ask asianhistory

I don’t have any problem with people asking these kinds of questions per se! Subjects like “Indian Court life in the 1000’s” and “late 19th century Manchuria” are cool! However, chances are if you’re researching for a paper:

A.) I’ve (probably) also never researched this before in my life!

B.) I’m also (probably) not going to move any faster or search any better than you will!

Which is where my advice comes in:

  • If you have a local College or University, most have public access to journals and circulation books/the stacks wherein you can search for the subjects you want. If you’re not a student, you may not be able to check the books out, but you can always see if you can read them or scan them in there! 
  • Both University and Public Librarians are specialists in helping you research! They are the absolute most qualified people out there for you to ask about finding information on something because they have a variety of means and methods available to them that they can show you. Large universities, such as my own, may even have librarians with specialties in different Asian regions. You can go to the librarian who specializes in your topic of research interest directly, and ask for help.
  • I also peruse college bookstores to see textbooks and other history texts that aren’t going to be in regular bookstores. 
  • Please check my resources button! I gathered many databases and resources that my own library and research have led me to use or become aware of. These are the places I know to search. None of them say “Indian Court life in the 1000’s” for example, but the Indian Historical Review might be a good place to start. 
  • When you’ve exhausted these options, your next best bets are to go searching for Universities with study centers! “South Asia Studies” or “Center for South Asian Studies” (keeping with the India example) will merit several academic institutions with plenty of their own books, videos, lectures, resources, journals, articles, and other such materials for you to sift through and perhaps find what you’re looking for. 

Good luck, and happy hunting!