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Can you write your meeting au where one of their main languages is French for aokuro pleaaaassseeeee? :D<

Of course, this is how my friend and her boyfriend met, it was so funny!!


Aomine slumped forwards onto his books, it was way too early for his brain to function properly, he didn’t need school anyway, not with his potential basketball career. The tanned male was so immersed in his thoughts that he did not notice that his teacher had already started the register.

“We have a new transfer student joining us this year” Aomine lifted his head briefly, is a cute girl? he frowned, where were they? Had they not arrived yet? 

“Hello” The whole class jumped at the quiet voice called out from nowhere, “it’s nice to meet you” there at the front of the class stood a short bluenet, everyone pulled a face at his pronunciation.

“This is Tetsuya Kuroko, you can go sit next to Aomine-san, over there” the teacher pointed to the tanned male who blanched, why did he get stuck with the weird new guy? 

Kuroko nodded and placed his bag on the desk, for the rest of the lesson Aomine had completely forgotten that he was there until the bell rung for break, “um excuse me?” 

Aomine let out a very manly sound and jumped in his seat, “don’t come out of nowhere like that, jeez” the tanned male placed a hand on his chest and breathed heavily.

“I am very sorry” 

Aomine blinked, “What did you just say?” Kuroko frowned slightly and pulled out a small notebook. “Do you not know Japanese?” the taller asked.

Kuroko shook his head “No, sorry” Aomine chuckled and ruffled his hair.

“Don’t worry, my friend is the smartest in the school, he can help tutor you, I would offer to do it myself but I’m really shit” he grinned, this boy was starting to grow on him. “Where did you live before?”

Kuroko paused for a moment to mentally translate what he just said “France” there was a moment of silence the Aomine being Aomine randomly blurted.

“Oui Oui hon hon” (French laughter XD) 

Kuroko blinked not knowing if he should laugh or feel offended, Aomine seemed to be really nice and he was one of the first people to talk to him normally despite the language barrier.

Feeling extremely embarrassed by what just came out of his mouth Aomine went completely red, because his embarrassment Aomine could not guess what would happen next.

Kuroko leant forwards with a deadly serious expression “Oui Oui une baguette”

Aomine lost it.

The end XD

The story is: one day mushimako-san texted me and asked “don’t you think aokuro in extra game both have very similar hair…?”


So we creat this short story…in chinese (sorry…)

Kise: what are you doing aominecchi? It’s time to go.

Aomine: Cosplaying Tetsu.

Kuroko:…take my ignite pass Aomine-kun.

I’v tried my best to make aomine open his eyes as big as possible but it seems like he couldnt do it well XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

"Stop shipping this"
  • This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. Regardless of the of the Fandom there is no need for these words. These are fictional characters that do not belong to you or anyone but the writer. Even it the rival ship is canon or the farthest thing from it. Unless you are the one being shipped you have no say in who ships what.

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Do you have any abused GOM fics? Love your blog by the way.

Umbrella warning for abuse and violence for these fics! I’ll elaborate more in the notes though, so don’t worry!

Come Morning Light by maychorian on AO3
Summary: Something is wrong with Kuroko. After months of friendship and partnership, Kagami’s starting to lose track of him again. When Kagami realizes that Kuroko is deliberately reducing his presence, he makes it his mission to find out why and to make it stop. Even if Kuroko has no intentions of helping.
Notes: Incomplete multichapter. Child abuse - read the author’s tags before reading just in case!

Weight by oodal on AO3
Summary: Kuroko learned as a small child to have no weight - to have no presence. In the end, he wonders if he was ever weightless at all.
Notes: Oneshot. Child abuse, child abandonment, suicide. 

til the end of the world by psychopass on AO3
Summary: Winter is when Akashi comes crashing back into Kuroko’s life.
Notes: One shot. Child abuse, AkaKuro.

Seasons by Design by Incessant_Darkness on AO3
Summary: A quiet examination of the intractable relations between Midorima Shintaro and Akashi Seijuro.
Notes: Incomplete threeshot. AkaMido, child abuse.

Glass by SYNdicate930 on AO3
Summary: "This is the last time.“ Aomine promises, but Kise knows better. "I didn’t mean to.”
Notes: AoKise, domestic abuse, abusive relationships.

Stagnancy by Blossom on AO3
Summary: The things that don’t change really should and the things that should change never do.
Notes: AoKuro, h/c oneshot. Smut, child abuse, alcohol abuse,

For a Touch… by remnantmachine on AO3
Summary: Takao is always the one to start things.
Notes: MidoTaka, oneshot. Past domestic abuse, past abuse.

Happy (?) reading!

- Mod M

List of KnB Tumblr Artists

Alphabetical list of KnB tumblr artists - this list is incomplete, so if you know any other artists or are one, please tell me so I can add them! It amazed me how many awesome artists there are on tumblr. 

I’ve also added some comments behind their name; if I haven’t commented, it’s because they draw multiple ships and/or characters. Note that some artists also draw for other fandoms; if they have specific knb tags, I’ve linked that, otherwise it’s noted as multifandom, though some are more multifandom than others. Please note that this is subject to change though; if you want you can message me and I’ll change it.

Fairly Really WHOA THERE ARE SO MANY OF YOU long list, so click to read more. 

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post some of ur favorite pics of AOMINE and KUROKO together? if u have any of just any pics of knb In general!?:)

aomine and kuroko… oh boy haha there’s not much interaction between those two in the anime but here are some of my faves!

last but not least.. my favorite caps from episode 19 of season 2 ヽ(;▽;)ノ


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Can you rec the saddest fics you know? Any pairings are fine with me, besides aokaga.

You’ve come to the right place, anon. Sadfics are my life blood. It was hard to whittle down the list but I can say that, definitively, these are my Top 6 Favorite Angst Fics in no particular order!

Ephemeral Things by mr-raindrops on FF.N

Summary: Aomine was there from the very beginning, and remained until the very end. The things in between are fleeting, just one person’s memories.

Notes: Future!AU, character death, gen. Oneshot.

Nineteen: A Truth of Red on Blue by hokkyokukou on FF.N

Summary: When they were nineteen, Kuroko was no longer with them. It was an accident that no one liked to talk about. They called it an accident, because the alternative was too horrific. But, when they were nineteen, they realized… it may not have been an accident after all. The red truth was beginning to surface no matter how much they rejected it, so they took it head on… for Kuroko.

Notes: Multichapter gen, complete. A whole slew of triggers: suicide, sexual assault, rape, depression.

If Wishes Came True by TwoFacedPierrot on FF.N

Summary: “If you could have a wish granted, then what will it be?”

Notes: Oneshot, slow moving and quietly devastating.

Vienna by Vee on AO3

Summary: Everything to Midorima was a slight, and a personal one, if trust predated the problem. When Akashi didn’t really speak, didn’t really blink, it was seen as an act of war.

Notes: AkaMido, break up fics. Gorgeous Akashi introspective.

nevertheless, hello by layqur on AO3

Summary: Kise dies and Aomine is left to piece himself back together again, bit by bit, one pill at a time. It’s hard, but as long as they’re still together, everything is going to be okay.

Notes: AoKise, character death, substance abuse.

we share burdens by lanfan on AO3

Summary: Everyone said Momoi wouldn’t last long.

Notes: AoMomo. Apocalypse/zombie!AU, off screen character death. 

Happy (well…) reading!

- Mod M

i would literally pay in blood and flesh to have a mini-series-length version of the Aokuro OVA, detailing their entire Teiko relationship from beginning to end, with lots of silly shenanigans and also lots of of feelings, and also maybe even a second season about their off-screen relationship during the timeline of the show, and their personal reconciliation with each other afterwards