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Out of all the vampire characters in The VC series which vampire would you say is the most dangerous most capable of taking a human's life? If I were walking home from work or from a college class at night, which vampire do I not want following me and which vampire do I not want to encounter?

Most dangerous vampire? Following/encountering you at night? 

Most of the VC vampires choose victims who are “Evildoers,” people who have committed crimes against their fellow man and seem like they will continue to do so. Examples: drug dealers, an elderly abuser, “gangsters,” serial killers.

If you’re basically an innocent person*, most VC vampires won’t be interested in killing you. They’d rather just flirt with you, take you out dancing or something, and sneak in for a Little Drink, which can let them indulge in their preference for innocent blood and let you continue living, too ;) Win-win!

*I mean, yeah, “Let he who is w/o sin cast the first stone” and all that, we all have our own share of “sins,” but if they don’t add up to Evildoer status, you’re an Innocent in VC terms.

As far as being KILLED, you can worry about: 

  • Louis, because as far as I know (at least up until PL), he doesn’t choose his victims based on guilt/innocence, he just takes whoever crosses his path when he’s out looking for dinner. The way to survive a Louis attack is to tell him about yourself; he doesn’t like to know ANYTHING about his victims. 
  • Claudia (back when she was around anyway), is a terror bc she enjoys taking innocent life. 
  • Nicolas and Antoine, I don’t know their preferences. They could go either way. 
  • Gabrielle probably doesn’t care about your guilt/innocence either, but might attack you if you were out in the wilds somewhere, maybe if you were going for the same deer that she was going for, too. She has no qualms about killing innocent people anywhere, tho. Her very first victim was innocent and she made no comment about it.  
  • Not sure about Pandora, IIRC, she ripped a heart out of a victim’s chest, I don’t think that victim was an evildoer.

I don’t know the PL or PLROA characters well enough to mention them but anyone is welcome to reblog/comment about those or any VC vampires in response to Anon’s question.

Housebreaker - Antoine Griezmann

Hey guys, this is another Imagine for the Drabble Challenge, I hope you like this x 

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57. just get home as soon as possible okay?!

“Antoine?” i whispered into the phone pressed to my ear.

It was rather late at night and I was home alone, I wanted to go to bed hours ago but watching netflix has kept me busy. Now that I wanted to go to sleep and had shut my laptop off, had laid my phone on the night stand and had closed my eyes, I heard noises. Noises that scared the shit out of me. It sounded like someone tried to get in the apartment or someone was in front of the front door. The afraid I was, I couldn’t fall asleep anymore at all and just hide myself under the blanket on my bed and has dialed in Antoines number. I knew he was out for dinner with his team mates and I really didn’t wanted to bother him at his night out but I was too scared to just sit here.
I hoped he would actually answer the call but after he picked it up immediately I sighed out relived.

“Babe?” he asked.

“You okay? What’s wrong?” he asked.

“There’s someone here Antoine. I hear someone in front of the door” i told him and my voice was small, afraid that someone could hear me.

“What?” he asked and his voice got louder.

“I hear noises in front of the door”

“I’m scared” I said.

“Just get home as soon as possible okay?” I asked.

“I will. Don’t worry i’ll be there as soon as possible” he told me and I nodded but as soon as I realized he couldn’t see me I told him a quick okay and ended the call.

I breathed out and leaned back so my back was pressed against the cupboard. I sighed as I still heard the noises and just hoped that nothing would actually happen to me and that Antoine would be here soon. I bit down on my lip as the noises seemed to get louder, but that was probably just me focusing on the noise for too long. It was a few minutes after that I heard the front door that was getting unlocked and I felt my breath stopping for a few seconds, only when I heard Antoine calling me I sighed out relieved and climbed out of bed. I walked out of the bedroom and walked towards the front door as I saw him standing there and I almost run over to him as I jumped into his arms and nuzzled my head in his neck as I breathed out again. He wrapped his arms around me and rubbed my back.

“it was only our drunk neighbor who missed the right door I brought him to this door. there’s no one out there anymore, okay?” he mumbled and I breathed out relieved once again.

“thank you Antoine” I pulled out of the hug and looked up at him, as he still had his hands resting on my hips.

“I was really worried when you called, you know?” he said.

“you never call, even if something’s wrong you usually don’t call. so when i saw you calling i got really worried” he told me.

“i’m glad you’re fine and it was only our neighbor and not some housebreaker our something” he said.

“i’m just glad you’re here with me now” i told him.

“c'mon let’s get to bed okay?” he asked and i nodded as he intertwined our hands together and pulled me with him towards the bedroom.

As we got their I immediately got in bed and got under the blanket. Antoine got out of his clothes and as he was ready to bed he turned the lights off and walked towards the bed. He climbed in and laid down beside me as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer towards him. I laid on his chest as I intertwined our fingers and closed my eyes for a moment and breathed out relieved, that he was here with me now and that I was safe with him.

“how was dinner?” i asked as I still had my eyes closed i felt myself getting more tired again and slowly drifting off to sleep. Antoine started telling me about what funny things the boys had told him
and how the food was how much fun he had and just hearing him laugh was making me smile. But I didn’t really overheard all of that anymore I was drifting off to sleep, just being happy that Antoine was happy and was here with me.

World - Antoine Griezmann

So guys, I’m gonna be away for the next two weeks cause I’m flying to see my family. I’m not gonna be online much and theres probably not gonna be any imagines. I’m gonna update a few today so I hope you like those. I miss y’all already :( 

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You played with the hem of your jersey, or rather Antoine’s jersey as you were watching the game and the minutes passing, anxiously. You were so afraid and nervous you could barely keep calm. Today was the finale of the european championship France against Portugal and since your boyfriend was playing you were there to support him. You were loving football, long before you even knew Antoine so of course you always supported him. Or went to many games to watch him play. You were with him, you watched him win, they even won against Germany, with two goals by him. So of course they could do this. Everyone was enthusiastically that France would win. You were too, before the game. You believed in Antoine, you knew what he could do. You also knew what Cristiano Ronaldo could do, but since he got fouled and needed to leave you were sure they would win. But the goal from Portugal came and the shocked and pale faces from the France national team and from the fans came too.
You looked around and saw the happiness spread into the Portuguese fans.

You were searching Antoine and saw how he was standing their with his face down. He knew it was over, that he couldn’t reach his dream anymore. Tears were welling up in your eyes, you did not wanted to see him like that. He and the team were giving their all, for over 100 minutes and then this stupid goal happened. You did not wanted to see Antoine upset, he was such a hard working person, always giving his best and he deserved to win more than anyone. The last minutes flew by but the sadness from France maintained. Portugal was celebrating their victory and most of the french players sat down looking around them to see of this was really true. You swallowed as you looked at Antoine shacking his head and putting his face in his hands. It was not long after the France Team got their medal, as soon as they got theirs, you left your seat and started looking for Antoine. You waited where you would usually meet him and after some time he was slowly walking out of the door.

„Hey“ you said as he approached you and you were pulling your arms around his torso looking up at him.

„Hey“ he said, you could see that his eyes were a bit red, even through he probably didn’t wanted to he did cry.

He pulled his arms around you and put his face in your neck, breathing out and sobbing a bit.

„I just wanna leave“ he said. „I can’t be here anymore“ he mumbled.

„Alright. let’s leave“ you said as you were pulling out of the hug and took his hand in yours.

You pulled him with you to the exist.

As soon as you were by your car you two got in your seats before you started the car and drove off.

You reached the hotel you were staying in and got out of the car, went in to your room.

Antoine wasn’t saying anything the whole time, he was too far up in his thought to say anything.

„Antoine?“ I asked as we were entering my hotel room and he was collapsing on my bed.

„hmmm?“ I only heard from under the pillow.

„Please don’t be disappointed with yourself-„

„But I am. I disappointed so many people today, my country, the team, my family, you“ he said as he was getting out of under the pillow sitting up.

You sat beside him and shook your head.

„You did not disappoint me, or your family or anyone in general, Antoine. You gave your all. You were named the player of the tournament for a reason. You are an amazing player. Portugal won today but that does not mean that you played bad today or that you disappointed anyone“

You looked over at him.

„I just feel so stupid for loosing against Cristiano again“ he said.

„he got his foul. Besides you have so many more years to pay him back, it’s only the beginning“ you said and moved closer to him.

He looked at you and a small smile played on his lips now.

„Thank you. I really needed all of this now.“

„Not for that“

He pulled you into his side, so that you were laying on his chest, pressing a kiss on your forehead.

„I’m so proud of you. I’ll never stop supporting you“ you said which caused him to smile more.

„You mean the world to me babe. I really wouldn’t know what to do without you“ he said and pressed small kisses all over your face.

Maybe he lost the game because he already had the real win by his side.