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I feel that the biggest strength of the sonic boom comic was the art, which allows for a level of expressiveness and dynamism not seen in the show.

Oh yes. Particularly Diana Skelly’s work in the Boom comic. It was thoroughly charming and hilarious.

Need I mention this?;

BRB. Currently CRYING with laughter X’D!

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what was this controversy surrounding Ken Penders and a Sonic convention?

Last year, during the summer, there was a local Sonic fan convention held in California called, Sonic Revolution. Ken Penders was eventually announced as one of the guests for it, shortly before the convention. From the looks of it, and how Ken Penders worded things, it was very likely that Penders went and basically invited himself as a guest. The fandom understandably got mad, and for good reason. Combine that with how Penders most likely invited himself as a guest, with the fact that he is, at this point, a very controversial and hated figure within the Sonic fandom, for a deep rabbit hole of reasons, from legal cases, to his escapades online.( @robotnik-mun‘s “Ken-Penders-is-a-Douche” tag, and @nuttyrabbit‘s “penders-is-a-fucking-asshole”, tags are good sources concerning the latter part.) I’ve seen Sonic fans who used to defend the man, and his work on the Archie Sonic comic series, but have now come to detest him, it’s that bad.

After all the things he’s pulled and said, I’d imagine seeing him likely inviting himself in as a guest to something like a Sonic fan convention was like rubbing salt into the wounds.

His whole panel can viewed here, and watch him basically just seemingly ramble on and on when answering a question.

The audio is out of sync, but this video gets the job done.

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What's worse? Pre-Reboot!Sonic? Chronicles!Sonic? Or Fleetway!Sonic?

Not gonna lie, I had to really think for this one. All three of them together make up the Bermuda Triangle of shit characterisation for Sonic.

But I’m going to go with Pre-Reboot Archie. Because while Fleetway!Sonic and Chronicles!Sonic were more consistently dickish, there was a certain moment in Archie that earned my ire. You know the one.

This one.

Any Sonic that acts exceptionally horrible or callous to their Tails will very easily go high up on the shit list for me.

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Ive been meaning to ask, which chapters are in the comics are the M30YL and M25YL ones? And what exactly happened in them? Why do people say that theyre bad?

You mean which issues?

25YL is in #131 through #144 and then again in #166 and #167

30YL is in Universe #5 though to #8

And as for why they’re considered bad?

Well generally, the most prominent reasons as to why 25YL is so hated is because it’s chock-full of soap opera esque nonsense entailing sleep overs, pool parties, teen unveilings to society and gala dinners, you know, stuff you don’t read a Sonic the Hedgehog comic for, creepy creepy instances of kid characters getting touchy-touchy i.e Manik with Lara-Su, Salma and Rutan basically making-out in bushes and tries to cultivate a sense of threat and fails to due to failure to focus on it in favor of the aforementioned elements.

Not to mention that this timeline ultimately goes nowhere as King Sonic (Yes, King) goes AWOL during time travel due to an accident and this future is only posited as a potentiality, not a set-in-stone future. When he does arise, he does so in an altered timeline, has the most exagerrated, narmtastically-depicted display of emotion this side of #134 Sally when his kids are revealed to have been erased from the timeline, gets curbstomped by King Shadow in an unbelievable fashion for the sake of a Mary Sue (Lara-Su) to step up to his defense only to trounce Shadow in one of the most degrading ways ever.

30YL is hated because of King Shadow (He’s revived from the stasis he’s put into) and practically everything about his portrayal which is extremely off-kilter, the ridiculousness of Belle and Jaques and how it’s implied they were born with their cybernetics, once again portraying Sonic as a pathetic weakling even his 5 year old twins could surpass and in general the fact that most characters are sidelined in order to delegate their kids prominence i.e Tails and Mina getting gassed to sleep and hence put out of limelight.

These arcs have a very narrow focus, never showing many fan favorites such as Amy, Bunnie, Antoine etc and hence losing a lot of potential.

And if you hate Sonally? May the good lord help you.

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If any of the currently deceased characters from the comics could be revived in the fan comic, who would you choose?

Personally, I would revive Mecha and ADAM. They were both interesting characters with a lot of potential that were unjustly killed off due to mandates. However, we don’t plan on reviving anyone, so don’t hold your breath for Tommy Turtle to come back or something.

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I'm just wondering: what do you think it would take to make Scourge a decent character?

The biggest change would be to make him more like an actual evil Sonic.

The main problem with Scourge in this area is that he’s mostly Sonic’s exact opposite, which makes him no different from the other villains Sonic faces. Instead, he should share plenty of Sonic’s traits, but corrupt them/exaggerate them/etc. So for instance:

-Scourge has just as much determination and persistence as Sonic, as opposed to backing down the moment a real challenge or obstacle presents itself (ie: Jules berating him).

-Scourge should have an exaggeration of Sonic’s ego. While Sonic keeps it restrained and actually remains humble a lot of the time in spite of his boastful side, Scourge goes all out with his narcissism.

-Like with Sonic, Scourge’s personal motivation should be born out of him doing what he feels he should do, as opposed to the more standard “hahaha I’m evil so let’s do some evil” routine that Scourge is often characterised with.

And so on and so forth.

However, you would still have Scourge’s lazy design, and the baggage that comes with him. So I think you’d be better off just making a new character entirely. One with a fresh start, who hasn’t yet been plagued by try-hard edginess.

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I do have to say I love seeing Princess Sally being focused on as the leader of the Freedom Fighters, rather than another love drama bomb that kept on happening the pre-reboot to her. It actually showed that her role wasn't meant to be romantic fodder, but that she is a well respected leader and heroine to her country and the rest of the world.

Exactly. It’s nice to see her as a goddamn leader and fleshed out character rather than “MUH SONIC MUH PEOPLE MUH FATHER”

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What do you think of Knuckles/Amy?

You know what?

That arc in Sonic Universe that featured them partnering together to get the ME back was actually very awesome IMO because of how extremely well done their interactions were. Though I never saw those issues through shipping goggles personally. Just through friendship goggles.

And it made me disappointed purely because we’re unlikely to see something like that in the games, either the focus on it to start with or the likelihood of it being written well if it was.