anonymous asked: Who’s your favorite Chris? (out of the Marvel actors)

I love them all, but I gotta go with Chris Evans. After seeing him in Fantastic Four and the Nanny Diaries I started watching pretty much every movie he came out with. I was thrilled to find out he was going to be playing one of my all time favorite superheroes.

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I'm just really happy right now--I was just at an ice cream social and the person sitting next to me had the same ace pride bracelet as me, so I complimented her on it and she noticed mine and we high-fived and now I'm just really happy because I've found another friend!!

that’s so cute I love you all 

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Do you think Ned is somewhat disconnected from Sansa compared to the rest of his children? I'm not say he doesn't love her, it just seems like he never really thinks about dangerous political situations he puts her in like calling on Sansa to testify about what happened with Mycah, Joffrey, and Arya, in front of the traveling royal court. At Kingslanding, he doesn't warn Sansa about Cersei & Joffrey, but he does for Arya, Why do you think Ned has a hard time connecting with Sansa?

While I think that Ned is closer to Arya and has a better line of communication with her than Sansa, we have to take into account that their interactions in AGoT is heavily influenced by the incident at Darry between Joffrey and Arya. But first I want to point out that Ned did not put Sansa in a dangerous political situation when he called on her to testify; it was certainly a difficult, uncomfortable and unpleasant situation for an 11 years old to be in but not a dangerous one. But Arya very much was in danger; she had just assaulted the crown prince and disappeared for four days afterwards only to be dragged to stand trial in front of the royal family once Jory returned with her. Ned knew for a fact that Cersei would want her punished and that assaulting a member of the royal family could have dire consequences. He needed Sansa’s testimony to end the situation and help bail Arya out. I don’t condemn him for not considering Sansa’s position in the heat of the moment when his focus was on saving Arya from Cersei’s clutches. Arya’s safety was paramount.

But from that point on out, Ned’s relationship with Sansa really suffered because of Lady’s death by his hand. Sansa distanced herself as she dealt with the severe cognitive dissonance caused by the whole experience, while Ned’s guilt for killing Lady really impeded his ability to talk to his daughter, which was not made any better by his inclination towards avoiding facing problems within his family. Warning Sansa against her own betrothed is not a simple matter considering her view of her role in such a context and her tendency to rewrite events to match her narrative, and Ned really underestimated Joffrey’s ability to charm and win Sansa so thoroughly even after causing Lady’s death (Sansa’s interactions with Joffrey thereafter happened when Ned was absent so that might explain it). He thought her properly guarded between the Septa and Winterfell’s guards so he was content to continue avoiding having any difficult conversation. I reckon he also felt the need to extend a warning to Arya because she was openly hostile and bitter regarding the royal family which could endanger her but he did not have to worry about that with Sansa.

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for the body swap thing: travis doesn't know what to do now that he has two eyes so they just weirdly move independent of each other because he doesn't know how to work two eyes...

i was thinking about how the eye change would be really weird
fysh would keep bumping into shit because now he has like, no depth perception

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Do sexual/romantic people have multiple crushes at a time?! One of my friends mentioned something like this to me and I was very confused (I thought it was a one at a time thing) so if you happen to know of this happening please enlighten me!

Yes, they do. Crushes are infatuations, and you can definitely be drawn to more than one person at a time. You can definitely love/desire more than one person at a time, as well.

- Fae

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Hello friends. Apparently, I did not have an ask box set up on this blog (see Winston gif). So this post is just to formally let you all know that I now have an inbox and I love getting mail. You can ask about my many feelings and opinions on New Girl, or about my other sideblogs (Parks and Rec and B99), or just whatever. Or don’t. It’s up to you.

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