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I need to find mr new i can nicely ask him to stop playin johnny guitar so often 

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Yeonwoo I missed u ㅠㅠ ik u r probably busy i check ur blog everyday .<3 ok now back to KM vlive sub sucks I want to kn what jk said to jimin during the game coz according to my shitty kr ( he said my partner ㅠㅠ pls tell me I'm r8/ also said that he puts a lot of coins/money so they can keep playing ( low-key he wanted to keep playing wt his jm) the only thing they subbed that satisfied me is jiminie-hyung c'mon lol where r u I need u girl

You’re right, Anon.

(Video, subs, and caps by 국민호떡님 )

I don’t know if the English subs are out now but JK does call Jimin his partner [pic 1] and tells him to continue playing (after he died) because he put in a lot of coins for him (he said this part in banmal)[pic 2]. If you actually listen carefully during Rap Mon’s interview (before JK called out “Jiminie-hyung, come on!”) you can hear the coins he’s slotting into the machineㅋㅋㅋ

Some observations:

After all these years, JK is still excited to play video games with Jimin. It doesn’t matter that Jimin isn’t that great at it (JK obviously knew that beforehand lmao), he just appreciates spending time with his hyung and god, if that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings… And this is coming from a man who hates losing, period. Well, I guess he doesn’t mind hard carrying as long as it’s for Jimin.

^ They apparently played more than just one arcade game together, but it was cut.

This whole episode reminded me of that fan meeting from several weeks ago when Jimin was talking about his love of Pokemon Go. Everybody was shouting out different things (like which Pokemon the members resembled) and the only thing Jungkook cared about was the fact that Jimin was “copying” Rap Mon. And then he literally plopped down like a sulking child.

Let’s be honest, he was just jealous that Jimin was spending so much time running around Seoul with Rap Mon and leaving him behind. JK then reminded people that Overwatch was the better game. I swear, this man…

what a girl likes

Pairing: Steve Harrington x reader

Prompt: #3 off of this prompt list: “Arcade games and pizza, hell yeah.” “What, are you, five?” “Oh, that reminds me. I need to call my mom and ask if she can pick me up.”

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Warnings: spoilers, swearing

Word count: 1,615

Notes: Steve Harrington is the light of my life I need you all to know that.


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Hold Up

Request: “Could you do a bill (from it) imagine where you’re his girlfriend, but he’s always spending time with beverly so she gets jealous and decides to try make him jealous by flirting and spending time with one of the other boys”

Pairing: Bill Denbrough x Reader 

Warnings: None

“Hold up, they don’t love you like I love you

Slow down, they don’t love you like I love you

Back up, they don’t love you like I love you

Step down, they don’t love you like I love you.”

Bill and Beverly that’s all you seemed to notice the past week. They had been hanging out non stop. Every time you asked your boyfriend Bill to hang out he would always tell you the same thing.

“I can’t I’m sorry I have plans with Beverly we’ll hang out tomorrow.” 

Rather than just confronting him and Beverly you decided to take matters into your own hands. Get back at him. You were currently talking to both Mike and Bill.

“Hey Y/N since you’re free wanna go to the arcade?” Mike asked.

“Yeah I’d love to.” You smiled.

“B-but weren’t we supposed to hang out today?” Bill asked.

“I wasn’t sure, frankly you’ve canceled on me for the past week so who can blame me right? I’m sure you’d love to hang out with Beverly though.” You spat as you started to walk away with Mike.

Bill grabbed your hand lightly, “Y/N I know you’re upset but please let me talk to you.” 

“No you’ve done enough. See you around Bill.” You said coldly removing his hand and walking away with Mike.

“Are you sure you’re okay being here? That was a pretty harsh thing to do to your honey.” Mike joked causing you to laugh.

“Well he spent the past week hanging out with Beverly. He canceled all of our plans just to be with her.” Your face became cold and serious. 

“I’m pretty sure he has a logical explanation for that.” Mike defended.

“Well if he does I don’t want to hear it.” You stated.

“Really? Are you sure?”

You turned around and came face to face with Bill. He probably had been standing there the whole time.

“She’s all yours Bill do your thing.” Mike winked.

“What are you talking about?” You asked Mike.

All of a sudden Bill grabbed your legs and lifted you up, throwing you over his shoulder making his way out of the arcade.

“Mike you traitor I’m so gonna get you back!” You exclaimed. 

“You’ll thank me for it later.” Mike chuckled.

You sighed as you let your head fall down onto Bill’s back.

It felt like 5 hours had passed when in reality it had only been 5 minutes. Once Bill set you down you both were in front of his house. You started walking away when Bill spun you around into his chest.

“You’re not leaving until you listen to me.” Bill stated as he looked into your eyes.

“Whatever you have no reason good enough to explain yourself.” 

“How about if I tell you that I was busy trying to figure out what present to get you for your birthday and that Beverly was helping me. Because that’s my reason.” 

“I’d say that I’m really sorry for getting jealous I was just afraid that I was losing you to Beverly.” You sighed as you sat down.

“Y/N I never like Beverly like that. She’s just a friend, you’re the girl that I fell in love with. It’s always been you.” Bill placed his hand on your cheek and rested his forehead against yours.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that.” You smiled. 

Bill cupped your face with his hand and crashed your lips together. It was magical and you felt as if you were floating on the clouds even though it sounded really cheesy. 

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Hi! I love your blog, you are super talented and you are amazing at capturing each characters personality and making each reaction unique! This is probably a super weird question for a reaction blog and I totally understand if you choose not to answer but I'm currently writing something with Arcade Gannon in it, and I'm having a really hard time capturing his character and I was wondering if you had any tips for me? You do such a great job I was thought asking you may help. Thank you so much!

Oh wow, thank you! That’s very high praise, it means a lot anyone would come to me for writing tips of any kind lol

Arcade’s entire character is someone trying to do good and make a path for himself, separate from the Enclave and his family’s past. He’s odd to nail down because he’s a realist, and is intelligent enough to know things in the real world will probably never be picture perfect, but he also wants to help the Wastes not be a rampant shithole. He’s an idealist, as J.E. Sawyer described him, and reality is often harsh on the idealist. 

He’s passionate about things, but also fairly guarded about his beliefs. I feel only those close to him even realize he stands for the things he stands for. Or that he stands for anything. Most might consider him just a condescending prick flaunting his smarts when first meeting him (and yes, sometimes he is condescending, but he very rarely means to be ), never even thinking he cares for people as deeply as he does. Because he is a person who cares. He doesn’t weep for the downtrodden, he might not go out of his way to help the way a Good karma Courier does, he isn’t a saint, he’s just a mildly introverted man who read too many books as a kid, but he does what he can to help. The fact that he’s a researcher instead of a doctor speaks volumes about his personality- he might not be at the forefront, he might not be the one people thank, he doesn’t expect praise, but he plays a part in making people’s lives better. I feel that helping, even if its often indirectly, is a big part of what makes him Arcade. He’s the kind of guy that puts spiders outside instead of squashing them. I mean, just recruit with a really low intelligence score. He might be a tiny bit ableist in his approach, but he wants to take care of the Courier if they come off as someone who needs to be taken care of.

He’s also the most honest liar you’ll ever meet. Like really, every time he tries to lie it is so adorable because he’s so bad at it, despite the fact his life is basically built on lies. It doesn’t come naturally for him. He would much rather just talk without having to filter it for the company he’s in.  

He’s bad at making friends. Not a lot of people get his literary references, and sometimes he might even feel like he’s speaking a different language, even when he’s not spouting Latin. I see him as a guy that doesn’t mind being alone, but at the end of the day, is alone. Who can he really relate to? No one has had his experiences, few see the world the way he does, so he ends up alienated from people a lot. Which suits him fine, really, but even introverts are thankful to find people that get them. If he found someone who understood or thought like him on some level, he would stick by that person through thick and thin. Just because he’s bad at making friends doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate having friends. And while he isn’t concerned with “fitting in”, I think he appreciates having a place in the world. He and his mother were on the run for a lot of his childhood, “on the fringes” as he puts it, so having somewhere to call home means a lot to him. It doesn’t even have to be a place, “home” to him can simply mean the people that are always there. People like Daisy are home to him.

The literal WORST thing you could do with him, and the fandom does this to him a lot, is make him the sassy gay friend. Arcade has his moment of sass, sure, but he is such an amazing character with so many facets to his personality that it is a disservice to reduce him down to such a hollow stereotype. That’s not to say you can’t make him funny, because he is a witty little shit and responds to a lot of things with sarcasm, but he’s also a deeply earnest person. 

Holy shit this got so long. I have… I have a lot of feelings about Arcade you guys.

Are These Your Glasses? (Richie Tozier x Reader)

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Request:  Hi! I have a request. I was wondering that if you can write a Richie x Reader with a soulmate au (the one with you don’t have color until you find them.) If you can’t do it, that’s fine, too. I’m a sucker for soulmate aus and really enjoy your writing!! Thanks :)) Have a great day.

Author note: This has the fluffiest of the fluff… and it’s really short but oh well! Also they’re 16 in this.

Richie hit the concrete with a loud thud. His whole body ached and his vision was blurred considering his glasses went flying at some point. He could hear the Bower’s gang laughing as their footsteps faded away. Richie huffed slightly and managed to sit up, but he had no idea where he even was. Since he didn’t have his glasses the world was just a blur of grey. 

That’s right Richie still hadn’t met his soulmate. Why do you think they’re called the Losers Club? Most kids their age has already met their soulmate whether it be from traveling or because their soulmate lives in Derry. The only two in the club that can see with color is Beverly and Ben considering they’re soulmates. 

Richie heard footsteps and his body tensed slightly. The form was beyond blurred, but it didn’t seem like Bowers was back. “Hey these glasses are yours right?” A feminine voice asked. Richie tried to focus, but despite his best efforts he couldn’t focus.

“Probably… Could you just put them on me?” He asked.

“Sure.” The voice sounded hesitant about the task. He felt hands brush the side of his face as they slipped the glasses on sending electricity through his skull. He froze mouth slightly open in shock.

The girl who spoke had wide eyes a look of shock across her face which Richie probably mirrored. He could see her brilliant eyes glimmering with curiosity. Her hands were still holding onto his glasses and he noted how her cheeks became a slight pink. She drew her hands back and bit her bottom lip anxiously.

Richie grinned and held his hand out. “Well hello there sweetheart, I’m Richie Tozier.” 

The girl chuckled slightly making Richie feel all warm and fuzzy. She shook his hand. Her lips turning up in a small smile. “Hi there Richie. I’m (Y/n).” 

Richie pushed his glasses up as they started to slide down his nose. “Well (Y/n) want to get a slushee at the arcade?” He asked curiously.

(Y/n) grinned and held her hand out to him. “that sounds great honestly,” She replied. Richie grabbed her hand and she helped him up. 

Richie let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulders. His heart was pounding in his chest as he lead her away. 

Arcade trying to hide his Enclave origins is the most hilarious thing ever because he is so bad at lying

  • Did I say something? Sorry. Don’t pay any attention to me. Just babbling. {becoming more quiet} Nonsense, really. {drifting off} Babbling nonsense.
  • Oh, uh… {trying to cover} of hearing stories. About energy weapons. {drifting off} They’re… pretty crazy. {quietly} Yeah. 
  • Huh. {trying to think of a plausible lie} Good question. Must have been in a book. 
  • Uh, what does anyone know about them? Big… flying machines, right? Crazy helicopters. {quietly} So weird.
  • Stop thinking so much. Thanks.

October 21 is little Eli’s birthday !

Her birthday wish is the same as last year. She wants to play as many arcade games as possible for free, with all of her friends. So her wish has been granted ! She worked so hard this year, she deserves a little reward !

Solo games, local multiplayer, 1V1, Adventure, platform, dancing games and god knows what else, Eli has access to everything !! And not a single coin will be spent !

The kids removed their halloween costumes just for today, and will switch back to them when the event ends.

Wish her a good one, and let’s see if the rumors about her unchallengable skills are true !!