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hey I was wondering if you had any good gendrya fic recommendations, I'm in need of some. please & thank you

Thanks so much for the ask and sorry for taking so long! Especially since I promised to make another AxG fic recommendation list not that long ago. If you want to see my first list before going through this one, you can find it here.

So, for this list, I’m going to start with recently written works currently in progress that I’m obsessed with:

The Thief by sionnach_glic on Ao3
This one is written so incredibly well and includes a few different POVs and…just…every single interaction between Arya and Gendry is SO amazing. It was one of those fics that I wanted to read all in one sitting but couldn’t because I didn’t want to get to the end and have to wait for another chapter.

The Million and One Ways Arya Could (Should) Have Been Mentioned by SecondFromTheRight on Ao3
Completely and totally obsessed with this one since it gives us everything we didn’t get from Season 7 and more in terms of Arya actually being discussed by literally everyone she’s had past interactions with together in a group (sans Jorah and Tormund). It’s just so great and addictive and updated frequently.

Warrior’s Hands by faithisbrokenn on Ao3
Another recent one I’m really loving. Warning: there’s smut in Chapter 1. Haha or newsflash, not warning, lmao. I just love the way that Arya and Gendry are written; their dialogue is spot on. And gendrya + reunion + kissing + more = everything.

Now I’ll go back in time and list some favorite old classics:

I’ll Run (Run To You) by my absolute love @jewishstarks
An old old favorite. An actual masterpiece. One of those G has to compete among others for A’s hand. Absolutely and completely lovely. You won’t stop smiling.

Oblivious by winterwaters on Ao3
So as I’ve said before, I’m cautious of most modern AUs, but this one is soooo amazing. You’ll see what I mean when you read it. All the feels! Very true to A and G even though it’s modern.

that Stark girl by xxxidrilxxx on
Ahhhhh I have been looking for this story since I first read it like a year and a half ago. So bad news is it’s incomplete and hasn’t been updated since 2015. Worst possible case scenario in fan fiction, I know. BUT…if you’re willing to suffer that most awful of fates, this is an awesome modern au of the whole story, mainly focused on A & G on the run. Maybe if there’s a resurgence of popularity of the story, the author will finish…?

Not Another Coffee Shop AU by the legendary @rabbitbaratheon
Because it really isn’t just another coffee shop AU. For a self-proclaimed wary-reader-of-modern-au, I sure am recommending a lot. While you’re at this story, I’d recommend checking out all of her works!

Like Wenda by our very own darling @furious-winter
Because it’s an all our dreams come true brotherhood AU, and A & G are written SO well. And while you’re there, check out everything else by @furious-winter ! You won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for a reunion fic that’s tiny but huge with feelings try:
No One and Someone by AmberMagic on
Lead Me Back To You also by the darlingest darling @jewishstarks
Basically while you’re on Ao3 on @jewishstarks ‘s page (belasteals on ao3), read everything. She’s a gendrya fan fiction angel.

In addition, as a Gendrya fan, in case you haven’t already, you should check out @gotpresident ‘s AMAZING gendrya comics found here, here, here and here and follow her for updates!

Ok so I wanted to make this longer but I also didn’t want to make it too long so basically I’m going to compromise by waiting awhile before making another one of these, and in the meantime, go back and find all the other really good fics I was dumb enough not to bookmark. There’s so many and it feels so unfair to have put two of these out without even coming close to honoring all the incredible gendrya works out there.

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I've always thought in terms of personality, arya is much more like catelyn and Sansa much more like Ned. Popular opinion seems to like it the other way round though. Maybe it's because of looks, maybe it's because Sansa/cat less popular arya/Ned more so they group them like that. But I firmly believe personality wise, arya gets more from cat and Sansa more from Ned. I was wondering if you could expand on this and share your opinion?

Hey there anon :). I’ve picked up on this many times before and for some reason its often overlooked by many in the fandom. I’ve always thought that while Arya resembles Ned and Sansa resembles Cat, their personality and mannerisms are actually more like the other parent. I personally think this is often denied because a lot of people love Ned and Arya but don’t like Cat and Sansa, so I’m hoping this may help change their opinion.

Catelyn and Arya:

Feminism: Despite the very patriarchal society they live in, both Cat and Arya are essentially champions of women, recognising the worth of women and also almost scorning how they’re seen as second value citizens in Westeros:

  • Catelyn: ‘A woman can rule as wisely as a man’: When Brynden seems to worry that Lysa intends to rule the Eyrie, Catelyn says this, emphasising her belief that women can do just as much of a good job ruling (and to be fair, Brynden does agree that the ‘right’ woman can)
  • Catelyn: ‘Girls are not important enough, are they?’: This is her response when Robb tells her that he could’ve traded Jaime for Ned, and she realises that Sansa and Arya aren’t worth as much, lamenting how society favours men over women.
  • Arya: ‘The woman is important too’: This is when Jon spots that Joffrey wears both the royal Baratheon sigil of his ‘father’ and the Lannister lion of his mother and says that the royal sigil should be enough but he wears his mother’s house sigil as equal and Arya protests that, saying that women are just as important.

Both Catelyn and Arya are actually rather intelligent: Now I’m not saying that Sansa and Ned aren’t intelligent, but Arya definitely takes after Catelyn, she’s a lot more intuitive than Sansa is, and that is all Cat. Catelyn manages to outwit Tyrion, and he acknowledges that himself: ‘All his life Tyrion had prided himself on his cunning…yet this seven-times-damned she-wolf Catelyn Stark had outwitted him at every turn’. Arya is intelligent as well, for example, she uses her wit and intelligence to manipulate Jaqen into freeing them from Harrenhal, she manages to learn how to speak Braavosi, despite her young age (I also love how when she’s in Braavos, ‘Cat of the Canals’ is a name she uses, it breaks my heart).

They both have a massive taste for revenge:

  • Arya: ‘Every night Arya would say their names. Ser Gregor…The Tickler and the Hound, Ser Amory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei’: The list of names that Arya has of people she wants to kill is very well known in both the books and the show.
  • Catelyn: ‘I want them all dead, Brienne. Theon Greyjoy first, then Jaime Lannister and Cersei and the Imp, every one’: This is before Lady Stoneheart, so there’s not even the excuse of the ruthless, resurrected zombified Catelyn who is taking this stance on revenge.

Catelyn literally has a list of people she wants dead, not necessarily by her hand, whereas Arya actually wants to kill the people on her list, but if this isn’t a huge pointer to who Arya takes after, then I don’t know what is. Now Catelyn isn’t violent, but she’s certainly after vengeance. Ned isn’t a someone who seems like that. Yes he went to war, but I’d argue that was more about finding Lyanna. And if he had got the chance, I’d say he would’ve killed Aerys without blinking, but I firmly believe Arya’s stance on revenge and vengeance comes from Cat, and not Ned. Here are some of Cat’s other quotes:

  • ‘You are the gentle sex’ said Lord Karstark…’A man has a need for vengeance’…‘Give me Cersei Lannister, Lord Karstark, and you would see how gentle a woman can be’
  • ‘I have no skill with swords, but that does not mean that I do not dream of riding to King’s Landing and wrapping my hands around Cersei Lannister’s white throat and squeezing until her face turns black’

Not only is Cat demonstrating her taste for vengeance, but particularly in that second quote, she’s describing it gruesomely. Cat has a fierceness that is seen in Arya. Arya’s list is almost purely based on a desire to get revenge for the deaths of her family, that sounds pretty similar to a certain resurrected character. This fierceness we see in Arya is all Cat, Ned is not a fierce person at all.

Emotion: Both Cat and Arya are driven by emotion, and this can often mean them doing reckless things. While Cat (for the most part) is more rational, and that comes with age and maturity, she can be impulsive at times. For Arya, things like hitting Joffrey (although he was attacking Mycah, Joffrey is the crown prince and it’s punishable by death to strike him) is an example of her recklessness, but she does it to protect someone. Catelyn releasing Jaime strikes me as something similar, it is a reckless act, but driven by a desire to protect her daughters and get them safe. Yes, it wasn’t a good move and severely weakened Robb’s cause (Though I don’t think that cost him the war as others do. They just place the blame on Cat), but it reminds me of Arya, because that is something she would do.

Cat is very emotionally driven when it comes to Jon. Jon’s presence (not his existence, contrary to popular belief, Cat doesn’t hate the fact that Jon exists. She actually says she wouldn’t mind if Ned had many bastards, as long as they were kept away) affects her emotionally and it hurts her to see him every day, to be reminded of the honourable Ned Stark’s infidelity. She acts on emotion and chooses to ignore him over something he had no choice in, and it is driven by her hurt over the situation. Arya is similar to this, in the show, not the book, when Gendry is taken. Gendry is like an anchor for Arya at this point, and it really hurts her to see him being taken by Melisandre. However, she adds Beric, Thoros and Melisandre to her list for this. A list that includes Cersei, Joffrey, Walder Frey, people who helped murder her family. Now, Gendry being taken really hurt her, but do them three deserve to be on her list? Not really, it’s purely driven by emotion.

Childhood: Arya is obviously well known for her play during childhood. She’s messy, enjoys playing with the boys, wants to swordfight, and just wild in general. People often liken that to Lyanna, but Catelyn remembers her own childhood where she used to make mud pies with Lysa, and used to play with her and Petyr. Although she didn’t swordfight, Catelyn’s own childhood mirrors Arya’s quite a bit, since she also enjoyed playing as a child (I have a headcanon that Arya’s archery skills come from Catelyn because as a child, Cat was taught how to use a bow and arrow by Brynden Tully, but there’s no evidence for that, it’s just a headcanon). People may then call Cat a hypocrite for wanting Arya not to engage in play activities, but people also forget that Cat was forced to grow up very quickly after her mother died and it likely was a quick transition that she wasn’t prepared for and I argue that she wanted Arya to be more prepared than she was and she’s also aware of how harsh society is for women, especially those who don’t fit into the roles of ‘looking pretty’ and producing babies.

Strength: Another similarity is both of them remaining strong.

  • Arya: ‘I am a wolf and will not be afraid’ and the repeated ‘I’m not afraid’ in the show’ demonstrate Arya’s strength. Arya is afraid, and the Hound picks up on that, but she tries to push the feeling of being afraid away out of fear of being weak, she can’t allow herself to be weak, instead she resorts to her inner strength.
  • Catelyn: ‘I want to weep, she thought. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all, a day, an hour’ While Catelyn is talking about grief and not fear, she also shares the similar belief that she has to be strong, so she pushes her grief away because she also can’t allow herself to be weak, like Arya, demonstrating the inner strength she has.

I said in a previous ask Cat and Arya’s relationship is undervalued, but there are so many things Catelyn loves about Arya and now Arya will never get the chance to know how much her mother loved her. One thing that is heartbreaking is that we know how desperately Catelyn wanted to give Ned a son that looked like him, but she never got the chance to. I believe that despite the fact that Arya is not seen as ‘pretty’ and doesn’t get the nice Tully features the other four do, Cat wouldn’t change Arya’s appearance because Arya is the brown haired, grey eyed child she’d always wanted.

LSH doesn’t look like she will be introduced in the show, but in the books, I firmly believe that it will be Arya, to put her out of her misery. And I like to think that having to kill her own mother, Arya will stop her quest for vengeance and head north to find her family.

Ned and Sansa:

Naivety: Sansa has obviously changed since season 1, but in season 1, her and Ned shared the same naivety. Both of them go to Cersei in the hope that she will listen to them, and it backfires on both of them. Ned confronted Cersei with the fact that he knew the truth about her and Jaime, and that was essentially him signing his death warrant. It was naive of Ned to believe that Cersei wouldn’t try to fight back in any way. Cersei has watched Robert’s vengeance follow the Targaryen children around in exile, and she didn’t want that for her own children, Ned’s naivety cost him his life. Sansa also runs to tell Cersei of Ned’s plans to leave, and it backfired. 

Too Trusting: Ned obviously doesn’t trust Cersei, but he places trust in her that he believes she will take up his offer and flee. He trusts that she will put the interest of her children first, and she doesn’t and he was too trusting of her.

  • Ned: ‘Distrusting me was the wisest thing you’ve done since you climbed off your horse’—‘I did warn you not to trust me’: This is the classic example of Ned being too trusting. Placing his trust in a man who literally tells him not too.
  • Sansa: ‘Once she had loved Prince Joffrey with all her heart and admired and trusted his mother, the queen. They had repaid that love and trust with her father’s head: Sansa places her trust in the wrong people, just as Ned does, and unfortunately for her, she finds out the hard way and it’s certainly a learning curve for her. The too trusting thing is all Ned, Catelyn is much more wary of people, as is Arya (Roose Bolton at Harrenhal for example)

The Eyrie: This is much more of a simple parallel, but it is still one.

  • Ned: Grows up in the Eyrie as a ward of Jon Arryn
  • Sansa: Spends time in the Eyrie under the ‘protection’ of Littlefinger as his bastard daughter (niece in the show)

It’s a very simple similarity, but I believe there is a purpose to everything that George writes. It’s funny that LF is almost trying to make Sansa turn into Catelyn, but he’s doing so in a place where Sansa will feel connected to Ned.

Traditional: While Cat and Arya very much champion women and are essentially medieval feminists, Ned and Sansa are much more traditional. Now, that’s not to say that they don’t value women, because they do. Sansa has probably been beaten down to think that women aren’t worth much but by season 7, we see that she’s really starting to believe in herself as a woman. Ned definitely valued women, respected them, he had a lot of trust in Catelyn, but in reality they are both traditional and fit in with the patriarchal society. Sansa despises of anything unlady-like that Arya does, because it’s not how a woman should act. Certainly in book one, Sansa is convinced that she has to look pretty for Joffrey, smile for him, give him babies, a very traditional medieval view of a woman’s role. Ned certainly doesn’t see Catelyn as a breeding machine, and that’s not what my point is here, but he is still traditional in the fact that he is in charge, and what he says goes. He doesn’t give Cat a say in Jon’s situation and then forbids her to talk about him, using his authority as the male over her. That’s not to say Ned is mean, it’s him being traditional, the man is superior to the woman.

Gentleness: Both Ned and Sansa are much more gentle than Cat and Arya. Cat and Arya have a fierceness we don’t see in Ned and Sansa. Sansa is a gentle young lady, made for the south, doesn’t know how harsh the world is, a very gentle soul. Despite his rough exterior, we know that Ned is actually a very gentle person: ‘Eyes that could be soft as fog or hard as stone’, ‘Once I found the good, sweet heart beneath Ned’s solemn face’. Sansa’s gentleness towards people and life is 100% Ned, even though he doesn’t seem the gentle type.

Armour: Their metaphorical suits of armour are pointed out:

  • Ned: ‘You wear your honour like a suit of armour, Stark’
  • Sansa: ‘What was it that Septa Mordane used to tell her? A ladies armour is courtesy’

It’s another simple similarity, but a fascinating one again, because they are both using these metaphorical suits of armour to almost shield them from real life. Ned holds honour in high regard, as Sansa holds courtesy as well, and they are the things that they use to shield themselves, as armour is supposed to do.

General Personality: Ned is known as the most quiet (his nickname is the ‘Quiet Wolf’), sensible, patient, dutiful and this is definitely evident in Sansa. Sansa is also rather quiet (in comparison to Arya), sensible and patient, she’s not rash or reckless, she’s slower to act to things, idealistic, she has a great deal of empathy. That’s not to say that Catelyn is the complete opposite, Catelyn does have empathy and she’s not completely reckless, but these qualities are much more evident in Ned.

Reassurance: This again is only a small one, but in the show only, we’ve seen a similarity between Ned and Sansa, trying to reassure Catelyn and Jon respectively that they belong in Winterfell

  • Ned: ‘All these years and I still feel like an outsider when I come here’ — ‘You have five Northern children. You’re not an outsider’
  • Sansa: ‘I’m not a Stark’ — ‘You are to me’

It’s a very simple parallel, but an important one. They are both reassuring someone who isn’t sure of their place, that they belong. We saw Sansa through season 6 continue to try and assure Jon that he had a place, that he was a Stark. She made him a Stark cloak, she told him he should have the lord’s chamber, she convinced him to be the person to lead them retaking Winterfell. I imagine that Ned throughout his marriage, assured Catelyn that she belonged in Winterfell, the North was her home etc.

Like Cat and Arya, Ned and Sansa’s relationship is massively undervalued as well. Sansa is his first daughter, and while he obviously loves Arya too, that’s something special to him. She’s the first child he would’ve been present for the birth, seen her as a newborn. We don’t actually know when Ned and Cat fell in love, but Sansa could’ve been the first child out of love. Sansa is precious to Ned, she’s just like him in personality, but she looks just like the woman he loves more than anything, and her innocence and gentle look on the world is why I think he doesn’t tell her what the world is really like, he wants to shield his little girl from the horrors of it.

In the end, people talk a lot about Ned sacrificing his honour for Jon, but they often ignore the fact that Ned loved Sansa enough that he was willing to be deemed a traitor to his best friend in order to save her and that is Ned Stark summed up in one scene. He thinks honour is important, but it’s nothing compared to family. Sansa is one of the last things he sees before he dies, and Ned would be proud of the woman Sansa has become

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2) also what are your thoughts on book sansa and arya relationship? I've read some absurd posts about Sansa apparently abusing Arya or that she doesn't love her at all. And i really wanted to know your opinion Thank you!

Sansa and Arya didn’t understand each other, were often frustrated with each other, and lived in an environment that portrayed Sansa as the ideal Arya should be working for and Arya’s preferences as improper. They spent a great deal of AGoT very angry with each other, and in a hostile situation with frankly inadequate adult supervision.

They love each other, too.

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i want the jon and arya to hug real tight when they finally meet and it'll be beautiful and snowy and then he can see needle and he should muss her hair and they'll say "i missed you" together and all smiles and then gendry comes forward too and arya is all o.O omg youre alive and all goofy grins and blushing and "m'lady" and "i;m not a lady" and jon scowling at them because He Can See What's Happening and he's v protective xDD and davos giving knowing looks omg

ok for real we need a replay of this scene with jon and arya

and yes yes yes and hopefully the ‘little sister’ line too bc that’s just the things he thinks most about her

and with arya and gendry i need a replay of THIS scene

and then them arguing-with-undercurrents-of-i-lIKE-YOU which is how they’ve always been lol

as for jon i’m fucking living for that, except jon and gendry are bros now so i don’t think jon would be particularly mad, he’d just be like ‘oh shit this is actually a thing OK RIGHT THEN’

davos tho OH MY GOD davos’ shipper heart would explode

i mean, he’s basically adopted gendry and jon as sons, he loves them, and you can see how proud he is that they’re getting along, and he low(high)key ships jon and dany he can’t help himself … so then when jon and arya reunite he’ll be so happy and proud, then when he realises gendry’s best friend is arya he’ll probably be like MY BOYS ARE FOREVER CONNECTED I AM SO PROUD then he’ll realise it’s ~more~ than friends and we’ll have him grinning and shipping them just like he does with jon and dany and Davos aka DADVOS will be out in full swing

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When I first started following you, you guys referred to each other as Mod R and Md H, so for some reason in my mind I kept referring to you as Mod Rose and Mod Hugo. Now even though I know Mod R's name is Roxie, I still can't get rid of that headcanon. Idk. Weird fact I thought I'd tell you.

surprisingly, we get this one a lot! Mod R and Mod H originally stood for a couple of things - our names and our houses. we never thought of hugo and rose, or ron and hermione (although i don’t think anybody has suggested that one).

to set the record straight, though, officially, Mod R stands for “the betteR mod” and Mod H stands for “the otHer one”

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hey! just wanted to say that I love your headcanons. I was wondering if you had any on a starkings group chat? what would their nicknames be, who would just lurk and take screenshots, who would send ironic memes etc.

I can’t believe it took me until this ask to think about a stark groupchat ily thank you for sending this: 

  • They have a Facebook chat that Rickon made because all his siblings went to uni and he’s still in high school and misses talking to all of them okay (not that he admits it to them). It’s called Winter is Coming and whenever it’s actually winter Rickon will change it to Winter is Here and they all roll their eyes at him but secretly love it. 
  • Nicknames: Robb = KITN. Everyone makes fun of him because come on Robb you were homecoming king once but Robb does it with no shame. Sansa = Sansalicious. If anyone ever tells her to change her name (or changes it for her) Sansa will change it back and go “SANSALICIOUS DEFINITION MAKE EVERYONE GO LOCO” at least 5 times in the group chat. Arya = No One. She always makes jokes about it so if anyone in the chat is like “who told you that” Arya will pop up with “No One” and everyone groans when they read it. Bran = RaisinBran. His profile pic is of a cereal box. Rickon = Rick Roll. Guess what his favorite link to send is. 
    • Jon has his name as “Jon” which is boring so the siblings change it all the time. The names have been: Broody McBroodson, Crow Boy, You Know Nuthin’ (and after meeting Ygritte that was all they would say in the chat), Jonathan Snowflake, and currently, Jawn Sner. 
  •  Sansa takes screenshots of everything. If someone says something she’ll be like, “Oh, really? That’s not what you said on JULY 19TH, 2013″ and post a screenshot.
    • She does this to Arya so much that Arya starts screenshotting too and they’ll just share screenshots and passive aggressively fight and Robb is like “pls just scroll up you don’t need to screenshot what you wrote 5 minutes ago” 
  • RICKON SENDS SO MANY MEMES!!! He’s so intentionally embarrassing I love him my boy really changes his groupchat picture to one of him dabbing while holding a fidget spinner in front of the emoji movie poster he’s such a mess. 
      • It was originally just him dabbing but Arya said “why are you like this” and Rickon was like “you’re right. I need to make this more embarrassing.”
  • Bran taught Robb how to send gifs and ever since then Robb will send like 5 gifs in a row instead of typing out something and he’s so charmed by it every time even though everyone else groans at it. 
  • Theon will sometimes grab Robb’s phone and write shit on there just to mess with the kids but they always know it’s him.
  • Bran is always, always online but he never speaks someone will @ him in the convo to talk and he’ll just be like “nah” and continue lurking.  
  • Jon mutes the conversation. He loves his siblings and he’ll chat every week but he also wakes up to like 80 messages per day and at least 30 of them is Rickon & Sansa @tting him and Bran lmao 
  • Sometimes two or three Starks will be home at a time and instead of fucking. Walking to each other’s rooms and asking something they’ll write on the group chat. 
    • Sansa: Jon can you pick up milk from the shop?
    • Jon: Sansa I’m 2 doors away from you why wouldn’t you just walk over?
    • Sansa: YOU’RE using the chat right now aren’t you?
    • Jon sighs and walks to her room, knocks, and goes: “Give me the bloody money for milk.” 
    • Another door down, Arya messages the group chat: Can you also get me some chocolates?
  • Because I needed to subject you all to the joke @fishtrapstinkin sent me: Theon usually will send jokes on the group chat personalized for the Stark kids. His most recent one: 

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One of the biggest things that the show does that pisses me tf off is how Arya doesn't seem psychologically affected by any of her kills. If she is, it's never shown. Sure, she avenged her family, Syrio, Lommy, but she still took away human lives. Is she not scarred by that at all? Why is her actions always seen as badass and not horrific? Because even if her intentions were noble, it's still horrible.

The show’s not very good with depicting trauma. Flat out. They do a terrible job.

Book!Ned lost most of his family and witnessed the aftermath of the brutal murder of two children at a young age, and it’s not hard to see how these experiences figure in to his AGoT decisions; show!Ned just honourably blunders into political traps. Book!Tyrion spends ADWD in a drunken, grieving, depressive haze - good thing show!Tyrion saw that dragon, it cured it all. Book!Sam started flashing back at the prospect of going to the Citadel to become a maester, but show!Sam’s killed a White Walker and a Thenn, he’s good to go. Book!Brienne killed for the first time in AFFC, as part of an experience she found extremely mentally and emotionally trying; Show!Brienne cuts down mooks without batting an eye. Remember when show!Jaime lost his dominant hand? Neither do I! How long’s it been since that was played for drama?

And Theon. Poor, poor, show!Theon. After a season of exploitative torture porn and two more seasons of exploiting further emotional torture, he gets only victim-blaming. Man up! Drink more! Shake off your PTSD and charge that villain, you wuss! 

With some of these characters, we see trauma treated as cowardice and stupidity. With others, we see trauma treated as an inconvenience to the plot, to be resolved ASAP or erased entirely, rather than treated as part of character experience.

Given the framing of the murders of Meryn Trant, Walder Frey, and all the other Freys, it’s clear the writers know that this is disturbing and says some not-too-great things about Arya’s psyche. Still, Arya’s in the category where showing trauma would be inconvenient to the plot the writers want - she might not get into badass fights as often!

“Let me tell you something about wolves, child. When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives. Summer is the time for squabbles. In winter, we must protect one another, keep each other warm, share our strengths. So if you must hate, Arya, hate those who would truly do us harm. Septa Mordane is a good woman, and Sansa…Sansa is your sister. You may be as different as the sun and the moon, but the same blood flows through both your hearts. You need her, as she needs you…and I need both of you, gods help me.”

ARYA II, A Game Of Thrones

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what do you think the chances are of jaime-brienne and arya-gendry reunions in s8

Absolutely 100% certainly going to happen. 

Jaime and Brienne is more like 150% certainly going to happen, as it’s due to Brienne that Jaime finally snapped into reality and realised he had to leave, and had to ride North. They’ve been building Jaime and Brienne since Season 2, and even the tiny interaction they had in S7… well, as I said, it snapped Jaime back into reality. They’ll be reuniting, beyond a doubt. 

Arya and Gendry is also 100% going to reunite in S8. I’d make a guess that Gendry will arrive in Winterfell in 8x01, and Arya will obviously be there. I hope they reunite separately to Jon and Arya, but who knows. 

However, that’s just the basic ‘will they reunite’, which is obvious, because all these characters are now fighting for the same side. If you’re asking whether the reunions will actually please us… 

I have a lot of faith in the Jaime and Brienne reunion, simply because it’s incredible what Nik and Gwen manage to do with their eyes alone. Brienne reminds Jaime of who he aspired to be, and for the first time in his life he will be with her without the backdrop of ‘doing my sister’s work’ or ‘trying to get back to my sister’. He has chosen her, and her cause. So it’s going to be emotional, and it’s going to hurt, because Jaime has never chosen anyone over Cersei so bluntly. 

The Jaime-Brienne ship is one that a lot of care and attention has been put into right from S2, to the point where they had Jaime giving heart eyes at the damn island in S5 - and it will be resolved this season. Who knows if they’ll both survive, but just as I think it’s 100% certain they will reunite, I also think it’s 100% certain we will have Jaime-Brienne sex in S8. Jaime and Brienne are a relatively simple ship for S8; they’re endgame. They’ve chosen each other. That’s it. So their reunion and S8 interactions are going to leave us content.

As for Arya and Gendry, well that’s a slightly more complicated one in my eyes. 

A lot of people are already preparing to be deeply underwhelmed by the Arya-Gendry reunion, simply because of how Gendry didn’t mention Arya at all to Jon, or anyone for that matter. Other people are absolutely certain they will reunite and forgesex will ensue. 

I kind of sit in the middle much as I want the forgesex theory to be true. I think the reason they didn’t have Gendry mention Arya is because he is fearful she is dead, and he feels responsible for her being dead if she is; and yes, I don’t think it’s reaching to say that’s why he didn’t want to leave Jon. He’d left one of House Stark, he wasn’t prepared to leave another. They also did it for dramatic reasons. It means the reunion will be that bit more ‘oh my gosh’. Because Arya and Gendry probably think the other is dead. They cared about each other a lot, were each others’ closest friends, and both have been through hell since, apart from each other. So I think the reunion will be a stunned reaction from both. 

The thing that prevents me from thinking it will be completely written off is the rogue that is Melisandre. Now, in the show universe, Mel is on Arya’s kill list - because Mel abducted Gendry. In the show, Mel says she will come back to Westeros to die. Back in Season 3, Melisandre told Arya “We will meet again” and that line will not be forgotten. Melisandre and Arya will meet again - and I believe Arya will be the one to kill Melisandre in Westeros, for the crimes she committed such as burning Shireen, but also because Melisandre abducted Gendry. 

In order for that situation to actually have weight to it, the reunion between Arya and Gendry cannot just be a nod of heads. Arya wants justice for the hell Gendry was put through - and in order for that to be legitimate, Arya and Gendry’s reunion and further relationship has to be continued to be established. Something interesting about S7 was how they made Gendry far less fearful of killing, and far more along the ‘warrior’ lines - they made him compliment the woman Arya has become. 

All of these little things in S7, and in previous seasons, are not just rogue breadcrumbs. They’re things that need to be tied up. Arya and Gendry’s reunion will hold weight, and it won’t be written off, but who knows if it will be such a big, emotional reunion that forgesex will happen. Although, if they can have Margaery and Tommen have sex on screen, then any ‘age difference’ argument against forgesex is completely irrelevant. 

sana-bakkoush  asked:

if you still do headcanons can you give dramatic af stark teens

lmfao yes sorry this is so late Nora: 

  • Robb. Oh Robb. He is the child who will call family meetings just so he can dramatically declare that he’s angry. 
    • “I just wanted to call everyone here because I have an important family announcement.” “Oh gods, you got someone pregnant.” “Sansa, please. It’s far more important than that.” “Wait what does that mea-” “Bran rolled over my foot with his chair this morning. I’m not speaking to him for a week.” 
      • Rickon: “Wait but did Robb get someone pregnant I’m confused.” 
    • He was also the biggest prankster as a kid so family members would inevitably destroy his gags when they got sick of them so he’d dramatically call everyone together and accuse them individually of breaking his stuff. 
  •  Jon sulks and makes sure everyone else KNOWS he’s sulking. He wears all black, refuses to smile even less than he does now, and will deeply sigh every 5 minutes. The only way he could be more obvious is to physically have a raining cloud follow him. 
    • Every time he sighs someone else will sigh and go “anything bothering you, Jon?” and Emo Jon would say no, give a 1-minute speech on the inevitability of disappointment, and then stare out the window and sigh again. 
  • lmfao Sansa is passive aggressive as shit OR yelling there is no in-between. She’s always the Extra™ child. If the most minor inconvenience happens, Sansa is on the floor crying, moaning that her life is over, that she’ll never find happiness again, that nothing can be worse than this.
    • She did this once when her favorite tv show got canceled. She curled up against the remote and groaned, and when Robb tried to get the remote to watch Mythbusters, Sansa yelled at him for not respecting her feelings. 
    • Also passive aggressive sticky notes. Everywhere. Ned walked to the fridge to see it covered in post-its, different colors for each member of the family she was referring to (he was on there, in an orange sticky that said “Please put back the strawberry carton FULLY CLOSED”). 
  • Arya subtweets a LOT. It’s honestly the only time she actively uses twitter, to subtweet, and she has a large loyal following that gets excited because she never uses it otherwise, so they love logging on and seeing the vague-posts. She keeps getting in trouble for it because her family all follows her, but that doesn’t stop her from live-tweeting Sansa yelling at her or subtweeting and following it up with Kermit sipping tea gifs. 
    • Sansa subtweets too so people who follow BOTH of them while they’re fighting are in for a treat. 
    • In real life she always has to have the last word so she’ll argue but then let someone say their last thing and then scream out something and sprint out the door so they can’t respond. 
  • So Bran isn’t always dramatic, but when it comes to pranks…he’s either too extreme or too underwhelming. So, underwhelming: you know that Spongebob episode where a guy asks for some ice and Spongebob gives him one? That’s Bran. And for extreme: if you watch New Girl, remember when Winston unleashed a possum at a wedding and thought it was hilarious? Yeah, that’s also Bran. 
    • Other pranks: putting a singular blueberry on Ned’s oatmeal and roaring with laughter when Ned ate it and dumping ghost pepper sauce into Joffrey’s tea (truthfully, the family didn’t scold him too much for that one). 
  • Rickon can sometimes be extra. Arya once got him a crown for his birthday and he wore that thing around for a whole month and declared himself a king. 
    • He also pettily made a list of everyone who was annoying (he got this from Arya tbh). So, if he and Arya are hanging out and someone trips over their feet or blocks the tv screen, they pull out a notepad and write down the offense. 
      • Sansa once stole their notepad and the two declared that once they got it back they were going to put her name at the top of that list.