”

Steven didn’t disagree; but he didn’t exactly blame Pearl or Garnet for being handsy after almost a month apart. He and Connie weren’t much better.

Neither Gem needed to breathe, and they took full advantage of that fact to indulge in one of the longest, most passionate kisses they had shared yet—truly, a feat for the ages, all things considered. When Pearl did pull away, she cradled Garnet’s face in her hands, stared up into her wide triad of eyes, and promptly took to peppering kisses all over her cheeks and nose.


I missed you so much,” Pearl managed between kisses, punctuating each word with a press of lips against skin and quickly moving down to her barred neck. Garnet’s hands around her back tightened notably, and Pearl giggled against her throat.

“I might drop you,” Garnet warned in a fluttering sigh, and in response, Pearl curled a leg around her thigh—not quite what she expected, but not a disappointing move by any stretch of the imagination. “Pearl…”

“I am never,” Pearl whispered, tangling her fingers in Garnet’s hair and leaning up to drag her teeth along the shell of her ear. “Ever going away for a month without a comm unit again. I’ll go crazy, Garnet. I can’t do it. I need you…”

Garnet didn’t need any convincing beyond that, not when Pearl pressed closer to her than should have been possible. Flushed, and infinitely relieved that no one would be back at the house to come upon them, Garnet quickly relented to Pearl’s unspoken request.

At least they made it to the couch, this time.

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Yeah! I’ve had all kinds of hairstyles over the years!! My favorite trend right now, though, is the man bun! I think some people like Francis can really pull it off!! I thought about growing out my hair…but it looks pretty terrible. bUT IM REALLY SELF CONSIOUDS ABOUT IT THO SO;;

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If Blaine was canonically bisexual and now he started dating a girl and he FINALLY got development, backstory, feelings and relevant songs and even got more kisses and duets with his girlfriend in more episodes than he did with Kurt, Klainers would be pretty fucking angry.

anonymous asked:

it's really not fair that darren gets to sing at the trevor live event and not chris.

I think the practice of highlighting allies over actual queer celebrities is, in general, a really upsetting trend, especially at Trevor Live where they’re honoring Katy Perry despite the really gross messages she perpetrates sometimes. :-(

But I have no idea why you’re singling out Darren when he’s not the only ally on the performance docket, or even the only Glee cast member?

Darren has performed at this for the last two years and was one of the first names announced. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the first people who agreed to perform, months and months and months ago.

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You don't like the beard?!

My feelings about both Darren’s long, giant hair, and long giant beards are that I don’t personally prefer the look on him, but I love how much he loves having it.

I think he often looks great with or without a beard, but I definitely think he brings the pretty much harder when he’s clean shaven. Or better yet, when he has just a teensy bit of of stubble. Unf.

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what do you think just happened with gleekoutbr?

@MrRPMurphy @BFalchuk @GLEEonFOX @GLEETV your show is supposedly getting spoiled by  and it’s pissing many off

@BFalchuk @MrRPMurphy this site  is revealing lots “spoilers” up till ep 10. Thought you’d like to know

@MrRPMurphy can you please tell us that these new spoilers aren’t true? We’re all going crazy here!

@MrRPMurphy @BFalchuk @GLEETV You should probably take a look at this site,they’re giving sp(f)oilers away: #justsayin

There’s also a shit ton of people who are upset about the spoilers (mainly Brittana fans, but also some Finchel fans and Blaine/Klaine haters) who are bitching about the spoilers in their @mentions but not naming gleekoutbr directly.

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wait what giant bruise on blaines face are you talking about? or is it some kind of inside joke i'm just not getting?

No, no joke. The giant bruise on Darren’s face from his gum surgery is really visible during the HYAMLC scene. LOL, it’s like the makeup department didn’t even try.

You can see the bruise really clearly here and he talks about having surgery here.


I’m trynna recall in what other episodes he’s worn that cardigan but my memory is failing me, and you’re obv the best person to ask :)

Aw. <3 I believe it’s the same one he wore in BIOTA! This is one wardrobe repeat I really don’t mind, I’ve always loved that cardigan.

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since when do you care about amber?

Did you see her boobs in that dress?

I mean, I like the cast in general and think they’re all awesome, even if I only follow Darren and Chris. But really.

Did you see her boobs in that dress?

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So whenever a couple breaks up on glee, they are now going to sing a song together on a stage wearing all black or what. Is that how we are supposed to know if people are still together or what?

I guess so, because I thought Finchel broke up last season, but that apparently wasn’t legit until they sang about it on stage while wearing a lot of dark clothes.

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Suggestion: tone down your negativity about Glee. I bet there are lots of people who follow your (awesome) blog for beautiful pics and updates on Chris and Darren and get out of Tumblr feeling depressed because they had to read you predicting doom and gloom for their characters.

Suggestion: Fuck off.

ETA: Okay, I’m sorry that was rude, Anon, I’m sure your intentions are good, but I don’t like people telling me what to post on my blog. There are tons of other Glee blogs out there, if someone dislikes what I post, they are welcome to unfollow.

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If you really hate Glee so much then why do you and others keep on watching it?

Because I love the cast and I love many of the characters and I love the potential it has. So I keep watching for that potential and hoping that Glee will get it right, because when Glee gets it right it’s different and magical and unlike anything else on TV.

Besides, hate-watching is a totes legit thing, and I’m okay with taking my enjoyment from Glee anyway I can, (mainly through critiquing it.)

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Makes you LOL for reasons = you're one of those dumb teenie assholes that buys into the Oliver looks so old/like Gordon Ramsay shit. Enjoy wifing a balding, mediocre performer.

Or maybe it makes me LOL because I pictured Gordon Ramsey going up to RIB and giving them one of the come to jesus speeches that he does to all the restaurant owners on Hell’s Kitchen. 

“You have the fucking potential here to be really fucking great! But you’re just pissing it all away on shock value. What you’re doing right now is just shit. It’s shit! Shape up, man, you can do better!”

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On a scale of 1 to 10, what do you feel the chances are that Kurt and Blaine are getting back together in or around episode 15? in your opinion.

I’m telling myself that it’s a 1 (no chance) and subconsciously hoping that it’s a 10 (Oh dear God, please yes), so to answer your question…


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We won that stupid poll by 21 votes :D :D :D


It’s SOOOOOOOOO stupid and dumb, but I don’t even care, because it makes me happy that Klaine won even though we normally get our ass kicked on things like that! :-DDDD