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:: who cares (ft. seokjin) (11/11)  ❀
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Hoseok Fic Recs

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After Months of empty promises and multiple nights, filled with reading hoseok smut i’ve finally finished this shit storm of smut from the best hipped man….JUNG HOSOEK

all bolded fics or writers mentioned are ones that have been recently added.

Also if you ever want to send me your own fic recommendations I”m always up for some more reading…

Last Updated: 10/18/17

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Writers Mentioned:

@alienpikachu @avveh @baeseoul @bangtansbitchh @btsfiles@btsexotrash @bts-thestoryvalley @bxebxee@charizard-z @colourfulnoodles @dailydoseofdia @floralseokjin @freehoseoksdick @hobiemin @ibangtanthings @illegirl1@imsarabum @jeonjagiya @jheartseok @jiminwreckedme @jiminniemouse @junghosp00k @kimtrain @kimvtae @minisyubie @minnochu  @nijoonie @rapmonluv@sangsanghaebwa @schmudt @seokvie @seoulscapes @smuttyfairy @sonnenfuchs @sugaminxx @taechubs​  @taeverie @triptaech @war-of-hormoan @workofteaguk @xiuminsm  

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6. Plance?? If you want to!

6. draw your otp making flower crowns [requests are closed for now]

Ask and you shall receive, anon~ <3
//god I love them… sHIT whAt ArE THESE TeARS 

[Do NOT repost without my permission. Thank you.]

— ask and you shall receive | pt 1 (m)

pairing— jung hoseok x reader, sugar daddy! hoseok
genre/warnings— smut, lots of oral, slow burn, dirty talk, dom! hoseok
words— 13,865

:: summary— your sugar daddy says you don’t have to sleep with him if you don’t want to…trouble is, you do want to. You’re just nervous and a little inexperienced, but he catches on quick and begins to teach you the true pleasures of sex, and boy, are they good…

 » pt 1 :: pt 2 :: pt 3 :: pt 4

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I got my things back!!

The police called me to tell me great news!! At 4 am, two dudes that were in posession of a suspiciously big bag were arrested. When the police checked it out, they discovered lots of stolen computers and other electronic devices inside!

And they fould my computer there as well! Along with my tablet!! When I got the mail this morning I was so happy I could cry! I spent almost all day out trying to go and get it, and now I am finally writing this from my beloved computer <3

It’s also in perfect condition! The thieves didn’t have the time to mess with my data, so everything is still here! My comics, my documents, everything! Boy am I the luckiest skeleton in the world or what <3

I have to say, this last two days where I thought there was no hope, you all guys were so nice to me. I received lots of support and even donations and now I almost feel bad… you’re too nice for me. I shall repay you somehow.

First of all, I’ll answer to the huge message load that I got, since you’re so nice and sent me over 100 asks filled with love and support <3 And then I’ll work on making this weekend’s pages and the art giveaway! I also have to finish that mini-comic I was doing for the Bloomtale blog! I have so much stuff to do, I am so happy to have my things back!! I’ll draw and draw and draw!!!!

Bless this spanish police, and bless you my lovely followers <3

This Is Why I Need You

Taking care of three requests at once <3 Here is a long, one-shot taking place after Season 2 Episode 5. Juggie fights for Betty like he SHOULD HAVE from the beginning.

“Is it true?“ he asks her, solemnly. She sucks in a sharp breath and looks away. She rummages through her supplies for a bandage for the scrape above his eyebrow. She can’t bring herself to answer him. He’ll know she’s lying. "All that stuff that Archie said? You don’t… you want me, anymore?”

“Jug…” she sighs, torn between wanting to tell him the truth and wanting to keep him safe. “I just… I need some space to figure things out right now.”

She’s lying. He knows her. She still won’t look at him. He’s about to call her out when her cracked phone begins to ring a few feet away. She up and dives for it, silencing it as quickly as she can without even looking at who is calling her.

She already knows who it is.

Jughead eyes her carefully, skeptically. He slowly rises to his elbows, ignoring Betty’s protests for him to lay back. She begins to clean the cut above his eyebrow.

“So, that’s it then?” he sniffs, shaking his head with teary eyes. “You’re not going to tell me the truth?” Her hand drops from his forehead with the bloodied cotton ball and she just stares blankly back at him.

“Are you?” she wonders, simply. His mouth drops to reply, but she’s right. They’ve both been hiding things. She shrugs, shaking her head mournfully, “You’re a Serpent now? And you didn’t even tell me?” He sits up more, his eyes as wide as he can make them, despite the swelling.

“You said you would support me, whatever I had to explore, Betty-”

“Yes, I did. And I do,” she replies quickly. “And if you were being honest with me, then I really could support you. But you’re lying Juggie-” He groans, rolling over and pulling himself up from the floor. “Jug, stop! You’re going to hurt yourself.” But he doesn’t care. He can’t just sit here and listen to this, he has too much adrenaline pumping through his veins. He turns to her.

“Okay so that whole stunt you pulled, sending Archie to break it off with me, what? That was all real? You’re really going to end things this way-?”

“I-” she stammers.

Her phone rings again and Betty wants to scream. She shuts it off this time.

“Who is that?”

She gets up, beginning to usher him toward her window. “It’s no one. You have to go-” He stops her and she’s unable to get him to move. He plants his feet. He’s not going anywhere.

What are you hiding, Betty? Because you can’t leave me for being dishonest when you are keeping things from me, too-”

“Juggie, please. Please just stop-”

“Does this have to do with the Black Hood? Did he… did he threaten you?” She hides her face in her hands to hide the fact that she’s unravelling. “God, just tell me Betty!”

“I swear it will all make sense soon but yo- you have to go. And not out the front. Back out the windo-”

“No!” He finally yells. He takes her by the shoulders and shakes her lightly. “Betty, tell me! I deserve to know why-”

She clenches her jaw and her fists, frustratedly. She almost tells him, but she is too scared to take the risk. Her eyes narrow.

“See?” she says coldly, brushing past him. She leans on her vanity, looking at him only through the mirror because she can’t say it to his face. “This is why I sent Archie. I knew you wouldn’t let this go.” Her own words hurt her. She sent Archie so she wouldn’t have to see the pain in his eyes when she rejected him. It was bad enough hurting Veronica to cut off her friendship, this was pure agony.

“No,“ he shakes his head at her defiantly. "No, I don’t believe that. I don’t accept that.”

“Well, I’m sorry. But it’s the truth, Jughead.” Her breaths are ragged, her heart is breaking all over again. “Everything Archie said. All of it.”

“No, you sent Archie because you know I can see through you. I know you, Betty!” He saunters up behind her, staring at her eyes through the mirror. His gaze seems to permeate down to her soul. He gently rests his hands on her shoulders from behind her, his voice low and circling her ear. 

“You love me, Betty Cooper. I saw you two days ago. We sat in a booth - out booth - talked about running away together, remember?” She shakes her head, the tears freely falling now. She doesn’t want to remember. She doesn’t want to remember his hands or his lips or his heart. "Betty please. It’s me. You can tell me anything.”

“You don’t understand,“ she cries, turning to face him finally. She’s frenzied now. Terrified. "It’s not safe for you here. It’s not safe for you to be around me. H-he said he’d cut you out of my life. His way-”

“I don’t care!” he shouts at her. They stare at one another in awed silence for a moment. He reaches up to his face to wipe away the tears that have somehow managed to escape. “I don’t care, Betty. I would rather take on some masked psychopath for the rest of my life than go one day without having you. You are mine.”

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Little Big One Shots Chapter 19: You have a cat? pt 2 (mystery texter), a pitch perfect fanfic | FanFiction
This is a place where I keep my one shots, if you want to see me write about something send me some prompts. I'm open for everything!

This is a part 2 of One Shot 12

BeChloeIsLegit - Did anyone ask for a followup to this one? Like, who were the texts from that Chloe got? Why were they sent?

I just need more… .Thanks!

Hope you enjoyed this and if you have more prompts please let me know :D

I feel so bad about not posting for a few days but it’s been really busy and I had a few bad days so writing hasn’t been easy so SORRY for the wait but I’m back :)))

One Shot 19

“See you on Monday Luke.” The British DJ smiles at the grumpy brunette and waves her out the door. “See you later Becky.” Beca rolls her eyes. “Hey Beca… Luke.” Jesse just arrived for his shift. “Jesse great you’re here, could you grab me some lunch?” The brunette boy’s face falls. “Have fun.” Beca shouts behind her in a mocking voice.

Beca laughs to herself about how ridiculous the two boys could be at time but her attention quickly changes when she sees a flash of red running towards her usual spot underneath the tree. A smile forms on her face when she recognizes who the flash of red belonged to. Beca tries to get Chloe’s attention by waving but she doesn’t notice her.

The brunette makes her way towards the tree and sees the always bubbly girl wipe away tears. This of course alarms her and she runs towards Chloe. The minute she reaches her she doesn’t even get a chance to say anything because the redhead turns around with a huff and walks away. “Hey Chlo wait up… Chloe? Chloe!”

Beca stops Chloe from walking away by running in front of her and placing her hands on the redhead’s shoulders. “Leave me alone Beca.” Chloe tries to wriggle free but Beca won’t let her. “Chloe please talk to me. “Why can’t you just back off! You’re not the only one allowed to be grumpy! Go dethatch yourself from the world like you always do! ” Beca is shocked to say the least but she doesn’t let it phase her. So she does the one thing that always calms Chloe down when she’s in a bad mood.

She wraps the older Bella in her arms and holds her as tight as she can. At first the redhead struggles but soon mimics the motions and holds on to Beca for dear life, crying her eyes out. Beca keeps whispering soft, loving words into her ear and she calms down slightly. She doesn’t let go any time soon and Beca doesn’t seem to mind at all. They both lost track of time and have no idea how long they’ve been standing underneath the tree.

Chloe’s stomach reminds them both that food is a necessity and it makes the two girls chuckle lightly. “Let’s get some take-out and go back to our apartment. Oh yes, Chloe moved in with Beca. It was an easy decision and Beca’s father didn’t mind since Chloe was the one to convince Beca to join the Bellas and open up. It’s a two bedroom apartment anyway but not that they use the second one. They had started officially dating shortly after the cat ‘incident’ so it was inevitable.

“Can we get pizza?” Chloe asks with a sore voice. “Anything you want, I’ll text the Bellas to let them know we won’t come to movie night today so we can cuddle.” Chloe smiles slightly and nods. She hates ditching on her friends but today she couldn’t handle the Bellas. “Can we get ice-cream too?” Beca chuckles at the adorable redhead. “You read my mind, Beale.” The brunette cups Chloe’s cheeks and wipes away the smudged mascara before kissing the tip of her nose.

“Are you ready to go?” Beca asks carefully. “Yeah uhm but could you… please don’t let go?” The fragile sounds breaks Beca’s heart. Whatever happened must be really bad. “Sure baby.” Beca swings her laptop bag over her shoulder and takes Chloe’s bag in her right hand. She quickly turns so Chloe is on her left so she can drape her arm around the older girl. The redhead takes her hand and intertwines their fingers.


Beca watches Chloe curled up on the couch in her pajamas, fluffy slippers and Fizzle next to her. She had called the Bellas to let them know they weren’t going to make it because Chloe didn’t feel well. The group seemed to understand and wished Chloe well.

“Hey baby? Do you maybe want the ice-cream?” The redhead hadn’t eaten much of the pizza. She barely got one piece through and then curled up into Beca’s side until she got thirsty. Of course the brunette immediately jumped up to do whatever it takes to take care of her girlfriend. She would always do that, just like Chloe is always there for her.

“Uhhmm maybe later?” Chloe sits up slightly. “Alright, let me know and I’ll get the tub from the freezer.” Chloe lets out a sigh. “I’m sorry.” Beca puts down the bottles of water she brought from the kitchen. “What are you sorry for?” The brunette picks up her girlfriend’s feet and sits down on the couch placing them on her lap. “I’m sorry for yelling at you earlier, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“Don’t worry about it baby. We all have bad days.” Chloe takes her legs of off Beca’s lap crossing her before her while sitting up. “No I should have talked to you instead of snapping.” She looks down, terrified to look her girlfriend in her eyes. “Chlo, honey please look at me because what I’m about to say is really important and I want to make sure you hear me.” Beca cups Chloe’s chin with her thumb and index finger.

Their eyes lock and a warmth spreads through Chloe. Beca’s warm and genuine smile make her realize how lucky she truly is. The brunette will never make her feel uncomfortable or force her to say or do anything. She’s the perfect person and right now she doesn’t deserve her at all. How could she have been so cruel to the best thing in her life. Beca’s voice brings her back and she listens intently.

“I don’t know what happened today and you don’t have to tell me. I just want you to know that no matter how much you push me away I’ll keep coming back. That’s a promise I intend to keep for the rest of my life. I’d rather you voice your frustrations than keep it all inside, it’s not a great option. Trust me when I say that I love you and I’m in it for the long game, that means good and bad times.”

The soft meow coming from the tiny kitten makes the brunette stop talking with a laugh. “You see, even Fizzle agrees.” This comment cracks Chloe up and they share a short but light hearted laugh. But soon the redhead’s face turns serious. “He’s been texting again.” Beca’s eyes widen in shock. “W-why didn’t you tell me?” Chloe shakes her head. “I thought I could handle it but it has gotten worse.”

Tears start spilling from Chloe’s eyes and Beca tries wiping them away. “I-I should h-have told you but I d-didn’t want to worry you.” Beca wraps her arms around her girlfriend letting her cry once again. Anger boiling inside of her because a jerk was hurting Chloe. The sweetest, most caring human being to ever exist.

“When I find out who is doing this to you, he or she will pay big time.” Beca pulls Chloe closer if that’s even possible. Fizzle found its way between the  two girls and is purring against them. “Chlo?” The redhead hums to acknowledge the brunette. “Maybe it’s time to tell the Bellas? Maybe one of them knows the number?” The older Bella lets out a long sigh. “You’re right, maybe I should.” Beca lets go of Chloe and reaches for her phone on the table.

*Phone Call*

Stacie: “Hey Beca, what’up? You’re on speaker by the way.”

Beca: “Hey Stace, can you and the Bellas come to our place? We need an emergency Bella meeting ASAP.”

Stacie: “What happened? Is everything ok?”

Beca: “I think it’s better to explain when you’re all here but it’s about Chloe and she needs all our support right now.” The brunette flashes a warm, loving smile at Chloe who is petting Fizzle.

Stacie: “We’ll be there soon, the girls are all upstairs getting ready to go.”

Beca: “Thanks, see you soon.”

Stacie: “Hey Beca?”

Beca: “Yeah?”

Stacie: “You’re a great friend.”

Beca: “Ok don’t get mushy on me now Conrad, get your ass over here.”

Stacie: “I can get that arranged in multiple ways.” Beca cringes at the insinuation.

Beca: “Alright you weirdo, see you later.”

Stacie: “Bye.”

*End Phone Call*


The Bellas slowly make their way into the living room and see Chloe on the couch with her legs crossed, a blanket draped over her and Fizzle in her lap. Beca is the last one to enter after making sure everyone got inside. Beca sits down next to Chloe putting her right arm around her and patting Fizzle with her left hand.

“I don’t want to sound pushy but what’s going on?” Stacie asks carefully seeing the two curled up and Chloe with a sad face. “No it’s ok, we asked you guys to come over because we have a problem and maybe you could help us out?” Beca starts looking at Chloe while talking, making sure she was still ok with it. The nod she receives urges her to go on. “So Chloe has been getting weird texts for a while now and we don’t know who it is.” The Bellas stay quiet for a moment but it doesn’t last long. “What’s he been sending our ginger?” Fat Amy asks on behalf of everybody else. Chloe’s eyes drop down and even Beca seems to get worried. She had seen some of the previous texts but recent ones remained a mystery to her and judging by her girlfriend’s reaction it’s a good thing.

Beca takes her arm away and gets up from the couch. “Beca? Where are you going?” The brunette ignores her girlfriend and disappears into the hallway but returns soon after. “Why didn’t you show me this.” Tears are threatening to spill from Beca’s eyes reading something on Chloe’s phone. “Beca don’t…” Beca cuts her off quickly. “No Chloe this is borderline crazy… why?”

Chloe shakes her head. “I couldn’t be bothered.” Beca sits down with a sigh. “Chloe the things this person has been sending are cruel.” The rest of the Bellas now very interested to know what’s in the messages. “This guy is harassing you.” Stacie can’t take it and snatches the phone out of Beca’s hands. Her face drops immediately and reads few of the messages out loud.

Why do you even exist?

You’re weird  and you get in the way of where I’m looking.

Stop being weird and stop being happy.

Stop being who you are. Or I’m gonna put my foot in your weird, stupid face.

Some gasps are heard and soft sobs come from Chloe. Beca is up from the couch pacing through the room angrily. “Chloe how long has this been going on?” Beca stops abruptly and turns to face the girls. “A few months.” Chloe says in a hushed voice. “Does anyone recognize the number?” Beca asks through gritted teeth but no one does.

“I know a way I can find out.” Beca looks at Lilly. “Anything you need?” The Bellas stare at the extremely angry brunette as if she’s crazy. After all this time Beca is still the only one who can hear Lilly. “A laptop.” Beca runs out of the room and returns with her laptop and hands it to the Asian girl. It takes her a few minutes but she quickly finds what she’s looking for turning the laptop to reveal who the mystery texter is.

Before anyone can react Beca storms out of the apartment leaving Chloe screaming her name to come back. But to no avail. “Chloe go get dressed, Lilly, Jessica, Ashley and I will follow Beca and you follow when you’re ready.” The redhead doesn’t hesitate and goes to her room to get changed while the named Bellas quickly get out to follow their captain.


Beca is running as if her life depends on it. The bastard that did this to Chloe will pay. She knows the way too well because she had picked Chloe up multiple times from the place in tears. She hated that guy so much for hurting Chloe and now she was going to get revenge. She reaches the apartment building in record time and sees one of Tom’s neighbors walk out. “Hey is Tom in?” Beca asks as politely as she can. “No, he’s at the bar.” Beca thanks the girl and goes into the right direction.

The Bellas follow the petite brunette while Stacie shoots Chloe a text of their new direction. When they reach the bar Stacie send one final text before bursting into the bar after Beca. She’s just in time to see Beca march up to the tall brunette boy slapping him across the face. Tom gets up angrily. “What the fuck you midget… what’s your deal?” Beca just glares at the guy.

“You’re a filthy bastard, how could you do that to Chloe?” Tom look confused. “What are you talking about?” Beca scoffs. “You’ve been harassing her for months, we know it’s you.” A sly smirk forms on tom’s face. “You have no proof midget.” Beca lunges forward hitting him against his jaw. Tom falls back slightly but finds his footing quickly attacking Beca.

Since Tom is much taller and stronger than Beca she gets thrown back by a blow to her ribs falling to the ground with a loud thud. Beca doesn’t seem fazed at all and gets up ignoring the pain. She grabs Toms shirt and pushes him back against the bar but Tom quickly turns the tables on her slamming her against the bar. A loud grunt comes from Beca and Tom laughs.

“You little bitch have nothing on me.” Tom hits Beca with a right hook and the brunette lets out a loud squeak when the blow hits her. “As long as I’m alive I’ll keep protecting Chloe.” Beca spits into Tom’s face which only angers him more. He manages to hit Beca one more time against her ribs before being pulled off by Jesse and Benji followed by the rest of the Trebles and Bellas.

“Don’t you dare touch her again.” Chloe shouts before slapping Tom and running to check on Beca who is doubled down on the floor clutching her ribs. “Beca a-are you ok? Of course you’re not… oh my gosh you’re bleeding….” Beca stops Chloe’s rambling by weakly throwing her arms around her. “I’m fine Chlo, I’m fine.”

The couple’s attention gets drawn by Tom shouting at the Trebles to let him go. “If you ever come near any of us or if you ever text any of us again we won’t be nice anymore.” The Trebles kick Tom out of the bar followed by loud cheers from all the bystanders. “How did they get here?” Beca asks while trying to get up with the help of Chloe. “I called Jesse on my way here and explained what happened.

Beca looks over at Jesse and flashes him a grateful smile. “Let’s get some ice for you.” Beca looks at Chloe with a smile. “That would be great.” Flo runs over to help Chloe to keep Beca upright but it seems a lost cause because the brunette faints soon after. Jesse sees this happen and runs towards the girls. “Hey let me help.” The Treble picks Beca up bridle style and carries her to Chloe and Beca’s apartment.


Chloe watches Beca sleep while holding an ice pack against her jaw. A short time later the brunette twitches slightly and wakes up slowly. “Hey Becs, how are you feeling?” Chloe asks in a whisper. The loud grunt she receives as a response when Beca tries to get up tells her all she needs. Chloe quickly helps Beca sit up and pulls up Beca’s shirt to check the damage. “Shit Beca how hard did he hit you?”

“Don’t worry about it Chlo.” The redhead shakes her head. “Why are you like this.” Beca shrugs with a smile. “You can’t change me Beale, I am who I am.” Chloe chuckles lightly. “Do you need anything?” Beca shakes her head. “I only need you.” Beca waves Chloe over and the redhead quickly cuddles into her side. Fizzle seems to have a sense for cuddle session because soon he’s up on the bed nuzzled between the two girls.

Chloe listens to Beca’s steady heartbeat and the kitten’s slow purring. It makes her feel safe and happy, in moments like this she imagines how their future could be. And then it hits her, the words Beca had spoken to her a few hours back run through her head. Trust me when I say that I love you and I’m in it for the long game, that means good and bad times. Chloe quickly sits up startling both Beca and the kitten.

“Chlo what’s wrong?” Beca wants to sit up even more but the pain in her chest stops her before leaning down kissing her passionately. When they break apart Beca has to ruin the moment by speaking. “what was that for?” The redhead smiles brightly and has tears in her eyes. “I-I love you too.” Beca lets out a breath. “You did hear that huh.” Chloe nods and leans back down capturing the brunette’s lips again until a soft meow comes from between them.

They let out a laugh smiling down at the blue eyed kitten. “We love you too Fizzle.” Chloe picks up the kitten placing it on Beca’s stomach and nuzzling into her side with a huge smile. This was the very first time they had said the big L to each other and now they look like the perfect family but instead of a baby they have a cute kitten and maybe kids will come one day. Beca is pretty sure about that, her grandmother’s engagement ring is hidden away in her closet waiting for them to finish college and start a new chapter of their lives.



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anonymous asked:

i would like to ask this: did mr.dice tell bubbles if she could watch bendy for him at all? if so, what had happend? (man this is turning into m4dh4tty's blog all over again...but lets continue on :3)

It didn’t go too bad, Bendy behaved as well as he could and Bubble wasn’t too stressed out… well maybe a little bit yes.

pirran-p  asked:

Can you suggest better names for club leaders? Those are SO stupid i'm literally dying, and you are very good in it. I adore the names you gave for rivals <3

Ask and you shall receive

*cracks knuckles*

Geiju Tsuka, which literally just means artist.

First name: Shun (俊). 俊 means ‘talented’, which befits a young painter.

Last name: Hiroshige (広重) 広 means ‘wide’ and ‘重’ means heaviness. This is also the name of famous ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige.

Therefore Shun Hiroshige (広重 俊)

Gema Taku, which is basically ‘game otaku’ in a Japanese accent.

First name: Shigeru (茂) which means ‘to be luxuriant, abundant’. This is the first name of game designer Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo fame. I think it’s a nice shoutout to the famous game producer.

Last name: Kōzuki (上月). This is the last name of the founder of Konami, Kagemasa Kozuki.

Therefore: Shigeru Kōzuki (上月 茂)

Uekiya Engeika HOOOOOO BOY. Her name is, you guessed it, gardener gardener. It’s moon moon all over again.

First name: Sayuri (百合), which means ‘small lily’. It’s a cute name for someone who is into gardening. It’s also different from names with the prefix ‘hana’, which means flower. There’s already a Hanako in the game, so I didn’t want to add another Hana-.

Last name: Tanaka (田中), which means ‘dweller in the rice paddy/field’. Uekiya spends a lot of time around fields since she’s a gardener.

Therefore: Sayuri Tanaka (田中 百合)

Miyuji Shan, which is ‘musician’ in Japanese. It looks so butchered it doesn’t even look Japanese.

First name: Kotone (琴音), which means ‘sound of a harp’. Harp is a stringed instrument, and the guitar is a string instrument. Furthermore, Miyuji was a quiet, mousy girl before her sudden transformation, mirroring the soft sound of a harp. Or perhaps Setsuko (節子), which means ‘child of melody, verse’. Miyuji is a musician.

Last Name: Yoshiki (佳樹). This is the name of the leader of X Japan (a Japanese heavy metal band). Miyuji is a total rocker, so this would be a shout out to him.

Therefore: Kotone Yoshiki (佳樹 琴音) or Setsuko Yoshiki (佳樹 節子)

Fureddo Jonzu… I actually cringed when I saw this. It’s not a smart pun. It’s just dumb. You also have to consider that voice actors will actually be saying these names, and it’s just gonna be laughable.

First name: Toshio (俊雄), which means ‘sagacious, hero’. Fred Fureddo is described as a natural born leader, and will become a heroic sleuth should the school atmosphere fall too low.

Last name: Taniyama (谷山). Why Taniyama, you ask? Because Kisho Taniyama is the current Japanese voice actor of Fred Jones, the character Fred Fureddo is ‘inspired’ by.

Therefore: Toshio Taniyama (谷山 俊雄)

Kaga Kusha. This means ‘scientist’.

First name: Hiroshi (浩), which means ‘prosperous’. He certainly has a prosperous future! This is also the first name of Hiroshi Ishiguro, the director of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory. It was this group that created Actroid, an android.

Last name: Yokoyama (横山), which means ‘mountain to the side’. This is the surname of Mitsuteru Yokoyama, who is thought to have started the mecha anime genre through his works, Tetsujin 28 and Giant Robo.

Therefore: Hiroshi Yokoyama

Time for a party!

My dear fellow fandomers; I am about to hit a whopping million words of Sherlock fic published at AO3. (If taking into account the stuff I did under my previous pen name, I am actually already way over that milestone.) 

To celebrate reaching such a level of obsession, I’m doing a pre-Halloween giveaway! To participate answer/reblog this post, send me an ask or a chat message here at tumblr or email me, and you’re in. On the 25th of October I shall put all your names in an English teapot and draw three winners to each receive an unpublished fic by yours truly a considerable amount of time before the rest of the fandom gets to see it (there will be a choice offered between three options, two of them entire stories and one consisting of chapters 1-3 of a longer fic) + some fun Sherlock merchandise

Receiving a prize will require you to give me your postal address; rest assured I will protect your privacy with the fierceness of an army doctor in love with a consulting detective.

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anonymous asked:

i love your jashi art! any hopes for more? :3

Many more “assassination attempts” followed.
Ask and ye shall receive! Haha, I suppose this is a follow-up on the previous one (in my own alternate universe of @sallychanscraps‘ alternate post-canon ED //whew what a mouthful). As you can see, I am quite the perv. 

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Hi! You're one of the most talented people I've found in this fandom, your art and stories are beautiful! The rivamika shippers are lucky to have such a nice person with us.

First off, thank you so much. When i first read this, i was having a really shitty day and nothing seemed to be going right, but your message just turned it all around <3 

This fandom has always been so kind to me, obscure ships and all, and the rm fandom especially are full of such wonderful and talented people. They’re the ones who make it worth it- as do people like you, who go out of your way to make content creators feel good, and welcomed. Honestly, it’s the other way around: I’m lucky to have all of you :)

And just to keep our little corner thriving, here’s a rm sketch for you, Anon!