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pretty-eyes-jaeger  asked:

To help pass the time, what are some things (i.e. songs, seasons, colors, i don't know, anything) that you associate with the Reiberts?!

Ohhh this is such an interesting and creative question! I’ll do my best to answer this now, although now it’s got me thinking and I’ll probably think of five times as much stuff in a few days 😌

Honestly, I think a lot of my Reibert associations happen after I’ve spent a long time on fanart or a fic, and it kinda just stays with me. Or I’ll experience something myself and imagine them in that scenario, draw/write it, and then permanently be reminded of that, if that makes sense. And I think I have more experiences and like… physical things that remind me of them together, or stuff they would enjoy together. They’re very different from each other, so their individual associations are fairly opposite for me, I think. That’s a major reason why I love this ship so much and why it can be so much fun to have them explore different things that the other is more comfortable with. They can teach each other so much and they complement each other so well 💕

Reiner: gold, red, summer, answers, dogs, coffee, sun, oak trees

Bert: silver, blue, winter, questions, cats, tea, moon, pine trees

(It kinda cracks me up and also is very fitting that they’re star signs are Leo and Capricorn - very different but I feel like those both make perfect sense)

((Also I started a little fic once that included some of these in sort of a poetry-like format, buuuuut I’ve never finished it 😬))

I would say though that for colors, green and purple remind me a lot of Reibert. The outdoors, especially forests and mountains, also have a strong connection and would be something that they both appreciate and cherish.

For songs, I made a little playlist a couple of years ago for Reibert Week, and all of those songs still hit me pretty hard when I hear them. I’ll also listen to nicer, happier songs while I’m working on pieces that do kind of form that association, although there aren’t really in particular that stand out to me.

One time, I stumbled across these pictures when I was searching for drawing refs:

Again, I think I have associations anyway from drawing, but I thought those were super cute and reminded me of the Reiberts. I may do a “redraw” thing at some point 😁 Basically any giraffe or rhino now reminds me of them haha (my plush rhino that lives on my bed is named Reiner). Turtles also have an amusing association with the Bertl for obvious reasons.

Also, there are a few supernatural/mythical creatures that I associate with Reibert, but I think I’ll wait to reveal those so as not to spoil any upcoming fics 😉

Wow that was a lot of rambling… I hope this made a little sense and is at least somewhat organized because I just have a lot of feelings and I’m still incredibly hyped up on caffeine 😲 Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

anonymous asked:

I don't understand why most people hate Reiner, I mean bertholdt is responsible for breaking the wall by kicking it and causing all the big ass boulder to fly across the city killing the people inside the wall including eren's Mom. While All Reiner did was just ran through a gate and everyone hates him for no reason

Okay so I’m going to preface this by saying that discussing literally ANYTHING about Reiner and Bertholdt on Tumblr is very dangerous, but then again, so was destroying Wall Maria, so here goes nothing!

Now, personally, I love Reiner and Bertholdt. If I’m gonna be fair here, yeah, Bert probably caused the most direct destruction by kicking the wall. Reiner on the other hand, broke through the gate of Wall Maria, while Bertholdt only opened a way into Shiganshina. Indirectly, Reiner put a hell of a lot more people in danger, but Bertholdt killed a bunch more directly. Who ultimately killed more in their respective manners I’m not too sure. It was probably Bertholdt, especially considering that he did it again at Trost. 

As for the hate they get, I can understand not liking the “air” of a character if that makes sense. Some people just don’t like certain characters for no real reason, and you know what? That happens, and I can understand it. Now, as for basing it on their actions, that gets a little less clear. I’d argue that ALMOST EVERYTHING in snk is in a gray area of morality. Think about Kruger. He probably tortured and killed so many people just to keep his cover, but if restoring Eldia was his goal, he kind of hit the nail on the head. Eren and Annie probably killed hundreds of people at Stohess. Of course, letting Annie get out of there probably could have gotten thousands killed, so again, it’s a double edged blade. Reiner and Bertholdt have killed a bunch of people too, but then again, after seeing what Zeke did to Reiner, seemingly effortlessly, it kind of makes sense that they’ll do whatever the hell he says, compounded by the fact that he’s their War Chief. Add in a bit of Marleyan brainwashing and you’ve got snk season 1. Don’t think for a second that Zeke isn’t one of, if not my favorite character though.

Evidenced probably most by the most recent episode, they really don’t wanna be doing all of that. Reiner got really close with everybody, and realized they’re just people, and you can see him have a hard time with that in the latest chapter. It almost looks to me that there’s a lot more Soldier Reiner coming through, which is odd, you know, him being in Marley and all. If you consider actions alone to be the indicator of a good person, then you probably don’t think very fondly of them. If you consider baseline morals as the indicator of a good person, then you probably think they’re great. I imagine some people are a little bit in between, so that’s probably where the discourse comes from.

Lastly, interestingly enough, I actually think a lot of people really like Reiner. Maybe we just talk to vastly different people, but I’ve seen a lot of people that really like Reiner, myself included. Maybe it’s because he took more of an active role in the series that people have more active opinions of him, whereas Bertholdt was relatively quiet for most of it. It’s also good to consider that even IF you think they’re terrible people, you can still really like their characters, and even if you think they’re great people, you can still really dislike their characters.

TL;DR: I think a lot of people have some reasons for not liking one, the other, or both. I happen to like them both a lot, and I know a lot of other people do too. It really depends on your view of morality and your affinity for certain character traits.

Thanks for the ask! This was really fun to talk about!