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The only reason you guys see her as unprofessional and rude is because she constantly denies the ROMANTIC aspect of the ship. She ALWAYS ALWAYS elevates the PLATONIC teamwork that Bellarke has and yet, you only focus on the part where she doesn’t want anything more than that.

No, actually that’s not true. Eliza has been saying that for a long time and I have never faulted her on it. I have always respected her right to an opinion even if I didn’t like it, even defended her when some fans got hurt and emotional over it. Several different members of the cast say that it’s not romantic, it’s only platonic (including Bob and writers) and I have never gotten upset over that. I’m not upset because Eliza isn’t screaming Bellarke from the rooftops. I understand that actors are not shippers, they see characters differently from us. I am upset because what she said was uncalled for and disrespectful and incredibly rude. End of story. She could have gotten across the same message in a much more sensitive, respectful way and I would have defended her with all my heart and loved her without fault. But she didn’t. What’s worse is that the question wasn’t even asked about romance. She brought it up on her own and then made an insensitive, rude comment. THAT’S why I’m upset.

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sanstorm (extended)
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All right everyone, some of you asked for it so here you go!

Also, have a download link!

I honestly didn’t think people would like (/hate) this as much as you all did, so the least I could do is provide a proper, full version of it.  I hope it lives up to your expectations!  If you like it (or know someone who might like it), please reblog this so it can get around! I can’t remember everyone who wanted the longer version, so it’s up to you guys to make sure this fall into the right hands! =D

That said, this is probably all I’m gonna do on sanstorm.  My ask box is always open though, so if you have an idea you want to pitch feel free to drop me a line.  If I have spare time and I’m bored enough… well, you can probably see what happens over here #When I’m Bored =)

Also, check out a few of the recent posts on my page for a ringtone and shorter version, if you want!

Good night, y’all. =)


“So, it’d be easy for you? Using that on people?” I ask.

“I didn’t say that.” Gale drops the bow to his side. “But if I’d had a weapon that could’ve stopped what I saw happen in Twelve… if I’d had a weapon that could have kept you out of the arena… I’d have used it.”