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i’m trying to get back into drawing, so hey here’s a little style practice doodle if you wanna call it that

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Babies. Has all the babies right now young man!

*insert second parent of your choice*

Maybe a few years down the line, I’ll have a kid or two…


you’re both nerds tbh


Were You Having A Bad Dream…?

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eeyyy you asked for shance my love and i'll deliver. Imagine sick!shiro with lance fussing over him for the littlest things. "no, don't get out of bed for that, you have to rest." "I swear to god if I come back and your ass isn't laying down-" so Shiro literally only leaves the bed to use the bathroom and probs gets some water for himself. Imagine lance just staying by his side and holding onto shiro's hand and brushing his hair back if he gets really sick

Imagine Lance bringing him soup that’s way too hot at first, or insisting on changing him into his pajamas even though Shiro’s a grown man and can do it himself. Imagine Lance sitting on the end of his bed and insisting that he read Shiro a bed time story, even though “Lance, I’m nearly twenty, I don’t-” “Yes you do, shut your hell up.” “Shut my-?” Imagine Shiro waking up to Lance’s big dopey grin and kind eyes, his fingers running through his hair so gently, it’s like he’s touching something fragile, something precious. Imagine them laying in bed together when Shiro gets a coldflash and Lance offers his body heat, lets Shiro curl into his chest and hold onto him for dear life, and they lay together like that until they both end up falling asleep.