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Maybe this isn't your area of expertise but the post about the deer with the stripped down bone legs reminded me of something: Last summer I saw a three-legged doe with her fawn and I was wondering if something like that is particularly rare and exceptional? I couldn't tell if her missing leg was from injury or congenital but she was still amazing

That is pretty neat that she was able to survive and take care of fawns! (a fawn? Usually they have two but one could have been hiding, or dead I suppose.)
I think an injury is more likely. Deer are exceptionally resilient (sometimes. Sometimes they are fragile.) But I mean, I see so many (pictures of) deer and wild animals that have long-healed injuries, antlers growing through eyeballs, and arrows sticking out of them, that you’d think would doom them. 

(x) Buck with a broken and poorly healed leg, he certainly couldn’t have walked on in.

(x) This is one of my favorites–the antler was growing deep into its brain and it survived. 

And there’s this one I just posted where the deer had an entire broad head lodged in its brain. 
A portion of the adult wild animal bones I’ve seen have had one injury or another, from healed broken bones to lost teeth, bones with anomalies I couldn’t diagnose, testosterone disorders and unicorn-ism. Broken-and-healed baculi are not even that weird to me any more.
I think a reason that we see a lot of this in deer is simply their numbers: people interact with deer a lot and hunt them too, then take pics of the anomalous things they find in their catch.

My Boss’ Son

So I uh…wrote fic. This is the first thing I’ve finished in a while. Just a quick thing I wrote while at work. It’s unbeta’d with no reread because I didn’t want to give myself a chance to hate it.


Stiles liked his boss. He knew a lot of people didn’t like theirs, and he knew he was lucky. Talia Hale was beautiful, and could be pretty tough if you didn’t do your job, but Stiles loved what he did too.

Network administration wasn’t for everyone, but Stiles saw doing it for a rapidly growing business as a challenge. The pay was nothing to sneeze at either. At this rate, his student loans would be paid off in half the time, and Talia always listened if Stiles needed something. Especially new equipment.

The only problem with Talia was that she kept trying to set him up with her son.

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I'm a hunting witch,and hunting is a huge part of my religion since my patron deity is literally a hunter. Am I a bad person???

i dont think so? i think hunting is fine as long as its not for the sole purpose of killing a “trophy animal”

if you hunt legally and you dont waste the kill(use every part of the animal. dont waste the meat and organs), its fine imo! especially if its for religious purposes

- mod E

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(( Hi! I would just like to inform you that I have created a credit page describing you as the owner of deity sans! All icon usage with your art will be credited to you as well c: I apologise for not doing so sooner! ))

don’t worry, and thank you for adding credit!

have fun RP-ing  \(*⁰▿⁰*)/

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Hi! I'm actually curious about the name of the 7 races :O What are they exactly?


  • Fenn (or “forest people”)
  • Thalassan (or “sea people”)

  • Eiden (inspired by “Aden/adain” which are welsh words for “wing” so: “winged people”) 

  • Moonborn (self explanatory)

  • Basileian (Basilea means “kingly/royal” hence all the purple and the reason why Basileia is the Capital)

  • Templan (”shrine people”)

  • Ghatikan (From the greek “ghathika”, meaning “I am lost”, so “lost people”)

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Yo omg so I was visiting a friend in California and she needed a coin to flip to help her friend decide on a wallet to get so she was like "okay heads it's that wallet and moose it's that wallet" and I'm just like "that's a caribou you uncultured swine" and now every so often I'll send her a picture of a caribou


i have a friend who thought it was a reindeer and SHE’S CANADIAN I was ready to disown her

Freak Heart

You were born with them.

They protrude from your skull, your hair tangling around them. They twist upwards, curved like old tree limbs weighed down by time.

Your antlers.

Doctors have tried to explain them. They’ve all pretty much failed. Words like metastasized and unusual bone growth were thrown around a lot.

They grow with you. They were small when you were born, nothing more than tiny lumps that doctors dismissed as being the result of a treacherous and fast birth. But then, they started to grow.

You’re 21 now, and they resemble the antlers of any full-grown deer living in the woods peppered throughout town.

Doctors say the pressure they put on your skull is dangerous. They say it’ll eventually kill you.

You’re not dead yet, though you figure they’re probably right, anyway.

You figure anything can kill you, if you give it enough time.

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