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Hi! I love your blog, you are super talented and you are amazing at capturing each characters personality and making each reaction unique! This is probably a super weird question for a reaction blog and I totally understand if you choose not to answer but I'm currently writing something with Arcade Gannon in it, and I'm having a really hard time capturing his character and I was wondering if you had any tips for me? You do such a great job I was thought asking you may help. Thank you so much!

Oh wow, thank you! That’s very high praise, it means a lot anyone would come to me for writing tips of any kind lol

Arcade’s entire character is someone trying to do good and make a path for himself, separate from the Enclave and his family’s past. He’s odd to nail down because he’s a realist, and is intelligent enough to know things in the real world will probably never be picture perfect, but he also wants to help the Wastes not be a rampant shithole. He’s an idealist, as J.E. Sawyer described him, and reality is often harsh on the idealist. 

He’s passionate about things, but also fairly guarded about his beliefs. I feel only those close to him even realize he stands for the things he stands for. Or that he stands for anything. Most might consider him just a condescending prick flaunting his smarts when first meeting him (and yes, sometimes he is condescending, but he very rarely means to be ), never even thinking he cares for people as deeply as he does. Because he is a person who cares. He doesn’t weep for the downtrodden, he might not go out of his way to help the way a Good karma Courier does, he isn’t a saint, he’s just a mildly introverted man who read too many books as a kid, but he does what he can to help. The fact that he’s a researcher instead of a doctor speaks volumes about his personality- he might not be at the forefront, he might not be the one people thank, he doesn’t expect praise, but he plays a part in making people’s lives better. I feel that helping, even if its often indirectly, is a big part of what makes him Arcade. He’s the kind of guy that puts spiders outside instead of squashing them. I mean, just recruit with a really low intelligence score. He might be a tiny bit ableist in his approach, but he wants to take care of the Courier if they come off as someone who needs to be taken care of.

He’s also the most honest liar you’ll ever meet. Like really, every time he tries to lie it is so adorable because he’s so bad at it, despite the fact his life is basically built on lies. It doesn’t come naturally for him. He would much rather just talk without having to filter it for the company he’s in.  

He’s bad at making friends. Not a lot of people get his literary references, and sometimes he might even feel like he’s speaking a different language, even when he’s not spouting Latin. I see him as a guy that doesn’t mind being alone, but at the end of the day, is alone. Who can he really relate to? No one has had his experiences, few see the world the way he does, so he ends up alienated from people a lot. Which suits him fine, really, but even introverts are thankful to find people that get them. If he found someone who understood or thought like him on some level, he would stick by that person through thick and thin. Just because he’s bad at making friends doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate having friends. And while he isn’t concerned with “fitting in”, I think he appreciates having a place in the world. He and his mother were on the run for a lot of his childhood, “on the fringes” as he puts it, so having somewhere to call home means a lot to him. It doesn’t even have to be a place, “home” to him can simply mean the people that are always there. People like Daisy are home to him.

The literal WORST thing you could do with him, and the fandom does this to him a lot, is make him the sassy gay friend. Arcade has his moment of sass, sure, but he is such an amazing character with so many facets to his personality that it is a disservice to reduce him down to such a hollow stereotype. That’s not to say you can’t make him funny, because he is a witty little shit and responds to a lot of things with sarcasm, but he’s also a deeply earnest person. 

Holy shit this got so long. I have… I have a lot of feelings about Arcade you guys.

I need to find mr new i can nicely ask him to stop playin johnny guitar so often 

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Yeonwoo I missed u ㅠㅠ ik u r probably busy i check ur blog everyday .<3 ok now back to KM vlive sub sucks I want to kn what jk said to jimin during the game coz according to my shitty kr ( he said my partner ㅠㅠ pls tell me I'm r8/ also said that he puts a lot of coins/money so they can keep playing ( low-key he wanted to keep playing wt his jm) the only thing they subbed that satisfied me is jiminie-hyung c'mon lol where r u I need u girl

You’re right, Anon.

(Video, subs, and caps by 국민호떡님 )

I don’t know if the English subs are out now but JK does call Jimin his partner [pic 1] and tells him to continue playing (after he died) because he put in a lot of coins for him (he said this part in banmal)[pic 2]. If you actually listen carefully during Rap Mon’s interview (before JK called out “Jiminie-hyung, come on!”) you can hear the coins he’s slotting into the machineㅋㅋㅋ

Some observations:

After all these years, JK is still excited to play video games with Jimin. It doesn’t matter that Jimin isn’t that great at it (JK obviously knew that beforehand lmao), he just appreciates spending time with his hyung and god, if that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings… And this is coming from a man who hates losing, period. Well, I guess he doesn’t mind hard carrying as long as it’s for Jimin.

^ They apparently played more than just one arcade game together, but it was cut.

This whole episode reminded me of that fan meeting from several weeks ago when Jimin was talking about his love of Pokemon Go. Everybody was shouting out different things (like which Pokemon the members resembled) and the only thing Jungkook cared about was the fact that Jimin was “copying” Rap Mon. And then he literally plopped down like a sulking child.

Let’s be honest, he was just jealous that Jimin was spending so much time running around Seoul with Rap Mon and leaving him behind. JK then reminded people that Overwatch was the better game. I swear, this man…

Arcade trying to hide his Enclave origins is the most hilarious thing ever because he is so bad at lying

  • Did I say something? Sorry. Don’t pay any attention to me. Just babbling. {becoming more quiet} Nonsense, really. {drifting off} Babbling nonsense.
  • Oh, uh… {trying to cover} of hearing stories. About energy weapons. {drifting off} They’re… pretty crazy. {quietly} Yeah. 
  • Huh. {trying to think of a plausible lie} Good question. Must have been in a book. 
  • Uh, what does anyone know about them? Big… flying machines, right? Crazy helicopters. {quietly} So weird.
  • Stop thinking so much. Thanks.

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Hmm. For the ship thing, how about some classic Promptis. ❤

Yeah! The classic booooooys~ :D Gotta love them classic booooooys! So here! Have some Promptis!

Send Me A Ship, and I’ll Tell You…

Noctis Lucis Caelum / Prompto Argentum

Who said “I love you” first?

Prompto would rehearse it in the mirror every time he would even so much think about working up the nerve to finally confess his feelings towards his best friend. A smack of his cheek, a shake of his head, words of encouragement to show that he was ready to finally say what’s been on his mind for all of these years. ‘You got this, Prompto. Just tell him how it is…!’ He would go out with Noctis, spending time with his best friend, going on adventures and outings with him, but alas… He never found the courage to say it, and he hated himself for it. Beaten down and dejected, perhaps this was just the way it had to be. And yet, that saddened look on Prompto’s face prompted Noctis to act, putting his hands on his companion’s shoulder and asking, ‘You know I love you, right?’
If Prompto wasn’t going to say ‘I love you’ first, then Noctis supposed he would do it instead.

Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background?

The king of photography, Prompto would feel as if he would be disgracing his profession if he didn’t take pictures of the guy he was so infatuated with – the muse of his life and the source of all of his inspiration and peace. He would take pictures of his favorite prince without much subtlety, with his camera, with his phone, sometimes doodling Noctis when both are unavailable to the blond-haired photographer. He would stare at each picture, admiring the details of the prince’s expression and keeping each memory close. His favorite photograph is, perhaps, the image of himself and the prince as ‘sea-side supermodels.’ The salt water and frizzy hair afterwards was worth it in the end.
But Noctls himself isn’t above taking pictures of Prompto either, but he’s far more discreet about it. A picture he managed to snap of Prompto falling asleep underneath a tree as he was looking through his pictures is the one Noctis keeps as his background, a bit too embarrassed to show Prompto yet. He hides it behind a lock screen with a picture of the Crownsguard insignia.

Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror?

‘Morning, sunshine!’ and other various messages are usually left behind by Prompto over Noctis. Ignis keeps the boys on a very strict schedule, and Prompto is easier to wake up than Noctis is – for Ignis is far too spoiling of Noctis to work up the nerve to wake up Noctis as promptly as the other boys. So Prompto’s one to hop into the shower after Ignis and sometimes Gladio (whom would rather shower every other day or so, which quite frankly irks Ignis), leaving these tiny little messages for Noctis for when the prince gets up and showers for the day. He had to make sure that Ignis or Gladio don’t find the message first and tease him about it, but unfortunately, they do quite often.

Who buys the other cheesy gifts?

“Hey, Noct! Check this out!” Prompto’s one to quickly point out silly little trinkets and things as he and the prince venture around and witness the sights. They’re often insignificant souvenirs that Prompto at the time would joke about. A chocobo phone charm, for example, because ‘wouldn’t it be funny if we had matching ones?’ Prompto would chuckle to himself as he moves along, but Noctis seems fixated on those charms. Matching charms, huh…? As Prompto finds himself distracted with the sight of interesting subjects to photograph, Noctis – who was finally allowed to carry his own gil for once, considering how bad of a spender he could be when Prompto was involved – was quick to by the two phone trinkets, hiding them away and later gifting them to Prompto. It’s not the first time Noctis has Prompto in mind for these sorts of things, and so Prompto finds himself showered in gifts and items until Ignis has to scold Prompto for inhibiting Noctis with such frivolous spending habits. Noctis does it, regardless of what Ignis states.

Who initiated the first kiss?

It was meant to be simple conversations and video games that night when Noctis had Prompto over for the night as their high school graduation slowly came around. Prompto brought a case of the malt beverages Noctis liked so much that he had gotten from a few of his ‘connections,’ Noctis had his console set up for the two of them to finally finish their co-op campaign together, and they were set for the night. The drinks weren’t too strong, but Prompto likes to claim that it was a drunken confession the night he finally told Noctis how much he really cared about Noctis. Perhaps not in direct bluntness, as he blundered over his words quite a bit, but it eventually resulted in Prompto leaning forward for the kiss, only to find himself unable to do so as Noctis was too distracted by their game. He kept it to himself, which perhaps really bothered him to no end.
But later that night, he managed to sneak in a small kiss to the sleeping prince’s lips just before he too fell asleep. Prompto could have sworn he saw the prince smile after he had kissed him. But perhaps it was the drinks playing tricks on him.

Who kisses the other awake in the morning?

Noctis had always been a heavy sleeper. You could be jumping on the bed, rocking out to some music while screaming the lyrics at the top of your lungs, and Noctis would still be asleep. Odd, considering that it should be humanly impossible for someone to be able to sleep that soundly, but there Noctis was. He valued whatever sleep he could get, and it seemed like he refused to have that sleep be taken from him. So Prompto would find himself up and about based on Ignis’s schedule, grinning down at Noctis and placing little tiny kisses on the prince’s cheek and face. One kiss, he thought. One kiss should be enough. But alas, one kiss ended up turning into two. And then three. Prompto eventually lost track of all of his kisses, only breaking from his frenzy when he felt Noctis having kissed him back during the latest gesture, grumbling a small ‘Morning’ before he curled back under his blanket. Prompto’s face flared up with its red color before he wrapped his arms around the prince and gave him a tight embrace.

Who starts tickle fights?

“Stop that.” Noctis had to pull his shoulders upwards to hide his neck as he felt the photographer assault his neck with tiny little pokes and brushes of his finger tips. Head rolled around to keep hiding from Prompto’s persistence, grunts of discomfort and annoyance coming from the prince. Always. Always does Prompto do this. He’d attack Noctis’s neck with these tiny little gestures, only laughing even when Noctis told him to knock it off. Because seriously, that felt weird, and it always provoked an awkward noise from Noctis that was a cross between a grunt, a groan, and a whimper. Noctis really didn’t like that feeling, but Prompto always thought it was cute.
It wasn’t until the prince decided to jump over the couch and tackle his companion down to the floor that he was finally able to get his revenge – straddling Prompto’s hips and sneaking his fingers up Prompto’s side and beginning to lightly scratch and brush his fingers over his sensitive skin and listening to the panicked laughter and breathy cries for help as Noctis made sure he’d tickle him to death.

Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower?

With how long of a shower Gladio too, it ended up not only going well-beyond midnight before he finally stepped out in that tiny towel of his – but he also nearly took all the hot water. And after a long day of trekking through mud, dirt, daemon bodies, and whatever it was that Prompto stepped in as they crawled through that dungeon in Vesperpool, there was no way that Noctis or Prompto would wait until 3 AM until the hot water came back. Sitting in such awful smelling clothing would just be a nightmare for everyone in the hotel room.
Noctis let out a sigh, glancing over at Prompto as he scratched the back of his head. Good thing the mud concealed his blushing red face as he spoke, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to muster up the courage to say, ‘Wanna just hop into the shower together…?’
Prompto was quicker than lightning to drag Noctis into the shower with him.

Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch?

It took Prompto awhile to finally be brave enough to go to Noctis’s apartment on his own accord. A weekend day, Sunday as well, it would be the perfect time to pick up some burgers and fries and just stop by Noctis’s place, right? Well, he thought it was. He was unfortunately unaware that Sunday was always Ignis’s day to visit, preparing Noctis his meals for the day and helping the prince with his homework to be on top of his studies. So when Prompto saw the tall spectacle-wearing man answer the door, Prompto found himself nearly dropping the bag of food as he felt his heart sink into his stomach. Looks like Noctis had a guest over already. He would just leave, he supposed.
Noctis, however, came over the door, noticing that Prompto brought food over. He looked hopefully at Ignis, who stared and let out an exasperated sigh. “This is how you’re going to get fat, Noct.” But he understood that Noctis would much rather spend time with his best friend. So Ignis merely shifted his plans, allowing Noctis and Prompto to eat lunch together, and giving Ignis a free afternoon before returning to cool Noctis dinner. With one exception, of course: Prompto would stay for dinner.
Free food? Prompto wouldn’t deny that, that’s for sure.

Who was nervous and shy on the first date?

It was official: Prompto was finally legitimately dating the prince. His prince charming. The whole idea was so surreal. Like, what was he supposed to do? To say? To let happen? After spending so long hopeless pining after Noctis, it was finally rewarded when the prince said ‘sure’ to Prompto’s date idea to the arcade. Prompto felt himself freezing as he stood in front of the door to Noctis’s apartment. He should just knock. Tell the prince that he was ready to go! But he checked his sweat levels to see if he wasn’t over sweating or smelly. He looked at his phone a few times, thinking that he’d look too desperate if he knocked five minutes too earlier from his time to pick-up Noctis. He did everything but knock. But he waited anxiously until he felt it was time for him to finally knock and ask Noctis if he was ready to go – of course, fifteen minutes after his intended time. But he wanted to be ‘fashionably late,’ because that’s what the cool guys do, right?
If only he had known that Noctis spent the entire time staring through the eyeglass of his door, waiting for when Prompto would finally knock. But nevertheless, Noctis waited. Eagerly. Anxiously. But nevertheless, ready and eager to go on his first date with his favorite ray of sunshine.

Who kills/takes out the spiders?

Neither of them. That’s Gladio’s job. Because bugs, insects, and arachnids are icky.

Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk?

“I really like Noct, okay? He’s smart, and great, and sexy, and he’s got a really like ass!” Noctis covered his face in embarrassment as Prompto swung his arm around Noctis and pointed at the prince. He had intended on just going to make sure that Prompto wouldn’t get too enthusiastic about drinking at this house party, but it looked like Noctis would need to be saved more than Prompto would. Prompto would just talk on and on about Noctis’s may traits, girls asking them how long they’ve been a couple and if they planned on getting married with how close and ‘in love’ they looked. Prompto would just confirm it all, saying that one day, he and Noct would have a marriage under the stars, just when dawn would appear, because that would be fun, right? Prompto thought so, and Noctis secretly did too.
But it was too early to be talking about marriage yet. Instead, Noctis swung his arm around Prompto and lifted him up to help him get home without stumbling too much. Noctis remembers everything that Prompto said, but unfortunately, Prompto never remembered much of that night. But that’s alright, Noctis thought. He’d keep in mind their dawn-lit wedding plans, and have the idea close to heart after that night.

"Sure" Haechan Imagine (school au)

You dragged your feet as you made your way to the bus stop. Your eyes were heavy and your lips formed a subconscious pout. It was Friday and you literally never worked harder than you did this week. All you could think of was your bed and how much you missed it.

As you plopped down in the bus stop bench you saw someone approach from your peripheral. When they sat down you realized it was Donghyuck, the boy from your chemistry class. “Hey.” he grinned.

You immediately straightened up your posture, not wanting to seem as utterly dead as you were. “Hi.” You said before clearing you throat.

“Stressful week?” His beautifully brown eyes starred at you with inquiry. You nodded as you swiftly broke eye contact.

“I don’t usually see you waiting here.” He observed your defeated figure as he spoke.

“I’m I left school kinda late. Usually I catch the early bus. I’m just a bit out of it.” You mumbled.

Donghyuck’s eyes were glued to your lips as you spoke.

“Ah,I see. My friends and I were gonna get some ice cream. I wanted to see if you could come…….some friends from Chem.” He rambled while scratching at the nape of his neck.

You looked ahead with wide eyes. The bus pulled up as you began to reply. “I’m not that tired. I can come I guess.” you said in attempt to play it off.

“Are you sure? You seem really tired.” He asked as he stood up for the bus.

You quickly nodded and stood up while reaching for your bag. Donghyuck’s eyes quickly adverted to your bag and he grabbed it before you.

Your skin heated up as you watched him walk towards the bus. He turned back and smiled at you as you practically froze.

When you found seats on the bus, Donghyuck scooted closer to you,making room for anyone who walked the isles.

You tried your best to act unbothered but when you gazed over you noticed his beautiful skin, unbearable wide eyes and that you were getting carried away.

When you readjusted yourself on the seat he did too. “So what type of ice cream do you like?” He turned to face you completely.

“Um” you inhaled. “Vanilla is pretty good.” you said while looking out the window.

Donghyuck chuckled at you. “What?” You questioned with furrowed eyebrows.

“That’s such a boring flavor but at least now I know what to get you.” He chuckled again while nodding his head.

Donghyuck slid his phone out and popped one earbud in. As he handed you the other you started at his hand and then up at his face. He gestured towards you again before you took it.

You nodded to the mellow music as he hummed to himself. At the time you couldn’t decide which one was more soothing the song playing or his humming.

Your eyes grew heavier and heavier as the song continued. Your head inevitably landed it Donghyuck’s shoulder as the bus shook passengers side to side. He didn’t move one inch as you rested on him. He continued to hum as you were then surely sleep.


A gentle hand patted your head, in attempt to wake you up. Your eyes shot open quickly after the contact. “This is our stop.” Donghyuck said as he stood up with your bag. You followed him off the bus trying to gain awareness of your surroundings.

“You must have stayed up late last night.” Donghyuck said as he opened the door to the ice cream shop for you. You laughed to yourself as you entered the shop.

“We’re kind of early.” He said as he sat the both of your bags down at a table. “Wanna go to the arcade?” He asked cheerfully.

“Sure.” You said in the middle of sitting down.

Throughout the time you were in the arcade Donghyuck managed to bet you that if he won at air hockey you’d have to try his favorite ice cream flavor. You maintained a tie for the majority of the game but Donghyuck ended up scoring the game winning point.

You dropped your head in defeated as he started to victory dance. “So close.” You pouted to yourself. He ran around the table to tease you more.

“Good game.” He laughed

He lifted your head by tipping your chin up. He looked directly into your eyes. “Yo-” he began to speak in a lower tone but failed to finish. There was a sweet moment of silence where Donghyuck seemed dumbfounded by something you couldn’t discover.

As he realized what was happening he quickly removed his hand from your chin. “I’ll still get you vanilla if you want.” He began to fumble with his fingers. “I’m not really hungry. I think I’d waste it.” You said while leaning on the hockey table.

“Then lets share. I’ll eat vanilla too. It’s fine.” Donghyuck seemed to answer all of your questions before you could get them out.

As you looked over at the cafe section of the store you saw your classmates arriving. The two of you greeted them and stood in line to order.

“You guys had a little date at the cafe huh?” Your classmate said while nudging at you and Donghyuck.

Donghyuck laughed frantically at the comment. “A date? What are you saying?” He shook his head.

You observed his body language and forced a laugh.

When you all finally got the ice cream he ate slowly making sure that there was enough for you. He carefully watched you and occasionally asked if you needed anything else. Your classmates made snarky comments about the two of you, which made you more conscious of your actions.

You could tell Donghyuck was becoming uncomfortable and you became concerned. It was too late to start defending him, you thought. You thought you should just leave to lighten the mood for him.

You began to gather your things quickly. “Uh guys it’s getting late I have to go.” Donghyuck shot you a surprised look as he watched you commence departure.

“Uh I-me too.” He quickly followed you out with his bag. “Are you alright?” He asked while walking with you.

“Yeah, their comments kind of bothered me.” You said nonchalantly.

“What? The comments they made about us dating?” He asked nervously.

“Yeah.” You replied.

“That was a bit awkward.” He chuckled to himself causing you to laugh.

You nodded as you continued to walk. “But was it because you wouldn’t date me?” He asked innocently.

You stopped in your tracks. “What?” You questioned.

He stood in front of you with his head facing the pavement. “Did it make you uncomfortable because you wouldn’t date me? I mean like, do you like me?” He snuck the second question in.

“Yeah, I like you a lot. But how come we can’t hang out without people assuming things?” You trailed off.

“If I were them I’d assume too.” He snickered to himself.

“What was that?” You lifted your chin to him.

“I’d assume we are dating too because we look cute together.” He quickly spoke before taking steps towards you.

You didn’t speak as your face heated up. A smile played across your lips as he got closer. He allowed his nose to graze yours before letting his lips come into contact with yours. You closed your eyes and pecked back. There was an absence of contact that caused you to open your eyes.

You saw Donghyuck in the distance, waving with a huge grin on his face.
You huffed childishly and began to run after him. You chased him to the bus stop and he fell on the bench in defeat. “Thank you for making the Friday so good.” You shook him as he pretended he was sleep.

“No thank you. He opened his eyes as the bus arrived. You crammed onto the bus feeling more energized than the last time.