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“I’m flirting with you.”
Pairing: Alistair x Evelyn ALIEVE set in the modern AU 

“Here. Feel my shirt.” Alistair spoke and Evelyn raised a curious brow at him, unsure where he was going with his conversation. She reached out, rubbing the cotton of his t-shirt with her fingers. 

“Ok?” She prompted. Alistair grinned, eyes lighting up in the way they did before he told a joke. 

“Do you know what my shirt is made of?” He wiggled his eyebrows and Evelyn was already snickering–she knew the joke. “Boyfriend material.” 

Evelyn continued to laugh, Alistair’s hand raising to keep her hand against his chest. She calmed herself enough to take in the way he was practically beaming at her. 

“You’re hands are so cold Evelyn!” He said next, scooping up her other hand so both of them rested in his between them. She giggled when he brought her closer to him. “Want to use me as a blanket?” 

“Your body is 65% water…” He flicked his tongue over his lips in a nervous sweep and Evelyn raised her brows again in anticipation. Maker, he certainly knew how to make her laugh.”And I’m thirsty.”

“Alistair!” She playfully smacked at his chest as she felt her cheeks heat up. “What are you doing?” 

He only grinned, leaning forward to press a kiss to her forehead. “I’m flirting with you.” He admitted before shrugging, his fingers still curled around her own. “If only to make you feel better.” 

She had to admit it was working. 

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yo at this point I'm holding out hope that Felicia quit and the writers weren't just in the mood to kill off another female character like they normally do

honestly that is literally the only reason for charlie’s death that i will accept. if felicia day was going on to bigger and better things and didnt want to be tied to a show she had a minor recurring role in that is totally understandable

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2 for cullen x aurelie

“I can’t let you do that.” 
Pairing: Cullen x Aurelie Trevelyan (ehhhh slight nsfw- they’re naked)

He was watching her carefully from his spot along the bedroll, his heart still racing in his post-coital haze. Aurelie was already starting to drift, her eyes barely staying open to meet his gaze. He held one of her hands between them while his other ran along her side beneath the blankets. As his fingers brushed over her hip she shuddered, scooting herself closer for warmth–for him. 

Cullen tilted his head down to catch her eyes once more, her blue gaze shining in the darkness. He wanted to kiss her but refrained as her lips parted for her to speak.

“I’ll be leading the charge in the Wilds tomorrow.” She suddenly whispered, and he remembered that their conversation had started with a similar topic. That was before they started to kiss, to strip each other of their armor before making love. It was his fear; that she would suggest this, when she had the entire army at her disposal. 

“Aurelie.” He reached to wrap his arm around her, framing his hand against the back of her head as she adjusted to face him. Noses brushing, he shook his head. “I can’t let you do that.” 

She sighed. “I knew you’d say that.” He could hear the threat of an argument in her tone but she only moved her hand around his waist, resting her palm against his back. “I’m Inquisitor…” She yawned, and Cullen kissed her softly. 

“With an Inquisition that will follow you to hell and back.” He reminded, watching as she blinked, sleep lining her vision. “Let us–let me lead the charge. As we agreed.” 

Doubt still clouded her expression, and he knew he’d have to convince her once more come morning. But that was still hours from now and he still had so much to say before dawn. That he loved her, that no matter what happened here in the Elven ruins they would be reunited safely. 

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missfiirelight asked for these two as well so here u go!

send me a ship!

Who was the one to propose:
eijun!  probably lowkey when they’re still in high school, lmao.  it becomes a rather informal, mutual agreement that like “hey, we’re getting married, right?” “…probably.”  but when me and bakashiseijuro were talking about scenarios at Disney, she joked that eijun would propose on the hidden camera during a roller coaster and i just think that’s very hilarious and very them. also very 1990s ABC sitcom.
Who stressed more over wedding planning:
eijun. miyuki’s so low-maintenance…. it’s a small wedding, anyways. probably in a barn on eitoku’s farm. but imagine: kuramochi as miyuki’s best man, haruichi as eijun’s best man, and chris-senpai is officiating. it becomes one of those Everything Goes Wrong TV sitcom weddings, and Best Man Mochi’s gotta handle everything. Hilarity ensues.
Who decorated the house:
they both incorporate their personal flare, only eijun’s flare is a lot more untidy.
Who is more organized:

Who suggested kids first:
eijun. eijun is definitely the one that always dreamed of their future together and idly bring up “so how about three kids?” and freak miyuki tf out. (they end up having 2 kids bc they need to be able to double team them, but they have twice as many dogs.)
Who’s the cuddler: 
mostly eijun, he’s like a puppy that wants attention. i imagine, however, that all the small affectionate actions eijun does to miyuki (cuddles and nuzzling and butterfly kisses), miyuki tries to imitate. y’know like real boyfriends, but miyuki kazuya is super awkward. eijun thinks it’s the most amusing and adorable thing ever.
Who’s the big spoon/little spoon:
ehh EHHR??? depends on their mood lmao i don’t know.
What’s their favorite non-sexual activity: 
hella baseball. also: hiking, vidya games, swimming, board games, and dicking around in the kitchen. 
Who cooks: 
miyuki cooks.  he loves cooking, and eijun loves his cooking.  but! eijun bakes. like cookies and cakes and treats and weird shit he finds online. 
Who comes home drunk at 3am:
i imagine if they’re coming home drunk at 3am, it’s together! hanging off each other and cracking up at everything and nothing in particular. laughing at each other, at themselves, laughing at the gd moon.
Who kills the spiders:
eijun gets rid of the spiders and bugs.  miyuki’s a weenie about them and won’t go within three feet, but eijun’s no killer.
Who falls asleep first: 
miyuki’s that guy that always falls asleep watching tv at night. lame. eijun carts him off to bed.
A head canon:
eijun tops their first time 👏👏👏 it’s slow, a little awkward at first, but they end up giggling through most of it. they… usually laugh at some point or another whenever they have sex. but that’s ideal for them, bc it keeps everything real and fun and natural and easy.  
Do they have any “rituals”?
i… can’t really think of anything for this one right now \o/!!
Who has the most patience?
miyuki has more patience in terms of temperament, being able to put up with bakamura supreme idiot. but eijun has more patience for like… relationship stuff, allowing miyuki to open himself up and feel comfortable at his own pace.

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12. Cullen/Trevelyan please. (maybe even for the AU?? eh? EH??)

“You can’t protect me.”
Pairing: Cullen x Trevelyan set in the Modern AU

Another night, another argument. Cullen listened from his usual spot in the penthouse living room, forever cursing the way voices echoed along the hallway. A few banging doors and he lifted his head, watching as Aurelie reluctantly stepped into the main room. 

He was up in an instant, gathering her broken form into his arms as she instantly let out a choked sob. Aurelie was quick to hide her face in his chest, her hands balled into fists against his shoulders as he ran his hands along the back of her negligée. Her skin was still heated and slick with sweat–he hated to think what had just happened behind closed doors. A fresh set of bruises laced the skin of her wrists and he felt his anger boiling over; Cullen was sure he was done with this level of roughness. 

“I’m so sorry, Aurelie.” He whispered along her ear, sighing when she continued to cry. 

“You can’t protect me, Cullen.” Her voice was shattered. Reluctantly, he pulled her out of his embrace, and made a mental note to erase this intimate moment from the cameras later. Her eyes were glazed over, face red from crying. She raised a hand to her cheek to wipe away the tears but Cullen stopped her, lifting both his hands to frame her face as he swept his thumbs under her eyes. 

“I can.” He told her, tone firm as he pressed a quick chaste kiss to her lips. A promise. “I will.” 

ambirrdy-brittana replied to your post “Thanks for the teacher!brittana!!!! I loved it :D”

Whaaat!! Really?? More sounds awesome!! :D

Brittany has been wanting to kiss Santana for weeks now. Probably even longer if she’s being really honest.

Kissing Santana… kissing Santana is better than she could have dreamed it would be.

Santana’s lips are…

Santana’s mouth is…

Santana’s hands on her….

Santana’s little whimpers…

Brittany can’t stand it. Any of it.

She doesn’t want to ruin this magic. This perfection.

So she stops.

And it almost kills her.

Santana looks at her with eyes that are almost black. Her lips even more swollen than usual from mashing together with Brittany’s own.

Brittany doesn’t want to stop.

But then Santana is sighing the most beautiful sigh. And Brittany feels her soul shake.

“Hi.” Santana’s voice is raspy. It sends goosebumps down Brittany’s arms.


“That… Brittany you…” Santana is at a loss for words so she pecks Brittany’s lips quickly, three times.

Brittany can sense her wanting to go further.

Go back to making out in the parking lot.

But she doesn’t.

And they just stand together, smiling like idiots.

“Have dinner with me tomorrow.” It’s Santana who acts first, breaks the silence first.



“Ok.” Brittany smiles. Brittany smiles everywhere. Santana Lopez just asked her out. Santana Lopez just had her tongue down Brittany’s throat. Santana Lopez wants to take her to one of the fanciest restaurants in town.


Brittany has absolutely no idea what to wear.

Nothing in her closet is acceptable.

Which she realizes is idiotic, because she’s known Santana for almost two years now.

Santana has seen her pretty much every day. Makeup or no. Dance clothes and jeans. Dressed up for recitals and juries.

Santana already knows her.

Maybe that’s what’s got her so freaked out.

Everything about this is different.

Brittany thinks this might be it.

And just like that the pressure fades away. Because this is Santana. Beautiful, kind, smart, talented Santana. Just thinking about her makes Brittany’s fingers tingle.


Santana is waiting for her by the door to the restaurant. She’s wearing a tight black dress that makes Brittany’s heart stop and mouth water.


Fuck fuck.

When Santana looks up and sees her stopped there, she smiles. Brittany feels it all over. Santana’s eyes darken as they take in Brittany’s own dress. Her heels. When they make eye contact, Brittany swears she actually sees sparks.

“You gonna stand there all day, or are you going to escort me in so we can start our date?” Her voice is teasing, but there’s something else there too.

Brittany shakes her head a little and lets her playful smile spread on her face. She already knows Santana loves this one. Whenever she sends it her way she watches Santana’s eyes sparkle with a secret.

Brittany thinks maybe she knows what that secret is now.

“You did the asking, Lopez. I think you need to escort me.”

Santana’s eyebrow cocks just slightly, “Oh yeah? Is that how that works? Very well.” She takes three steps and closes the distance between them, reaching up to peck Brittany on the cheek. “You look amazing, Britt.”

Brittany turns to her, really looks at her, “So do you, San.”

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you're twisted for shipping marvey. not because it's a gay ship not at all, but you're seeing things; they're close but that's all a mentor/brotherly relationship.

Sure, I can be pretty twisted sometimes - I won’t deny that.

But please look at this and







Oh, and anon… I don’t judge your ship, whatever that may be, so don’t judge mine.

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5 and 9? ^.^

5: What inspires me to write… a combination of things. Right now, I get inspired a LOT by the random conversations I have with anon-omis - which are usually always about DA and my prominent ships >__>. She’ll say something and I’ll just OOOH !!!!!! AHHHHH and then want to write something. I want to say… about 60% of the stuff I’ve written has been inspired and/or influenced (THE ENABLER) by her and our skype chats. Tumblr people come in pairs… right? 

EDIT: It looks like this:


“A wedding ring, obviously; then the endu-ring and finally suffe—”Alistair broke off as he turned his vision towards the end of the aisle, his brain momentarily freezing at the sight of a familiar woman. She was turned away from them, but her frame was instantly recognizable. “—ring.” His voice had fallen into a whisper as his heart beat increased.

“What? Never seen a pretty woman before, Alistair?” Cullen attempted to tease, but it went straight through Alistair as he blinked, waiting for the woman to turn towards them. When she did, he felt his heart jump in delight—short black hair with fringe, shining emerald eyes and a small smile he hoped to turn into a grin.