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What's it like living with a bunch of demons, monsters, and such

Think before you speak, Doctor. (Mod  🎩)

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Say, Conan, seeing as you are the most manliest kid detective I've ever seen, have you ever gone through a flaming table or put someone through a flaming before? I tried putting someone through a flaming table before, and he.. umm.. well.. err.. uh.. erm.. he lived... kind of.. well, actually I just did it now as of the time of typing.. but he's not moving.. send help when you see this. I'll just dig his body and blame someone for it.. annnd send.

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Hello~ Is the ask box still open? If so, how about some cuddling hcs for Giorno? :D

-Aw you’re so cute and polite
-Yes the ask box was still open
•When Giorno sleeps alone, he usually rests on his right side; while clutching something close to his chest
•Whether it be a stuffed animal or a blanket, he prefers to hold something small and soft near his heart
•Looks like you’ll be perfect for that then
•He thinks he’s not a good spooner, or he’s awkward
•Still rests on his side and only curves his body slightly towards you
•Prefers to have your face close to his chest
•He loves to get his hand under your shirt to rub your back or rub his thumb in small circles
•You just look so peaceful and relaxed how can he not
•Giorno likes it when you wrap your legs around him or an arm wrapped around his waist
•It gives him comfort
•He thinks it sounds creepy, but he likes to watch you sleep and notes how your face contorts while you dream away~
•Depending on your expressions, he will leave different flowers next to you to enjoy when you wake up
•If it wasn’t much change, he leaves a rose
•If there was a lot of hyperventilated and scared sort of expressions, it’s lilacs
•If you seem sad during your sleep, he leaves forget-me-nots so you don’t forget that he’ll always be around
-I love you and spent more time on this than I expected
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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Which division of the police handles fraud? (Mostly asking due to wondering if the times Kaitou KID has ratted out people trying to get insurance on fake items helps out Nakamori in any way for his job standing.)

Any officer who reports an incident regardless of division can initiate an arrest with sufficient evidence, however.

(To answer your question, it probably does help Nakamori if he makes an arrest of an attempt at fraud and he’d have enough jurisdiction to do it)

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what would it take to make Jotaro cry? sorry if this is weird but like,,,

-I want to make him cry
•Mentioning his family to a heightened degree
•His family is also considered Kakyoin and Avdol
•He’ll fight them for sure
•Literally knock sense into the stupid bitch that’s running their mouth
•Will bottle everything up until he’s home
•When he gets home at the end of the day, he’s in denial of PTSD
•Memories flood back to him of their adventures and what they had all accomplished together
•He breaks down and sniffles a little
•A few tears but never anything loud and annoying like hyperventilation
•Calms down after half an hour with a deep breath
•He sleeps to try and forget what that asshole made him remember
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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Hello! Do you have any headcanons about Bruno as a child? Thank you <3

-*whips out flash cards* as a matter of fact I do
•Probably was like leader in school
•Figured out liars because of school; everybody always borrowed lunch money from him and never gave it back
•Liked to order for himself when he’s with his parents at restaurants
•Quiet but a very know-it-all type
•Read lots of ‘fun fact’ books in the school library
•Loved to play four square because it was an easy and fair game
•Would buy candy bars from vending machines and resell them for a higher price
•So he can treat his friends to something nice later
•Loved to make crafts
•Especially macaroni necklaces and art
-I think Bruno was very thoughtful and cute, but a quiet sorta guy
-Admin Jules╰(*´︶`*)╯♡