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Oh Lafayette, what a progressive mentality you have. After all, true progress and growth emerges from struggles of some kind. To think they waste away their time on idle pursuits in the face of inevitability. Now then, what happened "last time"?


    Lafayette gave a simple grunt at Rage’s words, it wasn’t disgust or annoyance, just a sound of acknowledgment. The Grass Type kept his arms folded and only let his gaze once fall upon the embodiment, though it was a brief flicker of his gaze more or less. The Sceptile didn’t answer for a few moments, swallowing thickly as his eyes traced the ocean.

    The ‘last time’ that Laffy had mentioned clearly bothered him, to the point where he almost appeared to pale a bit when inquired about it. His mouth was tight and it trembled just slightly, causing the Grass Type to have to swallow a bit more repetitively in order to keep himself as unwavering as possible. He shifted his weight subtly from foot to foot, finally clearing his throat to answer the question.

    “… It was just a few years ago.” he croaked, throat dry as sand paper. “Primrose has refused to kill the Southern Leader, despite everything he’s done to the Crestlands- he killed her father! Yet Primrose deems that he can be ‘saved’…

    “Well in the time before she was leader, Primrose tried to show mercy to the Southern Leader… She wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps… I wish she would have just killed the nuisance.” Lafayette’s eyes burned with anger as he tilted his head away from the waters, swallowing thickly once more.

    “…Do you know what happens to Lucario if their Aura Sensors are cut? It’s immeasurable pain for them.” the Grass Type exhaled heavily. “It causes a sever between them and their aura, and- if it’s bad enough- it can kill a Lucario almost instantly.

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Che ne pensi della vita? Dal tuo punto di vista...😞

Questa domanda avrebbe delle risposte veramente troppo ampie. Potrei parlarti di chi vive di sofferenza, ma potrei parlarti di chi la vive in modo agiato.

Io ti posso soltanto dire che, a fronte di cosa si sente negli ultimi mesi nei TG nazionali, indipendentemente da cosa si fa della propria vita, bisogna godersi ogni singolo istante, vestirsi di coraggio e viversi ogni emozione, giusta o sbagliata che sia. Prendere delle scelte, viversi momenti che poi ti porti a casa per sempre.

Ti cito Fibra: “il senso della vita è cercare di portarsi a casa più ricordi possibili, più bei momenti possibili. Perchè la vita è piena di brutti momenti, e quelli buoni servono per darti forza.”

Ciao, e grazie per la domanda :)

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    “See? Everyone clearly knows my job is more important than yours!” Atlas yipped, sticking his tongue out at his Dusknoir companion who merely rolled his eye with a grumble, continuing forward as Atlas came to a halt. The Shiny Victini grinned widely, almost prideful at the questions. Of course, that prideful grin quickly faded at the mention of the Victini being small.

    “I-I’m not little!” Atlas quickly snapped, his fur ruffling up in defense. “I am average for my species- maybe even a bit taller than average!” the small Legendary yelped with a harrumph, crossing his arms over his chest as he tossed his head to the side with a frustrated scoff. After a moment he brought his gaze back to the Pokemon inquiring about Atlas’ job, jutting out his bottom lip as he assessed the two.

    “… Actually,” the Victini finally continued, lulling his head to the side slowly. “I was given this job not long after I was created; I think maybe that’s why Arceus created me in the first place. I’ve been working with Tikal and Zechariah ever since, probably about 900 years now- or close to that!” the Legendary Pokemon softened a bit, smiling cheerfully like a little kid as he reminisced. “I wasn’t very good at the job at first- I lost Tikal a lot and Zechariah was always yelling at me… It happens a lot less now, thankfully!

    “As for our rituals, I’d say we don’t really do much. Tikal likes to explore, so I often have to come with her while she travels the islands; did you know she can actually see things based off of what she’s touching?” the Victini began to babble, using his hands to gesture as he spoke. 

    “We also sometimes travel to speak to the other Gods! They’re all a lot more gruff and scary than Tikal, especially Arceus; he’s ginormous! We also protect this … thing. It’s a really big, bad thing that can hurt a lot of innocent Pokemon- even the Gods!” Atlas opened his mouth to say more before jolting lightly, his breath stalling slightly. “O-Oh but… but I can’t say anything more- I’m sorry but I probably shouldn’t have even mentioned that at all…!” the Victini covered his mouth with his paws, ears lowering a tad.

    “S-Sorry but I should catch up to Zech before he gets cranky-” the small Pokemon didn’t give the two a chance for rebuttal before shooting off after the Dusknoir, leaving nothing but a brief explosion of sand spinning in the place he’d previously been.

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So my friend was like you can't hate snape and love Anakin it's hypocritical and now I'm like shit is she right and I need good argument points to prove I can like Anakin because he's not the same as the Grease Bitch™ but I can't come up with anything help

I mean the difference is that before his fall to the Dark Side Anakin tried to do good all his life and worked hard to become the best Jedi and General in the galaxy while Snape just joined the Death Eaters because he wanted to
I don’t make excuses for Anakin’s actions after his fall to the Dark Side but Snape Apologists seem to think that their fave is a precious cinnamon roll who’s never done anything wrong and tbh not admitting someone’s faults is almost worse than having those faults
Anakin was murderer and I’ll admit that he did a lot of bad but before his fall he did a lot more good than Snape ever did

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I recently dated a guy who was v into physical intimacy, & I'm really not.cI came out to him as pansexual, he asked "threesomes?" & I was absolutely disgusted not only because that's an awful thing to say to someone who just came out to you, but also because I've been questioning being asexual. I like holding hands and cuddling but I HATE kissing, and always feel gross after. The thought of sex repulses me, & I'm just wondering if you could help me figure out if I'm asexual or not. Thank you!!

Oh boy. Well you can mark “threesomes” off your bigot bingo. I feel like you need to ask yourself if you have romantic attraction towards people, if so to whom. Then ask yourself if you feel a sexual attraction towards people, if so to whom. This one can be tricky if your sex repulsion as a quick trigger. Is there anything in your past that might have causes sex repulsion? It’s possible you simply feel sex repulsed because you feel it’s expected of you. Sometimes i you can remind yourself you don’t owe anyone anything, it will give you extra breathing room to figure things out. Many times types of attraction overlap or mix with repulsion so while it’s important to note the interplay I believe trying to sort and label the feelings helps identify what you are actually feeling. When I was younger I wasn’t interested in sexual stuff at all, but wasn’t repulsed. Now after abusive situations I can be sex repulsed by things. Knowing this, helps me understand what asexuality does and doesn’t mean for me. Don’t feel like you have to  figure this all this week, this month, or hell this year. But I hope I can give you the questions you can figure it out. And in case all else fails you can say whatever an umbrella label works for me. I think all labels come down to what you want. Labels can be incredibly powerful, but if they stress you out more than you think you’d gain you don’t have to demand you pick one(s) up. 

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Arceus @ Dakota: "I see your desires. You desire to become a Shiny Pokemon - why?"


    The small child stared up at Arceus with eyes as wide as saucers. His mouth was agape as he looked both in awe and terrified. The literal God of all was standing before the tiny child, something not even The Red One themself was said to have witnessed; Dakota might have peed himself right there if he’d been any younger.

    At the question the ten-year-old flinched back a wee bit, startled by the strength and volume of Arceus’ voice; not like the God could really help that. Timidly, Dakota fiddled with his claws, his gaze slowly rising up to look at the God, followed by his head tilting upward to assist in him peering up high enough.

    “W-Well… Y’see..” Dakota fidgeted a bit more. “I… I heard about this island a while a-ago and I just…” the child’s eyes darted around the God for a moment before he closed them with a heavy sigh, his ear lowering and gaze dropping to the floor.

    “…Weavile and Sneasel always have a bad name… at least they do where I am from. Pokemon always associate me with stealing or harming others, they look down on me because I’m a ‘bad Pokemon’. I just… I wanted to prove them wrong. I don’t … I …” the Sneasel bit his bottom lip slightly, letting it slide from beneath his teeth before continuing.

    “I don’t want to be like they say I will! A-And I thought .. Maybe… if  come here - even if I can’t be Shiny- that maybe Primrose can teach me how to be like her! S-So I don’t have to be scared that … that I’ll be mean and evil like everyone says I will be!” 

    “I … I don’t wanna be a bad ‘mon, Arceus. I want to be nice and good… I want to be strong too but, well not if it means I have to be evil in the process.

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coliver, 48: Wondering what your kiss feels like. <33

Here you go! This is part of the little college au thingy I have? I also listened to this song while I wrote ithttps://youtu.be/NDgncPD0bew

Oliver spent an embarrassingly large amount of time staring at Connor’s lips.

Just like everything else about him, they were perfect. Wonderfully shaped and curved at the right places, rising and falling like waves. They were the lightest pink and covered by that perfect stubble of his. How he manages to keep everything about him primped and maintained, Oliver will never know. It was truly astonishing, given his demanding schedule of classes and an internship on the side. Connor truly was something else.

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Also Anakin and Snape were both ostracized, Anakin for not being a "real" Jedi (not actual words but look at how they treat him) and Snape for just being Snape. Through all that bullying, Anakin still found it in himself to do good and try to save the most important thing in his life, Snape went full on "But I'm a nice guy!", called Lily a mud blood, and joined a hate group that are against people like Lily.


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Hi there! I'm really sorry to bother you, but I found this blog and was really super excited to see a friendly community and I was hoping to maybe get a little bit of advice? I haven't come out to my family as asexual and I'm really nervous about coming out to my dad. He thinks it's okay to make fun of anyone who is not straight or white and he can be downright hateful at times, but I would really like his acceptance. Do you think I should go for it, or leave him in the dark?

It’s all risk versus rewards. If you tell him and you don’t think he’s okay with anything not straight you likely won’t be able to gain his acceptance within the day. I know a lesbian couple living together who said her mom basically ignores that feature of her life despite it being so in open. I don’t think coming out should be about other people. You aren’t at fault for “leaving him in the dark”. Now, if you feel like his acceptance is something you really really want. That being out will let you be able to breathe in your own house, and it’s worth any bigoted reaction to try to get it, then go for it. It’s your truth to tell or not tell. - T

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{AskANinetales} Oh dear, you seem a bit out of place in such a place. Are you lost? What're you doing here on this island anyway? - Zephyr


    “Lost? Well, not really.” Tikal giggled softly, her paws coming to caress the bell hanging from her neck as she curled herself a bit to float in a more cradled position.

    “I actually live within this Region!” the Mew explained softly. “I know I’m on the third Island, however what I don’t know is where exactly my partners are.” she shook her head with a more hardy laugh. “However, no, I’m not entirely lost, I have some sense of direction as to where I’m going… until I hit water of course- I can’t see water.

    “Ah, I was assigned to stay here by Arceus, I have a tower built a few islands over, in fact. I watch over the mortal Pokemon for Arceus- for reasons I won’t discuss.. I’m more or less the one who helps keep everything in line I suppose!

Ask Box Opening Thursday + New Series and Request Option

I am back from the Band Camp Dead!!!!

Seriously this has been one of the hardest weeks of my life, but that’s not why you’re reading this post so if you’re interested in why, please read my last rant.

You’re reading this post because at long last the askbox is opening!!!

And I mean the askbox for imagines, scenarios, drabbles, and headcanons.

Please do NOT send me match-ups. They will be deleted and someone will be sad.

The askbox will be opening on Thursday August 25th, 2016 at 1:00 P.M Pacific Time. I will make a very explicit post when the ask box is open so please don’t send in requests any sooner. They will be deleted. And for those of you in different time zones, not to worry I will also be posting about an hour and half hour before to warn you guys.

Also, one thing, there was a bit of a problem with the last ask box opening with people sending in multiple requests. I understand that the event is really exciting and you all have a lot of ideas, but I only accept about twenty-five to thirty (usually about two to three months’ worth) of requests at a time, and it just isn’t fair to have twenty-five percent of those being from one person when there are about six hundred others who also want to put in requests. I’m not gonna be a Nazi about this unless it becomes a continuous problem but it’s minor request. Please only send one or two requests at a time. It’s just the fair thing to do.

And so on that note, for followers new and old, here’s a quick reminder on the fandoms I’m accepting requests for:


Kuroko no Basket



Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu Yu Hakusho


And now…

Kekkai Sensen/Blood Blockade Battlefront!

Oh my god who else is excited?!?! I’m so freaking excited!

Also, I’ve decided to start writing scenarios about yandere characters. I used to not write them because frankly I just wasn’t that into the archetype (although than again, jealousy requests bore the pants very much on me and I never banned those) and I didn’t want to fetishize abuse or stalking, but I’ve recently (thanks to a little game called Yandere Simulator) have gained a newfound love for, but the trend and have been thinking, what the hell? Go bananas! I still won’t fetishize the behavior, but if you want to know how your favorite volleyball player or Libra-member would go coocoo for reader-puffs than yeah, I can be down with writing that.

So yes, new askbox, new series, new genre, we should have some serious fun this askbox opening and I’m really looking forward to it.


Take some time off mobile, get on your desktops, click the little link on my beautiful, custom, pastel blog layout, and READ damnit!!! If I get one more vague request like “So-and-so NSFW, k thanx bai”—I’m gonna lose my freaking mind. Please read the rules guys. I took a lot more time writing them than it will take you to read them so please just do it. I’ll love you even more than I already do.

I’m super pumped to get back into this blog, you guys give me a lot of happiness with your ideas and support and I love you all. See you all Thursday.

Keep on sinning.

–Admin Ryou

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Zel@Lafayette: "Hey, um... sir? I'm sorry to hear about the way you're treated because of the way you look. No one's worth should be measured by their appearance in any way." He fidgeted nervously. "I must ask you, though- why do you have an issue with the peaceful nature of the others here? Did it cause some kind of problem in the past?" Fearing Lafayette's temper, he drew back, hoping he did not worsen it.


    “Peaceful nature is the same thing that ended the Eastern Crestland!” Lafayette snapped rather harshly, turning his head towards the shrinking form that had asked such a question. After a moment the Sceptile exhaled heavily, shoulders sagging and expression softening a bit as his gaze drifted over Zel’s face. After a moment Lafayette turned his head away, casting his eyes out to the lulling ocean off the ledge of the mountain 

    “There used to be four Crestlands. North, South, East and West. The lands ruled under different thumbs; the Northern and Eastern Crests were the most peaceful and open, allowing other Crestlanders to reside within their villages and temples as long as they agreed to keep peace.

    “Peace is a foolish hope made by foolish Pokemon.” the Grass Type spat. “And the Eastern Crestland learned that the hard way. They were all killed, their entire land wiped out and left as nothing more than a rubble wasteland, a reminder to the Northerners of what will happen to them sooner or later.

    The edges of Laffy’s mouth twitched and he spun the leaf in his mouth by its stem. He closed his eyes, exhaling deeply, chest compacting a bit before the Grass Type let his eyelids flutter back open.

    “Primrose is so much like her adopted father. Kind, open hearted, merciful… and dense.” the Gecko snapped his mouth shut. “She’s blind to the fact that not everyone can be saved, and she’s going to get herself killed because of it. Turning a blind eye to obvious signs, trying to let a merciless pile of scum redeem himself after killing countless Pokemon, including two of her family members.” Lafayette shook his head with a growl ebbing in his throat, brows furrowing a bit.

    “Peace is going to get her killed just like the rest of her family, and I may not be there to stop it just like the last time…

stationery-themed asks!!

gel pen: when are you most comfortable?
ballpoint pen: tell me about the day you’ve just had
fineliner: what’s your greatest achievement?
highlighter: what are your best qualities?
greylead: what is something you want to try for the first time?
felt-tip: describe your aesthetic
crayon: your earliest childhood memory
scrapbook: something from your childhood that makes you smile
sketching pad: describe yourself from a stranger’s point of view
notebook: what’s your favourite quote?
paper: what kind of book would you write?
stapler: out of all the people you know, who do you think you are closest to?
glue stick: what do you look for in a lasting relationship/friendship?
tape: tell me about your longest friendship
ruler: what line will you never cross?
eraser: what do you consider to be your biggest mistake?
scissors: ever had a bad break-up?
calculator: list fifteen things that make you happy
protractor: an unpopular opinion/angle you have on an issue
sticky note: something about yourself you’d like to change
stamp: a date that’s special for you and why
bookmark: a book that means a lot to you and why
folder: describe your family
whiteboard: tell me your plans for tomorrow
blackboard: tell me about a memory that has affected who you are today
pinboard: what are you focusing on in your life right now?
tablet: tell me your plans for the future
stencil: who are your role models?
envelope: tell me a secret

Send me a number and 3 idols and I’ll tell you who I’d prefer to

1. Marry / Adopt / Move in with

2. Kiss / Kick / Kill

3. Cook with / Work with / Shower with

4. Fuck / Die for / Have a family with

5. Push off a cliff / Sing for / Play Twister with

6. Hug / Kiss / Slap

7. Befriend / Flirt with / Kidnap

8. Go to school with / Cheat on a test with / Share lunch with

9. Dream about / Sleep beside / Kick off the bed

10. Have children with / Spend Christmas with / Take out on a date