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Rose: We’re the Guardians of all the Bug Pokémon in Swarm Forest. If things get tough and we need muscle to defend the forest or the Pokémon, Atlas is first on the scene.  I can hold my own when I need to but I’m more of a back up. While Atlas distracts the threat I’d be helping Pokémon get out of the area and then I’d check on him, but he’s usually standing tall by the time I get there. 


Luger: Haha, I guess I’m tied into Shelds’ memory

Trainer Shelds: Awwww c’mon. You know meeting each and every one of you is a favorite memory of mine.

Luna: What does Martha’s sign mean?

Steve: If I had to guess it means her favorite memory is when she hatched.

Martha: *nods, smiles, and rolls to Tumtum*

Tumtum: Me guess Me part of Martha’s memory :D