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What are your favorite kinds of gardens?

The best kind of garden is the kind you share with friends!!

Borrowed Mons from @dailysylveonandaudino , @vaporeonappears , @weekly-megasceptile, @occasionallymew for this!

Are you someone who likes to send terrible things over anon to the people who least deserve it?

Well have I got a few nifty tactics for your next time!

Blush ( @dailyshinycutiefly ) and Chrysanthemum are standing near the Official Daily Pokémon Community Complaint/Negative Comment Box! Submit now and earn 100% of Blush’s wrath and 0% of Chrys’s Heal Pulse!

“Why, Chrysanthemun, that looks awfully like a trash can!”

Heck, it sure does because that’s where they belong~

If you just cannot bear to face the consequences of unapologetically doing bad things, I suggest you stop! It costs $0 to treat people like human beings after all.

(apwidfieswksasjz sorry I’m really heated over the continued surges of negativity in ask boxes)

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serenade me, musicians...

“Had to go for one more, huh?” 

“One last attempt, I guess.” 

“No, they didn’t have to anything. They wanted to do it! After going through all of us from before, seriously, did they have to–?!” 

“Easy Ledian, it’s fine. After all, it is attention for us. We’re not even supposed to be a focus point, not just yet.” 

“Oh, I have trouble focusing too.” 

“That’s…not what she meant. But hey, maybe we’ll get new patrons for when our shows hit the stage!”

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HC: Theres a music class in the school not shown canon, and everyone has their own instrument. As it turns out, Partner is REALLY GOOD on winds. One day the teacher (probably Audino tbh) asks Partner to do a solo. What do they play? The part in "Partner's Theme" from 0:21 to 2:14. Everyone, even Pancham, gives them a standing ovation, which really helps Partner's confidence. Also, before disappearing, Partner leaves a music box for Hero that plays the same tune, engraved with "Please don't cry."