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Arcade trying to hide his Enclave origins is the most hilarious thing ever because he is so bad at lying

  • Did I say something? Sorry. Don’t pay any attention to me. Just babbling. {becoming more quiet} Nonsense, really. {drifting off} Babbling nonsense.
  • Oh, uh… {trying to cover} of hearing stories. About energy weapons. {drifting off} They’re… pretty crazy. {quietly} Yeah. 
  • Huh. {trying to think of a plausible lie} Good question. Must have been in a book. 
  • Uh, what does anyone know about them? Big… flying machines, right? Crazy helicopters. {quietly} So weird.
  • Stop thinking so much. Thanks.


I’m losing my shit over how good this is

Somehow our timeline became a repetition of the same bands, so we're looking for blogs that post a bigger variety! Like/reblog/follow if you post any of these artists and we'll check out your blog!

We’ll do our best to check most of the blogs and follow the best ones!


Asking Alexandria

A Day to Remember

Alex Turner

Arcade Fire

Arctic Monkeys

All Time Low


The Beatles

Bring Me The Horizon

Black Veil Brides

Bullet for my Valentine

Brand New

Cage The Elephant

My Chemical Romance

The Calling


David Bowie

Depeche Mode

The Devil Wears Prada


Ed Sheeran

Escape the Faith


Fall Out Boy

Falling in Reverse

Franz Ferdinand

Guns N’ Roses

Imagine Dragons

Iron Maiden

Jake Bugg

The Killers

Kings of Leon

The Kooks

Lana Del Rey

The Last Goodnight


Matt & Kim


Miles Kane


Motionless in White

Of Mice & Men

New Politics



Paul McCartney

Phantom Planet

Pink Floyd



The Rolling Stones

The Ruse

Sex Pistols

Simple Plan

The Smiths

Snow Patrol


The Strokes

The Clash

Thirty Seconds to Mars


Vampire Weekend

The Verve

The 1975

Pierce The Veil

Sleeping with Sirens

Suicide Silence

You Me At Six

We Came as Romans

Avenged Sevenfold

The Libertines

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

Or music in general!

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I’ve gathered mostly everyone to give you this.

I give you, everyone who sees this, and everybody else, the cat of awesome.

It shall protect you from chain mail, eat your enemies, give you angel face roses, and tell you you’re awesome.

Because you are awesome. and don’t let anyone put you down.

I’ve seen snails go from one end of my yard to the other, but i’ve never seen a rock do that. 

Awesome cat is proud of you for being able to keep moving no matter your pace. 

Keep achieving, keep moving. Awesome cat says you’re doing awesome.

Give yourself a hug because you deserve it!

Have a awesome day everyone! 

Dean and Cas going to the mall to buy Cas some new clothes, and stopping beside a beaten-up old photo booth outside a video arcade. Cas asking what the photo booth is for, and Dean pulling open the curtain and perching on the stool inside, leaving enough room for Cas to sit next to him. Dean feeding coins into the machine and pointing to the screen, where a countdown is starting.

“It takes pictures of us,” he says.

“What are we supposed to do?” Cas asks, frowning as he looks over at Dean. Dean shrugging awkwardly and smiling just as the camera flashes - once, twice, three times, four times, in quick succession.

Cas leaning out of the photo booth to retrieve their prints, and catching sight of a big example photo on the side of the booth itself - a couple squashed close together, one kissing the other on the cheek.

Cas sitting back down in the photo booth and saying that he would like another go, please.

Dean grumbling but complying, giving the machine another couple of coins. The machine whirring and starting up again, the countdown flashing big on the screen. Cas facing forwards but casting a couple of quick, strategic glances at Dean’s profile.

The countdown reaching one and Cas turning, pressing his lips to Dean’s cheek just as the camera flashes once.

Dean turning to look at him in shock and Cas biting his lip as the camera flashes twice.

Dean breathing out in a rush and leaning forwards and kissing Cas on the lips, Cas’ eyes wide and surprised, as the camera flashes three times.

Cas closing his eyes and smiling into the kiss as the camera flashes for the last time.  (*ノ∀`*)

the Mojave Best Friends Gang head to the mojave drive-in late night planning to screen some videos for funsies but when they do that weird piece of tech blares an eye onto the screen and then fzzzzt the Courier is just gone

leaving them just standing there

“so what do we do now,” asks arcade

“i guess we just go back to the lucky 38 and see if she comes back,” says boone

“shouldn’t we be trying to find her?” asks veronica

“probably,” says cass

they all go back to the lucky 38 and dick around for a week


((HO BOY~ This one took forever but it was so worth it! When I first read the ask I thought about doing one of two smartass replies. Either put up Fnatic Janna because that is Gamer Janna. Or Have Janna playing some kind of casual game. But I thought, “How about I don’t be an ass and actually try?” And just look what it produced! I hope you guys like it! owo ))