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My Top 5 Fairy Tail Ships

Friendly Reminder: Just to avoid confusion, this list is from least to greatest, which means it will start from 5 and end in 1. 

So as proof that I will honestly do what I said in my previous post, here are my Top 5 Fairy Tail Ships:

5) Zeref Dragneel x Mavis Vermilion (Zervis)

I have been shipping this ship ever since it’s crack ship days and I was so elated when Mashima made it a real thing. I really love the fact that it was because of the two of them, that Fairy Tail was formed. Although this ship is heavy on angst, it does have it’s cute and fluffy moments. It’s truly a classic black and white/good and evil ship with great dynamics. I’m also glad that Mashima gave them a happy ending where the two of them can be together, even though they died, but hey that’s what they wanted right? The only reason why this ship is in the bottom of my Top 5 list is because there is a major plot hole on how they had August. 

4) Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden (Gajevy)

This ship is the ship that nobody can argue with in Fairy Tail. This ship has a healthy development not only for Gajeel and Levy as a couple, but also on the both of them individually. This ship also has a good share of it’s fluffy, angsty, and even smutty moments, but the moment that really got me shipping them was their moment in the Battle of Fairy Tail Arc where Gajeel was really awe struck on Levy trying her best to make Freed’s runes disappear. This ship’s relationship was even further expanded on Fairy Tail’s spin-off: Fairy Tail Gaiden - Road Knight, which I recommend every Gajevy fan to read. AND HAVE YOU SEEN THEIR ADORABLE FUTURE TWINS?!!! Now as for the reason why this ship is a bit lower in my list, it is because they are pretty much already confirmed canon, so I highly doubt that they’ll get anymore major moments aside from a wedding scene of course. ;) 

3) Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Gruvia)

Ah this ship took a lot of time for me to accept and see it’s true value, but once I saw it, I really couldn’t help but love this ship. At first, it might seem as though Juvia is just a pesky stalker of Gray, but as the series progressed you’ll see that she does truly love him. Gray is just a big effing tsundere, but he does truly value Juvia from the bottom of his heart. I love how they stayed together after Fairy Tail disbanded and even trained and lived together for six months. Their bond has really grown ever since the Phantom Lord Arc. This ship was even highlighted in Fairy Tail’s other spin-off: Tale of Fairy Ice Trail - Koori no Kiseki which any Gruvia fan should give a try. The reason why this ship ranked third place for me is because I find Juvia’s imagination too intense, but still cute. (BUT SERIOUSLY GIRL SLOW DOWN!!! NOBODY’S GONNA STEAL YOUR MAN!) ;)

2) Jellal Fernandez x Erza Scarlet (Jerza)

Okay I know that this ship has the least interaction between all of the ships that will be mentioned in this post, but that is just because someone, yes I’m looking at you Jellal, is too bent on their repentance journey or whatever. Aside from that, when they do have a moment, it’s big and meaningful which is really impacts both Jellal and Erza’s characters. I’m also so in love with the fact that Jellal gave Erza her last name during their childhood and she kept it all these years. To be honest, Erza’s the most memorable character in Fairy Tail to me because of her last name so props to you Jellal! This ship has a special place in my heart because it’s the ship that got me watching, reading, and dedicating my life to Fairy Tail. The only reason why it’s only second to the first ship is because, as I said before, they lack moments.

1) Natsu Dragneel x Lucy Heartfilia (Nalu)

I. EFFING. LOVE. THIS. SHIP. To be honest, my feelings for this ship needs a separate post, but I’ll save that for another time. Seriously, I can’t even remember what my life was before this ship. Let’s just say that Mashima really gave it his all in developing this ship from friends to best friends and to maybe even more. To be honest, Mashima just loves to spoil the NaLu fandom so much. From fluff to angst and even mild smut, you name it, Mashima has got this ship covered. My favorite moment was when Natsu caught Lucy from falling in the Phantom Lord Arc and when he reassured her after that she is Lucy of Fairy Tail, that Fairy Tail is her home. Although what really got me shipping these two is the amount of trust and faith they have in each other. In all honesty, I’m not a fan of love at first sight and I do not also believe that they just fell in love with each other at the beginning of the series, but I do believe that they trusted each other so much that their trust eventually grew to love. Natsu and Lucy’s relationship wasn’t just pulled out of nowhere, it took time to grow and that’s realistically beautiful. Sure, they are not a perfect couple, they fight and misunderstand each other from time to time, but that’s okay because love isn’t perfect. Love is real. It has it’s ups and downs, but it still persists and this ship is a very excellent example of that. That is why I’ll actually be surprised if Natsu and Lucy don’t end up together by the end of the series.

Yuri Plisetsky Q&A!
Yuri Plisetsky Q&A!

Contains: lots of rambling

A/N: So a while back I asked you guys to send in questions for Yuri to answer, and I ended up getting 43 questions, so that made this audio to be a half an hour long! Consider it a gift but this took forever from coming up with responses that would be in character and then the whole “it didn’t record and now I had to re-record it” fiasco. Anyway, I got it done! I hope to do more in the future one day, but I won’t release a callout for questions until the time comes! Thank you for listening! 


The (ticklish) Ice Fairy of Russia

@smolgay-bean asked: 17. “You’re not getting rid of me that easy” with OtaYuri pleeeease (Lee!Yuri)??

This is so late, I’m sorry!! I’m trash and haven’t been writing as much

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word count: 746

Yuri sighed as he leaned against the back of the coach in Otabek’s living room, scrolling through his Instagram feed as he waited for his friend to return. 

Otabek re-entered the room, holding two mugs in both his hands. Yuri looked up from his phone and stopped himself from smiling. Otabek was always so thoughtful whenever he came over.

“I made tea” 

“I see that. Spasibo” Yuri said as he took the mug into his hands. He hummed as he drank it, Otabek always made the best tea.

“I like when you speak Russian. It sounds nice when you say it” 

Yuri grinned, his chest swelling with pride, glad that his friend liked his native language. Yuri tried to ignore his stupid heartbeat getting faster whenever Otabek spoke to him, his cheeks becoming a light pink.

Otabek leaned forward, pushing Yuri’s hair behind his ear so he could see his face better. Yuri squeaked when Otabek’s fingers brushed his sensitive ears.

“What was that?” Otabek asked, his voice stoic but his eyes shining with mischief.

“You startled me, ty krasivyy idiot” Yuri snapped, his cheeks getting red. Yuri started to get nervous, he did not want Otabek to know how embarrassingly ticklish he was.

“Are you sure? You don’t jump as much when you get startled”

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I don't know what would be better, Fairy Tail being Hamilton trash or them watching Yuri On Ice.

I’m pretty sure I’ve confirmed that Sparks (Dance AU) Fairy Tail are all Hamilton trash:

  • Cana Lucy and Natsu sing  “The Schuyler Sisters” pretty much 24/7.
  • There’s a chorus of “Right Hand Man” whenever Laxus walks by and from the way he glares at everyone to silence them, you’d think he’s not in on it but then he’s suddenly like “WE ARE OUTGUNNED!!!” and the rest of them respond promptly with “WHAT?!?!”
  • Loke has perfected “What Comes Next”.
  • Gray and Erza refuse to sing but hell they can do both Cabinet Battles.
  • Mira can nail the Hamilton Mixtape version of “Dear Theodosia” (the one by Regina Spektor).
  • Juvia’s jam is “Helpless”. Of course.
  • The rest of ‘em are trash too.
  • When “Non-Stop” comes on, you’d think they’ll assign certain people for each character but nooo they ALL try to sing ALL the characters at the same time. It’s chaos.

As for Yuri on Ice. WAY!Bix is the biggest fan. Followed closely by the girls. And Gajeel because he’s a secret sucker for true love and that shit.

  • Bix calls Freed and/or Laxus (they’re probably together anyway) to scream that Viktor and Yuuri got engaged in Barcelona, so they should go there too and get engaged and married.
  • Ever hates to admit it, but she cried worrying over Makkachin.
  • Cana teasing Gray that he should learn figure skating because the girls are all crazy about the show, including Juvia.
  • “Why do you think I’ll be any good at that shit?”
  • “Um. It has ice on it, so..?”
  • “STOP.”
  • Gajeel’s fave is Yurio. “He reminds me of Lily.” - dammit, Gajeel, just admit that you like cats and smol people.
  • Natsu isn’t as invested as the others, but when he hears people say the gay isn’t real, he’s like “What? But? It is??? What show are you watching? C’mere I will let you watch with me and you will see that Viktor and Yuuri are in love okay, and they’re awesome. IF I CAN SEE IT, HOW CAN YOU NOT SEE IT? I MEAN???”
  • Lucy takes a moment to tell him that People Are Allowed Not To Like Some Things.
  • “But Luigi, it’s… it’s so nice and pure and fluffy like, how can anyone not like it??? The Thailand dude has like… three hamsters. Some people don’t like hamsters? I don’t trust ‘em.”
  • Lucy doesn’t know what Natsu’s priorities are, but he does have a point.
  • Erza heard about this and gave Natsu the tightest hug while crying and whispering, “I knew I could believe in you, my buddy, my forever pal, my best friend.”

tl;dr - Both, anon. Let’s have both.

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"Heard someone once call this a bendy sex whistle. Tha' what ya use to call Rogue to ya?" ; )))

◖♪◗ - Usually the male spoke random gibberish in attempt to get her flustered. And like usual this attempt had worked. A deep blush reddened her cheeks as the girl’s lips thinned into a line. Her eyes were stuck on the instrument he just ridiculed, unable to look at the other. 

            “It’s called a saxophone a-and I don’t use i-it t-to-to s-sed-duce Rogue.” 

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Hey Mira, what are your thoughts on Kinana dating Cobra? Lisanna dating Bixlow?

“Well, Kinana is a grown woman, she can make her own decisions. From all I heard about Cobra, I think it’s a bit risky, but if they care for eachother then that’s all that matters.

"As for my little sister and Bixlow…

…Let’s just say he better be careful.”

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Wait i thought ice devil slayer magic means he can eat all ice? Didn't silver eat gray's ice when they fought?

Hmmm. I suppose you’re correct~ I’m gonna guess that Gray didn’t have the mental control to chew the ice, he could only act on pure emotions? I’m gonna go with that