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Hoseok Fic Recs

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After Months of empty promises and multiple nights, filled with reading hoseok smut i’ve finally finished this shit storm of smut from the best hipped man….JUNG HOSOEK

all bolded fics or writers mentioned are ones that have been recently added.

Also if you ever want to send me your own fic recommendations I”m always up for some more reading…

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Writers Mentioned:

@seokvie @bts-thestoryvalley @colourfulnoodles @minisyubie @sangsanghaebwa @kimvtae @jeonjagiya @war-of-hormoan @avveh @seoulscapes @minnochu @taechubs @floralseokjin @baeseoul @hobiemin @taeverie @triptaech @jiminniemouse @workofteaguk @ninanevip @xiuminsm @sugaminxx @freehoseoksdick @btsfiles @schmudt @charizard-z @floralseokjin @imsarabum @btsxexoxtrash @smuttyfairy @jiminwreckedme @alienpikachu

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i love your jashi art! any hopes for more? :3

Many more “assassination attempts” followed.
Ask and ye shall receive! Haha, I suppose this is a follow-up on the previous one (in my own alternate universe of @sallychanscraps‘ alternate post-canon ED //whew what a mouthful). As you can see, I am quite the perv. 

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Can you suggest better names for club leaders? Those are SO stupid i'm literally dying, and you are very good in it. I adore the names you gave for rivals <3

Ask and you shall receive

*cracks knuckles*

Geiju Tsuka, which literally just means artist.

First name: Shun (俊). 俊 means ‘talented’, which befits a young painter.

Last name: Hiroshige (広重) 広 means ‘wide’ and ‘重’ means heaviness. This is also the name of famous ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige.

Therefore Shun Hiroshige (広重 俊)

Gema Taku, which is basically ‘game otaku’ in a Japanese accent.

First name: Shigeru (茂) which means ‘to be luxuriant, abundant’. This is the first name of game designer Shigeru Miyamoto of Nintendo fame. I think it’s a nice shoutout to the famous game producer.

Last name: Kōzuki (上月). This is the last name of the founder of Konami, Kagemasa Kozuki.

Therefore: Shigeru Kōzuki (上月 茂)

Uekiya Engeika HOOOOOO BOY. Her name is, you guessed it, gardener gardener. It’s moon moon all over again.

First name: Sayuri (百合), which means ‘small lily’. It’s a cute name for someone who is into gardening. It’s also different from names with the prefix ‘hana’, which means flower. There’s already a Hanako in the game, so I didn’t want to add another Hana-.

Last name: Tanaka (田中), which means ‘dweller in the rice paddy/field’. Uekiya spends a lot of time around fields since she’s a gardener.

Therefore: Sayuri Tanaka (田中 百合)

Miyuji Shan, which is ‘musician’ in Japanese. It looks so butchered it doesn’t even look Japanese.

First name: Kotone (琴音), which means ‘sound of a harp’. Harp is a stringed instrument, and the guitar is a string instrument. Furthermore, Miyuji was a quiet, mousy girl before her sudden transformation, mirroring the soft sound of a harp. Or perhaps Setsuko (節子), which means ‘child of melody, verse’. Miyuji is a musician.

Last Name: Yoshiki (佳樹). This is the name of the leader of X Japan (a Japanese heavy metal band). Miyuji is a total rocker, so this would be a shout out to him.

Therefore: Kotone Yoshiki (佳樹 琴音) or Setsuko Yoshiki (佳樹 節子)

Fureddo Jonzu… I actually cringed when I saw this. It’s not a smart pun. It’s just dumb. You also have to consider that voice actors will actually be saying these names, and it’s just gonna be laughable.

First name: Toshio (俊雄), which means ‘sagacious, hero’. Fred Fureddo is described as a natural born leader, and will become a heroic sleuth should the school atmosphere fall too low.

Last name: Taniyama (谷山). Why Taniyama, you ask? Because Kisho Taniyama is the current Japanese voice actor of Fred Jones, the character Fred Fureddo is ‘inspired’ by.

Therefore: Toshio Taniyama (谷山 俊雄)

Kaga Kusha. This means ‘scientist’.

First name: Hiroshi (浩), which means ‘prosperous’. He certainly has a prosperous future! This is also the first name of Hiroshi Ishiguro, the director of Intelligent Robotics Laboratory. It was this group that created Actroid, an android.

Last name: Yokoyama (横山), which means ‘mountain to the side’. This is the surname of Mitsuteru Yokoyama, who is thought to have started the mecha anime genre through his works, Tetsujin 28 and Giant Robo.

Therefore: Hiroshi Yokoyama

Don’t worry, Star. I’m okay…” - Starcoweek 3 Prompt 4 - Injury/Recovery (I did injury cause everyone keeps saying the prompt was injury lel :P)

Angst? Ye asks and ye shall receives! @starcoweek3 I got feels while drawing this. I blame whoever picked this prompt and hurt my tiny kokoro ;-; (I hate you but I also love you. Really. Great prompt to work with👌👌👌)

To Let You Do the Talking

@taylor-tut requested: “AAh so you are the best and I was wondering if you’d want to write a fic where Shiro lets Lance out of morning training because he says he’s sick, and Keith doesn’t really believe him. Keith finds him later doing something stupid–like polishing his Lion, or organizing the weaponry–and is all snippy and mad at him because “oh, you’re clearly fine to do the things you want to do,” but then realizes that Lace is really burning up and has no idea what he’s doing??” 

Ask and you shall receive, you sweetheart, you

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Hello! Just want to say I just started reading your YCPfE fic and I'm absolutely madly in love with it no exaggeration ;_; The way you wrote Victor melts my heart and he's so precious. Thank you. In the early chapters, Victor has expressed interest and actually a liking to being stimulated from behind and I wonder if you would be able to deliver a scene where they switch? I would really reallly love to read your Victor be in that position I'd die from contentment. Tysm, hope you can! <3

Thank you!! 💕 

I think I’ll be able to make you very happy. I have already made posts about how I’ve planning for them to switch. (They’ve just been holding off because Yuuri’s heat haze has been pretty strong.)

BUT, now, I think I can say with confidence that it’s coming up soon. Probably the chapter after the next. Victor’s a lucky man. 

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Reasons to Join Team Subaki

No, I’m not talking about min-maxing feathers by joining not as popular teams to have less competition to rank and then jumping on the winning team last minute, I’m talking about all the style reasons to join Team Subaki.

First Playable Male Pegasus Rider

Subaki is the lone male of the “waifu gauntlet,” which kind of makes sense as he’s the first ever playable male pegasus rider. There are male wyvern riders but they’re not in the game save Michalis and Narcian who are not in the gauntlet, but in Fire Emblem history we couldn’t play as male pegasus riders…until Subaki came. 

Underrated Hero

Subaki is a tank. If you just started to play the game or maybe you don’t have good units or maybe you’re saving up for Ike and never summoned or maybe you just want to be impressive and run all 3* units in battles or something, chances are Subaki is one of your saving graces. Dude can basically tank reds for days.

Flattest of Them All

If you’re against characters who get a lot of popularity for two very big reasons and want to send a message or something that those reasons aren’t everything, look no further than the contender with the flattest chest. 


“Expect perfection!” Ask and you shall receive. Just don’t put him next to any greens. That hair doesn’t lie. He literally breeds perfection too. 


I implore you, please support only best boy in the upcoming gauntlet.

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*quietly slithers in* Hc for your favorite chocobro??? *quietly slithers out*

A/N: Idk what type of headcannons you mean but ask and you shall receive (you get both)

Also, I have to pick favorites? Bc I love Prompto and Noctis <3 <3


  • His first job was at a Subway
  • No seriously, Prince of Nap time actually MADE SUBS for people
  • Needless to say word traveled fast, which made his Subway VERY popular
  • Noctis hates Subway
  • He loathes the place, he can’t even look at Italian bread the same
  • Anyway, when he worked there he seriously hated his life
  • Seriously
  • It took all his strength not to launch himself over the sneeze guard and shank a man
  • Plus he was always tasked with cutting the onions, always.
  • He quit within a month because he found the constant human interaction draining
  • The fact he couldn’t take a nap was another reason to quit.

Sleeping Beside Noctis:

  • Prince Noctis AKA blanket hog
  • This boy will either wrap his s/o in a blanket cocoon with him or push them on the floor
  • There’s also the odd night where he ends up half on top of his s/o and half on the floor
  • He shifts every 5 minutes before he finally falls asleep
  • Finds it easier to sleep if he’s being spooned by his s/o
  • Noctis is an actual log when sleeping, his s/o finds it impossible to escape his grasp when they wake up
  • If his s/o is an early riser he will wake up when they try to get out of bed and pull them back under the covers and sleep on them so they can’t get up
  • Basically, it’s like having a cat


  • Prompto is actually amazing at baking
  • This boy couldn’t cook to save his life but ask for a cake and say no more
  • like back up Ignis
  • He made about 50% of Noctis’ birthday cakes when they became friends
  • The kitchen staff in the Citadel know him very well
  • Though half know him as the boy who should own a bakery
  • The other half knows him as the boy who gave himself food poisoning making scrambled eggs, and almost burned the castle down in the process of making them (to be fair Ignis was trying to teach him. Obviously it didn’t go according to plan)

Prompto’s First Date w/his s/o:

  • Prompto went to Noctis for advice
  • Noctis
  • Needless to say, it was a bad idea
  • He told Prompto to take them on a hunt? (Like, no. NO)
  • Anyway, Prompto is a little gullible,
  • Though of course his date knew he was a bit of a mess (hence why s/o had to ask him out) 
  • S/o suggests a Chocobo ride to the Disc of Cauthess to take pictures (but doesn’t tell him they’re only getting one Chocobo ;))
  • Prompto was a blushing mess the first ½ of the date, but the pictures s/o got of him after stealing the camera were worth it.
  • ((Bless him))


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could i request some fluff with hanzo and/or genji; their s/o meets their spirit dragons and is immediately smitten and the dragon(s) love the s/o in return? are hanzo/genji jealous or are they relieved that they're getting along?

This is so cute! <3 I’m always down for Hanzo and Genji and FLUFF.  Ask and you shall receive :)

They ended up getting a little long so I’ll put it under a read more!  

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Secrets & Betrayal - Part 3 (Requested)

Note: I had never planned to do another part to this (which had originally started off as a request) but when you guys ask you shall receive so here is Part 3! I actually think there will be 1 or 2 more parts to this before it ends. Not sure if this part is heading towards what you guys thought it would but I had fun with this so I hope you do reading it :)

Peter Pan x Reader

Words: 1957

Warnings: Some controlling behaviour, sadness, and sexual attention (not always wanted).

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It has been three weeks since Killian left you here. Twenty-one long days in which you felt like your heart had been ripped from your body. You are empty, a shell of who you once were, the boys know it…..Pan knows it. But that doesn’t stop him from visiting you on a nightly basis. It’s like you have become his pet. You are no longer a person. You know it’s a punishment for what you had allowed yourself to get into with Killian but that doesn’t make any of this easier.

Your appetite was the first thing to go and after four days straight of having nothing to eat Pan started to sit with you until you did. It wasn’t a gesture of kindness though, he was incapable of such a trait, it was all down to the fact that he needed you to have some kind of energy….it took a further three days of defiance but eventually you gave him when you grew tired of him constantly being by your side. His sharp green eyes boring into yours the whole time that he was sat there.

He is looking at you even now as you place a small piece of bread into your mouth. It sickens you to your stomach but, ironically, it wasn’t him you hated. Not right now anyway. There is only one that you felt such a negative emotion towards and it was the very person who had left you here in the first place. The one you thought loved you.

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