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You know what's even more awkward though? Armand only agreed to tell his story as a legacy for Sybelle and Benji. So he had to have gone, "what would my adopted kids want to know about me? I know! Gratuitous details of my sex life!"

I didn’t think about this and you are SO RIGHT!! I remember when he says that he would like to name the book Sonata for Sybelle and I find that so adorable but then I remember the book is basically a porno and I’m like “What the hell are you doing Armand?”

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If you're in the mood, would you mind elaborating on why you think Nicki and Armand had something going on? I always assumed that Eleni's description of Armand's "fondness" was ironic, and that she knew Lestat would pick up on the irony. I might be reading the wrong tone into it though... (Also your tag "things got out of hand"... lol)

I WOULD LOVE TO TELL YOU ABOUT IT, This ship went from joking that they definitely fer sure had hatesex at least once to rereading the letters in text to OH NO. 

I’ll start with what I said in the tags – Eleni’s the most emotionally intelligent person in the entirety of the Parisian vampire community. She seems to understand what’s going on with Armand (there are a lot of mentions of how she looks “sad” or is hanging around him after his world has MELTED THE FUCK DOWN, and even if Lestat mentions it to stroke his own ego via flirtation, she’s still the first one to respond to his ideas about leaving the coven). Eleni Is Great is a story for another day, though. 

You know who has exactly zero emotional intelligence? Lestat. He is in the red at understanding how people feel, and so far in the hole at reading subtext that he can no longer see daylight (”read between the lines” MY ASS). He often MEANS well (the First Three Books rule applies, as always) and sincerely wants to help his loved ones, but….well, take that scene where he’s just been turned and reads Nicki’s mind while hiding under his window. His reaction is CANNOT HANDLE MAKE IT STOP, and he wishes he could show Nicki things the way he sees them. Which is sweet, in a childish sort of way, but not HELPFUL. “YOU WOULD BE HAPPY IF ONLY YOU SAW THE WORLD EXACTLY THE WAY THAT I DO.” It is doubly unhelpful given that Mr. undiagnosed bipolar disorder has a completely different baseline for what he thinks “normal” should be. 

Additionally, Lestat was also functionally illiterate until adulthood – he later learned to read because Vampire, but he never learned any kind of critical analysis, so he’s pretty likely to take it at face value, especially if he likes the person (see: the root of his entire THING with Marius that fucks him over repeatedly). When he calls for alternate interpretation, it’s usually more of an emotional reaction than anything (he feels personally slighted by certain things in IWTV, so of COURSE that’s all lies). 

So, we have the most emotionally savvy vampire and the least in communication through those letters. And I….honestly think Eleni is smart enough to know Lestat ISN’T that smart. I see her walking a line in those letters between wanting to reassure Lestat while he’s away that things are FINE, but also wanting to spare his feelings on how Nicki’s really doing (and Armand too, since they parted on a clearly sour note).

Speaking OF Armand…

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summer nights with seventeen

a/n: ahh, 180 followers?? I did not expect this :’) thank you guys sm! sorry we haven’t posted in a while, I’ve (lex) been preparing for wanna one’s debut (and it was amazing, I actually cried). anyways, here’s a little scenario I whipped up, Lala helped me with a few members (as always)! also, don’t forget that requests are open, just send us a message. disclaimer: all of these scenarios are purely fictional and are made up by me and lala. sorry that some are longer than others. - lex

{gif isn’t ours} 


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Your recent post made me wonder - if Lestat is bad with technology like he says in the most recent book, do you think someone had to teach him how to set up a facebook account? Louis trying to show him the difference between the search bar and the status bar after he accidentally posted someone's name for all to see? So many questions.

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Idk if you ever heard about the CBBC show Young Dracula, but it's brilliant. Yes, it's originally for kids (at least the first few seasons) but it's hilarious and so quotable. Also, Vlad, the main protagonist who was born a vampire, desperately wants to be normal and that feels very VC-adjacent. It's a great show either way.

Definitely quotable in that cute child-friendly way! The fashion and general aesthetic seems to have a touch of VC. 

Thanks for the rec, anon. I might give it a try ;) Anyone else here watch/like it? 

^Found Antonio!Armand’s wig…

^and Armand’s attitude age…

^Found a Lestatuesque line!

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no no please get started on cis girl Armand! (only if you want of course)

WELL THE FUNNY THING IS (and by funny I mean, it made us very very sad), in initially talking about what cis-swapped Armand would look like–taking into account TVA’s gross obsession with mentioning how well-endowed he apparently is– @anton-mordrid and I accidentally just described Mona Mayfair. So I guess…we’ve cracked the code. It was a dirty feeling. 

While canon Armand is a good good pudge boy, very stocky and small (in addition to…nope NOPE NOPE THERE WERE ONLY THREE BOOKS), we figured cis girl Armand is probably kept very waifish; she’d be able to serve as a literal nymph(et) in paintings, and being underweight would heavily delay her from growing out of her androgynous, childlike appearance. 

That concerted effort on her parent-lover’s part probably started after Armand started developing in the chest at a very young age and drawing the attention of suitors. Male Armand might’ve been encouraged to “experience life” (but don’t try to make your master jealous by even pretending you actually have feelings for someone else, you slutty slut; then the poison knife he could’ve psychically predicted is just your karmic punishment), but the cultural expectations around women would’ve been different in Venice AND Rome (women being decidedly lesser humans in the latter’s opinion). So Armida would’ve been kept quite pale and withdrawn, sort of an untouchable artwork.  

(”Armida,” a name from a famous work in the Italian Renaissance; male or female, Marius would absofuckinglutely name the child s/he bought after a fictitious enchantress. Humbert Humbert called, and he wants “nymphet” back.)

Because of that tenuous health, she’s be at an even bigger disadvantage than cis male Armand–the Children of Darkness would’ve had an appeal, in a way, because of the emphasized sexlessness of it; so too the theatre, with its emphasis on disguise. She’d be an even stronger master of illusions, true to her namesake. And forced to try and make it on her own, she’d probably default hard to very feminine, youthful presentation. Because all Armands rely on roles and scripts, and it’s easy to fall into what others expect her to be (and unlike Lestat, she can’t pass easily due to prominent curves and a very delicate face). 

In fact, Lestat probably laughed at her the one time she did try to pass. She never forgot or forgave.  

With Daniel(le – punk, walking bad decision, too lazy to be an anarchist), they probably get a LOT of looks, especially as poor Danny begins to age. Also because the world is fucking awful, Armida no doubt got propositioned to do a lot of that “barely legal”-style porn; just like Armand’s suitors, it interests her to fob those off on her poor mortal companion-pet and see what happens. 

The internet would appeal to her immensely–the tech itself but also the distancing tool from her own physicality and the intense, constant predatory pressure that it draws at every turn. She watches others both because she has difficulty processing emotional contexts and because it’s a way for her “self” to shine through in an interaction without her body being seen. Armand might resent being seen as a child, might have been victimized over and over again; but Armida is pummeled by a victimizing gaze every second of every day, even by those she kills. 

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What’s your character’s favorite kink?

“Do y’think it’s sad if the first thing that comes to mind is consent? I’m not big on even pretending someone’s being forced, and that’s no bullshit, either. You should know I grew up in San Francisco, where they hold annual kink festivals, so it wasn’t for lack of options that I never got into kinky stuff. 

“As with most of my stories, this all ends once I meet Armand, who insists I sample all of life before I make a claim for immortality. That includes sex. Good-bye, lingering doubts about heterosexuality. If I’m sober at the time and I don’t like it, I put my foot down. Sometimes the other people involved realize how permanently drunk I am and leave. So no thanks.

“The only thing you might consider a kink happened once at a Renaissance Fair in upstate New York. We came separately, so I didn’t know what he’d done until I saw him across the way next to the turkey drumstick vendor. He had on this dark blue velvet doublet with what had to have been real gold thread. I thought I’d had too much ale. Christ, you should have seen the way his stockings looked, I felt like a perv standing there, and so did everyone else, pretending we weren’t staring at him like some kind of ultra-beautiful model in the middle of a fake, sleepy medieval market in sticky, middle-of-summer Westchester.

“I don’t think I knew what I was doing until I had him up against the central pole in the tent marked ‘private’ for staff, cursing under my breath at the complicated laces and buttons and things, but not wanting to rip anything in case he’d nag me about it later.”

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Ok so this has been bugging me for a while so I thought I'd get someone else's opinion. What kinda accent is Armand supposed to have?

In movie!IWTV, Armand’s origins aren’t explicitly stated, just that he’s an Old World vampire. He could very well be Spanish, that’s Banderas’ actual ethnicity. So we don’t know. Just bc Louis and Claudia meet him in Paris doesn’t mean he’s French; he tells them he’s 400 yrs old, he’s probably lived elsewhere.

On my recent post about Antonio!Armand, @slow-read shared this opinion: “I would like to add that Antonio’s accent also gives one a sense of age, otherness and it sounds (or sounded) exotic to the audience? It was perfect for Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world. *-*” The ppl behind movie!IWTV might have chosen Banderas and made the character this way rather than a more canon-compliant actor bc they wanted him to be more convincing as Armand-the-oldest-living-vampire-in-the-world to audiences who had not read the books. Filmmakers then (and now) want a movie to appeal to wide audiences. I was a kid then, but it seems to me that fandom (and specifically, trying to please the fanbase as a primary objective) wasn’t as much of a consideration at that time. 

In the books, Armand comes from a place called Kiev, which according to AR is in Russia and according to the google is in the Ukraine, but idk. Then he spent years in Italy which is where he got most of his mortal education, so he may have picked up some of that accent from his teachers and friends… and then he lived in Paris for many years so he might have consciously tried to pick up some of that accent in order to blend in. 

Anyone is welcome to answer this with what you think Armand’s accent is like!

Adorable, happy Trevilieu things that we as a team can all agree on:

  • Jean being strong enough to pick up Armand whenever he feels like it
  • Armand secretly loving being picked up (not so secretly if you ask Jean)
  • Armand secretly loving receiving useless gifts (*cough* flowers)
  • Armand having a size-kink (as once suggested by @becumsh)
  • Jean having a big thing for the robes, the redder the better.
  • Hand kisses!! In public! Because kissing his Eminence’s cardinal ring is totally a normal thing to do as a good Catholic and it is totally allowed. Well, and if you’re looking him in the eyes while you’re doing that, with a smoky, half-lidded gaze, then that’s just a thing you happen to be doing and no one can prove anything.

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Do you resent Marius' treatment of you, or are you appreciative of him taking care of you?

“(E), all of the above. 

“After he bailed me out of jail, Marius was worried I’d do something stupid after what I saw. I straight up lied to him, told him going to New York had given me closure. I’d be okay and I’d check in.

“When I didn’t, he came looking for me. For a whole week, he followed me as I wandered from the Meatpacking District down to the Village and back, asking pedestrians about people who had long died. That dancer Armand adopted for a summer. Young men with handsomely-trimmed moustaches that never made it past 1990. Our bright, joyous friends. People I’d watched be the best I never could be. Anybody who might have seen a person with Armand’s description.

“Marius watched me do that for an entire week before he stepped in. He told me I had been desperate, confused, lost, sleeping in the trunk of my rental car that I’d locked from the inside with a bent coat hanger, a picture-hanging hook, and a super-strong magnet.

“It was a year before anybody bothered to tell me Armand was alive. It was longer than that before Armand bothered to tell me he was alive. But Marius was with me from the day Armand held a solo barbecue without even calling me to say goodbye. Without at least giving me the choice to join him.

“I couldn’t bear that he had died alone.


“It’s okay. He’s alive. We texted last week. Where was I?

“But Marius had lost him twice before. He put up with me and took care of me when he must have been hurting too. He forced me to take his blood when I couldn’t bear to face an outside that didn’t have Armand in it somewhere. I don’t always remember what we did together, so half the time it feels like I’ve missed the thread of the conversation and failed to answer his affections. He usually doesn’t push it. He’s very patient with me.

“I’ll be honest. I don’t always trust Marius with Armand. Sometimes I wonder if the shit that he did to Armand he did to me too. I’m not his Renaissance apprentice and I don’t appreciate his contempt for my hobbies. But then I remember that Armand didn’t even bother to look for me. 

“Armand made those decisions for us, as he’s always doneMarius let me build those houses and let me drink his blood and let me sleep under his protection. 

“So my answer is, a little from column A, a little from column B. I love Marius. I don’t trust him. I don’t like what he says about Armand or about my stuff. And that stuff he did to Benji and Sybelle wasn’t cool. But I love him, and I’m grateful to him, and he can ask me for any favors I’m able and willing to fulfill.”

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I just read a post you made about Marius from the VC a while back in which you mentioned that it's difficult to say in what extent Armand is still a child. And I agree that it's a little complicated given that the Anne insists on giving him childlike qualities although the logic behind this contradicts what we know about vampires. So what is your opinion on the matter? Is Armand an adult trapped in a child's body or a child trapped in a 500 year old soul?

Well, thank you! It’s always nice to know that people are reading my meta, and the post you mention is one of which I’m quite proud in particular.

I think that this is an important question, but that like with all analysis, it will ultimately come down to the individual reader’s interpretation. (Which sounds wishy-washy, but hear me out.) Each reader is given the same basic set of tools (the written words) to use to interpret meaning (the text) from, and by following clues, we can arrive at meanings. Some of these meanings function more smoothly with the works as written, while others require more work and justification. (Some don’t work at all given the temporal existence of a work’s author; we can’t say that Sense and Sensibility is about the Moon Landing, because Jane Austen wasn’t alive for that!)

So you’ve already given clues as to how you are prioritizing information in your reading; you value an interpretation that preserves the integrity of the mechanical logic previously presented regarding vampires. I, too, favor such a reading; I like my fictional universes to run on physical systems, with characters operating inside and so informed by those constraints.

Therefore, if we trust Louis and Lestat’s accounts of Claudia’s eventual attainment of maturity, not to mention Benji (both of whom matured in vaguely familial environments), we must look at Armand himself to determine where this apparent disjunction with the universe’s “rules” lies.

Yes, Armand is a vampire, and vampires (we are told) grow and achieve emotional and mental maturity, even if physically stalled in an immature state. But Armand is also a person, and what would make a person display these variant behaviors?

Armand has experienced boatloads of trauma in his “life”time. His actual childhood was marked by a series of variously abusive environments, all with different permitted actions (creative pursuits and sexual behaviors, mostly) and different restrictions upon behavior (religious doctrine, owners who profit from him, a groomer.) None were focused upon developing him into an ordinary adult person. He’s ostensibly 500 years old, but how many of those years were in environments which would foster any measure of growth or socialization?

His time with the Children of Darkness followed the traumatic loss of his accustomed environment; that was the third time such a thing had happened in his then-18 years of life. How many layers of PTSD must this kid have had already? He was then tortured and brainwashed into the cult. The next 300 years were not lived or experienced; rather, they were performed and recited. He spent that time in rote enactment of rituals, not growth or contemplation. He didn’t grow while the world did, while the cult crumbled around him. But he didn’t have any other thing to move into, so he kept on. That 300 years wasn’t a 300-year maturation, but a stagnation and dissociation period.

And then Lestat showed up, and he acted upon his interest, seeking something new and different; first, trying to bring Lestat into the cult as he was, then eliminating the cult in response to Lestat’s rejection of it. He tried to join Lestat, but ultimately accepted a new assigned role, with new rules. He was now the theater owner, and performances were still scripted; appearances were still engineered. He still had a Role, and that role still called for the killing of others when they disturbed the equilibrium.

When Louis appeared, he knew what that meant. Another world was going to change, and if Louis wouldn’t join his people–time to discard the Theater as he’d discarded the cult. He’d changed enough by then to do the destruction himself, but he still couldn’t conceive of moving on from one stage of his life to another without a cataclysm.

So he did.

And then he spent however many years with Louis, who was himself depressed and hollowed-out with grief and trauma. Distant from what he’d done and what he’d lost, and why should Armand have worried about that initially? He’d felt like that so many times. But the upshot of that was that Louis gave him no new script or role or restrictions. For once, his companion expected him to create himself wholesale, rather than assigning him to something (as even Lestat did, in giving him the Theater.)

And he wasn’t ready for that, didn’t know how to do that.

But he did realize, finally, that it was possible for things to end without killing the people who had been with you in the interim.

So he left Louis and his limp propriety and snuffed passion (limp and snuffed by Armand’s enactment of the kind of trauma he’d endured so often in the past) and found Daniel, who also had no answers for him, but was willing to permit everything. Being with Daniel was the first time he really had, and allowed himself to have, any kind of agency and immersive growth experience; those, I believe, were his long-delayed teenage years, held off for centuries by trauma and danger. He runs about, finds a romance, lets himself play and feel things and test to see what he’s good at and what he enjoys. It’s still not normal behavior, but it is a growth period.

I believe that Armand isn’t childlike because his body froze. I believe he’s childlike because his mind and emotions were prevented from developing to ‘adult’ norms due to trauma and environment. And w/r/t vampires dissociating and disengaging in response to trauma, this is by far their most common reaction; just look at Louis’ “detachment” and Lestat’s periodic self-interments in the dirt, just the first couple of instances in a long, long list. Always, when they rise, there is a learning/re-socialization period. A delayed adolescence is the least one might expect from such a thing going on for so long.

Claudia and Benji had support for their development into individuals, even if Claudia was infantilized for so long. I think there’s no coincidence that Armand and Louis allow and encourage Benji to adopt adult mannerisms, dress, and pursuits within the first 20 years after his turning; they’ve both learned from the past, and are trying to foster as healthy a development as possible for a vampire in such a body, with the social limitations that carries.

*Regarding Armand’s behaviors in general, I also feel it’s germane to link you to @vraik‘s essays, in which they explore the very plausible reading of Armand as an individual on the autism spectrum.

An Ask about that
One specifically about Claudia and Armand’s maturity levels

I hope this blather was interesting, anon! I always love the chance to go on and on about things like this. Thanks for asking.

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Art request: Lestat and Armand side by side, seemingly nothing going on, until you realize that each is trying very, very hard to push the other one over.

We can always use more of this kind of fanart, I don’t fill requests, but I’ll put it out there: #fanart request!

There’s some fanart already of them knocking each other off the tower, there are two scenes in canon, one where Armand knocks Lestat off the tower and the other, Lestat knocks Armand off (a partial or complete hallucination)(both were in TVL). I’ll try to find and post what I have, here’s one:

^by @garama