ask ashen smirk


To expand. I used to follow DC, specifically Green Lantern. Huge fan. Movie Sucked. And I have not picked it up since the reboot. I like the Nolan Batman movies and definitely Marvel’s recent run in theatres. 

In addition I have a small collection of trade paperbacks of some favorites of mine. Kingdom Come. Marvel 1602. And some random comics, like an Industrial Revolution spin on Batman. 

And I would like to give a shout out to some of my newer followers (I don’t update as often as I would like, work and a newborn get in the way of tumblr) but those here are some more recent followers. And Backy, who is hard not to throw in a crossover. (I will work on some more cameos and what not in future updates. I have some new followers since I sketched this out I would like to add)


Ask Professor Uponium: Loki

Twisted Gears: Iron Maiden

Joen: Captain America

Backy: Thor…complete with suggestive hammer

Professor Smirk: Black Widow…I am only a little sorry.

Sturm: Banner / Hulkyena

edit: I need to add in Derpy with an eye patch asking them about joining the Avengers Initiative. Maybe with a googly eye on the eye patch.