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Tired by Fun, it Makes Me Blue

“The circus is in town!” Raven growled as the howl reverberated through the tower, disrupting her meditation.

“The circus is in town, the circus is in town!” Beast Boy continued chanting at the top of his lungs, and with a sigh, she alighted on the floor of her room. There was no way she was going to be able to continue meditating now. Especially since in one, two, three…

“Raven! C'mon, the circus is in town, we’ve gotta go!” The words, accompanied by a loud knock, arrived at her door. She opened it and glared down at the boy. He grinned up at her, eyes wide and pleading.

“No.” Was all she uttered, before slamming the door again. While she had come a long way, and even enjoyed the occasional outing with the team now, a circus sounded more like torture than actual fun. Loud people, bright lights, clowns… The circus seemed like someone had taken a list of everything Raven didn’t like, and set out to craft something based on nothing but. In short, the circus was Raven specific torture, and she had no desire to subject herself to it.

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Poison, fangs, and sharp claws; 

Come stick your head in the lions jaw

Part six of the AH Carnival AU

The Clown, Ghost Boy, The Beast, Ringleader, Siamese Twins, Beast Tamer