ask becca questions

Important OTP questions:

- Who eats ice cream for breakfast and who has a strict, healthy diet?

- Who rolls the toilet paper over and who rolls the toilet paper under?

- Who bites their ice cream and who licks their ice cream?

- Who bites their nails and who spends $50 on manicures (before inevitably snapping a nail)?

- Who acts all tough and mature but is actually a big puppy dog under it all and who is cute and sweet on the outside but in reality has 50,000 kinks?

- Who wears glasses and who wears contacts?

- Who games on console and who games on PC?

- Who overreacts to losing and who let’s the other one win?

- Who has 50 degrees, tons of qualifications and who has once eaten a taco in one bite?

- Who falls asleep in 0.5 seconds flat and who spends the next 4 hours staring at the other in awe?