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hey there! i'm a little late to all of this, but i just wanted to say that i love your art and am excited to see whatever you post--regardless of whether or not it's part of the bnha fandom. you're a really sweet, really funny person, so it makes me sad that people are unfollowing you over this. but remember that in the end, the follower account is just a number. c: i'm a little behind in regards to your most recent posts, but i'm excited to scroll through them and leave some fun comments!

The BNHA –> SE transition… can you feel it already? /hahaha…i’msotiredi’msorry…

Thanks! ; w;b

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Soo I just thought I should ask for some advice. It's been a couple years since I figured out I'm a sex-repulsed ace, and my main problem with it has turned out to be that my parent doesn't believe me. They tell me that they felt the same way when they were my age, and that I'm straight and I need to have children. I don't want children. I feel like if you don't want children you should avoid having them as much as possible. I don't know how to approach the situation.

I’d just flat out tell your parents “I don’t want kids. If I decide I do in the future I’ll let you know, otherwise consider this matter settled and please stop discussing it.” It’s on them to get over what they want for your life.

I love it when you go to refresh your ask box to see if anything popped up and it throws those little wiggy dots up there for a few seconds like it’s thinking because someone may have sent you an ask

It’s like awww thanks Tumblr we both now my inbox is empty but it’s sweet you’re humoring me

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For the drabble prompts, if you haven't done them already: 18 and/or 23

18. “That was kind of hot.” and 23. “I immediately regret this decision.”

“I immediately regret this decision.” Alec mumbled as Magnus took hold of his hand, pulling him through the crowded bar to where the karaoke machine was set up.

“Don’t be like that, Alexander. It’ll be fun.”

“I can’t sing.”

“That doesn’t matter. We’re tipsy and you promised we would try new experiences together.”

“We did. Last night. In bed.” Alec deadpanned, a smug smirk creeping up on his lips. The thought of Magnus screaming out his name like he did, well, it was definitely a trick he’d have to pull out of his bag again.

Magnus grinned, “That was kind of hot.”

“Only kind of?” Alec looked offended.

“Okay, it was very hot. But our new experiences cannot be limited to our bedroom.”

They reached the poor excuse for a stage and Magnus scrolled through the song selections, probably looking for a duet. He mumbled to Alec under his breath, “You are familiar with music, right? Not sure if it was too mundane for you or not.” He winked at his boyfriend. Teasing Alec recently had become his favorite activity because he said it made Alec ‘utterly sassy.’

Without missing a beat, Alec replied, “Not all of us are privileged to have been around at the creation of music. Just choose something within the last fifty years or so.”

Magnus patted his cheek, “I got you, babe.”

Alec rolled his eyes, “Uh huh. You sure about that?”

“No, darling, that’s our song choice.” He handed him the microphone, grinning before starting the song.

Magnus gave him a look as soon as he started to sing. It was the look Magnus gave Alec whenever he proved his low self-esteem wrong. Alec shrugged and continued on, loosening up a lot as they continued. 

Maybe new experiences weren’t so bad after all. Especially not when Magnus looked at him like he wanted to ravage him. Perhaps, they’d continue their evening of new experiences back in their bedroom. The way Magnus grabbed his ass as they walked back to their seats after the song and whispered something into his ear that made him moan, he was pretty sure that’s exactly what they’d be doing.

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why people dislike rebecca so much?

Well I don’t know why others don’t like her but the reasoning for me disliking her is that she was such wasted potential. Oda could have made her a great character but he fucked up pretty bad and she was so boring and bland, creating so many problems for the rest of the characters when she could have done something for herself instead of constantly needing to be saved, you know? Once she was out of the colosseum it went down so fast because all of that potential was wasted

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helloooo~ it's totally up to you if you'll delete this blog or not but I just wanna say I really like your style! I love your humour won't believe this but I actually talk about you a lot both irl and online and show your posts to people because adjakdhakdhamdb (and i NEVER shut up about things and people i like-). I actually visit this blog whenever I feel down since your works never fail to make me laugh and I reaaallyyyy love everything here



…what is this feeling?


PS: It won’t be deleted, just “closed” next summer.

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hey so I think aro ace but I'm not sure because I find girls more aesthetically pleasing then guys, does this mean I'm homoromantic?

Homoromantic means romantic attractions towards the same gender. Aesthetic attraction might along run with romantic attraction but not the deciding factor when it comes to romantic labels. Sometimes girls are simply prettier because society makes them work harder on that.

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Have a great day! Your blog makes me happy, so I really hope you have a great day.

Can you come off anon and be my friend, maybe boost my mood like this every single day of my life? Thank you, I love you.

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You know exactly why I'm sending this message ... It's a request ... A Todoroki/Minata costume swap request. Love you. Your dear Satan

Mi- who? >w>
Oooh! You mean Todoroki/Stain costume swap?

We had this convo before and I know this was the actual request.
Though I wish I can find time to finish it soon, I really like Shouto and Stain. Imagine both’s fighting styles combined?!