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Hey bendy, you're made of ink right? Does that mean certain cleaning supplies might hurt ya?

Bendy: *Unholy demon screeches of immense pain as he clutched his head. Running around in circles.* OH MY HELL!!! IT HURTS! IT HURTS A LOT!!! AHHHHH!!!!!

Boris: *Was Panicking along with Bendy. Not realizing it would actually hurt him and runs to go get help by one of the studio crew-members.*

hello! i’m genius suga of bangtan, come ask me questions!

suga is a rapper in the three-member group ‘bangtan’ consisting of him, rap monster, and j-hope. in mid-august 2016, suga began his solo career as ‘agust d’. his mixtape, named ‘agust d’ blew up and was greatly approved despite the controversial topics of depression and mental-illnesses as a whole. since then the 24-year-old hasn’t been active as agust d however hints have been dropped that his solo comeback is nearing. 

where suga is the mysterious nameless-rapper from the bangtan that bang-pd promised once.

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It's not your fault, it's ours for provoking such loud responses from you. And plus, he could be nicer about asking you to keep it down. A LOT nicer.

“W-well, I m-mean, um… it’s s-still kinda… I s-should have been more… I s-should have thought m-more about opening o-one of t-these accounts… I.. s-should have known t-things like t-that ahead of time? L-like, uh, t-the whole ‘a-alternate universe’ thing… l-like, I r-read C-Caddy’s blog, I should have known… I s-should have been more p-prepared to deal with t-these t-things.. and, uh… n-not be so… s-sensitive…. I probably….. if I w-was… um… P-Pterry, I’d b-be bothered by me too…”

“I s-should really h-have known about the a-alternate universes b-by now, but… s-somehow I didn’t?… I m-mean, n-not joking, I a-actually, k-kind of t-thought t-that, um… The other u-universe G-Gasters and Caddy’s w-were like, um… j-just something t-that happened because G-Gaster’s a scientist?….
L-like, um.. I actually didn’t know where t-they went after t-they appeared… I a-almost wondered if h-he kept them i-in his b-basement or… s-something… it w-was.. not s-smart… I s-should have figured it out… B-but it was k-kinda like something w-was missing that made it hard to realize?…
I d-don’t know, it s-seems obvious now… heheh… T-though, c-could you imagine a-all the d-different universe C-Caddy’s and G-Gasters l-living in one r-room together?… t-that’s… kinda s-scary, actually…”