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Bolts and Jolts

All asks unless stated otherwise will now be for the fnaf au of my ocs.
Welcome to Andy’s palace! A family owned chain diner now for reopening! All ocs but one are now animatronics! for simplicity sake most of them are in working order. Feel free to drop some questions about them or interact in small scentances. This au will be tagged Bolts and Jolts for those who’d rather not see it.

Luger: Hey Bolt! Yeah…there’s something always afflicting us…anyway, I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the food. The recipe is not mine, but my trainer’s. He likes to spoil the Pokémon with home cooked food. Considering how many live here with us it’s quite a task so either myself or the Audino that has recently returned with him help him cook enough food for everyone. Ramen is our, um, “lazy dish”. It’s easy to make and we can do large amounts at once.  

-M!A: Luger is a Latios 2/5-