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Why is a raven like a writing desk? Tell me, sir... have I gone mad?

I’m afraid so, you’re entirely bonkers.  But shall I tell you a secret?  All the best people usually are.

Wonderful book, isn’t it?  Clever author.  Even more impressive that he gained such popularity among muggles.


//Sorry it took so long for an update to appear but I had issues with story board artists, I have found one and they are very nice and are great. Give @lashana a follow! They work hard and are just the nicest person you’ll ever meet!
We will have updates coming in now, I will make sure you never wait as long as you already have!

*Frisk is too overly flustered to be able to answer any of the questions~

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Hello Mr Scamander. What advice would you give somebody that wishes to follow your route in being a magizooligist?

Hello!  I would suggest you stay in school for one, and do your best not to be expelled.  Study the creatures you know, and learn about the ones you don’t.  And do stock up on bandages.

“Hello, I’m Kim Seokjin. Please feel free to ask me any questions! I’ll try to do the best I can.”
(( So this is my first time actually doing an ask blog and I’ve wanted to do this for a while. I might be a little slow on asks since drawing takes a while and sometimes they may be in a little sketch-like style sometimes. None the less, I hope to get a long with people here and let’s see how this goes. Also, I’m an ‘04 liner so my art skills are not all that great ;w; ))

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Hello I was wondering what your first creature was

Hello!  Hippogriffs were the very first creatures I was introduced to- my mother bred them, you see.  And at a very young age I developed a love for horklumps.  Slightly less exciting, I’m afraid.

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What do you do when you're not good enough

Get better. Unless it’s a matter of opinion. If someone inconsequential thinks you’re not good enough, forget about it. Chances say they don’t know what they’ve got.

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*Swoops down and lands behind you, then nuzzles your head with a coo*

Frank!  Hello again you marvelous creature- it’s been a long time.  Whatever on earth are you doing in Britain?  


I just got back from asking Shane to the banquet.  When I told Mai (my roommate) I wanted to ask Shane to the banquet, she snorted at me and said “good luck”.  But then, when she saw my face drop:

(It’d be weird to have my friends re-enact everything with me, so I’m using Sims as tools to re-tell the events!)

Mai: Oh god, you were serious, I’m so sorry!

Me: Do you really think he’ll say no?
Mai: I hope he doesn’t turn you down.  It is YOU after all, so I can’t imagine why anyone would say no.

Me: I don’t know, Mai—
Mai: I will have none of that talk, young lady.  Today, you’re going to go out and ask him out, and you aren’t allowed back in the dorm until you have an answer from him.

So it became my goal to ask him by the end of the day!

After classes, I found Shane in the booth, working on something technical.  I didn’t realize he was into that since he was in the musical theatre track; I expected him to be more of a performer.  I guess it makes sense.  He’s rather quiet and reserved.  The door was open, and he was working on a laptop screen.  I watched a graphic of blood? drip down the screen when I knocked on the door to let him know I was there.  He seemed startled, since he practically slammed the laptop closed before turning to face me.

Shane: Yes?  Oh, Hana, it’s you.

Me: Hi, Shane… may I come in?

Shane: Uh, sure.

Me: What were you working on?
Shane: The slideshow for the banquet tomorrow.
Me: Slideshow?
Shane: Yeah.  It’s a big welcoming thing and then a “dramatic reveal” of the musical for this semester.

Me: Is that why you closed the laptop so quickly?
Shane: Yeah, it’s a secret.

He actually smiled when he said that.  Well, it was more of a smirk than anything, but it was nice to see his face light up at me like that.  I couldn’t help but smile back.

Shane: So why exactly are you here?

I was super nervous, especially with how drastic of a change of tone that line was from the last one.

Me: Uh, it actually has to do with the banquet tomorrow.
Shane: Hm?
Me: … Would you w-want to go w-with me?

There was a silence for a moment.  I was looking at him, waiting for some kind of response, but he didn’t look at me.  I saw his eyes grow wider, and his eyebrows rise up.  He opened his mouth to say something, then seemed to think better of it.  I started to lose hope.  I got up from my stool, saying “never mind”, intending to be on my way.

Shane: I’d… I’d say… yes, but—
Me: But?
Shane: But I can’t.
Me: You… can’t?

Shane: I’m the resident stage manager.  I’ll be operating the lights and sound and projections while everyone else enjoys the banquet.
Me: Oh, I see.

Then, I had an idea!  If he’s going to operate all of those things by himself, why should he have to do it alone?

Me: Would you like some help?  That’s an awful lot for you to handle by yourself.
Shane: I’ve done it before—
Me: I’m not saying you’re not capable!  I’m just offering a way to make your life a bit easier.

Shane: Do you know how to use Nicrosoft Powerslides?
Me: Of course I do!
Shane: All right, you can run the slideshow.
Me: I can?!
Shane: Yes.  It’s the simplest job available.  You’ll just be pressing the space bar when I tell you to.  Your call time is five o’clock.  Wear all black.
Me: Thank you, Shane!  I won’t let you down!

So I know what I’m doing this weekend!!!