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asteriaofthenightsky  asked:

Heyo, what would you think Sanji, Zoro , Law and Ace would look for in a spouse or long-term S/O?

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  • I think he would need someone who has a motherly side to them. Like patience and caring etc. etc
  • Adding to the motherly side; someone who can handle his narcolepsy and his little “secret” even though I don’t think anyone really cares
  • Someone who isn’t super uptight and looks down upon others. Definitely somebody who can laugh and have some fun
  • They must have good manners and be respectful of others and such
  • They also must be accepting of his family (possibly joining them) and get along well with them


  • Well first his s/o would have to be able to put up with him, as he is an extremely closed off person. They’d have to be patient and not try and pry him open and make him spill his secrets 
  • Adding to that he would be awkward with PDA and such so they’ll have to understand and allow him to open up in baby steps
  • They also have to be trust worthy, if he’s going to share secrets with them they can’t run off and tell their friends and such.
  • I feel like he wouldn’t want super super hyper such as Luffy, someone definitely more open then him does that make sense?
  • They’d also have to have common sense, he doesn’t do well with stupidity as he can be quite irritable/ impatient
  • Adding to that he’d be especially interested in someone who is actually interested in learning/ reading   


  • I feel like he hasn’t had much experience in a legit relationship, so like Law his s/o would have to be patient and allow him to catch on to things ya feel?
  • I would think somebody on the quiet side, someone who isn’t crazy and super loud
  • Maybe someone who is stronger so he could train/ spar with them. But if they were weaker he wouldn’t mind, he could help train them
  • He probably won’t admit it but he’d look for someone kinder then him, (which is many) as he can be quiet cold at times and he needs that balance yo


  • Definitely would have to be able to try his cooking when he develops new recipes and such
  • Somebody who’s really kind, like Pudding (or at least her act👀👀👀) with a dash of Nami (someone who can hold her ground)
  • They’d have to be able with his over-bearing amounts of affection,
  • Would like his s/o to have a passion (art, history, etc.) so they could share it with him as he shares his passion with them

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