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I was wondering if you knew any cool fanfics that don't have any real sort of shipping (or shipping mainly being hinted or background?)

You came to the right place.  Even though I deeply love certain ships, I am primarily a gen writer, and I seek out and cherish the little bit of genfic I find.  It’s few and far between in this fandom, unfortunately, and most of them are short, which is reflected in this rec list.

Another Brother by AvocadoLove: It was a mission of revenge. There weren’t supposed to be any survivors, but Chief Hakoda couldn’t bring himself to kill the Fire Nation boy. Against his better judgment, he brought him home. A Zuko joins the Water Tribe story. 224,540 words, WIP []

This is one of the best fics in the fandom, bar none.  It’s long, plotty, and character driven, full of family politics and family bonds.  Just an amazing fic.

Aftermath by @somariel: Iroh receives word of the Gaang’s victories and gives someone a well-earned tongue-lashing.  2661 words [AO3]

Iroh visits Ozai in prison and gives him a piece of his mind.

The Airbending Master by Lizbee: Teaching airbenders is not the same as restoring the Air Nomads. 354 words [AO3]

Short and sweet pre-comics fic about Aang teaching airbending Ty Lee.

Gilded Green by Caelum Blue: At the end of Iroh’s Siege, the Dai Li decide to test their brainwashing abilities on a Fire Nation soldier. They don’t know that their guinea pig-rat happens to be a supposedly-dead prince. First in a series. AU, DaiLi!LuTen.  96,189 words, WIP [AO3]

A long, plotty take on one of my favorite nightmare AU scenarios. Full of well developed and interesting OCs, overtly creepy and unsettlingly domestic by turns. Great fic.

Tea with Destiny by AvocadoLove: After the shock of Lu Ten’s death, Iroh makes a fateful journey into the Spirit World. The tea there is exquisite, but the company may give Iroh a run for his money. 2,659 words []

Beautiful fic, just read.

Lessons in Thin Air by Lisse: What Zuko learns at the Western Air Temple, whether he wants to or not. 1,293  words []

This short character study about Zuko and the gaang packs a real punch.

Five Generations of Facepalms by Lazy8: It’s a curse every generation wishes on the next one at some point in their lives. The Fire Nation royal family is no exception. 2859 words [AO3]

Fire Nation Royal Family comedy about the ways the children manage to appall their parents.  Al kinds of fun.

The Dragon Incident by Wrongfun: Everytime Aang, Katara and Toph had some business to do, they dumped their kids in Zuko’s court. Cue, chaos. 4638 words [AO3]

Very very funny look at Zuko attempting to babysit the gaang’s offspring.  Suyin wants a dragon.  Druk, Zuko, and the architecture of the palace suffer.

Five Ways Toph Created Her Own Family (Whether She Liked It or Not) by lady ganesh: [Dreamwidth]

Wonderful Toph character study about building a family of choice and becoming an adult.

Eight Principals of Yong by psocoptera: The pen is mightier than the sword, or how Zuko saves the day via the power of good penmanship. 3686 words  [AO3]

Amazing post Last Agni Kai Zuko character study about Zuko and Katara figuring out what to o next with the Fire Nation.

Red is the Color of the End of the World by @sholiofic: Post-series, Katara is adjusting to the new shape of the world. They all are. 4241 words [AO3]

Immediately post-canon Katara character study, lush, beautiful, and a touching exploration of friendship.

The Ember Island Portraits: Katara offers Zuko friendship by repeatedly doing something that annoys him. 1666 words [AO3]

I am such an enormous sucker for Katara and Zuko friendship fics, and this is one of the very best.

9/365. Kiss Meme A1, Kya and Lin Beifong.

In true form, my darling @sinksanksockie was the first to provide me with lady smooch fodder for these requests!  😘 I hope you enjoy them beeb, I know you love these two(and so do I, honestly).

(Also, FYI, these are open right now, so feel free to check out the chart and request smooches in my ask box!)

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On the whole "the avatars friends COULD have been the avatar"... Can you elaborate on that? Are some of the Avatars friends reincarnated?

Well, you know that one theory that’s like “everyone can reincarnate, but only the Avatar remembers their past lives because of the Avatar spirit?”

It’s kind of like that. 

The idea is that in each lifetime, Avatar befriends a group of powerful, or in one way or another enlightened individuals (enlightened may not be the best word though). I guess because of some spirity intervention or something, and they end up finding each other, and together they are tasked with keeping balance. 

Sorry, I don’t think I explained that too well. 

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Korrasami 😘

vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

Honestly though, Korrasami is literally my favourite ship like ever. I’ve been shipping them since korra book 3 came out and I have yet to encounter another ship that makes me feel the feels like this one does. (Also I cried when it became canon I swear I never expected it to actually happen and I have been so blessed with the ship, the show, and the community)

Send me a ship

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What about the mental image of the past Avatars arguing like Mulan's ancestors over Aang's choose on running away?

Kyoshi: I knew it, I knew it, that Aang was a flake from the start!

Yangchen: Don’t look at me, he gets it from Kuruk’s side of the reincarnation!

Kuruk: He’s just trying to have a childhood.

Roku: If he isn’t found, he will eventually die, in the Avatar State! Our line will be forever broken, resistance to the Fire Nation will disintegrate!

Wan: Not to mention Vaatu will destroy the world.

Yangchen’s Predecessor With The Cool Hat: My reincarnation never caused such trouble, she became an Air nun.

Roku: Well we can’t all be Air nuns!

Kyoshi: No, somebody’s next reincarnation had to get himself frozen in an iceberg!

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Au + 5hc assuming korra didnt lose connection to her past lives: korra asks the past avatars for love advice re asking asami out

1. Aang advises Korra to not under any circumstances tell Asami she would rather kiss her than die.

2. Roku tells her that if Asami says no, it’s not the end of the world, because there are plenty of other people who will care about her, and love shows up in unexpected places.  Also being the Avatar has perks, and a boost to romantic prospects is one of them.  Korra does not really like this advice, thank you, it was not what she asked.

3. Kyoshi’s advice is surprisingly useful.  She tells her to be honest with Asami, but not to overwhelm her, to give her the opportunity to back out, and to find something Asami likes and to offer to take her to do it.  She also tells her not to come home dripping with the blood of her enemies until they have been together for at least a year.

4. Kuruk is banished from the discussion because he’s wearing the skin of a polar bear dog, and Korra is not dealing with that right now.  Yangchen bows out, feeling she has nothing to contribute.

5. Wan hangs around just to grin and drop the occasional embarrassing double entendre until Korra is just about ready to double his entendre, with her fist.  He also passes her a note from one of the airbending avatars, who is kind of terrifying, and has a big spear, that says: “Look, she’s obviously head over heels for you, just ask out her already.”

Asami realized she was in love with Korra but was also able to recognize that Korra was in no condition to receive this love without being hurt even further, and so Asami simply “confessed” by taking her hand and promising to do anything that Korra wanted–she pledged herself verbally, making it so that she could no longer take back her feelings or her offer, but she also didn’t burden Korra with any obligations or confused feelings.

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a purer declaration.

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The gang as benders? And maybe even an avatar.

How to Train Your Dragon and Avatar is one of the most beautiful crossovers ever. I love it.

Hiccup as an Airbender

Hiccup is a perfect Airbender. He feels free in the skies, and spends exorbitant amounts of time up there enjoying the feel of flight. He’s peacefully-minded with a pacifistic-esque philosophy to avoid harm wherever possible. Airbenders are said to respect all forms of life, and Hiccup is able to care for everything down to the deadliest of dragons, and to even try bargaining peacefully with devious warlords like Drago. Can’t you just imagine Hiccup riding his flying bison Toothless? Also the flight suits from LOK are exactly the same thing as what Hiccup wears in HTTYD 2.

We could argue that Hiccup would make a fine Avatar. In HTTYD 2, Valka speaks of Hiccup as a special individual, the only person who can unite humans and dragons together because he has “the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon.” The analogy could easily be transferred to the Avatar world. In HTTYD, Hiccup is the bridge between humans and dragons. In ATLA/TLOK, Hiccup would be the bridge between humans and spirits. He would be the one and only person to bring peace to the world because he is the unique person who has a foot in both worlds. There is a good argument to be made of Hiccup being an Avatar.

Still, even then, we can pin him like Aang. If we wanted to make Hiccup an Avatar, we can always say he grew up as an Air Nomad and that Air is his strongest element.

Snotlout as a Firebender

Snotlout seems very well-suited for fire. Firebending is an intense, aggressive style with focus on attack over defense. While Snotlout can talk about practicality in some of the tougher battles, he also is someone who is a rather bold attacker focused on the offense - just think about “Cast Out Part 1.” This sort of power-focused Firebending style is much how he fights and thinks. Additionally, Snotlout rides a Monstrous Nightmare in the HTTYD world, a dragon which literally lights itself on fire. Snotlout lives, breathes, and works with fire, thinks with fire, fights with fire, far more than anyone else on the entire dragon riding team. This kid as I see him is quite the Firebender.

Fishlegs as a Waterbender

You could also make a very compelling case arguing Fishlegs is an Airbender - he’s peace-oriented enough! I do, however, think that there is something appealing about him being a Waterbender, too. Waterbending focuses on symbiosis, working with and guiding the environment around oneself. Fishlegs, far more than any of the other individuals in the gang, loves everything alive. He squeals over dragons - even dangerous ones - and has quite the interest in plantlife, too, given his studies in botany. Fishlegs is the most attuned to life of anyone.

Additionally, waterbending focuses on defense rather than offense, and it can be used for healing. Fishlegs is not an offensive type of guy. He always works from the defense. Waterbending is a fluid, graceful form, and I can imagine Fishlegs loving that sort of beautiful finesse. 

Ruffnut and Tuffnut as Earthbenders

I don’t have as strong of intuitions about what sort of benders Ruff and Tuff would be. Honestly, they could make very good non-benders, acting like a Sokka figure in the story. But I think that they should be givien bending skills, and that it’d be fun if they were Earth Benders. They’re the daredevil destructive type, loving to feel the power of their destruction, and the firm-footed stance of Earthbending could allow them to wreak havoc to their heart’s desire. The fighting style of Earthbending is far more like the twins’ personalities than any of the other types; they’re certainly not peacekeepers like Airbenders, nor aggressive attackers like Firebenders, nor graceful and fluid benders like the Water Tribes. 

Astrid as a Waterbender

I can honestly imagine Astrid as three different bending types if I want to - Earth, Fire, and Water. There are good arguments to be made on all those fronts. But I feel that water fits her best. She and Katara would get along so well, dear Thor.

Astrid might be a bit more offense-oriented than a typical Waterbender, but she has many of the other traits we associate with that bending style. She is incredible, graceful, fluid, able to direct her movements with a gymnast’s honed flexibility. She is someone with a compassionate spirit who heals with words in canon; she can heal with Waterbending, too, in this ATLA AU.

Heather and Dagur as Firebenders

I know you didn’t ask me this one, but can we please just do this? You could even get bored and even compare these siblings with Zuko and Azula. Older brother, younger sister, both royalty? Check. One of them deranged and overpowerful? Check. The other lost, confused, outcasted? Check. Everyone a bit emotionally unstable? Check, check, check, check. It’s certainly not a perfect analogy, but I pin Hether and Dagur as Firebenders even without thinking of that analogy at all.

So here are my answers! Basically all the characters have some potential to hop into different bending styles (I know I simplified talking about the philosophies in these short replies). These are just some of the ways I could imagine it going.

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5 headcanons each for Aang switching places with Korra and Korra switching places with Aang (with a focus on Korra and Zuko's relationship maybe?)?

I see what you did there.

1. Korra had such a hard time as an Air Nomad.  Everybody, including her knew from the time she was a little girl that she was the Avatar, because the only element she couldn’t bend was air.  The other kids never wanted to play with her, because all of the games they wanted to play, she couldn’t play without airbending, and all of the games she could play, they were convinced she had an unfair advantage in because she was the Avatar.  She spent a lot of time with her teacher feeling lonely and frustrated, and like she would rather be anything except the Avatar.

The one good thing about being the Avatar is, the temple elders decided to give her a sky bison early, in the hopes that taking care of one of the original airbenders will teach her to airbend.  It didn’t, but having Appa was great anyway.  Still, the temple elders kept her close to the temple instead of letting her train in the other elements, and she ran off to the Southern Water Tribe to finally learn waterbending.  This was when she got lost in the storm and frozen.

2. Korra wakes up to the beautiful face of a Water Tribe girl, and falls head over heels in love with her, though she doesn’t recognize those feelings for what they are until much later.  Anyway, since she isn’t running from being the Avatar, and in fact went south to finally train, she doesn’t try to keep the whole Avatar thing secret.  In fact, to prove she’s the Avatar, she waterbends and firebends right there for Katara.  First Sokka tries to attack her for firebending, then Katara drops the news that there are no waterbenders at the South Pole except her.

3. Instead of surrendering peacefully to Zuko to protect the village, Korra tries to fight him.  He hauls her in all of her twelve-year-old, kicking, biting, fire-and-waterbending glory onto his ship in something like horror at what he got himself into.  He won’t admit it, but he’s almost relieved when she escapes.

He does not destroy the village.  There is no need.  He has what he came for, right?

4. Pakku is just about willing to make an exception in the gender role nonsense to train the Avatar, but he’s not training her friend too.  That’s it, no girls allowed.  Okay Pakku.  Katara fights him, while Korra sits back and wonders why she didn’t think of that, and falls deeper in love.

5. Korra’s love life, which is probably important I guess: Her crush on Katara is utterly unreciprocated, leading to terrible heartbreak.  Then, she falls in love with a newly redeemed Zuko, as they dance together under rainbow dragon fire.  He, uh, really doesn’t see her that way, and also he has a girlfriend, and… (Uncle, help).  Then, Zuko and Mai break up, and Korra thinks here’s her shot, right?  No, Zuko turns her down flat.  Eventually, Zuko starts dating Katara, and Korra, well Korra starts spending time with Mai, and one thing leads to another, and when Korra’s a little older, they start dating.

6. Aang the waterbender doesn’t find out he’s the avatar until he’s almost sixteen, and trying to explain this one firebending move that he saw a performer do at the last festival to his creepy cousins, when poof, he makes fire.  Of course his uncle tries to take over, and his parents call in the order of the White Lotus, and it’s off to the Earth Kingdom to learn earthbending, until his uncle kidnaps him to unlock the spirit portals.

7. He is not a fully trained Avatar.  He has waterbending and earthbending, and he almost dies, and loses his connection to all of his past lives, and he barely defeats Vaatu, and he is such a failure, and there’s some guy running around Republic City taking away people’s bending, and wow, why is he the Avatar?

8. The next element in the cycle is supposed to be fire, but suddenly the world is full of airbenders, none of whom have any better idea how to do this airbending thing than he does.  Since Avatar Korra never had any children, these are the first airbenders since her death almost seventeen years ago.  Aang goes to help find them all and train with them, and then rescue them from the Earth Queen, and then he gets mixed up with the Red Lotus and Amon and Tarlok, and everybody tried to kill him or take away his bending, or make him go into the Avatar state and then kill him, and he almost died again, and he went into the Avatar state and almost killed three people (all of whom are awful, but still) and two of them escaped and no one can find them, and now he can’t walk on his own and he hurts and feels sick all the time.

9. He runs.  He runs and he runs and he runs until he just can’t run anymore, and no matter how far he runs, he is left empty, afraid, and alone.

10. When he faces Kuvira, he does it with nothing but the knowledge that he has done this before.  He has faced death, and at this point, he figures he will have to keep facing death.  When he is able to talk her down, he is so relieved, and so happy, and this, this is how we wishes every conflict could go.

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What do you imagine Izumi's personality to be? We didn't really get to know who she is as a person, since she only had two lines of dialogue (in which she seemed rather serious but the situation called for it).

Yes, I’ve definitely thought about her personality and attempted to incorporate some of her traits into my posts. Also, I’m sorry it took so took so hard to respond. If you weren’t on Anon, I would have messaged you saying that I didn’t forget your post, but alas I couldn’t.

TL;DR Version:

I personally think she’s INFJ–idealistic, complex, value-driven, perceptive, hard working, and quiet. From what we saw of her, Izumi is a reserved person who prefers to sit in the background, take everything in, and then wait for the right moment to speak her opinion. She’s firmly against war and will only break this value “unless there’s no other choice.” Also, her intolerance for Prince Wu’s BS lines up with an INFJ’s perfectionist nature and high standards for everyone around them.

It also should be noted that Zuko is INFP, so having his daughter be INFJ isn’t that much of stretch. I don’t know about anyone else, but something about her makes me think she’s the judging type even though we haven’t really seen her in action. It’s just a hunch, I guess.

The Long Version:


Even though she held a serious demeanor during the world leader’s meeting, there’s no way she doesn’t have a dorky side after being raised by her awkward turtleduck of a father.

He was probably the prince of dad jokes (with Sokka being the king.) While most of his jokes are terrible, some of them are so bad, they’re good and she laughs to the point of snorting.

Awkward? Definitely. However, since we only see her in LOK, we missed out on her awkward teen years which were bound to be cringeworthy and angsty. Everyone expected her to be dignified, regal, and defined as a 13 year old, but instead she went through the same embarrassing and self-conscious stage as everyone else. She didn’t like her pointed jaw line, glasses, and probably other physical traits the audience couldn’t see. Personally, I love her character design because not only is she drop-dead gorgeous, but she also has distinguishing features that make her stand out from most other characters. However, this doesn’t prevent some people from being haters so I can imagine her insecurities made for some pretty interesting teenage years. More on the angst later.


She definitely has Mai’s sarcasm but since she’s representing the Fire Nation in international politics, we weren’t able to see her crack a joke.

Intolerance for BS:

Izumi also has her mother’s “I’m not taking any of your shit” attitude and I love it. This is the one trait I try to emphasize in my posts the most for your comedic pleasure.

Can you imagine how aggravating international politics are in LOK? The Earth Kingdom royal family is a joke. Raiko is a fuckboy who wants you to invade the Earth Empire just like your genocidal granddaddy did despite the fact your own father nearly killed himself out of fear of becoming like him. The Water Tribes–smh. No wonder we barely see her; she’s too busy running her own country and being fabulous for all this nonsense.

In Battle:

Fire bender or not, there’s no doubt in my mind she’s a badass. Personally, I think she inherited her father’s jerkbending while also picking up mad knives throwing skills from her mommy. Zuko’s dual dao swords? Chi-blocking abilities? Uncle Sokka’s boomerang skills? Maybe. Either way, her father made sure she didn’t put all her eggs in one basket in battle so Izumi’s skilled in multiple styles of fighting and weapons.


I never understood why some fans claim that Zuko must have spoiled Izumi rotten out of fear of becoming like his father. While yes, Ozai was abusive to Zuko, but look at his behavior towards Azula: he let her be completely spoiled by giving her almost whatever she wanted and not giving her healthy boundaries. Let’s look at some examples from the show and comics, shall we. She doesn’t like her fire bending teacher? Send him to the colonies. Can’t land at the harbor because of a natural occurrence that none of your crew members have any power over? Threaten to throw them overboard (even though fighting the tides would damage the ship.) From what I saw, it seems that as long as Azula stayed a prodigy and didn’t directly annoy him, Ozai let her do as she wished. However, giving a child whatever they want and not giving them proper boundaries can create a MONSTER–and I’ve personally experienced some of these monsters. Of course, I wholeheartedly believe that Ozai’s abusive behavior and Ursa’s disappearance had a negative affect on Azula, but I feel like the fandom often doesn’t understand how destructive spoiling your child can really be.

I plan to make a more in-depth post on my other account later, so I’m not going into much detail here. This is the TL;DR version. 

My whole point is that Dadko probably knows that spoiling Izumi is a huge no no and he had to figure out a balance between showing her affection but also giving her proper boundaries (which means punishing her and saying “no.”) Growing up, he made sure his daughter had to do chores and clean up after herself: “Izumi, the servants have better things to do than make your bed, pick up your toys, or get you a glass of water when you have nothing to do, so you have to do these things yourself.”

I have this headcanon that, as a teenager, Izumi would spent her vacations working at “Grandpa” Iroh’s tea shop in Ba Sing Se, serving tea to customers, cleaning after them, and being treated like shit. What better way to understand the plight of the working class then to work in the restaurant/retail industry?

From what we saw of both Zuko and Iroh ii in LOK, they both seem rather kind and respectful to those around them despite their status, so it’s not a stretch to think she’s the same way (unless you’re being an ass hat like Prince Wu.)

I do have some more traits in mind but since I don’t want to make this post a novel, I’ll post more as times goes on. Thanks for the ask! It was an honor!

Ikkin’s (Mostly?) Complete Compendium of Korra-Kuvira Parallels

Recently, I’ve seen a few people saying that the parallels between Korra and Kuvira were limited and mostly surface-level, which made me start considering how many parallels there actually are between the two of them (spoiler alert: it’s probably more than you think).

Anyway, I looked through all of the scenes in Book 4 in which Kuvira either participates or is the topic of discussion, found the ones that related to Korra, and noted where the points of comparison actually were.  Here’s what I found:

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