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How would everyone ask for attention from their bae ??

Mikasa: Trying to act cute
Reiner: suprise buttseks
Bertholdt: ask nicely, get ignored
Annie: cuddle into them, if that doesn’t work, punch them
Eren: lay down on top of them
Jean: ‘hey, you ignoring me?’
Marco: Leave them be, they’ll have their reason
Sasha: Let’s go out!!! HEY!
Connie: Ask them to do something together
Historia: throw something at them
Armin: pet their hair 
Ymir: Insult them 
Levi: spray them with water
Hanji: slam the door
Erwin: strip
Nanaba: Cook something nice
Mike: lick their face

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What are some headcanons you have for Bert? <3

*Crunching hands* You don’t know how much I like this kind of asks, honey.

I have headcanons for both, the original story and AUs: 

Original story: 

-When he takes confidence with someone, he becomes very outgoing with that person, also showing his more comical side 

-When he’s not reading to distract himself he does ab-crunches and push-ups, usually with his torso naked ((because he’s a sweating machine, as we all know))

-Loves to repeat dessert in his dinners 

-He’s very popular among the girls of the 104th, but he doesn’t know it because he’s so innocent 

-When he sees that someone makes fun of Annie or treats her badly, Bertholdt confronts that person even if it’s only with words. When he does it he looks like another person (((cofcof Annie loves when he does that cofcof))) 

-He’s one of the few guys in the 104th who’s already bearded, and he sometimes lets his beard grow a little 

-He has an incredible talent for music 

- He´s very expressive with his gaze. When he can´t say in words to Annie how much he loves her, he just has to say it with his gaze. That makes Annie fall in love

Some AU headcanons: 

-When Annie gets pregnant she sometimes relaxes lying on the couch. Bert is a talented pianist, and plays the piano for her and the baby. 

-He was a time being youtuber wtf 

-He was very, very shy with Annie when they started out as a couple. Over time Bert became so confident that he didn’t stop doing nonsense to make Annie laugh (((and works very well))) 

-He’s. A fucking. Geek. Of video games

 -The day of his wedding with Annie was about to be hospitalized because he drank too much alcohol lol. Most of the guests at the wedding recorded videos of him dancing on the tables, Reiner was very proud of his drunky bro 

-Is an exemplary father, he’s totally devoted to his children, and his children adore him for it 

-When sexy time comes, Bert sometimes acts being rude and dominant, Annie goes crazy every time Bert does it and they enjoy A LOT 

-Bert loves Annie’s family so much, and Annie’s family love him too so that her parents consider him as a son 


Look at these dorks //literally literally everyone is looking pls stop

Pokemon Go!SNK headcanons
  • Eren is that Team Valor member. you know the one. He’ll wake up at 4am to check his notifications and notice that there’s a Venonat only 3 paws away. Mikasa yells at him because “Eren it’s only a Venonat, you’ve got like ten of these go the fuck to sleep
  • of course he doesn’t listen. He’s the type to wander through his neighbourhood at 4:30 in the morning, chasing that one specific Pokemon
  • and when he’s finally caught it after encountering 20 Rattatas and a dozen Pidgeys, waking up his neighbours and running straight into a trash can, he notices that he’s got no idea where the fuck he is
  • He calls Mikasa to get him. she’s not pleased
  • Mikasa’s got fifteen 1200+ CP and probably a legendary Pokemon, but her favourite is a 433 CP Squirtle. she caught it very early in the game and became attached to it
  • she always has to look out for Eren when he’s playing Pokemon Go though
    “Eren, there’s a lot of traffic here”
    “you just ran a red light”
  • Armin is Eren’s partner in crime. they spend entire afternoons at the park to ‘catch new Pokemon’ (they may or may not be dating)
  • But Armin is also the biggest nerd. Complete Pokemon trash. Dominates every Blue gym within a radius of 5km. try taking down his 2159 CP Dragonite. he’ll kick your ass
  • Both Sasha and Connie are Team Instinct. they always go Pokemon hunting together. They’re the type of players who order a five course meal at a restaurant only to be allowed to stay there longer and exploit other people’s lures
  • Jean constantly tries to take down Armin’s blue and Eren’s red gyms but fails miserably. all. the. time. Blames it on Team Instinct
  • Annie doesn’t seem like much of a Pokemon Go player at all, but you’ll be surprised when you see her collection of rare Pokemon. She likes to keep her obsession secret though
  • She’s a Nerd in Disguise™ and always adds her strongest Pokemon to Armin’s blue Gyms.
  • Reiner was one of the first to download the game but lost interest at like Level 9
  • Bertholdt: Nerd in Disguise™ 2.0
  • Historia loves her 21 CP bulbasaur even though it’s totally useless
  • Ymir thinks she’s cool but isn’t. total loser. joined the yellow team because she thinks they’re the best. embarrasses herself in front of Historia a lot by bumping into lamp posts and people
  • Hanji: very enthusiastic about every Pokemon they find, even if it’s the 500th Weedle. names every single Pokemon and will hiss at you if you even suggest transferring one of their 13948 Zubats to the professor
  • also “who needs sleep. time isn’t real and there’s a Nidorino nearby”
  • Levi doesn’t know what all the hype is about and gets really pissed at all the kids crowding his yard (poor guy’s got a pokestop directly in front of his house)
  • he eventually decides to download Pokemon Go only to become addicted to it very, very quickly. He’ll make excuses like “I’m texting four eyes” or “I’m calling an uber” when he’s really playing Pokemon Go and Eren knows but one glare of Levi was enough to make him keep his mouth shut
  • feel free to add your own headcanons
Asking Out Their Crushes for Anon

Eren Jaeger

Mikasa Ackerman

Armin Arlert

Jean Kirstein

Marco Bodt

Annie Leonhardt

Reiner Braun

Bertholdt Hoover


Krista Lenz/Historia Reiss

Sasha Blouse

Connie Springer

Erwin Smith

Levi Ackerman

Hanji Zoe

Mike Zacharias


(June 26th - 30th) Finally I can post some photos and talk about my trip to Paris and ask-irl-french-jean

I’ve never been to Paris and it was awesome!!! >//7//<<br>Even if it was damn hot outside (but only Jean got sunburns ahahahahaha) and I was so exhausted from working two weeks straight. =7=

Buuuuut~ I saw everything I wanted to see!! Eiffel Tower, Versailles, Champs-Élysées, Louvre (only from outside), Jeans rl booty ♥. I or Jean can add some photos later. Not the booty. Ok, maybe.

Next time (there must be a next timeee!!! >//7//<)9) I need to see the other sights (like Notre Dame) and the Louvre from inside!! (/)*u*(\)<br>
On Saturday there was the Gay Pride Parade in Paris. It is so huge omg and the music was so great and we danced and some gay guys came to me and told me that I looked like a queen (I had a yellow flower crown on my head) and hugged and kissed me (that was kinda strange…). Jean met some friends and I got to know some of them (or stayed next to them like: “Je ne parle pas bien francais ehehe” ö//7//ö but they tried to speak english. So we could handle talking to each other a bit. xD). Jean drew Reibert on my hands and I drew Jeanmarco on her hands. On the evening we all went out on a drink together (but I was so tired, so we went home early. Sorry for that again~ >//<” Wish we could’ve stayed longer).</p>

We also cosplayed as Jean and Marco one evening and met Levi and Commander Handsome on Omegle. They’re so pretty ahhh!!! ♥♥♥ I hope we can meet in rl, because they’re German!! (\(*7*)/) (Ich komm dann ins schöne Wuppertal pfff ;-D)

So yeah, I think this is all. xD
Thank you for hosting and taking care of me all the time! It was nice and I had a lot of fun! x333 ♥♥♥ I’d really like to visit you again, but next time it’s my turn to host you and show you my home! :-D

JEAN IS SUCH A CUTE AND PRECIOUS PERSON AND ASKED ME ALL THE TIME IF I WAS FEELING OK AND SHE HAS SUCH A HILARIOUS FRENCH ACCENT XDDD One time she said that she was hungry. I only understood angry, because she didn’t pronouns the “H” at the beginning and I was like “why are you angy?? ;A;” and then she was like “nooo, I’m ‘ungry. I want something to eat” and I was like “ahhh.”


Armin : Who? Hmmm, let’s see…I don’t think so… (He’s got a funny face, I should remember if I saw him…)

Eren : Hey Armin, what are you do-? Hmm, who is it, someone’s bullying you again?

Armin : Oh Eren, Mikasa. No, actually, this lady is looking after a friend…
Eren : Don’t you know you shouldn’t speak to strangers Armin.
Armin : What are you saying Eren? you’re doing it all the time…

Eren : Look Armin, I’m telling this for your sake! She’s looking suspicious, look how short she is!
Armin : What are you saying, Eren?!
*nags nags nags*
Mikasa : *approaches*

Mikasa : *stares* *shakes head* We didn’t see him, sorry Ma'am. We were playing in the flowers fields all day…
(Funny face…)

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If there was a ball, Who would dance with who?

Eren would dance with Armin, Ymir with Historia, Mikasa would sulk and go alone, but only because Jean didn’t dare to ask her, Bertholdt would dance with Annie, although she’d be pretty uncomfortable, Reiner would watch it all from the sides and cry a single manly tear, Sasha would dance with Connie and they’d have the night of their lifes