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My friend sent me a lot of screenshots of AoKise whenever they appear in the KnB game Mirai he Kizuna 3DS. Unfortunately, they're all in Japanese and I don't understand a single word. I really want to know what the conversations were about (well, thanks to your post that i knew Kise did made onigiri for Aomine in the game > v < ). Can you translate them or do you know anybody who can translate Japanese?

Is it really the Mirai e no Kizuna game, or is it the mobile game? Because the one with Kise offering onigiri to Aominecchi was from the Cross-Colors game if I’m not mistaken! But the one your friend is playing could be Mirai e no Kizuna though if your friend plays on the 3DS!

It could be either one because AoKi have always been gross in most of the games anyway so //3// 

If it were Mirai he no Kizuna game, I only know of one scene that has been translated here, and yes it is very heavy with the AoKi (at least through my eyes LOL they’re an old married couple).

But OTL I’m sorry, I would love to translate for you if only my Japanese level isn’t so limited ORZ I barely know the basic so I don’t think I can help you with translating the thing! ;3; 

I can tag this post under the AoKi tag though, and see if anyone would be willing to translate or summarize some of the AoKi scenes from the game! I would redirect you to the person if anyone respond, mmkay? 

But right now, I don’t have any say in this because while I do know some people who are capable of understanding Japanese in the AoKi fandom, they might be not available and/or busy in real life at this moment too, so we can just wait for the willing one, okay? ;3; 

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kise vs takao aokise vs midotaka Akashi vs Midorima captain one!! kasamatsu vs hyuuga

Oh! That’s a lot! I welcome the challenge anon! ;) Here goes…

Kise vs Takao

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KISE! He’s the sunflower of the GoM <3 PLUS WE BOTH SHARE THE SAME HOROSCOPE! MY BIRTHDAY IS JUST 3 DAYS BEFORE HIS! Horoscope love nanodayo XD Both a dork but also a beast :3 BUT most of all a precious cinnamon roll :3

aokise vs midotaka (this one was hard ;3;)

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This gif perfectly represents these 2 bbys <3 love them so much!!!! I like MidoTaka too but AoKise is just special, I can’t… XD Since I do like Aomine & Kise as stand alone characters too but together they’re IRRESISTIBLE XD

Akashi vs Midorima captain one!! (not sure what u meant by captain one :O)

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kasamatsu vs hyuuga

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I like Hyuuga but Kasamatsu is the ideal captain (apart from Akashi that is) XD Just like him more.

Whew~ I kind of want more XD Thanks anon! 

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Coco im kinda stressed can you say something cute

I’m kind of stressed too Anon-chan ;3; And I don’t really know what cute things to say so have some AoKi fluffy headcanons/ideas instead ◦°˚\(*❛‿❛)/˚°◦ (Note: They’re mostly not related to one another, these come from Coco’s random mind at 1 AM.)

  • When AoKi have a love child together, Aominecchi is usually the one who reads bedtime stories to their child. But then he doesn’t really like the general plot of children’s books and all of those fairy tales stuff that Kise prefers. So more often than not, he makes up his own stories instead. Their child’s current favourite is that story about a middle school basketball player’s fateful meeting with his soulmate, the one where that player throws a basketball to the back of someone’s head and everything goes down the hill from there. It is Aominecchi’s favourite story too and the secret is kept between Aominecchi and their child about how that basketball was really thrown on purpose and not an accidental slip //w//

  • One time during summer, Kise comes back from a full week photoshoot by the beach and his body is filled with freckles everywhere, especially on his shoulder plus his backside. Aomine wonders why Kise insists on keeping his shirt on while they’re doing sex before he notices some stray freckles near Kise’s chest. Kise almost shriek at him when Aomine forcefully takes Kise’s shirt off, revealing all of the freckles that Kise wanted to hide. When Kise covers himself with the blanket and whines that he looks ugly, Aomine says that he is not. The blond is only convinced 2 hours later as Aomine kisses every inch of his freckles-covered-skin and comments how they look like skin-stars along Kise’s body //w//

  • Aomine has a habit of walking around the house in only his boxers whenever it is hot or early in the morning when he is just too lazy to put any shirt on. Kise’s complain only lasts about less than a minute every time because then he would be all over Aominecchi, wrapping his arms around Aomine’s broad shoulders and whines about how Aominecchi is so unfair for tempting him every single time //w// It serves as such a huge ego-boost for Aomine, especially when Kise starts to cling behind him while littering soft kisses at the back of his shoulders.

  • At times, the life of Police Officer Aominecchi is tough.. especially when he has to complete his paperworks that have piled up due to his procrastination habit. There are days when office hour is just not enough for him to complete them all so he brings his work home and starts typing on his laptop with a very distracting blond by his side. Aomine has no idea why he chooses to do his work in his room, on his bed of all places.. but Kise’s presence serves as both a distraction and a motivation at the same time because then Kise will wait for him to complete his work while resting his head on Aominecchi’s shoulder before he falls asleep from the long wait. Seeing Kise all tangled up in the blanket and sleeping by his side is enough of a motivation for Aho to enter the zone and speed up his typing just to prevent Kise from sleeping alone ;3;

  • Kise is not afraid of ghost movies, Aomine is afraid of them… and so does their love child. One time the AoKi family sit on the sofa together and Kise doesn’t know which is more cute; their son hiding his face behind Daiki every time a ghost appear out of nowhere or.. Daiki trying to keep on a straight face even though the hand that Kise is holding in his palm is actually trembling more than their son’s shivering body. Aomine is afraid of those ghost stories but he’ll be damned if he disappoint their son by letting him know the truth. Aomine is his biggest hero after all. So instead of admitting that he is scared, Aomine suggests for them all to cuddle up in bed earlier without finishing that story off because the little child is scared. Aomine is more than happy when his son agrees and he ignores how Kise mockingly compliments him for being such a good daddy. 

  • Imagine an AoKi neighbour!AU where their apartments go through a sudden power outage in the middle of winter. It is night, it is cold and Aomine doesn’t have enough blankets to keep him warm and his body just won’t stop shivering! So he throws away his pride and knocks on the door of pretty boy next door. Pretty boy opens the door, all wrapped up in at least three layers of blankets and Aomine almost thought that it is the blanket itself that greeted him if not for the fact that ‘Kise’ asks him what is he doing here. Good, Aomine just hopes that the blond already forgive him for shutting the lift’s door on his pretty face, every single morning for the past few months. It was for pretty boy’s own good because Aomine doesn’t know what he will do if it’s just them together inside such small space. Aomine clears his throat and asks him if he have extra blanket. It is night, it is dark but Aomine could make out pretty boy’s face because he just shines so brightly, and he shines brighter in Aomine’s eyes when he says that they can just combine their blankets together because there are just not enough blanket in his house. Later on, they’re both cuddle up under layers of blanket together and it is the first time that Aomine thinks that power outage isn’t that bad when you have a very warm and nice smelling blond by your side //w\

  • Sometimes Kise’s modelling work requires him to travel everywhere, in and outside Japan. Of course Kise is an expert at packing up his things and he needs none of Aominecchi’s help at packing, especially not when the ganguro is such a messy person in the first place. But that doesn’t stop Aomine from wondering why his jackets are missing from time to time when he is so sure that he puts them all neatly in his wardrobe, Aomine hoards his collection of nice jackets as much as he loves his basketball shoes collection after all. But then, one time it is Aomine’s turn to be away from home and he tells Kise that he’ll be back in 5 days. Except that his work finishes earlier and he makes a surprise come-back on the 3rd night only to find Kise all cuddle up with Aomine’s pillow while wearing only the jacket that Aomine has worn a day before he left home. And suddenly everything clicks in to places and Aomine could only grin to himself before he tackles Kise in his sleep. The talk can wait, right now Aomine only wants to wrap himself around Kise because it seems like the blond has been missing him so much. Aomine misses him just as much but he isn’t going to admit that.. at least not by words but in his act of sniffing Kise’s scent before giving him his much tender loving care //v\

  • At times Kise comes back from work, with his energy entirely drained out from a rough modelling schedule. But then Kise has got such a nice boyfriend who will caress Kise’s hair idly when Kise lays down on his laps, demanding his attention. And Kise never fail to get his attention because Aominecchi has such a soft spot for him. When Kise is all tired and demand to be spoiled, Aomine would groan.. he will complain, but that won’t stop him from carrying Kise to the bathroom to give him a nice comforting shower and messing with Kise’s hair by putting on too much shampoo and filling the bathtub with bubbles before he rinses the blond off and dries him with a towel. When Aomine carries him to bed, Kise will cling to him like a koala and more often than not, Aomine will unceremoniously throw Kise on the bed just to see Kise’s pouty face and puffed up cheeks. Aomine thinks Kise is really cute when he is sulking, and even more so when he stops sulking just from having Aomine’s arms wrap him from behind. Kise falls asleep in less than 5 minutes not because he is tired, but because being in Aominecchi’s arms is just so comforting that Kise is lulled in to sleep, and so is Aominecchi because he seeks Kise’s warmth more than anything else (´▽`ʃƪ)

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Do you have any abused GOM fics? Love your blog by the way.

Umbrella warning for abuse and violence for these fics! I’ll elaborate more in the notes though, so don’t worry!

Come Morning Light by maychorian on AO3
Summary: Something is wrong with Kuroko. After months of friendship and partnership, Kagami’s starting to lose track of him again. When Kagami realizes that Kuroko is deliberately reducing his presence, he makes it his mission to find out why and to make it stop. Even if Kuroko has no intentions of helping.
Notes: Incomplete multichapter. Child abuse - read the author’s tags before reading just in case!

Weight by oodal on AO3
Summary: Kuroko learned as a small child to have no weight - to have no presence. In the end, he wonders if he was ever weightless at all.
Notes: Oneshot. Child abuse, child abandonment, suicide. 

til the end of the world by psychopass on AO3
Summary: Winter is when Akashi comes crashing back into Kuroko’s life.
Notes: One shot. Child abuse, AkaKuro.

Seasons by Design by Incessant_Darkness on AO3
Summary: A quiet examination of the intractable relations between Midorima Shintaro and Akashi Seijuro.
Notes: Incomplete threeshot. AkaMido, child abuse.

Glass by SYNdicate930 on AO3
Summary: "This is the last time.“ Aomine promises, but Kise knows better. "I didn’t mean to.”
Notes: AoKise, domestic abuse, abusive relationships.

Stagnancy by Blossom on AO3
Summary: The things that don’t change really should and the things that should change never do.
Notes: AoKuro, h/c oneshot. Smut, child abuse, alcohol abuse,

For a Touch… by remnantmachine on AO3
Summary: Takao is always the one to start things.
Notes: MidoTaka, oneshot. Past domestic abuse, past abuse.

Happy (?) reading!

- Mod M

Author: kaijoskopycat
Title: Teach Me How to Bottom
Pairing: Aokise (But really KiseAo)
Rating: M (for nothing but sMut)
Word Count: About 2800
Summary: Kise wants one thing for his birthday and only Aomine can give it to him, or rather only Aomine can be the one to take it.
A/N: This is shameless smut, all smut, nothing but smut, so help me Aomine Daiki. 

Written by request for this pos because I love her too much not to indulge her. 

On AO3

“You have to promise me I can have my way.”

Aomine grimaced and Kise tutted in response to the way he pursed his lips.


“I know, I know.” Aomine sighed. “Just this once, okay?” He lifted a hand and pointed a finger accusingly at Kise’s face. “But only because it’s your birthday! And if you tell a single fucking person, I will shave your head.”

Kise grinned. This was going to be the best birthday yet.

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I’m also not going to talk about how they wear tHEIR BAGS THE SAME WAY IN THIS PICTURE OR ANYTHING;

OF COURSE I’M NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT THAT HAHAH.. Also definitely not talking about their same pose in this official art too umm


ALSO..//whispers what do you mean I’m going to talk about how the other Kiseki wear ties of their respective colours and then there are AoKi with their sleeveless jacket/shirt instead of tie hmMmmMm


And everyone sSSHH Please be quiet about Kise bby taking shirts from Aominecchi’s wardrobe because thESE TWO ARE SO OBVIOUS OMIGAWD

….bOYFRIENDS (/ v \)

2015 with my new ukulele and a new season of knb. This is my type of a celebrating.